Phantomgogo Commuter R1 – Electric Scooter for Adults – Foldable Scooter with Seat & Carry Basket – 450W Brushless Motor 36V – 15MPH 265lbs Max Load E Mopeds for Adults (Blue)

Phantomgogo Commuter R1 – Electric Scooter for Adults – Foldable Scooter with Seat & Carry Basket – 450W Brushless Motor 36V – 15MPH 265lbs Max Load E Mopeds for Adults (Blue)

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The Phantomgogo Commuter R1 is our new fun-to-ride short commute e-scooter. This electric bike for adults and children ages 12 and up is capable of speeds up to 15.5 MPH and has a 20-mile range on a full charge. This peppy little electric scooter with seat comes equipped with a generous 450-watt motor, 36-volt lithium ion battery, steel rigid front fork, rear disc brake, and 12″ tires on the front and back. To complete the overall convenience that an electric scooter offers, we also equipped the C1 with a rear basket to help keep your hands (or your lap) free.

Features & Specifications

  • MOTORIZED SCOOTER: 450W Brushless electric motor scooter with 20-mile range and max speed of 15.5 mph
  • ELECTRIC SCOOTER ACCESSORIES: E Scooter with 13 x 11 inch rear carry basket and scooter deck, front LED light and rear reflectors for safety, comes with toolkit
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 36V 8.0Ah lithium-ion battery with intelligent overload and low voltage protection, charging time: 4 hours, with battery power display
  • SAFETY FIRST: Recommended scooters for teens 12 years and up with an aluminum alloy frame, steel rigid fork, rear disc-brakes, 12" tires for multi terrain use, reflective rear reflectors and front lamp
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: weight: 37.5 lbs, maximum carrying load of 265 lbs. Box dimensions: 48.5 x 10.2 x 22.8 inches
  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: Components such as battery, battery controller, ringer bell, and LED light are covered with a one-year warranty, they can be self-installed or replaced easily. Please contact us to inquire about the replacement part under warranty.
  • Weight: ‎37.5 Pounds
  • Warranty: ‎1-Tear Limited Warranty

Pros & Cons


Quality Product...Sturdy...Tricky Ride.. This is a product that lives up to the promises on the "Buy" page. Had it for 3 days...unpackage, assembly, charge...take to get tire air...RIDE. This is a great electric "scooter bike"...I believe 15+ mph..(and you don't need faster really) and I'll concede 20 miles on a charge....though that would be a long trip at my size. Facts: 1. it comes packaged perfectly and strongly....I took pics and noted what went were in case of need to return..everything works and not damaged. I did cut ONE long side of box for removal. 2. Assembly - steering column - easy up and lock. Seat...easy...but "lock" tight...then I tested it with my weight BEFORE I rode it. Basket...not easy...started bolts w allen wrench provided..but needed hex nut bit in my electric drill/driver. Bell tighten screw. Everything else solid. Tires need gas station air to get to 35-45 psi...36 in booklet...hand pump (included) I got to 20 psi. 3. Charging - charged it from red to GREEN in 4.5 hours. Did it in the living room so I could A. see if it was smoking or something amiss.. B. stop charging when it goes get a "time"..and book recommended it. 4. The RIDE - No shocks..but air bumps..but no biggy. Fast little "bike" ready. I am 5 foot 10, 205 lbs? 265 max load I far as sturdiness....dragging 265 is its own thing. For me, it pulled me up a fair neighborhood grade with ease...gradual slope..but FAR from flat. As much of a hill as I'll EVER need on this bike. The only considerations are.....It has a high center of gravity bc of the "sit down" and my feet fully stretched keep my knees close to 90 for long trips without breaks. It's a tricky ride...I'm lifelong Motorcycles...and this "Bike" is worth getting used's not a toy. I might add a rear-view mirror to the handlebars....looking back is easier on a bicycle than is is on this for some reason. I've ridden it twice....up that hill once...and I'm just going to take it slow and get used to it. Fun "Scooter Bike"....HIGH HIGH quality...comfortable quality bicycle-type seat... cute "analog" back a clapper...*Ding*...and a powerful front light that can be turned on or off. Lastly, disc brakes front and rear take getting used to...accelerator off slows you, brakes work fine..but a bit "grabby" till you get used to them... Oh..and it "free-wheels" down feature. I bought the NEON Yellow Green one and it IS as cool as in the picture. Some review said this uses a key..Mine doesn't..has an "on/off" button. Charge update: rode 2.5 miles...charged to "green" in 65 minutes...max miles "LINEAR" on a full charge - extrapolated to 11 miles or so..BUT "battery discharge" graph (image attached) shows 15 to 20 likely. ie..first "hour" drains at much higher rate/mile... hour 2, 3, 4 - more "miles per battery discharge. So it stands to reason that "charging" follows the same curve - opposite. Bike is good for short trips...not concerned with max miles/charge..and I'd concede it's "as advertised" so far. AND it fits perfectly in the back of my Ford Explorer...took it get air..."Like a Glove" Charging Miles Update - 9/4/22....ok..I used Algebra for this..Calculus with the "charge curve" above better...this will do.. 1st "timed" ride...65 min charge ~2.5 miles...I'm 5'10" ~205 lbs. Up a substantial grade..and other lesser grades. 2nd "timed" ride..4.3 miles...92 minutes charge to green...same big grades... So, First Ride...= 10.4 miles on full charge.LINEAR...BUT..charge curve...most charge goes exponential in first hour..then discharge slope flattens... Now..2nd Ride...LINEAR = 12.6 Miles....BUT...if I take away first Ride...the 1.8 miles w 27 min charge give me a rate of 18 miles on full charge for that 1.8 miles.. Bottom line: The 20 mile on a charge as advertised is easily believable... BUT...nobody but a "kid" could ride out a full charge on that seat...w/ that leg space.. I'm 65 and a half. Lastly...I added a rear-view mirror..which came with another bell..Red...AND I made sure the seat post could NEVER drop from the tightening loosening. I love this Bike...remember it makes no if on a walking path...hit the bell for people.."on your Right".. Customer Cool. Customer Cool 8/20/2022

