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Resistance Band





Use soft foam handles to use multiple long exercise bands at the same time for hard training as needed. The soft foam ensures that you can hold it firmly and use it comfortably every time you exercise.


Made of high-quality natural latex, it is very durable, and the strap can maintain resistance for a long time. Developed for you, each tube strap is thickened and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance!


Equipped with a larger metal shackle to make it easier for you to change the handle. All you have to do is to combine the resistance band with the foam handle. In addition, the foam handle is designed as a non-slip handle to ensure your safety.


Features & Specifications

  • 【Varying Resistance Levels】5pcs resistance bands correspond to different colors, Green (30 lbs.), Black (40 lbs.), Red(50 lbs.), Grey(60lbs), Orange(70lbs) which can be used alone or stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 250 lbs. Whether a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this set can meet your workout needs.
  • 【Works for multiple workout scenario】As good resistance is maintained through every motion part. The resistance band set can be great with any popular workout like Yoga, Pilates, and more. Or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, and power weight programs.
  • 【High-quality materials】Each resistance band is carefully constructed to prevent breakage and breakage. Strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity, steel metal buckle more robust, non-slip comfortable handle to ensure durability.
  • 【Easy to carry】The resistance band suit is easy to carry and comes with a waterproof bag for you. Whether at home, in the gym, or when traveling, you can continue to use it for exercise anytime, anywhere.
  • 【What you can get】The resistance band set includes five sports bands with different resistances, 1 door anchor, one figure-of-eight sports rope, two cushion handles, two ankle straps, Exercise guide 1, and 1 waterproof carrying bag.

Pros & Cons


Sufficient. This is a very versatile set for the price point. The attachments provide for a large variety of exercises out of the box without putting anchors in your walls/ceiling. While the handles and straps are very bare bones, they're functional for their intended purpose. Resistance ratings on the bands are optimistic. I was able to get them to pull their rating (on a pull scale) when doubled up and pulled to their max extension. In general range of motion use and doubled up, the resistance will be 60-90% of what the label shows. Great little set to throw in your suitcase if you're traveling somewhere without good access to a gym.

So useful, I bought it twice! The pandemic led me to abandon my gym membership and put together a basic home gym: treadmill, weightbench, heavy bag, dumbbells. But it was cost prohibitive and space intensive to recreate what is available at a real gym, especially for upper body weight work. I've always been a bit suspicious of resistance bands ("that's not REAL weightlifting"), but I'm also getting older and flexibility is an issue too. SOOOO..... I bought a set, and was immediately thrilled with the expanded range of exercises I could do: fly, horizontal lat pull, lots of shoulder work. And the set of bands makes it pretty easy to go up and down the weight stack, so to speak. 20 lbs resistance for deltoid extension, 50lbs resistance for bicep, 80lbs for chest. And as a bonus I've been able to do a little rotator cuff rehab with the lightest bands. I bought a second set for two purposes-- first, to be able to do two-handed work in the gym when convenient, and second to have a smaller travel set. This set is a total bargain, and so far has been durable and effective. There is one component of the set that I've yet to figure out-- a sort of two-handled stretchy rubber thing. I've NO idea what that's for, and the instructions provide no ideas. Just FYI-- the instructions are very limited-- don't expect professional guidance there. But there are a million YouTube videos available to help you if you're not familiar with resistance weights work.

Ok. Not great. Bought these when my old set broke after about a year of near daily use. These are made of more silicone over elastane it seems. The range of motion is shorter than my old ones. But the will suffice. Price was right

You get your money's worth. You get a wide range of resistance bands which help to adjust gradually to the next level. After 5 months they are still performing as new.

Very Good Product at a Good Price. We've only had these for a few weeks now but they do the job. The price was great for these, and you receive several different bands and attachments, which is nice. I bought them for my son to strengthen his pitching shoulder and he enjoys using them. The one knock I would give these is that the hooks that they provide are very small and it is a bit of a pain to get the strap in and out given the relative thickness of the strap compared to the hook/clasp. It is a minor inconvenience but makes it difficult for my son to use them without my help. On the whole I'd recommend these and maybe consider buying some larger hooks.

Very versatile, strong resistance bands that produce results!! I used to have a different set of resistance brands that used to break or would get stiff in heat. These resistance bands are extremely versatile that produce results. They came with a detailed set of recommended exercises that I have been religiously following and I have gained muscles since working out with these resistance bands. They can be combined in any combination. I started with 20lbs and now thanks to the exercise chart, I am at 70lbs (50lbs + 20lbs). The handle is easy on hands,


You get what you pay for. I had bought elastic bands a few years ago and was concerned they may be wearing out, so I bought this as it was rated high and the price seemed good. Well, as expected this is a lot cheaper quality than the last set I bought. I bought Bodylastics previously and I just checked and they are about twice as much ($49) and it is clear they are better made, more solid and just feel safer to use. I don't think I'll keep this brand as it seems so cheap and flimsy. I really don't want it to break and have it snap back on me. But maybe they work okay. I can say that just the handles and attachments are really cheaper, flimsier and lighter and the hooks on the bands are smaller, lighter and cheaper, so that has me wondering about the rest of the build. You can see for yourself in the images. The parts on the left are Bodylastics and the ones on the right, this brand.

Ok as long as you don’t max stretch them. The few things I liked: Nice coloring, includes a travel pouch and various resistance ranges for a not that bad price. The few things I didn’t like: Carabiner clips are too small compared to the webbing they are attached to, constantly having to rotate them was bothersome and the clips are also very low in quality - I was fearful they would break causing injury to my face. The most notable disappointment was when stretched the band seem to loose resistance. In the end, I returned them for 2 reasons; my personal safety and lack of constant resistance.

Exaggerated weight resistance. There's no way these bands add up to 150lbs of resistance or else that means I'm able to 120lb bicep Good workout and good quality but I'm going to guess that the total resistance of all bands is 100lbs, not 150.

Messy packaging. Working so far. Must have been a return because only 1 item was in plastic and everything was a mess in the bag.

Got what I paid for. Inexpensive workout equipment with plenty of videos to follow online makes getting in shape pretty easy. Unfortunately my 40 pound band came apart in 3 weeks. Bands are nice, but these could have been built better.

Some differences and possible Wrong labeling. These bands came in yesterday for me 05/18, I decided to try the bands out today and I am not sure how I feel about them. They feel less durable than they look when using them. Easy to use and Definitely a versatile product however 2 of the bands colors are labeled differently than what is in the image. the red and black bands are swapped, red is 50lbs and black is 40lbs, but this isnt a big deal. however my biggest concern is that the 50lb resistance band does not feel like 50lbs of resistance at all, it feels closer to 25lbs maybe less. I am far from fit but i can comfortably curl 25lbs per arm but 50lbs is not something I can do comfortably more than a couple reps. I even shortened the pull length of the band by stepping on it further out giving me only 7-8 inches of band each side with no tension and pulling and even then it maybe felt like 30 to 40lbs at best. I wish I had a force gauge so I could properly test this.

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