Gyroor Electric Scooter Adults with Dual Shock Absorbers Up to 31 Miles 18.6Mph,Turn Signal 500W Motor NFC Safety Lock,IP67 Core Components Waterproof Foldable Scooter Electric for Adults

Gyroor electric scooter

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Gyroor Folding Electric Scooter

Gyroor X8 electric scooters for adults: Healthy, Non-Pollution, New Fashion to Travel.

Gyroor X8 adult electric scooter is specially designed to improve your city commuting.

This electric scooter adult is equipped with unique features than other brands:

Dual shock absorbers; Turn signal; Taillight flashing when braking; NFC safety lock; IPX7 core components waterproof; Rate limitation; Cruising speed;10inch tires; IPX7 waterproof for battery and controller; Power: 36V/13Ah; Maximum load: 265lbs

Gyroor Foldable Electric Scooter

Equipped with Dual Shock Absorbers

Gyroor X8 e scooter for adults equipped with dual shock absorbers and 10″pneumatic tire and soft silicone pad. The shock absorption system will give you a comfortable riding experience.

electric scooter adults

scooter electric scooter for adults

adult electric scooter

Safer Riding Scooter

Unique turn signal lamp and brake taillight flashing. Builted in bright headlight and tail light. Extra front and side reflectors. Make riding safer.

500W Powerful Motor

Powerful 500w electric scooter makes riding excellent, can climbing 25°slope. Great for city commuting and trip.

NFC Safe Lock

Gyroor X8 foldable electric scooter designed with NFC safe lock, no one can ride your scooter without the NFC card, you can turn on and off the NFC function via Gyroor APP.

Foldable electric scooter

electric scooter adults

durable electric scooter

One Step Folding

X8 folding electric scooter is portable, can easily put in trunk and go anywhere you want. Easy to lift up.

Wider Deck

The deck is 7.1″wider than other brands. More comfortable and safer. Soft silicone pad has shock absorption effect.

Durable e Scooter

Made of high quality materials and through strict quality inspection. Strong and durable.

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Motor 380W 450W 450W 550W*2
Max Speed 19 Mph 18.6MPH 18.6MPH 23Mph
Range 23 Mileage(Standard Mode) 28Miles(pure ebike mode) 20 Mileage(pure ebike mode) 23 Mileage(Standard Mode)
Battery 36V 10Ah 36V 10Ah 36V 10Ah 36V 6Ah
Wheel Size 8.5in 14in 14in 90mm
Climbing 20 Slop 15 Slop 10 Slop 30 Slop
Brakes Front E-ABS and rear drum brake Front and rear disc brake Front disc brake and rear EABS Rear Brake
Suspension Rear Rear Rear
Cruise Speed
Charging time 3-5 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours 3-5 Hours

Features & Specifications

  • Longer Range and Faster: Gyroor X8 electric scooter builted in large capacity 468Wh battery, can riding up to 31mile, you can have a trip far away freely. Top speed up to 18.6Mph, save more time on way. With 42V3Ah charger, fully chargerd in 4.5H. The 10inch tire make riding more comfortable and stable.
  • Great Shock Absorption Experience: For X8 electric scooter adults, unique triple shock absorption configuration give you great riding experience. First, the dual shock absorbers. Second, the pneumatic front tire. Third, cushioning pedal silicone pad. Ensure a smooth ride even on bumpy roads.
  • Climping Max 25° Slop: This scooter electric for adults builted in powerful 500W hub motor make it powered enough to climbing max 25° slop, avoid pushing uphill. Best choice for travel.
  • Multiple Safety Protection: Unique electric scooter for adults. Turn signal remind the driver and rider and pedestrian that you will turn left or right avoiding danger; Taillight flashing when braking warning of emergency; Dual brake systems make the electric scooters stop steadily when there is an emergency.
  • APP Control and Safety Lock: Builted in Gyroor APP, with which you can lock/unlock and find X8 adult electric scooter, adjust the speed limitation, update the firmware, check the speed and battery and contact us. In addition, NFC card ensure X8 black electric scooters for adults can not riding by a stranger.
  • Weight: ‎46.2 Pounds
  • Warranty: ‎‎If don't use the electric scooter for a long time, please charge it once a month. If need any help, please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

