SUN NINJA Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter UPF50+ with Sand Shovel, Ground Pegs,and Stability Poles, Outdoor Shade for Camping Trips, Fishing, Backyard Fun or Picnics (10×10 FT 2 Pole, Turquoise)

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Features & Specifications

  • ALL-PURPOSE POP-UP BEACH TENT – Enjoy relaxing on the beach, kicking back fishing on the side of the lake, or enjoying some family time at the park with a sun shelter that you can set up almost anywhere. Perfect for friends, family and good times.
  • ADVANCED SUN PROTECTION – Crafted with advanced water-resistant fabric and offering UPF 50+ sun coverage our sun tents for beach and outdoor use block out harmful UV rays to reduce sun burn or glare making it ideal for kids or adults laying out.
  • QUICK AND EASY OUTDOOR SETUP – Each SUN NINJA beach tent sun shelter pop up sets up easily and comes with stability poles and anchors that let you use it over sandy beaches, thick grassy areas, or even in rocky camping spots.
  • PORTABLE WITH CONVENIENT TRAVEL BAG – We want you to take your beach canopy sun shelter pop up everywhere which is why it’s not only easy to set up and anchor to the ground it comes with a travel bag to keep it all safe and organized.
  • THREE CONVENIENT SIZES – Our outdoor sun shades are available in 4-person, 6-person, or 8-person sizes making them great for couples, families,or small gatherings in the backyard with friends. Check above to find the perfect fit for you!

Pros & Cons


Fantastic for the beach! I bought this for a recent beach trip and it was great! It withstood constant 20+ mph winds for a week straight without fail! It was light and setup and tear down was only 5-8 minutes! The poles do “dance” around a bit in high wind but they never fell down! “Pro-tip” when constructing the tent on a beach… as others have noted, pull it fairly tight because if it’s loose, it will catch a lot of wind. Also, once you fill up each of the 4 corners with sand, dig a small hole and drop the “sandbags” in the hole, because if not, and you are in high wind, the wind will “pull” the shade. However, the hole you dug for the “sandbags” will stop it from sliding on top of the sand. Also, I may not have read the product spec to see what SPF the shade has, but we did get some sun while under it. We didn’t get burned, but got some sun.

This sun shade worked very well. After reading other reviews on this and other items I chose this Sun Ninja Pop up Beach Tent for our trip to a Florida beach. After a few adjustments on positioning the first day we had it down. This thing held up with wind gusts in the 20 to 25 mile range all day long for a week. Definitely face the front edge into the wind and stretch out the four hold down legs before filling with sand. When filling up the pocketed hold downs, we actually dug a small pit and piled up sand around the pockets. This keeps the hold down from moving in the wind. The poles were just as easy to set up. The whole thing comes down quickly too. When we got home I through the Sun Ninja in the washing machine to wash out the salt, and dried it on low for 20 minutes. I wiped down all the aluminum poles, then packed it away until next time. Definitely would recommend this to purchase.

It held up, even in some wind! There's a little bit of a learning curve to setting this up, but it was well worth it. In low wind, it was perfect. In higher wind, about 15 mph one day, it got a little jumpy and began to sag in some areas but it never did fall. It really helped us to watch a couple videos on how to set it up. Stretch the corners out as far as they'll go. If it's windy you should dig a hole for the sand bags so they don't drag inward. Once you get the hang of it, it's so simple. It takes my husband and I about 5 minutes to set up properly. This gave us the perfect beach shelter to come have lunch, or get out of the sun as needed. We considered a shibumi, but our friends have one and it's so loud. I'd rather listen to the waves and my music! I'm glad we went this route. ETA: the second picture is the sagging I'm talking about during a windy day.

Easy to set up, great shade, does well in the wind! Update! I called customer service today and they returned my call within 10 mins. They ordered 2 replacement poles for me and expedited shipping so I will have the poles in 48 hours. Perfect customer service! Hi! I’ve been on the beach this week and we brought my Sun Ninja beach tent. Here’s my honest review: So easy! Just stretch the tent out flat on the sand, pulling the 4 corner pouches out super far. Dig holes for each pouch and start filling the pouches with the sand. Make sure the pouch is filled to the brim and snug down in that hole, then cover the pouch with even more sand so it’s buried in that hole. Then place the poles about a foot in from the corner seams, rubber ball up, and stake them down in the sand. You can use 2 poles to do like a lean-to, or 4 to give you more room. Put the elastic bungees on top so they attach the tent fabric to the rubber ball and pull tight. You’re done! When all the parts work, it’s amazing! Pros: ✅ the XL is huge and shady and has room for 4 comfortably, but you could easily fit like 8-10 people under the shade in a pinch ✅ when all the parts are working, you can have it up in 5 mins or less ✅ when you have it up and staked right, it can withstand a lot of wind, not just breeze ✅ comes with a great carry bag and small shovel to fill the pouches Con - just one: ❌ we’ve had 2 faulty poles that get stuck and won’t quite fit all the sections together snugly - I’m going to contact Sun Ninja and will update this review with their response

Withstood 20-30mph winds. I bought this because I can’t carry a heavy pop up canopy on the beach alone. This one is easy to carry out- and I don’t have to worry about an umbrella or tent flying down the beach. You need to read all the reviews with suggestions on how to get it up. The second time was way easier than the first. First of all- fill up all 4 bags with sand- shaking as you go- until the look like boulders. Second- stretch all 4 corners out past what you think the tent can possibly stand to make a big X. Very important. I promise you can stretch it further than you think. Then make sure that one of the sides is towards the wind- and on that edge put the poles closer to the edge like in my pictures. Then put the back poles in last and angle them towards the wind in the sand. Use the bungee cords that are around the poles and DOUBLE wrap and tighten with button over the rounded tops of poles. I made little sand piles in front of the bags so they didn’t slide with the wind Today was 20mph winds with gusts of 30mph and it stayed up perfectly. I’m amazed. It is my second time using so will update if I have any issues down the line

Set up is key! We had a smaller sunshade and upgraded to this larger Ninja. It lasts all day, gives tons of shade and sun protection. The key to set up is to really fill those sand bags and really pull the corners out tight. It's all about tension to keep those rods in place. If your shade is dipping in, it's not pulled taught enough. I can set it up by myself in about 10-15 mins. Take down is easy peasy. Extremely portable, we took it to Cumberland Island which involved about a 1+ mile hike and had no issues.


