Niceday Rowing Machine for Home Use, Hyper-Quiet Magnetic Rower with16 Resistance Levels

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Niceday rowing machineSuper quiet rowing machine16 resistanceComplete range of motion

seat cushion

smooth rowing machine

rowing belt

3D Elastic Seat

The high elastic PP material seat with large size greatly improves the workout comfort, you will feel no pain even rowing for several hours.

The 3D surface ensures you always sit on the seat instead of slipping out of it.

Precision Pulley Sets

The aluminum alloy integrated double rails and precision pulley sets ensures your rowing experience will be buttery smooth and quiet.

World-class Nylon Belt

Niceday rowing machine belts are twice as thick as standard belts on the market. We chose a tighter weaving process, making the belt will not be drawn even after long-term use.



foot pedals

Large Digital Monitor

The digital monitor helps track rowing time, count, distance, speed per minute, and calory. The extra-large screen makes it easier to see data even during high-speed rowing.

Ergonomic Handle

The V-shaped handle is more compatible with the natural status of the human hands. Compare with a straight handle, it is easier to grip and exert and avoids joints’ strain caused by long-term use.

Anti-slip Big Pedals

The thickened pedals are large enough to accommodate shoe sizes up to 13. The 18IN long Velcro will help to keep your feet on the pedal.


Features & Specifications

  • 【Premium Construction】The Niceday rowing machine is designed for long-term durability and backed by a lifetime frame warranty. The steel and aluminum construction coupled with a double-width rail allows for a weight capacity of 350 LBS.
  • 【Professional Magnetic-Drive System】The Niceday rowing machine adopts a commercial-grade magnetic drive system. The 15LBS flywheel and 16 pieces of magnets delivered exceptionally strong and smooth torque. The highest peak resistance is up to 80LBS, while the adjustment technology divides the resistance into 16 progressive levels. Allowing for both cardio and strength on one machine.
  • 【Complete Range of Motion】The 48 inches long slide track and 78 inches long rowing belt provide an unprecedented long exercise distance,giving a complete range of motion for people with heights up to 6'9", and taking a fully exercised to the arms, back, core, and legs. Achieves the fitness goal of fat burning and body shaping faster.
  • 【Ultra-Quiet Technology】 Niceday rowing machine adopts the advanced ring suction magnetic drive system, which provides ultra-high resistance while ensuring absolute silence. The whole rowing machine operates at 10 decibels,which is comparable to volume of breathing, allows you to focus more on training.
  • 【Smooth, Quiet, and Efficient】The aluminum alloy integrated double rails, precision pulley sets, and world-class silent nylon belt ensures your rowing experience will be buttery smooth and quiet, gaining a better cardio workout and endurance boost.
  • 【Precise Data Tracking】 The dual-sensing tracking mode makes the data more accurate. Niceday provides 5 key data tracking of time, speed, count, distance, and calories, giving a more precise grasp of your workout results.
  • 【Suitable for Every Home】The 85% pre-assembled rowing machine only requires 15 minutes to complete the remaining assembly work. The transport wheels make moving easy. The foldable design saves 80% of the storage space.

Pros & Cons


Broken within 170 days. This rower seemed like it was going to be okay outside of what i thought were minor issues. The plastic on the handle constantly comes apart in your hands and feels like it will completely break, but that seemed to be holding together mostly. The seat made a lot of noise while rowing as well, and i thought at first this was somethign i just had to live with. Turns out the bolts (that were preassembled) that keep it on the rail were faulty and rubbing against the rail causing it to constantly grind metal off the rail. At some point the nuts "holding" them on just came off entirely. The seat is not effectively unusable and what WOULD be a simple repair is rendered impossible by the manufacturer making these parts nearly impossible to take apart. I COULD just go buy a new bolt and nut, but they are put in place in a way that would require the whole seat mount to come off the raiil which doesn't seem possible. CAn't find ANYTHING about a manufacturer warranty when googling it and google reviews of niceday seem to imply their customer service is bad and they have a questionable "warranty" concept which may explain why it's nearly impossible to find anything about how to get this repaired. UPDATE: Seller (manufacturer) has replied to my message and says they'll send me a new part. if they do and it works i'll likely give this a higher rating and change this review UPDATE2: Seller replaced the entire unit. I was only asking for a replacement of the one part that failed. This is excellent service. Hopefully this one doesn't have the same issue, and I still think they should make a warranty officially documented and available for view somewhere. For now i'm correcting the review to 4 starts to account for the great service and fixing the issue.

Great quality. When we folded and unfolded it for the first time, the seat now makes noise.

Good machine, easy to assemble. Love the rowing machine. Doesn’t take up a lot of space and was easy to put together.

Quality item. Works great. Very quiet, easy to assemble. Easy to fold and store. Takes up very little room.

Love this machine!!!! Arrives quick, easy directions for set up and overall good quality

Great product! I love this thing so much!


pretty good, not great. Easy to assemble, solid with a smooth pull. The monitor is rudimentary but keeps the basics. Doubt that the calorie counter is accurate with the degree of effort, seems to be based off the pull alone not intensity. Slightly misleading is the picture of the unit standing. It is not quickly able to go "upright" to save space. I have flat in garage but was disappointing by that. I have started the dial at "13" which provides a good bit of resistance and fine workout for 30 minutes. Since it only goes to "16" I wonder how long the resistance will provide that good workout. Fairly quiet if that is important to you.

Faulty Design. Unfortunately the unit does not hold up even after a few hours. The small wheels that the seat rides on have fractured apart. I contacted the manufactured and they sent me replacement wheels. After two hours of use the wheels broke apart again. This is a design flaw in my opinion. There are three wheels on each side that are impossible to align where each wheel is taking an equal load. Either one wheel or two wheels make contact at any one time on each side. With three wheels you need some kind of spring loaded mechanism that ensures each wheel makes equal contact. My wife and I loved the ease of use and the fact that is very light and easy to roll around. However, with the design flaw issues we have sent the unit back.

Keep Looking. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this a try. It's the first rowing machine I've ever owned and I'm definitely not impressed. It's easy to put together and is as quiet as everyone says. My issue is with the resistance. Please note, I don't work out. I purchased this so I could start and because it's a total body workout. The highest setting is what I would expect at low/mid range. Very disappointed and if I still had the box I would return it.

Were all the correct pieces sent ? Unable to connect the track to piece 1. After viewing other online assembly videos, it looks like the wrong piece 1 may have been sent. Can someone from NiceDay help resolve. Amazon has been very supportive in this

no intnsity. the strenght level at max is way too weak cant get a good workout,the computer is realy outdated

No support from the manufacturer. I had a minor problem with the machine: the connection between the LCD display and the rower was faulty. However, there is no phone number or contact information or customer service department for this manufacturer.

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