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POWERLIX designs and manufactures a myriad of sports & outdoor items for active people, from every corner of the world. Our products aim to address the needs of our customers in their professional and active lives, holistically improving the quality of their lifestyle without slowing them down for a moment.


Don’t let Your Sleeping Pad weigh you down!

Are you exhausted from lugging around a heavy sleeping matt every time you go camping? With the POWERLIX Sleeping Pad, you don’t need to worry about room in your backpack, and best of all, you won’t have any backaches due to heavy weight! It’s super compact, light and conveniently portable!


Take control of your sleep with your POWERLIX Sleeping Pad!

Are you sleep deprived after camping on chilly, rocky, or rough terrain? Well, feel refreshed with the POWERLIX camping mat! The POWERLIX bedroll will give you static comfort and support for the best night’s sleep, during all of your outdoor adventures!

 sleeping pad


– Ultra-Light & Ultra Comfortable!

– Unique hexagon design that hits all of your pressure points, delivering superior support and comfort, with a foam-like feeling.

– Dual action air valve, that makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

– Thermal insulation to keep your body warm from the cold ground.

– 100% waterproof, created specifically for outdoor activities.

– Versatile inflating bag, which can be used as a pillow, vacuum laundry bag, bag to carry your belongings or the Sleeping Pad itself!

inflating pad

Outdoor travel is easy with the neo air mattress, as it’s extremely versatile! It’s fast and easy to inflate with the inflating bag, and you don’t need to pump it by mouth. You can use the inflating bag as: a pillow, waterproof carry bag, vacuum laundry bag, to carry all parts of the product.

Features & Specifications

  • 40d Nylon Tpu
  • REJUVENATE YOUR BODY: Powerlix camping pad has revolutionary hexagon design made with body mapping technology. The hexagon air cells ergonomically support all of your pressure points, giving you superior support and comfort all night long, no matter how you sleep! The sleeping mat is also a camping gear must haves luxury, being comfortable yet lightweight. It rolls up small, making it effortless to carry around. The cot comes in a variety of color choices, sure to match anyone's personality.
  • LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST: It's time to plan a trip! Our camping sleeping pads cannot be easier to inflate than with our inflating bag. It has a dual action, non-leak air valve to inflate and deflate the mattress. First store air in the bag and push it in like a pump. Light & small when packed, it won't cause backaches from its weight and fits easily in your backpack. Being insulated, it's perfect for the best night of sleep during adventure, hiking, camping, backpacking, in any weather!
  • UNIQUE LONGLASTING DURABILITY: It's the mat of all mats! The self inflating sleeping pad is made of durable, outdoor grade materials. It includes thermal insulation, to keep your body warm from the cold winter ground. Our camping sleeping mat is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for any outdoor activities. You can say goodbye to sore backs and other discomforts normally left by bumps and rocks underneath the floor of your tent!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR OUTDOORS: This exclusive camping sleeping pad also comes with storage bag, 2 repair kits, and a multipurpose inflating bag. A patch kit is also included, stitched into the top of the storage bag. The inflating bag was designed with you in mind, for all of your needs. In addition to inflating the mattress, this backpacking sleeping pad can be used for several different things, such as a pillow, a waterproof laundry bag, or a large waterproof airtight storage bag!
  • AFTER SERVICE WARRANTY: PowerLix guarantees to have your back! Our US-based customer service means that you can trust that if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a hassle-free refund or replacement. Don't hesitant to reach out if you have any questions. We want you to be nothing but happy with your new, top of the line, camping bed! We are confident of our camping pads for sleeping and know you will like it. That's why your purchase comes backed with our incredible warranty.
  • Dimensions: 77.2"L x 22.8"W x 2.1"Th
  • Weight: 0.6 Kilograms

