Waist Trainer Vest for Women,Zipper Corset Body Shaper for Tummy Control Neoprene Cincher Tank Top with Straps…

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Zipper and hook waist trainer,expedite fat burn while exercise

YADIFEN Women Waist Trainer Corset with Zipper and Straps Vest Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burner for Weight loss

Immediately dream of a hourglass figure? YADIFEN can help you! Just take it with you to become more beautiful.

Our slim corset waist trainer instantly brings you a curvy figure and fitness and helps you look stunning on any occasion. The disturbing curves are optimally concealed, and hidden. Sits your favourite dress right again.

This body shaper underbust can be worn at any time of year and occasion. You can wear it either under or over the robe (such as a T-shirt top sweater or jacket). Whether you wear it alone or over a dress, it’s always sexy.

Waist trainer with zipper and straps Sauna Suit for Women Weight Loss Vest Waist Trainer Corset with Sleeves Neoprene Slimming Tank Top

Neoprene Sauna Vest Waist Trainer for great back support

  • Ideal for workout at home:our waist trimmer helps promote blood flow,increase body heat,produce more sweat while exercise,help to loss weight faster.
  • The shapewear is perfect for leisure time at home,you can wear it daily to weight loss or postpartum recovery,help you look slimmer and more beautiful.
  • You can wear our waist cincher in any occasion in all seasons,you can wear it to do yoga,shopping,trip etc.,let you feel better and keep healthy every day.
  • You can wear the waist trainer to running or do exercise at gym,which can make you look great and charming.You will feel more confident and look great.

Waist trainer for bak support

Comfortable Wasit Trainer Corset with perfect design

waist trainer with zipper and hook

Waist trainer with adjustable straps

Neoprene waist trainer corset,it is flexible and breathable and comfortable to wear.

Steel bones waist trainer

Firm Zipper & 3 Hooks

3-row-hook closure make it very easy to put on & off,and you can adjust size as you like,the out zipper make it more security.

Adjustable Straps

2 adjustable shoulder straps ensure you can fit it at most extenet,long torso &short torso, give you a sexy natural curve.

High quality fabric

This waist trainer vest is made of high quality 80% neoprene and 20% nylon, which is smooth, healthy, moisture-wicking, elastic and stretchy, flexible and breathable and comfortable to wear.

Steel Bone Support

The Waist Trainer Corset with 2 Steel Bones provides extra support for the abdominal muscles and lower back, helps relieve pressure on the waist and improve muscle mobility without putting strain on the muscles.

Waist trianer for women corset cincher with hooks breathable zipper waist corset


Q: How to Choose Correct Fit Sizes?

For example: Please choose the size L if your waist circumference are between 25.6″ to 28.3″, or you could also choose the size M if you want to wear very tightly and your waist circumference are between 23.6″ to 25.6″.

1) Don’t choose your waist trainers sizes based on Amazon size chart;

2) Don’t choose your waist trainers sizes based on your other clothes sizes;

3) Please send email to us , if you still don’t know how to choose the correct size for yourself.

Please don’t detach tag and don’t remove original packaging first, please send email to us to exchange another one if you choose wrong size or trainer not fit you perfect. We will try our best to help you. Thanks very much for your understanding and support!

Features & Specifications

  • 80% Neoprene / 20% Nylon
  • 进口
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 【MAXIMIZE TIGHT CONTROL & ADJUSTABLE STRAPS】Waist trainer for women is designed with 3 rows of hook and eye closures and 2 adjustable shoulder straps to ensure you get the maximum fit and get a sexy natural curve.
  • 【EFFICIENT FAT BURNING & BACK SUPPORT】This neoprene sauna vest waist trainer makes you sweat like crazy and enhance workout to achieve your weight loss goals.Women sauna tank top can flatten the abdomen,reduce the waist,support the back,improve postpartum recovery,improve posture,relieve waist pain,protect the spine,accelerate fat burning during exercise.
  • 【U-SHAPED PUSH UP BREAST DESIGN】 The waist training vest with special U-type anti-droop design on the front makes your chest more upright and attractive.This corset body shaper has built-in steel bones for a perfect fit and give you strong back support.

Pros & Cons


Comfortable enough to wear all day!! This zipper waist trainer is super comfortable and works great. My only issue is ensuring that you order the proper size. I measured myself and went by their size chart and I fell right between XL and 2XL so I ordered the 2XL so that it wouldn’t be too small. Unfortunately I should have ordered the XL for a bit more compression. Anyway I definitely recommend this waist trainer but would probably suggest ordering one size smaller than you think you will need.