Pros & Cons


Built for more casual riding across the city. The Gyroor X8's build quality is immediately noticeable: hefty, tough feel with very clean assembly and urban friendly features. Its wide foot base with front disc (and rear electronic) brakes afford stability, while the front suspension provides a little comfort over bumpy roads. What helped make this foldable, electric scooter stand out are the clean lines and NFC-controlled motor activation. That means: no physical key needed to enable/disable the scooter -- but that also means one thing: DO NOT LOSE the NFC cards! (You can get a replacement from the manufacturer by providing the serial number, though I have concerns about that: what if the scooter gets stolen and the thief simply tries to obtain a NFC card from Gyroor?) [UPDATE: Customer service told me that you can only obtain a replacement NFC card if you can provide the NFC serial number from the smartphone app or manual.] Left and right turn blinkers, built-in headlight and included, mechanical bell round up the feature list with up to 18.6mph top speed. Compared to my first scooter, the Joyor X5S, the Gyroor is much heavier and larger, making it less portable but is definitely built better with a sleeker look and design. The scooter's handlebar can be folded and latched onto a hook hidden on the deck itself. I wish it could fold entirely flat. The 10" tires (and a spare tube is included) helps make the ride a bit more comfortable. Overall, the pretty powerful, 500W brushless motor with my tested, top speed of about 18.6mph, stability, and comfortable design make the Gyroor X8 a joy to ride — but not so much fun to carry around for a prolonged time with its 55 lb weight. As exciting and powerful as the Gyroor and any other electrical scooter are, make sure they are legal to ride in your area. Most, if not all, jurisdictions prohibit operating an eScooter on the sidewalk. PROS - Quality build -- Clean assembly lines and cable management - Urban-friendly features -- NFC card (2 included) to start/stop electrical system --- NFC can be turned off via the smartphone app. Lost cards can also be replaced by contacting the manufacturer -- Left- and right-turn blinkers -- Headlight that's fairly bright -- Taillight is dimly lit in red and flashes when braking -- Multi-functional LCD --- Speedometer, Odometer, and other data points --- Readable in bright sunlight -- Can be secured via bike chain through the front wheel fork suspension - Powerful, brushless motor: 500W nominal (average), unknown peak (maximum) -- Strong, smooth, satisfying acceleration -- Top speed: 18.6 mph --- Maximum speed can be limited via the smartphone app -- Maximum rider weight: 300 lbs based on past experience with similar eScooters - 468 Wh Battery -- Range: 31+ miles, though 27 mi is more realistic under "real world" use --- Use of electronic brakes, rider's weight, and going uphill will reduce range -- Runtime: 1-3 hours --- Took 4-6 hours to fully charge via AC power supply (42V @ 3A = 126W) - Stable ride -- Wide deck with anti-slip grip tape for better balance and control -- Hefty weight (55 lbs) adds to stability and ruggedness -- 10" tires (Replacement: 10×2.125) --- Larger tires generally offer better comfort and stability --- Schrader valve - Front disc brake -- Be mindful of physics: sudden stops can propel the rider forward in a potentially fatal way -- Rear brake is electronic and will use up some battery - Comfortable - Portable -- eScooter can have its handle folded down towards the deck, lock, and then be carried by the bar - Costs about the same as the Joyor X5S, but has a better, stronger design - Built-in kickstand - Water resistance: IPX7 -- Can be submerged up to 1m in water for 30 minutes, but you should not drive it through deep water often - Arrived nearly fully assembled and VERY well-packaged CONS - Neck bar height is not adjustable and may be too short for tall riders - Heavy at 55 lbs - Scooter becomes inoperable without the NFC card to unlock with -- NFC can be turned off via the app -- Replacement card can be ordered through the manufacturer, but how can Gyroor ensure the requestor is not the rightful owner of a stolen scooter? [EDIT: Customer service said that you can only obtain a replacement if you know the NFC serial number. This is only available on the NFC manual or from the smartphone app] - Top speed: 18.6 mph. U.S. law generally limits speed to 15.5 mph, making the Gyroor potentially illegal to ride. You can limit the speed through the smartphone app. Check with your local regulations - Only available in black - Only basic instructions included on how to operate the scooter TIPS OPERATION - For your safety, lean forward when accelerating, lean back when braking - Do not brake hard. Doing so could make you painfully tumble, scooter skid, and/or wear out the tires -- Be aware of unexpected obstacles. I tumbled once at roughly 5 mph when transitioning from grass to concrete. It was not fun - Gently push on accelerator lever to start moving. Apply more pressure for faster acceleration - Left Handle -- On/Off: Head-/Tail lights -- Left/Right: Blinker lights - I found the most stability (especially when turning) by putting one foot pointing forward and the other at 45 degrees to the side - As battery neared empty, I noticed that maximum speed gradually lowered - Scooter is designed for only 1 rider. California law prohibits having a passenger LOCKING AGAINST THEFT Scooter can be secured with a heavy-duty cable through the front fork suspension. The rear wheel can be fastened with a disc brake lock. Loop the cable(s) around an immovable object. Don't forget to take the NFC key card with you! AIRCRAFT TRANSPORTATION Most, if not all, airlines prohibit electronic scooters that do not meet specific criteria. United Airlines, for example, allows collapsible ones whose battery is both removable and below 300 Wh. This scooter's is 468 Wh. Lithium-ion batteries are known to be volatile, and the higher their capacity, the more risky they are. Check with the airlines for more details. MOTORIZED SCOOTER LAWS Check with federal, state, and local regulations governing the use of electric scooters. I had thought that federal laws prohibited recreational eScooters from going over 15.5 mph, but imported ones like this Gyroor go well beyond that. In case it is illegal to go faster than that, look at my PROGRAMMING section to learn how to throttle the max speed to get this scooter compliant. CONCLUSION The Gyroor X8 is a heavy scooter but makes up for it with a slightly more powerful motor, sleek and modern design, and a comfortable, stable ride.

