UREVO Treadmill with Desk, 3 in 1 Foldable Treadmill with Removable Desk, Install Free Under Desk Treadmill, 3HP Powerful Walking Treadmill for Office with Remote, Folding Treadmill in 2s Folding

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Why choose UREVO 3-in-1 folding treadmill?

UREVO strives to make fitness easy for everyone, enabling people to enjoy fitness and live healthier lives anywhere, anytime.

With high-quality, sturdy, compact, easy to use fitness equipment that takes up minimal space and fits in any apartment, UREVO empowers everyone to enjoy fitness with ease, from the comfort of home, and on their own time.

With UREVO, fitness is no longer hindered by the long home-to-gym commute, the huge footprint of traditional gear, the expensive gym membership, the judgment from others, the complexity to use the products, and more.

  • Weight Capacity: 286 lbs
  • Peak Motor Power: 3 horsepower
  • Speed Range: 0.6-8.6 MPH
  • Speed when Using Desk: 0.6-3.8 MPH
  • Running Surface: 16.5”x 42.5”
  • 8 Silicone Shock-Absorbers
  • Removable Desk
  • Remote Control with Display





Quieter Motor

Are you worried that using the treadmill in the morning will disturb others’ sleep? Urevo uses a more advanced engine that makes no additional noise apart from the friction sound of the running belt. You can work out at any time without worrying about disturbing others.

Larger Weight Capacity

The frame of our 3-in-1 foldable treadmill is made of premium prime steel. That’s why our running machine can hold up to 268 lbs, which is much larger than other similar treadmills.

Easy to Store

Suitable for small and medium-sized rooms, our treadmill can be easily stored under a sofa, a bed, or in a small storage space. The two transport wheels make it easy to move our treadmill around.




Removable Desktop

With two buckles at the bottom, our Acrylic desktop is easy to install and remove from the treadmill. The 26.2″ by 10.5″ desktop provides plenty of space to hold a laptop, books, and more.

Remote Control

When you use the desktop included, you can adjust your speed via our remote control. Please note that when the handlebar is folded up or you’re using the desktop to work, the machine is in walking mode, during which the speed range is 0.6-3.8 mph.

Transport Wheels

The portable treadmill is equipped with transport wheels, which are aimed at smoother and easier relocation, you could move the treadmill wherever you want.

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Under Desk Treadmill with APP Mini Folding Treadmill Under Desk Walking Treadmill 2 in 1 Running & Walking Treadmill 2 in 1 Running & Walking Foldable Treadmill 3 in 1 Running & Walking Treadmill with Desk
Running Surface 16.5Wx 47.2L in 16Wx39.4L in 16.5Wx 47.2L in 16.9Wx 42.5L in 16.5Wx 43.3L in 16.5Wx42.5L in
Speed Range 0.6-4 MPH 0.6-6.2 MPH 0.5-4 MPH 0.6-7.6 MPH 0.6-7.5 MPH 0.6-8.6 MPH
Peak HP Motor 2.5 HP 2.25 HP 2.25 HP 2.5 HP 2.5 HP 3 HP
Max User Weight 265 LBS 265 LBS 265 LBS 265 LBS 265 LBS 286 LBS
Net Weight 66 LBS 49.6 LBS 55 LBS 59 LBS 79.4 LBS 84.4 LBS
Walking with Desk
Why Choose It? Safety Armrest with Touch Screen & APP Light & Compact Larger Running Area & Walking with Desk Fast Folding &Lightweight & Compact No Assembly & Fast Folding 2s to Fold & Working with Desk

UREVO Treadmill with Desk, 3 in 1 Foldable Treadmill with Removable Desk, Install Free Under Desk Treadmill, 3HP Powerful Walking Treadmill for Office with Remote, Folding Treadmill in 2s Folding

