Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter, 8.5″ Pneumatic Tire, Max 17 Mile and 15.5 Mph 300W Motor, Bright Headlight, Aluminum Alloy Frame and Cruise Control,Foldable Escooter for Adult

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adult electric scooter

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commuting electric scooter

8.5″ Pneumatic Tire

The 8.5″ Pneumatic Tire is the perfect size for commuting and act as a shock absorb as you cruise through bumpy city streets.

Upgraded LG Battery

Using a 36V 7.0AH LG extended range lithium ion battery, the Gotrax XR Ultra electric scooter can travel up to 17 miles per charge.

LED Digital Display

Easy to manage handle bar display allows you to:

View Speed

View Milage

View Battery Life

Turn On Headlight

 adults electric scooter

electric scooter

electric scooter for commute

One-step Folding Frame

The adults scooter frame folds down and locks for easy storage. Lightweight electric scooter for great portability.

Front LED Light

The commuting electric scooter has a large, bright display, a built-in bell. It also has bright head lights. Riding safely at night with the front LED light.

EABS + Disc Braking

We great attention to the rider’s safety. Rear disc braking and EABS anti-lock braking system for an efficient, responsive braking effect.

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Gotrax XR ULTRA Electric Scooter Gotrax G MAX ULTRA Electric Scooter Gotrax G MAX Electric Scooter Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter Gotrax XR ELITE Electric Scooter Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter
Max. Speed 15.5MPH 20MPH 20MPH 20MPH 15.5MPH 15.5MPH
Max. Range 17miles 40-45miles(Base on 75kgs rider) 42miles(Base on 60kgs rider) 21-25miles approx 18 miles approx 9-12 miles
Max Rider Weight 220lb 220lb 220lb 220lb 220lb 220lb
Battery Capacity 252Wh 630Wh 561.6Wh 374.4Wh 280.8Wh 187.2 Wh
Motor Watt 300W 350W 350W 350W 300W 250W
Tire Size 8.5″ Pneumatic Tire 10″ Pneumatic Tire 10″ Pneumatic Tire 10″ Pneumatic Tire 8.5″ Pneumatic Tire 8.5″ Pneumatic Tire
Speed Level Gear1, 15.5MPH Gear1, 15.5MPH, Gear2, 20MPH Gear1, 15.5MPH, Gear2, 20MPH Gear1, 15.5MPH, Gear2, 20MPH Gear1, 15.5MPH Gear1, 15.5MPH
Braking System EABS + Disc Braking EABS + Disc Braking EABS + Disc Braking EABS + Disc Braking EABS + Disc Braking EABS + Disc Braking
Charging Time Approx 3-4hours Approx 6hours Approx 6hours Approx 6hours Approx 4hours Approx 3-4hours
One-step Folding System

Features & Specifications

  • Innovative Portable Folding Design - The XR Ultra Commuting Scooter equipped with One-step folding system for portability. Aluminum material to enhance the stability, and a special Red Safety Button to protect the handlebar from folding while riding
  • Long-range Electric Scooter - High capacity LG Battery 7.0AH with a maximum travel range of up to 18 miles under optimum conditions. Our Smart Battery Management System ensures the battery safety, and extends the battery life
  • Strong Power E Scooter - The adult electric powered scooter features a quiet 300W motor, boasting top speed of 15.5 MPH and max load of 220 lbs. Tackles steep hills with ease, making it a perfect commuting scooter
  • EABS + Disc Braking System - Features a disc braking and anti-lock braking system for a safe, responsive braking while at top speed. Front and rear wheels use 8.5" pneumatic tires make riding comfortable, even on rough road or bump terrain
  • Multifunctional Console - The LED display shows current speed, speed modes, battery life and headlight. The headlight has been upgraded to 8.5 degrees irradiation angle and 26 ft irradiation distance, keeping rider safe while riding in the dark
  • Weight: ‎26 Pounds
  • Warranty: ‎180 Days Limited

Pros & Cons


Amazing Fun and Value. I love electric scooters and have tried a few of them over the years. This is by far one of my favorites! The feature set you get for the price is superb and it has a smart design that helps it stand out amongst other scooter competitors. One of my favorite aspects of the scooter is the battery storage design. The batteries are stored in the neck of the handle which keeps the weight front and center in your hands instead of in the base where it can be harder to balance. This makes it very easy to center up and ride around. Other key items i love about this scooter that are worth mentioning are the fact that it has air tires instead of solid ones giving it a much smoother ride than i have found on several other. It also has a big 300w motor over the typical 250w that i typically see in this price range which gives it quick acceleration and the torque needed to run me up hills. This thing has a lot of zip, will run for days, and is just a blast to ride around with my kids on.