UPDATED REVIEW: UNSAFE and Gyroor is NOT HELPFUL! The media could not be loaded. Recently, I was sent a replacement scooter to replace the defective one. I’m grateful that they did this for me. It took quite a long time to get to this solution and much back and forth with both the manufacturer, the distributor and also Amazon. It truly is an awesome scooter and my husband and I both love them! Previous review below: I purchased two of these on January 26, 2022. Recently, while riding one of them, I tried braking to stop while cruise control was engaged. The brakes would not stop the scooter and cruise control did not disengage and the drive wheel kept going. This resulted in a crash - thankfully with no bodily or property damage. I have been communicating with Gyroor since April 22nd, hopeful that perhaps this is a glitch that could be reset. Unfortunately, there seems to be a language barrier or misunderstanding in communication because they're telling me now that this is "normal". This is NOT NORMAL and will lead to serious injury for which I will SUE if they don't help me fix this! We loved our scooters until this happened and we would still love them if the company would respond in a helpful manner. As it is...I have to leave a negative review and tell you all who are considering buying these that THE GYROOR SCOOTERS ARE UNSAFE!

Very Disappointed-Update #2. Update #2 03/01/22 Ok I now give this scooter and the seller 5 stars rating. I initially gave them a 1 star because I couldn't get a hold of customer service then once I gotten a hold of them I was a little happier and gave them a 3 stars because I was waiting to see if they come through with their promise or not. I got a replacement scooter and everything is working properly and a customer that I was dealing with was nice and understanding. My original scooter wasn't charging at all right out of the box and the charger itself wasn't the problem. I know because I checked the output voltage of the charger and also got another charger to try(same exact charger with same model #) and same problem that was why I contact customer service in the first place. Anyway, I'm happy with the scooter... it's a solid scooter and for the price it has many features that I think it's much better than other brands in it class. Things that I don't care for are the NFC card and the App. I think the App sucks and the NFC card also sucks because you have to use it to get the scooter to function. Other than that I like the scooter and the customer service that I was dealing with. How reliable this scooter or how long will it last only time will tell.