Not What I Was Hoping For – Would Not Recommend For The Beach. I was really hoping that this beach canopy/sun shelter would provide me everything I was looking for in a beach canopy. I have no idea why this has a 4.5 star rating. I must wonder how many people have used it multiple times at the beach. If you are not using this at the beach, then you may be ok. But good luck finding 50+ pounds of sand to put into each corner bag to hold it up. I was trying to get something that would: 1. Provide plenty of shade. Something an umbrella just doesn’t do. 2. Allow me to actually sit under the canopy and not outside of it like you have to do with some other beach covers. 3. Allow me to lower one side to block the sun. 4. Prevent me from having to move it throughout the day as the sun makes its way across the sky. 5. Would work with wind or little wind. Unlike the Shibumi Shade that doesn’t work when there’s little wind. And must be moved when the wind changes directions. Those things are a rip-off. 6. Be light weight and easy to carry 7. That would be easy and efficient to set up. Dealing with your standard umbrella simply doesn’t provide as much shade and you have reposition yourself throughout the day. I’ve tried the beach tents, but they get stuffy due to lack of good cross ventilation and you have to move them, and you can’t put more than two people in/under them comfortably. I was going to use your standard camping canopy (which plenty of people do), but those are heavy. But, after dealing with this Sun Ninja for 10 days at the beach, it may be my last option. The Negatives: 1. Right from the get-go, inserting the different sections of the poles into one another was problematic due to something called sand that you find lots of at the beach. The poles come in six sections with male/female ends and are held together by a bungy string running down through them. Once you have any amount of sand, they get difficult to connect and disconnect. So much so, on the last day, I could not disconnect one of the sections at all. Even using plyers didn’t work. 2. The poles only offer one height of about 6’. A better solution would possibly be to have the poles telescoping and offering heights of 2’, 4’ and 6’…providing they don’t get stuck. This would make it easier to adjust the height of one side to provide greater sun protection. 3. With any moderate wind (which is what you usually have at the beach), you will need to fill up the bag corners with 45-50 scoops of sand. This is very time consuming. It took me about 15 minutes to set up the canopy. That is way too long and inefficient. A better solution would be to simply have tie strings/cords and connect them to 2’ stakes that are driven in the sand. 4. It takes up a lot of space. Sure, the canopy is 10x10, but by the time you stretch out the corners, it’s 25x25. If you are at a crowded beach, you will not have happy neighbors. You could shrink its overall footprint by using the tie strings and stakes. The Positives: 1. It is lightweight and relatively easy to carry. 2. The material seems nice and durable. 3. Providing you set it up correctly and can lower one side, you will not have to move it throughout the day. You may have to move a little under the canopy, but not much. But, you can avoid moving just by lowering the side where the sun is coming from if you want. 4. You can, sort of, lower one side by either not using two poles and really stretching it out, or, by angling the poles…which is what I did because I wanted to be able to see out. So, while it did meet some of my requirements, its main drawbacks of being inefficient to set up and poles that constantly are a pain to connect and disconnect (if you can) causes me to not recommend this for the beach.

As long as there is no wind at all it'll stand. It's very compact and easy to set up and transport but needs constant adjusting to conditions. We had to keep restanding it up with gentle breezes. Any more than that and it keeps folding down

problems in wind and also SPF. as other have said it doesn't take a very strong wind to drop this on your face. Also, I noticed I'm still burning in its shade, so it's maybe SPF 5 material not 50. Also the largest says something about for up to 8 people, nope, the shade may fit 4 adults barely. You can put more people technically under the canopy but they''ll be in the sun not in the created shade

Wind. The weather must be completely calm. The product itself is cool. But! Any wind and the sun ninja becomes unstable.

Works OK. So let me make it clear that this is very convenient and very portable and lightweight. It does the job and I can see how it would work very well in less windy conditions. We live in Hawaii and our trade winds make this look like a cheap McDonalds toy. We needed to fill the bags up then burry them to keep it down enough to stop it from collapsing. I don’t see how this could be durable enough to keep stretching out the fabric that much. It hasn’t ripped yet but it’s fabric and it will likely not last that long if we keep having to stretch it out that much.

Way too much work for a day at the beach. Way too much work for a relaxing day at the beach. I bought this to replace my 8 foot nautica umbrella that I’ve had for 9 years. The umbrella was up and ready to go in about 2 minutes. Not the SunNinja. The SunNinja took about 10ish minutes to , pull it out, arrange it, put the poles together, fill the bags with sand, and then prop it up. Super sweaty after I was done. All to have it fall from a slight breeze. So had to put in more sand and slide back the bags. Wind picked up slightly more and the dang thing fell again. More sand and more sliding back the bags. We finally had success but it was WAY too much work. And then I sat under it and worried about it falling on me again. I watched another family with a SunNinja and they dug holes to put the bags in. Took them about 15 minutes. Then the guy’s wife had to pour water on him to rinse off his sweat. Really not worth the effort. Maybe I’m too lazy but this thing is being sent back.

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How to Choose Your SUN NINJA Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter UPF50+ with Sand Shovel

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Existing Customer Reviews

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