SUN NINJA Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter with Sand Shovel, Ground Pegs,and Stability Poles, Outdoor Shade for Camping Trips, Fishing, Backyard Fun or Picnics (10x10FT 4 Pole, Navy)

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Features & Specifications

  • ALL-PURPOSE POP-UP BEACH TENT – Enjoy relaxing on the beach, kicking back fishing on the side of the lake, or enjoying some family time at the park with a sun shelter that you can set up almost anywhere. Perfect for friends, family and good times.
  • ADVANCED SUN PROTECTION – Crafted with advanced water-resistant fabric and offering UPF 50+ sun coverage our sun tents for beach and outdoor use block out harmful UV rays to reduce sun burn or glare making it ideal for kids or adults laying out.
  • QUICK AND EASY OUTDOOR SETUP – Each SUN NINJA beach tent sun shelter pop up sets up easily and comes with stability poles and anchors that let you use it over sandy beaches, thick grassy areas, or even in rocky camping spots.
  • PORTABLE WITH CONVENIENT TRAVEL BAG – We want you to take your beach canopy sun shelter pop up everywhere which is why it’s not only easy to set up and anchor to the ground it comes with a travel bag to keep it all safe and organized.
  • THREE CONVENIENT SIZES – Our outdoor sun shades are available in 4-person, 6-person, or 8-person sizes making them great for couples, families,or small gatherings in the backyard with friends. Check above to find the perfect fit for you!

Pros & Cons


Large shade, small Pack size, easy to use. The media could not be loaded. We wanted shade for our 2020 summer excursions. Initially we looked at umbrellas but decided to explore the market further. With two Kids and a dog, less weight and small pack size were requirements we could not negotiate. Our Rav 4 gets packed full with all the necessary gear for all of us. We discovered this market for sun canopies. In reviewing and researching the market, we chose the sun ninja primarily because the cloth is one uniform material sewn in sections. Most other reviews claimed that products tear at the connection between the corners and whatever way the choose to extend to the ground (mostly string to a bag or pouch). The sun ninja, however, has a stretchy fabric all around. We’ve used the ninja 5 times in the last three weeks. Each time it gets easier to set up, taking about 3-5 minutes with two adults. The most challenging aspect is learning how to position the poles to accommodate wind direction. It’s not complicated but can take a few tries. I find it enjoyable, actually. Get the model that has 4 poles. It can easily convert to 2. We switch to 2 poles late in the afternoon when the sun is low. Having an angled setup blocks the low sun and creates a larger shade area. Regarding wind, it’s incredible, as can be seen in the video. We’ve seen many umbrellas inverted and yanked from the sand. If your bags are filled to the top and the poles positioned correctly, it’s a paradise to experience the strength of the sun ninja flapping against the force of the wind. Maybe that’s why they used the term “ninja.” definitely stealthy. This Product is an eye catcher, is easily transportable (we load a wagon with all our trinkets), great for our family of 4 plus a few guests . My only concern is longevity as we stretch the fabric and poke it with poles over and over. But I guess only time will tell. As mentioned in another review, get a 2nd small scoop from a foodservice retailer. It’s easier when two people are scooping sand.

Definitely Recommend!! The media could not be loaded. We bought the Sun Ninja for our trip to Hilton Head, SC. I read a lot of the reviews for this tent. A few negative reviews made me nervous about how good or bad it would actually be once we got it up, but we were excited to give it a try. We have used it everyday at the beach. It goes up and comes down quickly. It did great with the breeze at the beach the first couple days. We even got caught in a downpour. Now, we did get wet. So don't expected waterproof...but the tent stayed up until we gave up on the weather. And It dried out quickly after laying it out. After loving it the first few days I didn't want to be let down and was nervous about the wind when we took it to the beach the day after Tropical Storm Elsa came through. It was very windy and I wasn't sure if it would stay up. It did great! We saw most people take down their unbrellas because they were folding in sideways. We never once had an issue with our Sun Ninja falling or needing to be adjusted. I am so glad we made this purchase before our trip. I highly recommend. I attached a video of our windy day after Elsa.

Fantastic cover for the beach! Held up awesome in the wind! The media could not be loaded. Soooo worth the money! Easy for me to carry back and forth to the beach. Easy to assemble once we learned the tips! There have been high winds daily and our ninja has been able to be used! Video is from a day when there were 20 mph gusts so no one else has one up. Here are your tips......the stretchy arms must be filled heavy for windy days and stretched diagonally as far as you can. If it’s loose at all you will have trouble. But if all legs are stretched diagonal from the one across from it you will be great! (So all legs sit in an X shape) We bought the xl size and in the afternoon we have six sitting under it in chairs.

This is the BEST. The media could not be loaded. Great sun protection. I sat under it for 5 hours with ZERO sunscreen on 11am until 4pm UV index of 9. Zero sunburn or tan.. Used it a bunch now. Patience is a virtue when 1st setting up. After a few setups you will be a pro. Watch the videos before you are on the beach the sun glare on your phone is real. Lol. Easily covers enough room for 4 -5 adults on chairs or 4 adults laying out on towels. Family of 5 could share the space..2 napping kids laying on towels, 3 adult chairs, cooler, and beach bag. Best set up that works for us... spread it out almost as far as it will stretch FLAT to the ground with the corners filled with sand. Then put 2 poles in the front only and stretch it up. IF super windy out only do 2 poles or all 4 in if no wind. Use the hair-tie things to secure it if windy at all. I can't believe how good this held up in decent wind. (Video) you can hear and see how windy it was. Our ninja was up for 5 hours with us in the constant wind with no issues.

