Camping Sleeping Pad, MEETPEAK Extra Thickness 3.9 Inch Inflatable Sleeping Mat with Pillow Built-in Pump, Compact Ultralight Waterproof Camping Air Mattress for Backpacking, Hiking, Tent, Traveling

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camping padcamping padcamping padcamping pad

camping pad

3.2″-4″ Thick Mattress for Maximum Comfort

3.2″-4″ thickness after inflated, the sleeping pad offers great comfort when sitting or lying on it, no other mat surpasses its perfect combination of weight, warmth, and comfort.

  • Material: 40D Nylon
  • Folded size: 11.81″ * 5.51″
  • Inflated size: 78.74″ * 27.6″ * 3.2-4″
  • Weight: 1.76 lb

MEETPEAK Inflatable Sleeping Pad!!!

Let’s go camping and enjoy relax sleep!

If you want to maximize your sleep in the outdoors, make sure you bring the MEETPEAK Sleeping Pad along. Package is small, radiates heat, and is super comfortable in whatever position you like to sleep. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

  • Super Lightweight & Ultra Comfortable!
  • Waterproof and insulated, perfectly fit for outdoor activities.
  • Unique V shape & air cell design with pillow delivering superior support and comfort, with a foam-like feeling.
  • Built-in foot press pump makes it easy to inflate, single-layer air release valve design, only need 1s deflate.
  • Lengthened and widened inflatable air pad design, great for those who move a lot while sleeping, want the most support, or plan to sleep in cold weather.

sleeping padsleeping pad

Features & Specifications

  • 【Extra Wide & 3.2 - 4" Thick Sleep Support with Pillow】- Our creative V shape design with pillow is made special with body mapping technology. The V shape air cells ergonomically support all of your pressure points, no matter lying flat or on side, 3.2 - 4 inch thickness & 27.6 inch width keep you body away from the ground and insulating the coldness, ensuring maximum comfort and warm for your sleep all night long. Let's enjoy a good sleep with pillow when outside!
  • 【Only 30s Stomp to Inflate & 1s Deflate】- 2021 upgraded foot press sleeping pad, NO MORE inflating by your mouth, hands or carry a pump, just simply stomp on intake device at the bottom of the sleeping pad for only 30 seconds to inflate. Look, prefect camping mat, start your adventure. The newest single-layer air release valve design, just open the deflation plug, only need 1sec achieve super quick to deflate.
  • 【Heavy Duty Ripstop Nylon Fabric】- Built for a lifetime of adventures, the sleeping pad made of extra thick 40d nylon provides a unique balance between low weight & durability, also our best companion for long camping travel. Camping pad is thermoform sealing and TPU coating make the camping mat performance better in severe conditions. You can say goodbye to sore backs and other discomforts normally left by bumps and rocks underneath the floor of your tent!
  • 【Super Lightweight & Compact Easy to Carry】- The camping pad was designed with you in mind, for all of your needs. The ultralight sleeping mat weighs only 1.76lb, can be folded up to a compact packs as small as 11.81x5.51 in, even you don’t need to bring an extra pillow when go camping! Being the same size and weight as a small water bottle, just right fits into a backpack or suitcase, which is strongest camping gear. This outdoor item cover a sleeping pad, carry bag & 2 repair kits.
  • 【Enjoy Double Bed & Quality Assurance】- Our Camping Pad is equipped with snap fasteners on the sides, with which you can connect two sleeping pad together easily, thus creating a double bed. Just try it, you will get the new joy of camping. This sleeping pad is 2021 the newest and unique style, we are confident that youe will love our backpacking sleeping mat. If you are unhappy with our sleeping pad, PLEASE reach out to us directly and we will do our best for you.
  • Dimensions: ‎78.74"L x 27.6"W x 3.2"Th
  • Weight: ‎1.76 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Better than nothing. Is this a great pad? No. Is it better than nothing? Yes. I bought it to use on top of a really stiff cot—I’ve slept on this cot before and the pad definitely made it more comfortable, especially since I’m usually a side sleeper. The kinda quilted pattern of the pad allowed me to more easily have my arms folded under me. The instructions aren’t very clear (very poorly translated from Chinese with weird pictures) but once you figure them out, it’s very easy to inflate and deflate. I ended up sleeping on it for 6 nights in a row and I had to pump it up a little after the 4th night or so. Another downside is that it’s very loud and crinkly when you move around, and the built-in pillow makes it so your head is extremely elevated if you want to use a real pillow as well (I ended up sliding down and placing my pillow just below the pad’s pillow). But despite its faults, it gets the job done. I imagine it would be great for camping and outdoors—way preferable to sleeping straight on the ground, anyway.