Features & Specifications

  • treadmill
  • Imported
  • Not Only a Walking & Running Treadmill: UREVO 3 in 1 treadmill innovatively combines the advantages of treadmills, walking machines and working machines. The treadmill is more stable and comfortable than traditional treadmills with the latest materials and construction. The large removeable table can hold a laptop, books and more. Being busy with work and study can also satisfy the need of exercise.
  • Effortless 2-second Folding: No screws needed to loosen, no levers needed to pull, the treadmill can easily be folded up with a breeze and under 2 seconds. The integrated design also makes storage easier, whether it is a small storage room, under the bed or sofa, it can be easily stored. Never take up too much space.
  • More Humanized Design: In addition to the display on the handlebar, there is also a display on the remote control, which let you whether in running mode, or work mode can easily know your running status. 8 silicone shock absorber will reduce the impact on knee and wrist joints. The 42.5 "x16.5" wider running surface allows you to have more free space when running.
  • Faster and More Powerful: Different from traditional treadmills, this treadmill is equipped with powerful 3 HP motor. It not just holds a 286 lb capacity, but also revolves up to 8.6 mph, enabling you to test yourself to the limits. Let you experience the ultimate outdoor experience at home.
  • Customer Orientation: What you get is not only a high-quality 3 in 1 treadmill, but also a desktop mat and 100% satisfaction guaranteed customer service. UREVO provides professional service, all inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Dimensions: ‎0.9"D x 27.2"W x 37.4"H

Pros & Cons


Great Find. Just one thing... The treadmill is small enough and quiet enough for my condo. I even have a dog treadmill beside this one so my dog can run on his. Anyway, no complaints from neighbors on this and the noise is pretty minimal. Not enough to complain about. At first I had my IPAD on top of this little table that comes with it when working out but it was a little bit low for my liking. I then added a little height to it and that was good but the movement of the treadmill also moved the screen a bit. I ended up creating a small table to go over this treadmill and i bought a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and have that on the little table that it comes with. This was a perfect solution. I'm on conference calls with no headaches and no issues on calls with other people being bothered by the treadmill. Overall very happy with the product. One thing that would have been nice is to have some kind of gauge or something that tells you how tight the bolts are that hold the belt (my dogs treadmill actually has this lol). That way you know you aren't taking it out of tolerance too far when tightening or loosening the belt. Also when you are oiling the surface underneath the belt normally you have to loosen the belt so you can go under to oil. Since no gauge or anything you may be guessing if its tight or loose when you tighten the bolts back up. These aren't major deal breakers with the product since you can just look at the belt and adjust accordingly. Anyway, overall I would probably still get the product again in the future.

Amazing and Fun. Lots of informative reviews here! I'll add my experience in + /- Low profile Versatile (desk and deck modes) Easy to assemble, use. Even maintenance is easy, and they supply the wrench + lubricant (which in a year of consistent (every 100miles) I'm still good for). I've waited 11 months to review this treadmill, after using gym commercial treadmills for 15 years. Now, yes commercial treadmills can offer a zillion data points and gizmos with a long deck, and a bit more cushion. If you have a Fitness Watch, that will give you even better feedback than a gym unit can. Especially re true mileage/gait. So, I don't need all those things especially when a commercial model is large like a Prius in my house. AND, folding the desk arms down makes it harder to use it as a dress rack. In winter, when I fold it down/sleek after 90+minutes run, my dog likes to sleep on it. I've put 4000miles on this treadmill, and I'm not very nice to these things. I'm not the fastest runner but I sometimes pound the deck, so it's been put through some stress tests. Even when I've moved it around 15 times, the construction is solid. Instructions are simple. It is a very quiet home model. No one adjacent to my place can hear it, and I tend to run at unusual times. I would buy this again, absolutely.

Stopped working after 2 months - Updated. The company reached out to be and apologized for my experience and offered to make it right. I appreciate that kind of customer service so I'm going to update my review. I don't think my experience is typical of most people. I like the treadmill overall. The design is good, the display is easy to read, the controls are good and it's very quiet. I didn't use the remote much, but it was easy to use with a bright display. I like the inclusion of the desk mount, but I found I was a bit low for more than casual use, but the design was good and I liked the flip up book stand. I was also impressed with how fast it would go, but my purpose was for just walking. Original review: I enjoyed the product while it lasted, but it doesn’t seem up to regular use. I was limiting to 60 min sessions at 2mph and noticed issues with motor heat. Regularly lubed tread to try to reduce motor strain and put a box fan pointed at it. Now it is seizing up and throwing an E05 error.