Glad we took the chance on this. I was a little worried this wouldn't hold up at the beach; that the wind would kick it's a**. But it worked perfectly. It was easy to store and carry. It was a cinch to setup and survived the wind with no problems. We were debating between the 7x7 and 10x10. If you're on the fence I would definitely choose the 10x10 as it was just the size we needed. The fabric for the tent proved very sturdy. The dark navy color was also the right choice. The poles were lightweight and simple to piece together. I saw another review that showed the poles broken where the different sections come together. I was a little worried they would snap. Ours worked fine but I can see how they might. While using ours at the beach, I noticed that the sand would get in those section joints. We were careful but it made it a little harder to assemble. I would highly suggest using Paste Wax (which you can get at a hardware store) to coat those ends. Then, any resistance should be minimal. You'll have to re-coat the wax every now and then like you do table saws, etc. Over all, this was a a great purchase and I highly suggest you try it out! Would definitely buy again. And get the blanket that the Sun Ninja also makes.

Best tent in the beach! We just tested this tent with Tropical Storm Winds this past weekend in Emerald Isle, NC. US, and the tent held the ground strongly. This is a very awesome and well designed tent. Make sure to overflow the sand bags, put them in a hole, and fully stretch the fabric. Also, we found it helpful to put the poles slightly inclined towards the center of the tent. Excellent buy! Highly recommended.


Worst thing ever. I read all the reviews on how it was an ok item with 3 poles and every one said that if it had 4 poles it would be perfect. Well I saw they made it with 4 poles, so I ordered it. Well we spent over an hour at the beach trying to get it to stay up. Any wind, I’m talking light breeze and the whole thing collapses. We followed all instructions. It really seemed neat, if it would of worked. Any breeze or you bump it and the whole thing collapses. I returned it because it did not do what it said. It claimed it held up to wind at 55 mph. It does not. Don’t waste your money if your using on the beach. There is nothing to support the 4 poles. Maybe on grass, but not at the beach.

Like a true NINJA this thing will drop on your head unexpectedly. I tried to like this thing. I set it up two times over a weekend on the Oregon coast. In a modest 8 mile per hour wind it flipped and flopped everywhere. I filled the bags to the top with wet sand and it still drug the bags. I guess if the really like to fiddle with something constantly at the beach instead of relax this might work for you. Or if you go to a beach on a windless day. I however am sending this thing back. I had high hopes but it just doesn’t work even in a light wind.

Flat surface and lots of space required!! I was super excited about this. Finally a shade that didn't weigh like 50 lbs to take down to the beach. I go to the river. The beach spots aren't very big you need a lot of space to set this up. It was pretty challenging to do alone. I'd say I spent about 2 hours of the day readjusting it since the water comes in and the area is not flat, whereas with an easy up that wouldn't matter maybe you just pull the whole thing back not a big deal ... but with this you can't just pull part back. I typically hang things from the bars of the easy up... towels, speakers, anything you don't want wet or sandy didnt realize how convient that was until I didnt have it. It was extremely challenging to fold back up we gave up and just balled it up and put it in a bag as it wouldn't fit back into its bag plus its covered in sand that was even challenging to get off once we got it back home due to its awkward shape which is required for it to stand up. I understand why you don't see many of them. Going to try using it one more time and see if it gets better with usage. But I think its back to easy ups or umbrellas for me.

Great concept....not sure that I love it yet... We bought this for our many beach vacations. It was a little difficult to put up at first. It was a windy day and the stability was not great. The second time was easier and more stable. In reading the other reviews I must have missed how awful this material is in rain. We had some showers and one large downpour that completely soaked everything. It makes using it again a little more stressful since a little rain soaks right through! It also takes up quite a bit of space and time to put up. Others on the beach with sturdy Ozark tents and umbrellas seemed to get everything put up much quicker, had no rain issues and had what seemed to be a more stable sun shade. Hopefully more users will warm me up to this pop up beach tent.

Can’t handle wind. HORRIBLE canopy if you have even a modest breeze…which you almost always will on any beach. The product has “golden rules for wind” printed on an attachment…which should be your first clue that it doesn’t handle wind well. We tried this product for several days (of varying wind) at the beach on the OBX and it failed miserably each and every time. Followed every suggestion and direction to the letter, even got some additional set up tips from a Neso owner on the beach…still a failure every time. Additionally the stakes are machined in such a way that you can’t get the slightest grain of sand in them or they won’t properly come together or apart. Thought about keeping it for an extra backyard canopy at home, but the stakes for the grass don’t provide enough pull down weight to make that worth $170 either. Sent back. Awful product

Harder than they make it look. It’s far more difficult to assemble than the videos lead on. You’ll need at least 2 people who are able to move quickly to assemble it. Expect it to fall on you a few times before you get it right. If you’re setting it up some place windy, expect it to be extremely difficult.

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