Swimming Goggles,Swimming Goggles Connected to Earplugs +Nose Clips+Elastic Swimming Caps, Swimming Goggles No Leaking Full Protection Adult Men Women Youth (colorful+transparent)

01-11Swimming Goggles,Swimming Goggles Connected to Earplugs +Nose Clips+Elastic Swimming Caps, Swimming Goggles No Leaking Full Protection Adult Men Women Youth (colorful+transparent)




Swimming Goggles,Swimming Goggles Connected to Earplugs +Nose Clips+Elastic Swimming Caps, Swimming Goggles No Leaking Full Protection Adult Men Women Youth (colorful+transparent)022

Features & Specifications

  • Silicone frame
  • ANTI FOG&UV PROTECTION --- UV protection and anti-fog coating provide you an excellent swimming experience under water. Anti fog protection can offer you a clear and long distant view under water and UV protection can help protect your eyes from being hurt by UV and bright lights.Clear are excellent for winter, night or indoor swimming and mirrored are perfect for sunlight. Two in one covers all your needs or which is a great gift for couples or family.
  • Ultra-Soft 3D Memory Silicon ---- Flexible silicone frame and improved higher nosepiece provide extreme comfort,which is durable and will not be broken after repeated bending,that never hurt your nose or leave a mark on your face.Soft silicone earplugs, comfortable and waterproof to the ear, integrated with the lens strap, no need to carry, can avoid falling and losing.
  • Stylish look& Target crowd --- With the fashionable color, we strongly believe that the goggles are high-fashion and will make you stand out of the crowd.Super easy to adjust! Well-designed clasp makes it easy to put swimming goggles on and off through one press,so swim goggles for men women.
  • PRODUCTS --- Package includes swim goggles×2,Nose Clips x 2, portable case×2,Elastic Swimming Caps×2.Precautions --- This goggles can not be used by people who have over 100 degrees myopia eyes.Please take off the protective film on the surface of the goggles before use. Customers who are allergic to silicone please don't buy this product.
  • Comfortable & leak-proof --- Flexible silicone frame and gasket can provide customers with maximum comfort as the gaskets have a unique cushioned design that creates a perfect seal around your eyes, ensuring no water in. You can swim freely without distractions!

Pros & Cons


All Of The Above. Needed goggles and ear plugs for my niece who has problems with her ears. Came across this item and it was perfect. Saw it came with a nose plug and cap too! Nose plug and swim cap were on my list as well. She is a very particular little girl. She uses them every time we swim. The case has room for All Of The Above. Even if you just need the goggles I recommend them. I use a pair myself. Keep the water out and the clarity is amazing. Highly recommend and would definitely buy them again.

3 in 1. Really liked this item because it comes with these 3 great things in one. My son needed new swimming goggles but had been asking for a nose plug. I found this item when looking for new goggles and he was happy. When I received my order I was missing the nose plug but reached out to vendor and they were quick to respond and send a replacement. Great item!

Comfortable fit, feel sealed. I have not taken my vacation so I have yet to use these, but I am happy with the quality I see. Everything from the case to the easy adjustments make these much better than the old school goggles I remember, where you had to wear them so tight to keep a seal that they hurt (and that fog!). If I wear these and the fog up like crazy or don't seal, I'll come back and update, but so far, I'm impressed.

The best Goggles. These googles are the best I have seen. My grandkids ages 5 and 7 will enjoy them when they get them. They are strong and very well constructed when they get in the pool. I know it will be great underwater.https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51QBZHdbGdL._SR120,120_.jpg

Love it. Love this goggle set ! The goggle and swim fit very nicely and doesn’t give me a head from having them on too long ! Highly recommend!

Great product! Wonderful goggles! They fit comfortably and fit wiggly so no water penetrates. They are anti glare and shaded well. Bought my son some for swim team and he uses them everyday. He's very particular so finding goggles that meet his requirements is difficult. These are his favorite goggles by far.


Defected case, nice goggles. These goggles fit snug. I was disappointed with the case. I opened the package and there was a giant crack. The case is unusable now. I needed the goggles the next day so I didn’t send them back.

1 item is missing Swimming googles. 1 item is missing.... Swimming googles was not inside the package.

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