Innovative Sleeping Pad Excellent for Price. Does this sleeping pad / air mattress live up to its selling points? I purchased five of these for my kids and they really like the pads. PROS: - Very compact. About four or five of these take up no more space then a sleeping bag in my luggage when collapsed. - Fairly comfortable. For the price point, these are pretty good. They surely do beat the old-style hard foam mats. The unique bubble design works well when a person lies down as body weight is evenly distributed over the mat. However, if you sit on the pad, you will touch the floor. - Pretty easy to inflate. No extra pump necessary as pump with one-way valve is built in. No electricity necessary. My third grader can inflate these. CONS: - Because the mats are made of Nylon, they are a bit noisy if one is a restless sleeper. This can be mitigated somewhat by throwing a blanket or sleeping bag on top. Not a deal breaker for most, but if you're a restless, auditory sleeper, this may be an issue. - They don't pump up in thirty pumps or thirty seconds -- more like 45 pumps in a minute. Again, not something that would stop me from purchasing again, but do expect to put a bit of effort into inflating them. Would I purchase again? Definitely! The small gripes I have mentioned are easily overcome by the reasonable price. The pads slim our luggage pile and make nights more comfortable.

Great price, easy to carry, inflate, deflate, and put back in the bag. The goal is simple: have a few inches of 'comfortable enough' separation between me and the ground for a reasonable price. This product does just that! I've personally never had a sleeping pad that could be inflated with applied pressure which is a game changer. Taking it down is easy: 1. Open the air seal at the top of the pad (by the head support section) and push the air out. Keep the air seal open to let out extra air after you start rolling the pad. 2. After it is mostly deflated, position the pad vertically with the head support side on the opposite end of where you are positioned. Then, fold the left and right sides of the pad over the middle of the pad (in line with the creases that show when deflated) 3. After it is folded, roll the pad toward the end opposite of you. When it is almost fully rolled up, push down on any areas that might still have some air. The remaining air will leave through the top air duct you left open. 4. Close the air duct, put the stretchy band around the pad, put it in your bag and you're on your way! All things considered (and given the crazy prices of other air pads), I'm very satisfied with how everything went. If your standards for comfort are that high, just rent a cabin instead, LOL.

Comfortable camp sleeping. I like that is has a built in pillow, in the description it states 4 inch thickness, that's the pillow area; everywhere else is closer to 2 inches thick when inflated. To inflate you step on a spongy area at the foot of the pad with a one way valve with a plug open and it fills easily. It does take about 40 or more steps to fill the pad pending on how firm you prefer it to be. When it's time to deflate it you just open up the second valve by the head of the pad and it's deflated in seconds and ready to roll back up. It rolls up by folding the two sides in and rolling from the foot area sponge valve to the pillow area with the open plug; and it easily fits into the little carrying bag. The sleeping pad is comfortable, I've used it on a sandy area and on a hard dirt area. It has gotten wet and dried quickly. I am also very impressed with it's durability! My large dog, 120 lb, walked on it with out any covers on it and it didn't pop or even have any marks! I'm thinking about purchasing one more just for him! Then maybe he'll stay off of mine, he prefers the cushioning compared to the hard ground or sand. These sleeping pads are great!