:) Worth it!! I often run late, so I’ve been wanting to get an electric scooter since last year. I’ve compared this scooter with a lot of different brands, and in my opinion this is the most suitable one. Its battery life lasts a long time, even after the first day I tried it out and didn’t use it for two weeks, it remained at full battery. It makes going places a lot more efficient and easier, so now she’s able to actually make it on time. There were a few things to note though. When first trying it out, don’t press down on the throttle too hard or all at once, because somewhat like a car, it was lurch forward. After activating cruise control by holding onto the accelerator at the desired speed for 10 seconds, lightly press the accelerator once to come out of it (I use this method to slow down more naturally compared to using the brake, which, like a car, if pressed down all at once, can cause a lurching motion). It can go up to fairly fast speeds as well (15 mph), so it was very convenient as a form of transportation. Walking is too slow and biking is horrid for hills, so this scooter definitely helps. It is also really easy to assemble and disassemble, with very few steps. It’s easy to learn how to ride as well. In my opinion, it is definitely the ideal choice, and it’s even more worth it when you consider its price.

A great commuter scooter for the price. This is my 2nd Gotrax XR Ultra. The first one I got during the pandemic lasted me over 2.5 years and hundreds of trips taken, until the front motor wheel broke. I bought a new scooter from Segway (Ninebot F30) which had horrendously bad battery life (under 9 miles) and returned it within a couple of days. I went back to this scooter which I used to get around Manhattan. It's a basic no frills e-scooter and you can expect to get about 10 - 12 real world miles per full charge. It's really light weight which makes it easy to carry up and down a couple of flights of stairs. Once it reaches top speed, it glides/coasts really smoothly allowing you to ease up on the throttle, conserving your battery life. The regenerative breaking helps as well. It's sturdy and better made than my first one. It handles bumpy streets pretty well. It's good for commuting on flat roads. Going up inclines will strain this e-scooter and you'll get less mileage; bring your charger with you if you do. Folding it isn't as easy as the Segway I got and returned, but I still highly recommend this one.

Doesn't hit 15mph as it says, caps out at around 12. My husband and I bought 2 of the larger scooters with 3 wheels and got this one for our 12-year-old son. It sure beats his 8mph scooter. We started hitting the trails and we can easily just zoom past him leaving him in the dust. We have to slow WAY down and my scooter shows 12mph even though his scooter is showing 15.5. It's defiantly not hitting 15.5. No way is it going what is advertised. We're waiting to save up and get one with more wattage power and see if he can keep up with us from that. Overall, it's a fun scooter, but don't expect it to go 15.5 mph.

first electric scooter, I loved it. It’s great fun. Very well built. I spent a lot of time looking at different scooters. The scooter is very easy to use and I feel safe letting my teens ride this. It is surprisingly fast and climbs hills very well. The big tires work well to absorb road and sidewalk bumps. The breaks work very well. The range is enough to go from our house to run multiple errands and still have battery left, very impressed. My husband and I are having a great time riding our scooters. I was afraid it would feel unbalanced and might be tricky to ride on. it is so smooth, and not difficult to balance on at all.

Amazing scooter. I really love this scooter. It is perfect for going around town in. I was comfortable riding after my first time. It was easy for me to use the controls. I like that there is a bright digital display to see the speed and battery life. It makes it easy to see when riding it since I can glance down to see it quickly. It takes about 4 hours for the battery to fully charge and seems to last a long time. This seems like a sturdy scooter that will last me a long time. I am very pleased with my purchase.