Works as advertised. It arrived on time, packaged well, no damage. Nothing was missing. Assembly took 15 minutes. I didn't bother using the air pump and I seriously doubt that hand pump would reach the proper psi. Used an electric air pump. First full charge took 2.5 hours. I found this interesting because I turned the key before charging and it was on the third bar. My guess is that it probably dies quickly after that third bar considering the full charge time is 4 to 5 hours. I read the instructions before I did anything!! I also did a ton of research on the proper way to use and maintain the battery!! Not mentioning everything I learned but there are many ways to mess this thing up if you don't know what you're doing! Personally I think that's the reason for most of the negative reviews or damage from shipping. I live in Kentucky and I have a significant grade on my way home, doesn't go on forever, maybe fifty yards but this scooter took me right up it with no problem. The acceleration is more than I expected. I never opened the throttle all the way and it moved at a decent pace. Similar to a bike. It is a tricky ride and I would recommend getting to know this before taking it anywhere with traffic. It doesn't handle like a bike at all. I'm 5'10" and I weigh about 135 pounds. I'm light and it's not big enough for large riders. For me it's fine. I've road this one time so this is an initial impression but if it holds up I will be more than happy for $400. Again, read the instructions! Do some research if you aren't familiar with electric scooters. It's not complicated but knowing how it works and how to maintain it is key. If thing stops working I'll do a follow up. So far so good.

Good Scooter with a couple of things. Ok so I am not a big complainer and I do want to give a good and fair review. First out of the box impression, really well built product. The scooter came half charged that was a plus. I rode it around for about 5 -10 minutes and it was amazing, responded well, i am about 5' -10" 185LBS carried me with no problem, seemed about as fast as you could ride a bike which is enough on this vehicle. Now to a couple of issues I have - and this is the reason for the 4 starts and not 5. The analog bell lever I tried and it broke off right away, not good. Then the cover for the charging port will not snap back into place where the cord plugs in. I really need this to work so water or anything else does not get into that port. Overall I am happy with the product and would recommend it but wanted to point out those to negatives.

It can handle a 240lbs person like me and will still go 12 mph. I liked everything it's a smoth riding bike and I bought it cause I have bad knees. Do not ride this on rainy days, the battery is underneath and it might fry.

Not able to give a full review yet. See above items were missing from the shipment……tire pump….metal washer…needed four …received three….rubber washers….needed four received none.. went together very easily…..seems sturdy….well constructed…battery charged fully. Have not ridden it yet…was received as a Chris gift….just put together January 5th….due to weather has not been driven yet….says do not get wet….so when it dries out we will give it a test run.