Unhelpful Instructions / Comfortable once you figure it out. I used this twice on a camping trip (both campsites on decks) and felt like it never fully inflated so as a side-sleeper, my hips were hitting the ground and it was not comfy. I got home and gave it another trial run on my hardwood floors before writing this review. Now I know what happened. I have a 2-person tent and this mat touches both ends of the tent so it was impossible to stand and inflate so I used my hand on the foot pump instead. Now that I'm home, I'm realizing with my foot I could press a little bit more air in which made all the difference. It took a couple minutes of pumping for me to fully inflate. I wish I'd written down the tips from the Amazon reviews before I was out with no cell service. The provided instructions were pretty terrible. So to recap: You'll want a place you can stand up with firm ground. Fully close the valve on the corner (which is the pillow) and then fully open the valve centered on a cushion piece (bottom of the pad). Place your foot over the open valve and pump up & down with your foot. Close the valve tightly and do a check. If you can press down with your hand and get to the ground, needs more air. The pillow section is a little too robust for me and I kinda wish I'd just gotten a mat without the pillow which would have left me a bit more wiggle room length-wise in the tent so my head wasn't pressed against the side of the tent. I did not receive any patch kit pieces as an FYI. I'm not a hardcore camper and now that I've figured out how to use it properly, it is a convenient (packed) size to bring along for car camping.

Great midrange pad, easy to fill, deflate, and pack. Before having kids, my wife and I mostly used ultralight gear so we could keep our hiking and camping options versatile. Then I got a back injury requiring surgery. My old gear just wasn't comfortable enough, so we resorted to an inflatable queen mattress - practical for car camping, but not if you're hiking. For just a few ounces more and comparable pack space, these pads give me the comfort to sleep through the night without sacrificing the flexibile setup to which I had grown accustomed. Now that we have kids, our 4yo loves to help pump, and has no sleep issues on one of these. A couple things to know: 1) the pillow is a bit bulky for me (I prefer thinner pillows) so I don't inflate quite all the way, or I simply flip the mattress around. 2) the valve plugs sometimes close on their own while in/de-flating. You can kind of flip it upside down and tuck it in to keep it open. 3) for anyone who needs clear directions to pack: open and tuck the pillow valve plug; fold in thirds lengthwise; start rolling the pump end as tightly as possible. It doesn't have to be perfect, just tight enough to fit into the draw string pouch.


Awesome except for one fact…. I love this thing, it is everything it claims to be except for one fact… It takes 60+ stomps to pump this thing up, not 30… As far as I’m concerned, that’s a huge lie, especially since I purchased it over other mattresses because of its potential to pump up really quickly. Don’t lie to your customers.

Too thin. It was easy to inflate (if you are able to stand up straight) It was light and easy to carry. But.....It's too thin. I felt everything under me. It was ok on a flat surface but I was on the grass. I felt everything under me. I tried to make sure i was on the flatest surface. But it's the grass lol.... Then in the middle of the night I had to pump it with air. It doesn't last. I woke up a couple of times just to do that. It was difficult to pump it bending over in the tent. My tent is not really tall. I know at some point you'll need to refill an air mattress, but because it's so thin, the air doesn't last enough to not feel like your just sleeping on the ground. If it wasn't for my sleeping bag, I would've been completely uncomfortable. This may be great for other things but not for tent camping. I should've just bought an actual air mattress. Oh well... to late to return it!

Car use. I will admit it’s better than laying on a hard surface but this is a nightmare for my back. Outside of that this would be a great sleeping pad. I use this in my car. So it’s better than nothing but because of how much pain im in when I get up, that’s the reason why I ranked this low.

Deflated by halfway through the night. Took it tent camping in Colorado. By halfway through the night each night, it was deflated all but the pillow. I know it held air when I got it because I gave it a test run. It’s comfortable… when it’s inflated.

It's ok, but not quite decent. Let's start with the positives. I really liked how easy it was to roll up and how compact it was. Them being able to snap together was also a nice feature. At first, I was worried the sleeping pad wouldn't last after the first use, because it didn't look or feel very durable, but it surprisingly help very nicely for it's first use. Here are the the negatives. The instructions say it can be inflated in just 30 seconds! Yeah... No. It took a good minute or more. And I discovered it went faster when using your hands to pump it instead of exhausting your leg. However, it felt like I was doing CPR on. I was singing "Stay Alive" in my head. The pillow wasn't necessary and made sleeping a bit awkward. Most importantly, it was NOT comfortable what so ever. I'm going to be looking into another option.

Easy to inflate. This mattress was easy to inflate, package back up and carry. It, however, isn’t very thick. I could feel the ground all night. I will get a cot to put it on.

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