Pros & Cons


Fantastic pad for the price, I highly recommend it. [Updated: 13th October 2021. I have since had the opportunity to spend nights on this mat, with a 1/4in yoga-mat underneath for insulation + traction, & am pleased to announce that it consistently sleeps me through the night, without pain in the morning. You can definitely feel how hard the ground is through it when sitting down on it, + getting into position, but once in a laying position your weight is supported evenly by the cells so that discomfort goes away & it feels good under you. Side-sleeping is a firm experience, but not painfully hard, & there's no sense of your bones being bruised by the ground. It's lasting well, too - no punctures, leaks or fraying, yet. I'm delighted to be able to confirm my original sentiments; this is a top-quality pick for outdoorsfolk seeking minimal weight for minimal outlay. /update] For what it is, this is a 10/10 item. It's feather-light, inflatable without reading any instructions (the only skill required is a vague awareness of what a pump-bag is when you see it) and quickly (I was at it for maybe two minutes total, and that includes unrolling the pad and shaking air into the bag), and far comfier than it has any real right to be. And it costs -peanuts-, compared to other similarly technical gear with better known names. I'm not a hard-core hiker - I'm personally a site camper*, in fact - but I recently fell down a quarantine-spurred internet hole where I spent 6+ hours a day for about 17 days total devouring everything that blogs, articles, forums, YouTube and Pinterest had to teach about ultralight backpacking, because I was bored and have ADHD and sometimes hyperfocus is a Hell of a drug. So, while I've never gone on an actual hike in my life (I use a wheelchair, which would make it rather awkward, to say the least), I do know what ideal item weights are, and what the expectations are of each item, for a good one. And this? Is a -great- pad for the price. I'm actually tempted to buy a second one, just in case this one somehow gets damaged someday and they're no longer in production, I like it that much. This is a lightweight hiking pad. It's all air, and all cells, at that. It's not going to give you the experience of a domestic airbed, or a cushy self-inflating foam mat. But it's a Hell of a lot comfier than I expected it to be. Realistically, you can sleep on just about anything out in the wild, when it's at dark and quiet and you're tired from the day, which is why my personal pre-field comfort test for new sleeping gear is to set it up within temptation's reach of my actual bed and then try to nap on it, in the middle of the afternoon. I must caveat this by mentioning that I am a US size 4 - 6, but I am also a shape that's all hips and shoulders; so, I am naturally sensitive to hard sleeping surfaces, as they give my widest parts nowhere to go - however, I must acknowledge that my conclusions may not be applicable to people who are significantly wider and heavier than myself. It's wider than most mats of its kind, but it's still not as wide as a single-size airbed, or anything like that. (Also, if you're a particularly -active- sleeper, I'd suggest slipping this one down the back of your sleeping bag, rather than just under it, or you -will- roll off it [or, if you're site camping, it'd be a great cot-topper].) So, how did I sleep? Quite deeply, for a couple of hours, until my husband came to find me because it was suppertime. It was perfectly supportive on my back - I actually let out a soft sigh of contentment, as I lay down - and though rolling over to my second preferred posture of sort of half on my side, half on my stomach, I won't deny that my hip did dip enough to be uncomfortable, simply shifting myself to be completely on my side removed that issue. It's definitely a better pad for back and front sleepers than it is for side ones, but it was much less -uncomfortable- on my side than I had expected it to be. I did get back to sleep, and later didn't wake up sore or anything like that. It was pleasant enough that not only did I get a decent nap on it of a couple hours, but that when later in the evening, I subjected it to my second usual test, of reading a book on it for an hour or so to see if it remains comfortable while in a static posture for an extended period of time, it came through with winning colours. Again, this is -not- a cushy foam mat, nor is it a mattress-thick airbed, nor is it even a 3 - 4inch deep, multi-hundred dollar Big Agnes or Sea To Summit prestige hiking mat; this is a 1.5inch thick, shallow cell hiking mat that cost less than US$40. It is not going to make you as comfortable as any of those will, nor will it keep you as warm as any of its insulated contemporaries (though the thermometer segment of my test did show that adding a simple foil-topped foam roll underneath, or even just a folded emergency blanket, extends its use easily from 2 seasons to 3), nor will it last you as long as any of its more expensive competitors. This is the reality, and it would be unreasonable to expect those things of it - but what it does do is punch well above its *own* actual weight. If you're new to hiking and don't want to invest too deeply until you're sure it's for you, or if you're simply strapped for cash, and you don't have any major pre-existing back problems to complicate your ground-sleeping needs (or if you do, but just need something cushy to put on your cot or in your hammock), then this is probably just about the best technical pad under US$90 that you can buy. I am extremely happy with my purchase, and I have already recommended it to a couple of friends who are looking at streamlining their camping kit. 10/10, ideal in its niche. *Why did I even -want- an ultralight sleeping pad if I'm a site camper, when weight and portability aren't especially an issue and I could easily carry in a thicker, plusher sleeping mat? Well, the fact is that I do exactly that, however I have a major spinal condition which means that I don't endure well on long car journeys - such as the ones generally involved in traveling out to location on camping trips - and the last time I had to weather one, we found ourselves stopping every other hour or so to dig my companion's x-leg cot out of the boot so that I could lie down for a bit. The cot was pretty hard by itself, and I found myself wishing that I had something softer and more supportive to top it with, to help my discomfort settle faster and better. It wasn't exactly practical to retrieve and inflate my Outwell Dreamboat 31inch-wide, 78inch-long and 6inch-thick self-inflating mat every time we stopped, only to have to roll the monster thing up again half an hour later when I was ready to get back into the car - to say nothing of the fact that it wouldn't have -fit- on the cot, anyway. A month or so later I fell down my backpacking clickhole, discovered ultralight hiking pads - which are narrower, shorter, more portable and quicker to inflate and deflate - and the rest is history. And with the cot 24inches wide and 75inches long, I chose this one because from the best-reviewed among the cheapest options, that -also- came in black (I'm a goth, so sue me), this was the one that would most perfectly fit atop it. Why did I care whether or not it's comfy enough to sleep on, if I won't actually -be- sleeping on it? Because if it is, then it's also comfy enough to cradle my body in gentle relief when I'm in a true pain crisis and waiting for my prescription analgesics to kick in before I can be moved. Which is a very -specific- set of factors, all told.