Great for the price. I didn’t expect very much out of this relatively inexpensive unit but it works great. I’m 6’2” 220lbs and it pulls me around fine and we bought it for my 10 year old so it really zooms around with him. I haven’t done any metered testing but he rode it the other day in 40 degree cold weather for about an hour and it still read full charge. It’s worth mentioning my coworker also bought one for this past Christmas and hers was defective and wouldn’t go at all but ours is spot on


Went from happy and excited to upset and disappointed. Everything was fantastic at first! This product came quickly and it was extremely easy to assemble and it was fully charged! I rode it ONE time to work (exactly 2.3 miles from home) it was a fantastic ride, very comfortable, fun, safe, easy! HOWEVER…on the way back home it started losing power when I got home I had to push it up my driveway. So you are telling me after 4.6 miles of use on a full battery going literally straight down one road that it’s dead?? The advertisement said it can go up to 20 miles with one charge!!!! I thought ok, it just needs to be charged, even though there was one full bar left on the battery power indicator light. I decided to try and plug it in anyway but when I did, it didn’t charge at all! The instruction manual says that the light will be red at first and then it turns green when the scooter is fully charged. Mine NEVER turned red at all. It was only green, however the scooter never charged!! I kept checking it every hour and nothing. I made many attempts to try to call the manufacturer today and I could never get ANYONE on the phone. It was just a voicemail that transfers to another voicemail of a guy named “Lance” I think. The sound is rather cut off. So I left 2 messages and called multiple times throughout my workday today. I ended up calling Amazon! They initiated the return BUT… It says this product is fully refundable OR replaceable on the website but they told me they could ONLY issue a refund to me. I got the runaround with SEVERAL different AMAZON REPS and different stories about sending it back! Finally, tonight when I got home UPS has picked it up and shipped it back. Now I have to wait 5 DAYS OR MORE for Amazon to get it back and then I have to wait 7 MORE DAYS to get my money back. Oh, and here’s the most frustrating part. I paid $80 EXTRA for a 2 year warranty and they never even gave me an option to use it! I tried many times to resolve this so I am back to no vehicle and walking to work. I really needed this to work since my car broke down and I am beyond frustrated and now I have to WAIT to get my hard earned money back.

Cant manage full speed up even the smallest of hills. I live in a coastal city, lots of hills sloping down towards the ocean. this makes travel difficult to even go past 9mph up small slants. if you live in a flat area, with space to keep it indoors 24/7 when not using it that's great. but the motor on this things is just not strong enough to give its promised 15.5 unless you live in a perfectly level town with no speed bumps. I've waited to leave this review for a couple months so I could give an accurate telling of how it handles, the seat is lose and doesn't come with the tools to fix it, using the headlight burns the power really fast, the basket on the back isn't big enough to carry most grocery bags, the kickstand is a 50/50 on if the bike will stay standing or not, and the seat isn't the most comfortable to sit on for trips longer than 3 min. *it also has no mirrors which makes it feel dangerous to ride, please buy your own before riding on it to ensure your safety!!* That being said, it has been liberating having the ability to get to my job without needed to call and Uber or ask a friend for help, or be able to run to the store real quick for some milk etc. check your age requirements in your city for operation of motorized scooters but I believe this scooter is perfect for school transport for older minors like high schoolers who don't drive but still need to get to school on time. Overall its worth the 500$ I spent on it, but not a dollar more than that. if you're looking for quality, this is not the ride for you.

The Tire Valve. First time to ride it. There's a hole in the tube or the air valve is defective. Waiting on a reply from the seller. Also, the air valve placement makes it unable to use a bicycle air pump. I had to bend it to get the pump to attach to the valve. I'll end up taking it to a bicycle shop. This is just something you don't expect to deal with on a brand new scooter. We ordered 3 of these. 2 of them had flat tires. Only one was able to be aired up. The 3rd scooter was in great shape.

Phantomgogo is trash. I have first bought this bike in November 2022, one upon delivery one of the pieces broke and I was unable to contact phantom GoGo for more than a month. after returning the scooter to Amazon and then purchasing the same model again I received a completely different model which is purposely built to be much cheaper than the one I first got. many of the wiring on this version is made very cheap and flimsy and is exposed to a high chance of breaking. even worse is the fact that the key ignition on this has now been modified to be removable, which allows for hot wiring this scooter to turn on. the earlier version did not require you to build and construct as many parts as the newer versions, as the front retro reflector used to come pre-installed it does not anymore and it does not truly explain well how to install it. please don't buy this if you expect it to be a smooth sailing from purchase, as both me, other customers, and even one of phantom Go-Go's local distributors can't get in contact with the manufacturer in any way. so if you have something that might be under the limited warranty, good luck trying to get a response from phantom Gogo. Update: after testing with a 260 lb load, the battery only lasted for 9 miles, the newer version has a far weaker motor than before, and after 8 miles it crawls to a painful 5 mph on even the slightest incline.

Does not go up hills very well. Not much for going up hills you have to push leg out and assist to climb hills

Heavy built battery does not stay charged long. Battery did not stay charged as long as ad says

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