QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask, Snorkeling Gear with Camera Mount, Foldable 180 Degree Panoramic View Anti-Fog Anti-Leak, Snorkeling Set for Kids and Adults

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Full Face Snorkel Mask Kids  Snorkel Set for Kids Snorkeling Mask Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids
180 Degree Panoramic View
Action Camera Mount
Anti-Fog Anti-Leak
Dry Top System

Features & Specifications

  • NEWEST SAFETY BREATHING SYSTEM: We focus on the safety of snorkeling. Unlike other single-channel or dual-channel snorkeling masks, QingSong's full face snorkel mask has three completely separate air channels, which can effectively prevent the re-inhalation of exhaled CO2, thus ensuring that you inhale fresh air every time. When you snorkel, you won't feel dizzy or even suffocated by inhaling a mixture of air and CO2, hence maximizing safety, Give you a Happily & Safe snorkeling experience.
  • PROFESSIONAL ANTI-FOG & ANTI-LEAK DESIGN: Separate inhaling and exhaling channels stop the top snorkel mask from fogging up, and anti-fog coating on the lens and anti-fog inserts guarantees anti-fog effect; Advanced leak-proof silicone sealing mask with floating ball prevents salty water from entering in mask.
  • ENHANCED FUNCTIONS: Newest version snorkel mask full face adds two quick release buttons, which make it easier to wear. Highly elastic djustable shoulder strap and mask can perfectly fit your face. The breathing tube has a silicone band to prevent loss of the snorkel It is simple to install, Easy to fold and store, While also occupying less space.
  • FRIENDLY GIFT TO BEGINNERS: 180 degree full face snorkeling mask is easier to use than traditional diving mask and more friendly to beginners and youth, Additional removable camera mount enables you to install camera and records the dreamlike underwater world, It’s a perfect present to family and friends; Use this sports snorkel mask and enjoy unforgettable vacation.
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE: As long as you are our customers, since the day you buy QingSong snorkel mask. We will provide 24-hour uninterrupted service. We sincerelly believe we will bring the customers the most satisfied buying experience.
  • Weight: ‎0.65 Kilograms
  • Warranty: ‎1 year

Pros & Cons


AMAZING! You need this snorkel mask! My husband and I got these for our honeymoon in hawaii and I can never snorkel any other way. We'd be in the water for hours because its just so easy to wear and comfortable. You can breathe normal through your nose and mouth!! I got the smaller size for me and the larger size for my husband

Fantastic! Purchased 2 of these for a recent vacation. Easy to use, minimal assembly, traveled easily. I will say the only negative in my opinion - is once you get some sand in them, it can be challenging to get it out. Otherwise, worked very well and I'd recommend.

Wrong color but... Once, the sent the wrong size, another time they sent a used one with dried saltwater all over it, and this time, they sent the wrong color. But they work great. They're super easy to use. My kids put em on and just went with no training. Youtube videos are great for first timers, but they're so easy. Just make sure you hold your breath BEFORE going under, because it does steal your breath away if you don't. And make sure your hair is out of the way or it doesn't suction properly.

Very nice mask, but tended to have CO2 build up after awhile. I would recommend this mask. So much easier to use than the usual snorkel system. However, the CO2 seemed to build up after awhile .Just taking the masks off after using for awhile seemed to get rid of this problem.

A Vacation Must! We absolutely loved using these for snorkeling. You have to breathe slowly, but we just floated and swam slowly so it was never an issue. It was so nice how they close off if you go deeper, so we didn't have to guess how close we were or accidentally suck in any water. Also, the view is great. The whole face allowed for much for viewing room than goggle masks I've used in the past. They were easy to clean when we got home and the carrying cases make them easy to store!

Easy to use. We went snorkeling in the Bahamas and this mask was great . I purchased two, one for each my husband and I. It took a minimal adjustment getting used to having nothing in your mouth Great seal! Easy care. Excellent instruction booklet, carrying bag is great for protection , keeping mask & tube together. Would definitely recommend. Can’t wait until we go on our next snorkeling adventure


Size and how to breath thru this. I almost drown cause it sucked in making it difficult to breath and not sure if it was to big or small but I rather use this then the others

Too much dead space for CO2 accumulation. The product had a good seal and fit with no fogging for my 4 year old. We used it for snorkeling in open ocean water, and it initially seemed brilliant for a little one to explore the water. The big problem is that after about 10 minutes she started to complain of being dizzy and having a headache, forcing us to stop. We tried it a few more times and the same problem kept happening. It does not have enough oxygen/CO2 exchange due to the dead spaces in the system and is very unsafe for children to use in water. If choosing to use this type of snorkel for a child, take frequent breaks and always stay close in case they pass out!

Kids didn't like them. My almost 8 year old and 10 year old didn't like them. The kids size barely fit (almost too small) and the smallest adult size was too large. They said they felt like they were breathing in carbon dioxide. We ended up renting traditional masks and snorkels for them. Not sure if the fit was the issue or what as I did not try it myself. Also the sand is really hard to try and rinse out. Now I'm not sure what to do with them since my kids won't use them.

Leaked underwater. I noticed a gap on the left side by my temple when I tried it on before our vacation but I was hoping once we were underwater it would suction to my head but that wasn’t the case. There was one spot on my left temple that I had to push in on and hold the entire time we were snorkeling. It’s such a bummer because this mask was great other than the leaking. My husband and son didn’t have a problem with their masks and I bought us all the same one just different colors.

I was fun while it lasted. On the second day using it my child complained about water getting in, when check I saw that the plastic was cracked. Kids had to share another mask (different brand) for the rest of our vacation, which was frustrating. I bought two masks to have a peace of mind…

Almost drowned. Ok, so it’s been a month since I had a bad experience with this. I like that you don’t have the snorkel tube. Here’s the con: another reviewer said after wearing it awhile, he got a headache bcz your breathing your own CO2 and he recommended pulling the mask off when you resurface to get fresh air. After a short time, I would resurface and lift my mask to get fresh air. As I went to deeper water, rougher waves, and longer time in water, I’d resurface, quickly lift the mask and when I went under the water the mask suffocated me every other time. The mask is like suction on the face so it also started giving me a headache, as well as the CO2 and the occasional suffocation. I was with my husband snorkeling so after 45 min I told him I was going to shore. Well, I couldn’t make it bcz the pressure of the mask suction, headache, panic and removing the mask and placing back on my face, I started to suffocate which lead to me freaking out and I couldn’t touch the bottom of the ocean. Luckily my husband had the feeling he should follow me in and quickly saw I was in panic inhaling water. Needless to say, I don’t recommend this mask. I had a headache the rest of the day. I love the design, but maybe the mask I got was defective.

Why Online?

When you are looking for product reviews or product information like features and specs before you take an action to buy it, you may see similar things here and there that major online stores top the list. Why so many people prefer shopping online?

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Aspects You Should Foucus on When Buying QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask Online

Is QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask urgently needed? Well, shopping online requires some research that you need to ask yourself some questions. To help you with that, we cover all the important ones and put up a list.

Go through the following list and feel free to do your own research while buying the QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask.

  • Is the QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask worth the money?
  • What advantages and disadvantages does it have?
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Benefits of Shopping Online

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Best Price

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How to Choose Your QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


Second, before you buy the QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask, you should take the brand of the product into account. You may learn to seperate the products for different brands to make a right decision.


Third, a warranty is a must for the QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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