Excellent pillow with pitfalls. First, I bought 5 different pillows to try including the Vellow that had no air bladder. I need some loft to go under my neck too or I will have the worst neck pain in the morning. So the Vellow doesnt have a bladder but it does have some wonderful memory foam, but it flattens out and I have no support for my neck. So I bought this Powerlix pillow having best of both worlds. It says it has memory foam and that is 1/4 true. It does have very little "memory" foam but it also has a bundle of other fillers, foams, and other material that has cut down on the cost which is what makes this pillow so attractive, the price! However it makes it flat and relys so much on the bladder to hold any resemblance of a pillow. Luckly I can sew and I have for my home pillow the most amazing COOP pillow that also comes with alot of extra shredded memory foam so you can fill or remove foam to your hearts content. I cut the end open and took all the crappy filler that it comes with and put the COOP filler in and it made all the difference. I am sure this would be a much higher price if they did what I did and made this the perfect pillow. But I was happy they didnt. For the price its a great pillow if you remove all that junk filler it comes with.

Packs small, easy to inflate but not ideal for sleeping on your side. The dimensions are exactly as shown in the description. This was adequate for me at 6'2". The inflating system with the bag is fantastic. If you open the bag wide enough it will completely fill the mattress in less 4 pumps. I found that for sleeping on my side I had to blow a little more air into the mattress by mouth. This is easy to do. The drawback of this is that the mattress now gets very hard which reduces the comfort of it. A slightly thicker mattress will work better for side sleepers, however you will probably pay quite a bit more for those types. It worked adequate for me on a 2 week camping trip.

Great affordable and lightweight sleeping pad. I’ve had this powerlix sleeping pad for over a year now and have used it on several camping and overnight trips, maybe 15 nights total. For the price, $30 at the time, I didn’t expect it to last this long so I’m pleasantly surprised with it’s longevity and usefulness. I’m a side sleeper with large hips and this pad enables me to sleep without issue on the ground. Sometimes I don’t fill it quite enough and I don’t realize until my hip starts to ache after a few minutes, so I’ve learned the trick to using it successfully is to fill it to the point that it feels like I’m overfilling it and then it stays blissfully comfortable all night. Would buy again.

Comfortable and very long. Purchases for a hiking trip. It inflated easily and was longer than expected which was a plus. Unfortunately the honeycomb style of this mattress means that any water, dirt, twigs, etc that might accidentally get on it gets stuck in the grooves and is difficult to get out while still inflated.

Descent product for the price. I used this recently when I was camping. It was decently comfortable but nothing exceptional. I will say that the material is very thin and I fear if you are sleeping directly on the ground you can potentially tear it. The bag it comes in is waterproof and easy to package up which is a big plus.


Adequate and good bang for the buck for camping but could be smaller and lighter. I'm going to use the pad this weekend for the first time in routine conditions for an overnight weekend backpacking trip. Overall I didnt expect much, but the pad did surprise me and was better than most, but not as good as some. I am an active outdoorsman, and go camping at least once a month with the Scouts. Back sleeping is preferred, but I also go on my side and occasionally on my stomach. First, the weight was a bit more than desired. I weighed 24.5 ounces before I unpacked it, compared to roughly 18 for most others on the market. This does include a bag to assist with inflation, which can be left out to save 3.5 ounces. I liked the valve setup and was able to fully inflate both with the bag and by breath easy enough. Frankly I can can see how some might like the inflater, but I did not. It sounded like an elephant everytime I used it, and I felt like the minor value it brought was overbalanced by the weight - I'm leaving it at home. Second, the size is a hair over two inches deep, and with proper inflation feels comfortable enough to side sleep on. The width is 23 inches if you include seams so realistically is slightly less, but more than adequate. The length however is ridiculous. Mine measured 77 inches end to end - easily 5 inches more than needed. This also explains the added weight compared to others. Most tents only go 6 feet long, so I'm not sure how this will fit without bending. The hex configuration of the padding leads me to believe this can be a decent solution for cold weather camping Third, so long as it is properly filled the pad itself isnt that noisy, but when underinflated is too squeaky for my tastes. Fourth, there does not seem to be any tacky strips to help the sleeping bag cling to the pad, or prevent slipping off. I fully expect to be sliding all over on this thing, and wake up half off after tossing about overnight. Time will tell whether it holds air well overnight. Initial thoughts are that it is a decent value, though I'd still consider stepping up to a Klymit option for $55-ish. If this were marketed as a long option, with a regular 72" available with less weight I'd say this would be a better deal.