Sturdy little treadmill. I needed a treadmill because I like to walk, but I love in Georgia and during the summer… it’s unbearable to walk outside. I was a bit skeptical about this treadmill feeling cheap or that it would be under stress with me on it. I am 5’11 and roughly 240 lbs. it feels sturdy and well made. I like the interface and it is quiet if you have your belt aligned properly - which can be tricky. I lubricated the belt after loosening it up - let’s just say I’m no treadmill expert. If you don’t return the tension exactly where you had your belt will travel. After watching a few videos on YouTube I figured out how to align the belt. It takes patience. I finally got it almost perfect. I really love how compact it is and that it can fit under a bed or even my sorta (which has wooden legs) however I won’t be storing it there too difficult to get it in and out from under the couch. The display has large numbers so you can clearly see your stats. Aside from adjusting and aligning the belt (after I screwed it up) this treadmill is perfect for apartments and people who don’t want a huge treadmill that isn’t storable. I highly recommend. Also the treadmill came 3 days early which was awesome. I will check in and update in a month or so. So far so awesome

Doubled My Step Count. I've had the treadmill for a couple of weeks and 100% recommend it. Since working remotely my non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT - the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating, or sports-like exercise) significantly went down. I knew something had to change - I needed an efficient way to get extra steps in during my breaks. I already have my office set up, and I didn't want to purchase a rising desk, so I knew I wanted a treadmill that came with a desk option, didn't take up a lot of space, and was powerful enough to allow me to walk and run. This treadmill has everything that I wanted. I've used it almost every day and have zero complaints. I've more than doubled my step count. I usually walk at a 3.8 pace, but I've also used it at a 6.5 pace to run. I recently did a long walk for just under 3 hours, and it performed perfectly - no overheating or stalling. I love the remote for HITT workouts - I can quickly rise and lower my speed without having to mess with the screen. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Very Great Quality and Durable Treadmill. Urevo is one of the best folding treadmill companies as well as one of the best gym equipment companies ever. I purchased this treadmill because I wanted to run indoors and at high speeds. The treadmill has excellent build quality and all of the buttons and programs/speeds run very well. I am able to run at extremely high speeds for a long time with this treadmill and it has excellent durability. The treadmill is very quiet and does not make that much sound even when running at high speeds. The treadmill supports heavy weights and you can even do many different HIIT exercises while using this treadmill. Overall, I really enjoy this treadmill and recommend everyone to purchase from Urevo as their customer service and build quality are amazing! 10/10 Best Treadmill ever.


Not a bad treadmill to start with. The media could not be loaded. Things I like things I didn’t like about those treadmill. It’s a great starter treadmill I purposely got it for the space. I was hoping that it actually slid under the couch sideways as they advertised but it does not. It has a very tiny wheels in the front that are hard to maneuver. I find it difficult to lift and rotate anywhere. Best to just put it in one place in let it sit unless you do not mind picking up 86 pounds and trying to move it without scratching your floor. I already notice my belt is shifting to the left already on the treadmill but overall it moves great. I like the fact that it has a wider belt than others at the same price range. Being somebody who isn’t petite, I feel comfortable on this and so does my husband. If we had purchased a treadmill with a narrower belt we would’ve been returning it. It is easy to assemble and set up. Both arms have to be lifted at the same time to be to lock into place. I was not happy about that but again it’s not a very expensive treadmill. Wasn’t a showstopper. I also found that the desk that snapped into the top is very low. It’s great if you are typing on a laptop but if you were planning to be looking down at your screen you may fall off. You would have to lean the screen back exceptionally. If you’re using an iPad or tablet to watch a movie while exercising that will be challenging unless are you still looking down all the time. I had no idea it was that low. Again its great if I’m working on my laptop I just push the screen as far back as possible and I can type while I walk. Otherwise I’ll just turn the TV on across the room. If you have the desk connected it’s difficult to start. You have to look under the desk and reach the start button to actually get the treadmill moving. Then you can use the remote to adjust the speed. After a few minutes, the remote shuts off . You could possibly shut down your workout by trying to power up the remote again. I found this out when I was using it that the remote went dark. I press the power button and it stopped the belt suddenly. To prevent this, every once in a while I touch the remote and increase the speed then back down again. Overall after only using it a few days and happy with it. Maybe I should’ve bought something more expensive but I wanted to see if I truly am going to use it or they going to become the most expensive clothes hanger in the house. I recommend getting an extended warranty because you never know with these no name brands. I did buy a two-year one to make certain that this thing is working well. I also reached out to customer service regarding the advertising saying it would slide sideways when it doesn’t. They responded quickly.