Good electric scooter. The media could not be loaded. Great scooter so much fun. This is the scooter I would suggest to anyone; the power and craftsmanship are unrivaled. The LCD display screen are easy to read and operate. Its have a build in intelligent APP which mean I can control everything on my phone, an awesome features. The battery capacity is pretty substantial, and it take about 4.5 hours on a full charge. I also obtained this scooter App. It regulates the speed and allows me to lock the scooter. It's quite simple and convenient to use. What strikes me the most is the solidity of this scooter's body, which I believe is built of very thick steel. Because of the solid steel and hefty battery, it weighs about 55 lbs, However, it had no effect on power. It has a high top speed of 18 miles per hour. The wheels on this scooter are substantial and larger than the wheels on any other scooter, which is what I appreciate best about it. This increases the e-riding scooter's stability, and the rear wheel additionally attaches two internal shock springs. Excellent design. I really like this build in dual front shock absorbers. Its make riding on the road less bumpy. When it accelerates, it produces a lot of torque. When in cruise control, which for me was at 16-18 mph, the speedometer locks to the number you want it to be even if you are traveling slightly faster or slower. When accelerating if you are not in CC, the speed will feel different. This electric scooter has a huge capacity 468Wh battery and can ride up to 31 miles, allowing you to go far and freely. Top speed of up to 18.6Mph, allowing you to save time on the road. With a 42V3Ah charger, the battery can be completely charged in 4.5 hours. The 10 inch tire improves the comfort and stability of the ride. This electric scooters with a unique triple shock absorption structure provide a thrilling riding experience. First, there are the dual shock absorbers. The pneumatic front tire is the second component. Third, a silicone pad to cushion the pedal. This electric scooter for adults has a strong 500W hub motor that allows it to climb a maximum of 25° slop and avoid pushing uphill. Its come with the built-in Gyroor APP allows you to lock/unlock and locate the electric kick scooter, set the speed limiter, update the firmware, and monitor the speed and battery life. Overall, this is a good electric scooter, its pretty safe and comfortable riding on it. Its nicely designed. It can be folded to fit into my car trunk. The light are nice and bright. I would recommend this electric scooter. What is suspension, and Why it's important? The primary purpose of the suspension is to reduce the impact of the vehicle on the road surface to provide a smoother ride for the user and ensures that they won't lose control while on the road. The parts for a suspension in a foldable scooter for adults are less complex than a vehicle. The components include -Preload: The preload raises the suspension and ensures it stays at the top of its travel. -Coil or spring: The spring is what will move up and down to ensure you experience fewer shocks while riding your electric scooter. ---The spring will also hold your weight and reduce the impact when riding over a bump or rough terrain. Lastly, the spring will also set the ride height. -Shocks: The shocks control the movement of the coils, so your wheels stay on the ground. -Limiter straps: It reduces the impact of the shocks. The suspension will absorb the impacts from the road and ensure that you have a comfortable ride on your foldable scooter for adults. Kick scooters for heavy adults require a good suspension to minimize the number of bumps they can experience during their ride. Especially if the e-scooter has airless tires – the ride will be very unpleasant. How to adjust your suspension Adjusting the screws The suspension may get loose over time due to its constant movement. Adjusting the suspension can be done fairly easily You can adjust your electric vehicle suspension by playing with the screws. You should make sure that you are not setting them too loose. Otherwise, certain parts can crack and damage your electric scooter. I suggest applying some small adjustments, going out for a ride, and seeing if it’s better. If not, repeat the process. If you tighten the screws too much, you will get a stiff suspension and feel every bump on the road. However, if you set them too loose, you can lose your balance on bumps or turns. Spring If your ride is still too bumpy or stiff, you can change the spring of the shock absorber. This involves some mechanical skills. Unfortunately, this can’t be done as easily as adjusting a couple screws You will need to remove the screws, remove the old spring, and insert the new one in the same position. You should make sure that the new spring has the same dimensions as the old one. The space there is very small, so a slightly bigger or smaller one may not fit as well. Suspension Maintenance Maintaining your suspension is important for the longevity of a folding scooter for adults. Here's how: Screws: If you notice that the suspension is stiff or loose, you should check the screws. Another sign that there is something wrong with the screws is hearing strange noises coming from them. Check the screws once a month to ensure they aren't loose and they haven't gotten tightened too tight. Lubrication: During a ride, the coil will move up and down multiple times. The part gets greased by the manufacturers to ensure it is well lubricated. If you hear strange noises when you go over a bump, you will likely need to lubricate the shock absorber. When the suspension is dry, it can also damage the part.

First impressions were mixed, but I have updated my rating after more testing. I just received the scooter this morning, and here are my first impressions. The scooter has a solid frame and good construction overall. The instructions were clear on assembling the handlebar onto the scooter and the screws went in easily. I was able to install the app and attach to the scooter while it was charging, and all looked good. So the "mixed" part of my review is that the app offered to upgrade the firmware and this failed the first 8 times with the pop-up as you can see in the attached photo. I took the scooter out for a quick test ride and it was initially good at the speed mode 1. I set it to speed mode 3 and found a major issue. When I was first pushing off, the controls were reversed where the mechanical brake lever caused it to accelerate and the throttle caused it to brake. (It had done the opposite in speed mode 1) I was able to get up to maybe 7 MPH in speed mode 3, and the brake lever slowed the scooter once I pulled it hard so that the mechanical brake engaged. I returned home, changed it back to speed mode 1, and then tried the firmware upgrade again. This time it worked once by indicating "Completed" but then continued to retry and a "Fail" message popped up again. So I am not sure if some portion of the upgrade worked or not. I have asked technical support, but have not yet heard back. However, it did change the behavior of the upgrade function to now report one "Completed" and one "Fail" message for each attempt. Anyway, now that I tried it again in speed mode 3, it seems to work as intended and I was able to get up to 18MPH with the controls working as expected. I am happy so far with the overall ride. However, I am baffled by what happened and what to expect as I continue to operate it. I am hopeful, but we'll see how it goes... [Update, later the same day] One of my main concerns that I was hoping this scooter would help with is range. So I ran the scooter for an endurance test at the highest speed on flat ground, starting out at 19mph and ending at about 16mph. I am pleased to report that it made it 16.5 miles with 20% battery remaining (as judged by the 5-bar indicator dropping below the last bar). And then I was able to continue the ride up to 19.73 miles total when the bar indicator went blank. I believe it still had some way to go, and the speed had dropped down to 16 mph. I decided to stop and let it recharge. The last two photos show the measured distance and the speed profile over the whole ride in which I was moving most of the time. I am extremely happy with this scooter and am encouraged that they did not inflate the range numbers as was my experience with the Hiboy S2. At full speed, the Gyroor X8 was able to reach about 2/3 of its maximum range, so I suspect at slower speeds it would reach the 31 miles advertised.

