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Quick-Access Electronic Gun Security Cabinet – Keep The Family Safe

We have chosen high strength cold rolled steel to provide impeccable stability and strength.

The interior and exterior are coated with a rust and corrosion resistant powder coating and a built-in protective fleece to protect the firearm from frictional damage.

gun safegun safe

gun safe

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Package Include:

* 1 x Gun Safe Cabinet

* 1 x Instruction

* 2 x Backup Key

* 1 x Emergency Power

* 1 x Mounting Hardware Set

  • Overall size: 52″H x 9.85″W x 8.66″D
  • Inter Dimensions: 51.77″H x 9.65″W x 6″D
  • Net Weight: 57.8lbs
  • Lock Type: Digital Keypad rapid reaction lock system.
  • Bigger Deadbolts: With 7/8 inches thickness of 3 bigger steel locking bolts for home defense and security.

gun safe

gun safe

gun safe

Individual Pistol Storage Space

With separate storage holes for up to 4 pistols or for storing ammunition, money or other small valuables.

Ammunition Box

With ammunition box for bullets, jewellery, cash and other valuables

Individual Pistol Pockets

With separate pistol pouch to store your pistol

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Features & Specifications

  • 【Quick access to Digital Gun Safe with Separate Pistol Lock Box】 Use the smart numeric keypad to quickly enter your personal password in case of emergency. Code memory function gurantees your code not lost when power runs out. It is good for preventing unwanted visitors from accessing your guns.It also has 3 separate locking boxes inside for storing bullets, pistols, money and other valuables in your home or office.
  • 【Multiple Functions】 The Rifle safe has removable shelves inside so you can fit the shelves to the length of your rifle gun and your own needs. On top of the gun safe is a pistol rack for 4 pistols, the pistol rack will help you store more guns and save more storage space! The Rifles safe comes with 3 ammunition bins on the door for storing ammunition, firearm accessories and more!
  • 【Ultra High Security Protection】The built-in rifle rack provides storage space for up to 2 rifles, multi-pointed 3 bolts offers physical protection from forced entry secures firearms away from kids and deters theft.Other people enter the wrong password will generate five beeps and will be locked for 50s, the buzzer will sound once every second during the keyboard lock.
  • 【Easy Installation】 The gun cabinet comes with pre-punched holes in the back and at the bottom for easy attachment and necessary hardware for wall or floor mounting.You are free to fix it anywhere you want with the supplied ground bolts.
  • 【More Suitable Size for Home/Office】 More reasonable size setting than similar products, can be placed in home or office for 2-3 rifles and 4 pistols. Larger deadbolt with 7/8" thick 3 larger steel locking bolts for home defense and security.Rifle or shotgun up to 44.68 inches can be stored with the shelf. Long guns up to 51 inches can be stored without the shelf.

Pros & Cons


Kaer small gun cabinet. Purchased to secure my personal security weapons for my home in a spot close to where we sleep but to have easy access. This stores 2 long guns and 3 hand guns easily with room to spare. It is small enough to conceal in a closet. This is not a gun safe which is where I store the rest of my guns and ammo. Setup and securing to a wall was easy. Easily concealable in a closet

isn't this so cool? The media could not be loaded. I had a couple of safes in the past, but I needed something a little bigger and so I got this gun safe. It was definitely what I needed and I like the look as well as the capacity with the ability to store a lot of things. I like that it is not only a digital gun safe for rifles, but also has separate lock box for pistols. Assembly and setup is easy and the instructions are easy to follow as well. I first needed to install batteries and then from there I can set an electronic password to open quickly as I needed. It also has 3 separate lock boxes for storing smaller items like bullets or money as well as removable shelves for different sized items to be placed in the safe. It can fit up to 2 rifles up to 51 inches without the shelves stored among other items. It does have safety and security measures like a password lockout process if password is put incorrectly in multiple times. It is a good size for putting it in my closet and doesn't take up much room. Overall, it is a good quality safe and everything I was looking for.

solid safe. I bought this safe to secure my firearms. The size is exactly what I was looking for. The material and quality seem to be pretty solid too. You can open it either through code or the keys. If one enters the wrong key over certain times (vaguely remember it was ~three times), it will trigger the alarm. I'd recommend it.

Gun Safes for Home Rifle. The media could not be loaded. It was delivered in excellent condition, it functions well, it is not difficult to set up, and it gives a feeling of security that is really robust. Incredible value for the price; if you just have four or five rifles, the case could be a touch snug, but the rifles will still fit inside of it. The delivery came with a heavy-duty cushioning made of steel and roughly an inch of corrugated heavy-duty padding on the outside of a thick cardboard outer box. The packing was of the highest quality. The directions for putting up the combination were straightforward and simple to grasp. Additionally, the combination was successfully made up on the very first attempt.

Good Buy. Does what it’s supposed to do. Added command strips to the back to keep it from tilting forward when opened

Compact for Small Areas. Interior Light. Predrilled Holes for Securing. Audible Alarm. The media could not be loaded. This is a compact safe, which is exactly what we needed in the space we have available. It has an interior light that switches on when safe is opened. This comes with concrete anchors. We just purchased some lag screws from our local hardware store to secure this to the wall and floor through the predrilled holes. We like that it has easily removable shelves inside the top, so it is tall enough to where it can accommodate our hunting rifles and shotguns (with the shelves removed). There is a holster inside the door for a small handgun. There are storage shelves inside the door for ammo or whatever you like. The electronic lock on this is easy to change the combo on, and there is a keylock with two keys for backup, as well as a battery pack to insert into a jack by the keylock and use to open the safe, should the batteries fail. Should someone attempt to open (on the third try) or move the safe, there is an audible alarm. This is a good choice of safe, especially if you have limited space.


Good value for the money. This safe is good for around 2 pistols and one long gun with all accessories and ammunition. The pistol holder on the wall will hold a Glock-19 with no magazine, the door will not close. The shelf fits one handgun laying down, too short to use the rubber holders. Needs to be mounted to the wall, if you don’t it will fall over when you open the door as it’s not balanced. Steel feels decent for basic security however any crackhead with power saws will get in. This is common for all safes though even expensive ones. They are more “gun cabinets” than safes. If you have a few guns and want to keep them safe cheaply this is a good option. If you have the cash and a larger gun collection you will be disappointed.

Small footprint. Everything works and looks great except for the door light. It works only when the door handle is turned barely enough to open. Any further turn of the handle and it shuts off

Works with a little tweeaking. Atten to detail poor, had to take the locking mechanism apart and re position it to get it to work. A little filing to get the locking mechanism around some bad welding

Does the job but has flaws. This is a decent cabinet for people with limited space and a small gun collection. It’s Not a bank vault but it’s secure and will keep kids, nosey family, or guests out when it is working properly. You definitely need to secure it to the wall as it will fall forward when the door is open. I used my own harware. After a month The keypad and keys worked as advertised. Unfortunately the locking mechanism stopped working. It would close but not lock…When I took the inside cover off I noticed the solenoid bar was missing the locking arm. It was a relatively easy fix but should not happen for a new product. I might buy this again at a lower price .

Hit or miss. We bought this and the locking mechanism was broken. Amazon was great and helped us process an exchange for a new one. The new one works great so far.

Alot smaller than it looks. Just taller than my waist

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