Becomes unusable quickly. This is my second Urevo Treadmill. The first one overheated and errored out to the point where I couldn’t even get it to run. I have had the second one for almost a month now and it is already becoming unusable. Within 30 minutes of using it at a 2.4 speed I can smell burning rubber, the tread starts to get very hot and it will skip here and there. I typically walk 5-8 miles a day (not consecutively) and within a month it is already almost unusable. Very disappointed. —————————————— Updated, customer service has been very helpful. They were responsive and gave me a full refund when I asked for one. Would give the customer service 5 stars but giving this 3 stars for the product.

This is a heavy treadmill not a walking pad. This thing is incredible quality which means it’s incredibly heavy. If you, like me, wanted an unobtrusive walking pad to slide under your couch when you’re done using it, this is NOT what you want. This bad boy is a straight mini treadmill. I’d you’re low on space like me and want a small walking pad to put away when guests come, this is not for you. If, however, you have the luxury of space and don’t need to put this away and are okay with a piece of workout equipment in your living room or gym, this will be great for you. I really want to return this but the process is daunting. The seller doesn’t have a drop ship option. I have to figure out how to package this up, haul it (with help bc it’s HUNDREDS of pounds) and get it to my local shipping store. Just be aware of what you’re buying.

Great for walking. It’s great for walking. The machine is not too load, I am able to hear my tv on moderate volume level. If your planning on jogging or running on it, not recommend for big people.

EDIT: Has developed some inconvenient problems. I've had this treadmill for almost a year now and have used it pretty regularly. Unfortunately, it has developed a few issues that, while I CAN live with them, they are less than ideal. 1) On/Off switch no longer works. Flip that sucker as much as you want but the treadmill will stay on. I guess I'm lucky it's stuck in the On position. To turn completely off, I have to unplug the treadmill. 2) The treadmill itself is still pretty quiet, but if you start running on it, the hand rails have started shaking and rattling to create a terrible racket. Definitely don't do unless you want to disturb anybody in the nearby rooms. 3) Whatever wheel or motor turns to move the mat has developed a click to it, which not only makes an annoying "click" sound with each rotation, but also causes the mat to stutter. This makes it feel like you're walking over little bumps under the mat. The click sound is barely to not noticeable until you step off the mat and just let it run. Then it gets VERY noticeable. At first I thought something had gotten stuck under the mat to cause the bumps until I got off, noticed the click sound, then realized it coincided with when I felt the "bumps". **** Original Review **** I've only had the treadmill for about a week, but I am impressed so far. Super easy to fold up and store under a bed or a couch. Much more quiet than I expected even after reading the other reviews. If I run the treadmill without being on it, it is like a whisper. Me walking on it is much louder than the actual treadmill itself. Makes it easy to walk on it while watching a TV show and still being able to hear the show clearly. The first day I had it happened to be when I was watching alot of training videos we were assigned for work so I walked on it for about 4 hours straight while listening to the videos and had no problems at all. If you buy this, be sure to check the lubrication under the mat before using it. I can tell it came pre-lubricated but most of it had dried away. Fortunately, the treadmill comes with a couple bottles of lubricant and the instruction book describes clearly how to maintain the treadmill, such as applying more lubricant, which it suggests doing every 25-50 hours of use. I look forward to incorporating this treadmill in my daily routines and it giving me more opportunities to be active.

Fire hazard....real review....real angry!!! My info....6ft tall 220 lbs....I work from home. I lubricate weekly. I vacuum and air compressor weekly!!!! I walk a steady 1.8 mph every day on this machine. Let me start with what I like.... 1. Length 2. Stability 3. Weight capacity 4. Style Yup...that's it...bc the rest is trash and not just regular trash but Heavy, smoking hot but ing plastic and rubber trash. I'm so angry at this product and the seller I'm fit to be tied. I ordered two of these. One for me and one for my hubby. About a week in there both started to smell burnt....so we bought mats and put 2/4s under them to raise them up. Then we added fans to to fronts to increase air flow. Yet they melted through the bottom of casing under the motors. So the seller sent us two replacements. Great!! Cool. Now we are a month in and guess what...they are smoking and burning through the bottoms again. These are badly made and that 1000 bucks down the frickin drain bc they cannot be returned for a refund. So now I have 4 of these garbage things to take to the dump and they are heavy. Don't waste your time or money

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