It WORKS! It's durable and comfortable. First - Wow! I didn't have high expectations of this, thinking I was probably buying into a gimmick, but boy was I WRONG!! I wore this all day on Saturday. I didn't exercise, just wore it around the house, did some cleaning and moved around a little, but nothing crazy. It was surprisingly comfortable (tight but comfortable). And BONUS, it forces me to sit up straight! (my posture is awful). I did not wear it all on Sunday. This morning, as I was getting ready for work my husband asked how much weight I've lost - I said 5 pounds (its more like 2.5). He says it really makes a difference. The difference is NOT weight loss, its the fact that my belly isn't bulging out and my posture is better, even two days later! So I went and put it on to wear all day at work. I will continue to wear this daily for the next week or two and I'll update you with measurements (I took starting measurements before purchasing this product). Now, second, and this is IMPORTANT. Based on the size chart I should wear a XXXL (40" waist). Do not base it on the size chart, use your clothing size. Because of a few other reviews, I purchased a Large which is the size of most of my tops. Granted it was a bit of a struggle to get the hook and eyes connected - an XL would probably have been more appropriate, but a XXXL would be WAY too big.

I ended up ordering 2 sizes down (for me). 2/18 update: So the XL fits. After 3 tries, I finally got it right. Size chart was off to me. It sized me at an 3XL but I ended up with an XL (on the middle hooks) after two returns. I like the way the XL fits. Tight but not uncomfortable. 2/13 update: 2XL Still a bit too big. On the farthest hook and doesn’t feel tight. Ordering XL this time. This would be the 3rd time trying to get it right. Will add another update. Hopefully, the third purchase is a charm. 2/10 update: I just ordered one size down (2XL). I will compare once it arrives but I believe my original order will be returned. I think the size charts are off. Original purchase: Size 3XL per size chart. I used the size chart but feel I could have sized down by one size. I'm on the farthest hooks and it doesn't really feel tight like I thought it would.


“true to size” not so much! Video Player is loading. Current Time 0:00 / Duration 0:16 : Stream Type Remaining Time - 0:16 I really love that the material is great, stretchy, comfortable, soft. Not rubbery. I don’t like that it said true to size, I ordered up a size and it’s still really tight & kinda uncomfortable above the butt where the metal support is. Other then that, I like it. Maybe try ordering up 2 sizes.

dont waste your time.. this product claims to help you sweat, but It doesn't. I'm just so upset. I had high hopes for this product. the description sold me, but when I received it, it was totally opposite. just buy something else that will actually work. !!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!!! Customer service is very unprofessional, didn’t want to give me a refund unless I remove my review. Definitely not a company I would purchase from again or recommend buying from.

Works great once on..... I would have given a 5 star reviewhowever for 2 things: number one in the back there are two "rib" like pieces that are for I guess extra back support, and I guess cuz I got wider hips and smaller waist and then bigger rib cage those "rib" things stab me when ever I sit down very uncomfortable. Number two is it's a pain in the butt to have to try and hook all the little bitty "bra hooks" for lack of a better name. There are bigger hook and latches out there that should have been used or a double zipper or something. It would be so bad but half the time when you get half done and star on other half the 1st half unhooks while you are hooking the 2nd half.

How to Buy The Best Waist Trainer Vest for Women?

Do you feel stressed figuring out how to buy a good product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women? So many things to consider? Don't know how to choose? Still doubt if it fits or not? We know that all, and we've done what you should have done for a research of the product Waist Trainer Vest for Women from which you can learn how to get the best Waist Trainer Vest for Women.

Before taking deep into the details, let us start with some questions as follows that everyone should have before a purchase of Waist Trainer Vest for Women.

  • Is it worth buying the Waist Trainer Vest for Women?
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  • What makes the Waist Trainer Vest for Women to be the best?
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You may have many more questions than the above in regards to the Waist Trainer Vest for Women. To help you make a choice that meets your needs and satisfies you most, just read as more info and reviews as possible, no matter good or bad.

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What Major Factors We Depend On To Create A Buying Guide

  • Brand. For the product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women, each brand you know or you don't know has its own visibility and reputation, some brands may provide a certain unique technology or selling point to compete with others.
  • Features. What functions can the product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women offer?
  • Specifications. How is the product of like? e.g. size, weight, etc.
  • Color. What color is the product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women? Do you like it?
  • Quality. How good is the product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women? Is it worth the money?
  • Reliability. How durable is the product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women? Does it last long or does it work for a long time for you? Does it come with a warranty?
  • Customer Ratings. How is the average rating for the product of Waist Trainer Vest for Women?
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Overall, this is a very good product that earns many praises and is relatively highly rated by real life customers.

We highly recommend the Waist Trainer Vest for Women to you.

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