Narrow and thin. Writing this after a long night sleeping on top of this thing. I put down a closed cell pad, and then inflated this one and laid it on top. I found it too narrow for comfort — it's pretty much exactly as wide as me, if I tuck my shoulders in. I'm not particularly broad at the shoulders, either so, this is acceptable, but just barely. What isn't acceptable is how thin this thing is. It gives you about the minimum amount of support possible. Very hard, not very comfortable. I bought this one to replace a better pad I've had for a long time. It was cheap, and I got the night's sleep I paid for. The old saying that you shouldn't cheap out on anything that separates you from the ground — shoes, chairs, mattresses — is true, and the lesson for me is that this applies to sleeping pads as well.

Inflates really quick. It inflates fast, takes roughly 5-6 big breathes, maybe it's just me.. but I feel like it deflates relatively fast while overnight sleeping. I've thought about it & feel it's probably the design on how's it meant to be or not, I'm a side sleeper who is 5ft4½ weighing at 200lbs average semi bear like body build. Anyways I like the compact size, quick inflation that has a semi nice cushion like feel for being small air pockets spread across the entire roll of mattress, I did mistake it for have a cushion like bottom at first. All in all I enjoy this easy camp bed wish I could put 3.5 stars for a more accurate opinion.

Good, but too short-lived to make the cost savings be any real savings. Considering the low price, I suppose I should not have been surprised that it proved to not have good longevity. In the year that I've owned it, I have used it I think 4 times, 5 tops. And then, on a recent camping trip, it developed a slow leak — the kind that happens over the course of an hour or more, like after you've already gone to sleep so that you wake up on the ground surface of the tent. Tickle your problem given that it was during a sideways kind of rainstorm at the bottom of my tent got wet. Which means the bottom of me got wet when the PowerLix mattress deflated in the middle of the night. Twice. So, to my thinking, the rest doesn't matter much, whether it's good or bad as far as how easy to inflate or how comfortable it is or isn't. If you can't rely on it, does it matter? That said… I'll give you my other thoughts on other aspects. 1. I found a whole self-inflating bag thing sort of silly and not worth the trouble of using. It really doesn't require a lot of air to inflate this just by blowing by mouth into the inflation nozzle. Less than 30 seconds and it was fully inflated. Or, you could fiddle with the included bag; I found that to take twice as long as just inflating the thing up. 2. Given how little air it takes to inflate it, and given that it looks quite thin even inflated, it was surprisingly comfortable as a sleeping pad. Some sort of wizardry.... A good kind of wizardry. But, again, does any of that matter if it doesn't reliably hold air? It really sucks when it springs a leak and you are nowhere near civilization and can't just go buy a replacement. I've heard of some of the more expensive major brands of inflatable backpacking pads lasting for several years, hundreds of uses. Sure, they cost three times as much as this one, or even more. But if a more expensive one, most of which come with a pretty good warranty, is still going strong after 100 uses in this one is flaccid after five uses, then it's actually cheaper to buy the more expensive one when measured by how many times you get to use it.

So much to love about this. There's so much to love about this inflatable mattress. Rolls to a small, very lightweight size. Very easy to blow up. I tried the bag inflation and chose to just blew it up; maybe took a minute. Deflates and rolls up so easy; right back in the storage bags. I'm 61, with arthritis and it was no problem. My picture was taken after it had been fully inflated and rolled back up in it's storage bag. I want a light weight air mattress to use on top of my cot. This mattress could have been great Except that the mattress Krinkles so Loud! No one will appreciate how loud it is with every little move. Unfortunately, I'm sending it back because it's so loud every time any little bit of pressure is applied.

Comfort, price, r-value. I have to say they are quite elusive about the r-rating. I finally found it to be 1.6. I'm a little concerned about this. Going to the mountains soon to camp, I guess I'll see. I did sleep on it on the floor in the house and found it to be uncomfortable, but hopefully it's better than the hard ground! I guess you get what you pay for!

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