Perfect for a college student. The media could not be loaded. So I am a nursing student at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. My campus is not as big as a typical campus but since it is in the city car transportation is iffy. Recently I have been biking to and from my dorm for work and classes. I love biking but my front brakes broke in addition to the gears just failing. Since it's a Walmart bike it's understandable. I came across 5 different scooters on Amazon and I chose this one because of the FAT promo discount and the cool features it showed. I ordered this scooter once back in December but Amazon lost it in transit and I was really sad. But once I got my refund I ordered it right away so I could still have the discount. I've tried this scooter for a month now and I think I like it. I would definitely choose an Ebike because of stability and just overall safety. But you should for sure give this scooter a try. The following are some pros and cons I came across as helpful. Pros: - Very wide so it is comfortable around turns and is spacious for big feet - Charging is really nice since there is a digital gauge that tells you how much is left to go. - Range of 23 miles is perfect and I only charge once a week. - SUPER TORQUE (It's really fun and can pull up to high speeds no problem) - NFC card unlock is a sick feature, gives me peace of mind when I lock it to a bike rack. - 100% love that it folds. (I have not fitted it into a car but I'm confident it would fit) Cons: - Very heavy (I live on the second floor of my dorm and it's a pain carrying it up and down 3-5 times a day. - Expensive (But not as bad as paying by the minute on the public scooters) - Suspensions are there but not the best obviously since you're on two wheels you will feel discomfort on some sidewalks and roads. - Limited storage (My bike had a rack, the best I could add was a little bag)


App Need Reconnect, Scooter Setting Reset On ShutOff. Optimal Scooter With Great Battery And Rnange. The fuction of the app just not as described, the connectivity of the app you will have to reconnect everytime. And the scooter just not able to store any settings, it reset at turn off If you just not going to use the lock function, and not care about setting of scooters from app and not care about knowing how far and locations you go, if you don't mind bringing it 24/7 near you, cause you can't unlock with app if you Turned One NFC.

