Wesfital Power Tower Dip Station, Pull Up Bar Stand Height Adjustable Strength Training Equipment for Fitness Home Workout

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power tower


Our Power Tower is a multi-purpose workout machine, which is precisely designed to combine different exercise machines into one, like dip stand, pull-up bar, chin-up bar, incline push-ups, leg raise, etc.

It works well in strength training such as the biceps, abdominal muscles, and shoulders.

When you exercise, our dip up bar station will give enough support, don’t worry about it being fragile and unstable, because our pull-up station has excellent quality while taking into account the appearance.

Pay attention to the details of the product, only to bring you a better fitness experience.

Comfortable Cushions

Height adjustable

Stable Base

Anti-Skip Cap

Comfortable Cushions

Covered with premium leather, the backrest and elbow rest is wear-resisted and waterproof, while provide more support to avoid body injure.

Height Adjustable

The height of this pull up bar station can be easily adjusted from 61 to 90 inches with two safety lock knobs. It is designed for the whole family workouts.

Stable Base Structure

The base of our power tower is like a splayed shape, which can effectively disturb the pressure so as to ensure the stability when workouts.

Larger Anti-Skid Caps

Wesfital Dip Station has four larger anti-skid rubber feet which add the stability when exercise while protecting the floor.

Workout Demostrations

pull up




Exercise your biceps and back muscles.


Exercise your abdominal muscles and leg muscles.


Exercise your biceps and back muscles and so on.

dip station

Product Specification:

Color: Red/Blue black

Back cushion size: 8.8″ x 11″ x 2″

Elbow pad size :4″ x 8″ x 1.57″

Maximum height: 90’’

Minimum height: 61’’

Maximum weight 330LBS

The distance between the bases: 21.6’’

Dimension: 39inch(L)x 28inch(W)x 61-90 inch(H)

Packages Size: 50.7inch*24inch*4.7inch / 129*61*12CM


Wesfital Power Tower Dip Station, Pull Up Bar Stand Height Adjustable Strength Training Equipment for Fitness Home Workout

chest press Wesfital Power Tower Dip Station, Pull Up Bar Stand Height Adjustable Strength Training Equipment for Fitness Home Workout Pull up Bar Dip Stand
Bench Press Weight Bench Pull Up Bar Wall Mount Dip Bar
Chest Workout
Back Workout
Arm Workout
Core Workout

Features & Specifications

  • 【Multi-Function】Our Dip Station is designed to be versatile, as we put the utmost efforts into making the products more user friendly and compact. You can execute a variety of exercises on this workout equipment including Vertical Leg and Knee Raises, Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips and crunches etc.
  • 【Height Adjustable】The height of this pull up bar station can be easily adjusted from 61 to 90 inches with two safety lock knobs. Thus it meets different needs for the whole family at home or in gyms for women to keep shape, for man to build muscle, for children to growth and for the elder to stay health.
  • 【Sturdy Construction】Wesfital Power Tower is made of high quality and anti corrosion steel, high density foam rubber handle and handrails. With a L-shaped base and larger anti-slip cap to evenly distribute the force , this exercise equipment is durable and stable enough to hold 330LBS, while it is light and super easy to assemble.
  • 【Comfortable Cushio】The Dip Bar is armed with ungraded backrest and elbow rest, thoughtful and comfortable, which can give the user more support to effectively reduce body pressure so as to protect your elbow and spine.That means you could workout with this power station without any worry about body injures.
  • 【Supreme Customer Service】To us, there is nothing more fascinating than putting forward all of our attention to products' quality as every little detail matters. We are also a customer-oriented team where we firmly believe the importance of providing great customer care, which is beneficial to both ends of the party
  • Dimensions: ‎39"L x 28"W x 61"H

Pros & Cons


Takes 2 to put together. It takes 2 people and 2 hours to put together. The width is narrow. My son is 14 and this could be a good start. For height there is a good option to lower or extend the height.

Builds nice and sturdy! This pull up bar is great. Works out all the back muscles and front core. Is to just use at home or wherever you want. It’s nicely built and sturdy.