Great Scooter. Useless App. Clueless support. Update: I am not changing from 3 stars, however: two days later, and multiple emails to their support and I finally received 30+ verification emails across the two email addresses I tried. I can now access the app. Have used the app multiple times now. Having few issues with it, though it does sometimes crash when trying to open it. App works as intended, and is decent. Some spelling and grammatical errors, but I would chalk this up to translation issues. Setting things in the app does not change the settings on the scooter itself, which is frustrating. Without the app, it still defaults to KPH. I get that KPH is the standard elsewhere, and I don't fault that. But if I change a setting, I shouldn't have to keep using the app to make the setting change happen every time I start the device. Also, the application does not "remember" your device selection. So each time you start the app, you have to use the drop down menu to select the correct model. Multiple emails from support, and one of their big points was "Show us your order information." I have no idea why this was such a thing for them, as I repeatedly let them know that I purchased during Prime Day, not through them directly. At this point, I would likely recommend this scooter, with the caveats of: app is clunky, not well supported, and requires more permissions than it should. Original review I purchased this scooter during Prime Day due to the sale price, max weight, and the fact that there is a mobile application that can be used to change settings, and other functions. To begin: The scooter itself seems very much to be a well built piece of hardware. Hefty without being overly heavy, it definitely supports my 260 lbs. Even with full weight, it still reaches the advertised 18.6 MPH (30 KPH). I ran the scooter over the course of about 2.5 hours almost completely at the max speed. Traveled (approximately, more on this later) a solid 9+ miles, on even, fairly smooth terrain (bike lanes/sidewalks/parking lots). In the process, I used about 55% of the battery. I knew and understood that: 1. I'm heavy and 2. Travelling at top speed; so therefore, I completely expected to not be able to travel 31 miles on a single charge. These two factors, as well as terrain, will affect distance. Hit several bumps, mild gravel on top of the road/sidewalk surface, the scooter felt fine, never lost grip, didn't feel like it was out of control, was fairly smooth, and, most especially, did not feel like it was even close to breaking when hitting the bumps. The manual specifically states do not take bumps at high speed, however, unfortunately, some of the bumps that I found were not easily seen. So I took these bumps at over 14 MPH. No bending, breaking or loss of traction. This is all great. The NFC card being required as a key? Eh, I really don't want that, but I get it. It's still a partial security feature, though it doesn't stop the scooter from being used/taken, however, they can only walk/ride away manually. On to the poor aspect: The mobile app: Upon getting the scooter set up, I managed to find the gyroor app on Google's Play Store, and downloaded the application. However, this is where things stopped being fine. I even double checked that I had the correct application by using the QR code in the manual, it's definitely the correct application. First: The app requires permissions that make absolutely zero sense. An app that is used to control a device via bluetooth needs access to my photos? I think not. Second: Profile registration is non-functional. Upon opening the app, you are provided with two buttons at the bottom: Register and Log In. Clicking register, you are asked for: Email Address Password (and confirm password) Nick (I believe this is meant to be like a user id) Sex (M or F) (why exactly do I need to tell these people whether I'm male or female to use an app to control a scooter? Age (Why exactly do I need to tell these people my age to use an app to control a scooter?) Country There is then a link and checkbox for their privacy Policy. Once you have filled all the fields, and checked the box saying you read the policy, you can click on Register. You are then presented with a new box that states that you are being sent a verification email to the address you provided. However, the email never arrives. I'm now at nearly 24 hours since attempting to create the profile just so that I can log in to the app. No email. Checked spam, all my filtered folders, trash, every where. No email. Tried a different email address. Same issue. Still no email to verify the account. You can attempt to log in via the application, using the information that you provided, but you are then presented with a window saying that the email address hasn't been verified, and giving you the option to resend the verification email. Tried this several times. Still no email. So, I went to the Gyroor home page, looked through, and found several emails to contact. Sent an email stating that I was having issues with creating/verifying my application account. That I had not received the verification email, and so could not get into the app. 12 hours later, I received an email back that provided me links and information about how to pair the app with the scooter (which requires that you be logged in to the application). Completely missing the fact that I can't even get that far. Responded back, repeating, multiple times, the issue that I was having. That the verification email is not being sent, so therefore I cannot even get into the application. Cannot create my account, cannot log in to the application, the verification email is not being sent/not arriving, and again repeated that I have tried multiple email address in case it is being caught in some sort of filter/issue. Since then, I have heard nothing back from the support, still have not received the email for the account verification, and still cannot log in to, let alone use the application. I'll update if they ever get this issue resolved, however, at this time, I'm not holding my breath.

Will be returning. I got the scooter on Amazon about a week ago. Scooters advertise to go 19miles an hour. It only does 19 when the app is linked to the scooter. The app only stays connected to the scooter for a few minutes. Then disengages .It’s annoying. Also the phone holder is crap. I hit a bump and my phone flew out in the street and cracked my screen. Cost me $200 to get fixed. Other then that it’s a great scooter

Died after just 2 days. Had to return. Made purchase, scooter was amazing. Died after 2 days and 2 hours of use. Had to return.

CHARGER STOPPED WORKING AFTER ONE MONTH. For this first month I owned this scooter, it was awesome. Very quick acceleration, sturdy build, long lasting battery. Suddenly last week the charger stopped working, simply does not charge the scooter, the light on the charger is always green. I followed all instructions for how you should charge the scooter. I emailed Gyroor customer service asking for help, will happily update this review to 5 stars when/if this issue is resolved.

ARRIVED SCRATCHED WITH NO SCREWS. Just received this and I was super excited as I always wanted an electric scooter. After doing a lot of research, I specifically choose to purchase this specific one. When I took it out of the box, the flap where you lock your scooter into position was all scratched and damaged and the display screen was as well. It also arrived with no screws or tools to secure the handle bar in place. Was very very disappointed. Will not recommend to anyone especially for the price you pay for it.

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