Ideal for older men or those who have had rotator cuff problems. I looked at all the similar products on Amazon, and this one seemed to have the least gap between the dip and pushup handles. This is important as one grows older. It is crucial if one has hat rotator cuff surgery. I am older and I have had rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders, from, I might add, doing wide bench presses, overhead presses, gap pushups, dips, pullups. Older men should toe their elbows in. Alas, manufacturers of exercise equipment seem to have a younger person in mind. But this model was the narrowest of those I looked at. The directions were ambiguous in places and some bolt holes did not match up but I was had a general class amateur radio license and assembled dozens of Heath Kits for communications and repair, so I was use to improvising. Anyway, the result is a sturdy stand that allows me to do five basic exercises using body weight, for a very reasonable price and with minimal space. Yes, as some reviewers have said, it trembles a bit when I do dips but that is easily rectified with weights on the feet of the contraption. The cushions on the arm rests of the dip station might deteriorate with use, but that would be true of any material or design, so I will cross that bridge if and when I come to it. All in all, I feel I could not have done better short of buying bigger, heavier, clunkier equipment designed for gyms. Actually it appears to be made of the same heavy gauged steel as my Bandit Fitness Equipment Spirit stationary bike, which was designed for gym use.

Worth the purchase. Simple to build easy

Does the job. Not bad for the price.

Great Value! My husband bought this station set and uses it everyday to do pull ups, push ups, abs, you name it! It was very easy to set up if you read the directions properly. For the price point and what you get it's worth it. It's very sturdy and has never once tipped over. It has moved a little but never enough to fall over.


It's functional but not that sturdy. When I received the product I was surprised how little the box weighed compared to a similar item that I had in the distant past. Easy set-up. The item does what it is designed to do, but it is not too sturdy. I put duck tape on the handles as there is no foam and the handles are quite small. I am hoping that each time that I do bar dips that the item doesn't break apart.

Ehhhh. Pretty cheap and flimsy but hasn’t broke yet… I just feel like it’s going to break any second. It’s not made for full grown men, maybe kids…

No installation manual. There wasn’t an instruction manual in the package. The parts look they have been repacked after getting returned from someone else. I found the installation manual on the list, but parts alphabets don’t match.

Too small for 5'-10"+ Male / cheap construction. I just assembled this product and the instructions are terrible. The parts are labeled 'A' 'B' 'J' etc. but they don't even line up with what's in the assembly instructions ('A" is used for 3 different parts depending on which photo you look at). In terms of quality, The bolts are made of zinc and strip very easily to the point where the Alan wrench will get stuck in them after initial tightening due to the malleable metal (utilizing a hand tight + 1/4 turn method which is less force than most people would use). Also, the metal is very thin and the quality of the bends are terrible (see photos for rippled metal caused by factory bending machine). Lastly, I am a 5'11" and 184lbs male with a slim build and this equipment is much too small. The armrest are about two inches too short so my elbow will hit the vertical member if I try to use the hand grips (see photo for how far my arm sticks out pass the grip). Summary: This equipment is cheap and there is a reason why. You get what you pay for. If you are an average sized male over 5'-8" - do not purchase this. If you want to get something for a teenager or your wife then this will be a suitable/cheap option but I don't expect this equipment to last.

One missing part and not clear instructions. The instructions provided are not to a great detail, had to spend more time to figure out the nuts and bolts combinations to match each step

Trash!!! Included hardware is not correct for this model with the instructions. Can't even assemble. Multiple incorrectly labeled hardware included in the kit. Multiple errors in the instructions. Basically prepare to throw the directions away and just build it yourself with common sense AFTER going to the hardware store and buying what you need. The package is huge and heavy so it is just so "easy" to return. Can't even request to have the correct hardware sent as the only options are to return the item. Can't even contact the sellers directly. Typical junk. You get what you pay for.

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How to Choose Your Wesfital Power Tower Dip Station

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Existing Customer Reviews

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