?? Hello. I bought an XR ULTRA scooter from Amazon a week ago. I don't know if the battery is the problem or the brake disc is the problem, but I ran about two and a half round trips for about three miles, so the battery was discharged. As far as I know, it can go 17 miles, but it only goes 7.5 miles and it discharges. I weight only 60 kilograms. And the route is almost flat. When I drive, I feel like there is something overload on the rear wheels. It was very soft when I used the Gotrax G2, which I used before, but I feel uncomfortable. When I talked to Amazon, they said that partial replacement is not allowed, and that heavy product should be repackaged and returned. I'd like to replace some of the battery or brake pads in question. And I was chatting with an Amazon counselor, and he talked to me like a fraudulent buyer and left the chat window! What the hell did I do wrong to hear that from a counselor?

Portable but the features are far from accurate 10 mile range and speeds 3 MPH off. I got mine a yr ago and live in a pretty hilly city, I weight 192 lbs and the top speed on the computer is off from actual speed by GPS, and that 17 mile range had to be a 50lb person in the salt flats of Utah because I have yet to see over 10 miles on a charge, from one end of town to the other is not even 4 miles and I can already be down to 2 bars, granted its a pretty ready climb but then I come back and batteries are almost spend about 8 miles, I even tried to test at different speeds so cruising an average of a brisk walk I can have 3 bars after 4 miles and even 10 mph its only going 8 mph, I wish the speed was more accurate so I am getting what I paid for, but besides that you have to be careful when braking because you may end up flying over the handle bars its very touchy, the scooter folds up nice when you get the hang of pulling the pin and unlocking it. As far as comfort the tires are a bit stiff so big cracks you can really feel it, the quality is very good, solid metal and all rubber air filled tires but for the price I wish I got what I paid for as in 15 actual MPH and 17 mile range.

Limiting and Problematic. After having this scooter for about five months, I’ve noticed some things that absolutely need to be address with this scooter. For reference, my scooter is driven about 3 miles at a time, 3-4 times a week. ▪️ I received this item with a slower than advertised battery life. I thought it could’ve been mis-advertised, but the battery has gotten much worse with time (only lasting about 6 miles vs 17 that they advertise). I have been stranded twice on the side of the road, looking for alternative transportation after the battery drained very quickly. Amazon will not take back the item after 30 days, so MAKE SURE everything works well before the end of that return window. ▪️ The brake wiring is very easy to slip out and has done so mid-ride, which means the brakes don’t work when pumped. It’s definitely a safety hazard, and is cheaply made and engineered. ▪️ I’ve also had screws fall off (they are very short, and become lose and fall out easily), and the size is not available at my local hardware store. Waiting for replacements is not fun. ▪️ Also, keep in mind that this product is not waterproof and can’t be ridden even if it’s lightly misting rain or if the roads are wet. I didn’t realize this when purchasing, and it makes the functionality of this product less than ideal. The max weight is 200 pounds, so no overpacking backpacks or groceries, either. There is a warranty for this product, but the manufacturer has not been easy to work with. They take days to respond, and have ignored some of my requests (I was first encouraged by them to ask for a new scooter because it’s unsure exactly how these “battery” problems are happening. They blatantly ignored that request, and are insisting to send pieces and parts for me to install and hope it works out). They don’t have much concern, considering these are super important functioning issues for this product. For the money spent, I’d give it 2.5 stars at best. It has been fun to ride (and is a great alternative to the bus), but it’s very cheaply made, and their customer service team is slow to resolve and does not empathize, apologize, or seem concerned that these clear safety hazards are happening.

Can't add accessories. It's been great, except that the frame is much larger than what's common. As a result you can't add any accessories such as a drink holder and phone holder.

471.7 miles so far, Not for experienced riders >. 11/21/20. UPDATE. Do not buy this scooter. The Gotrax business is NOT verified by the BBB (better business bureau) the customer service is hardly a service at all, no phone calls only email slow response times and it’s all automated. The limited warranty is the worst and such a scam with return fees as high as 30%. Im sad that both myself and my girlfriend bought these. Screws come tripped already to make working on tires impossible without voiding warranty. My hub motor is not working anymore and it’s now time for me to trash this crappy scooter and get something more reliable with a company that cares about its customers. Lasted less than a month Purchased 10/28/20. I live in Florida and It’s been okays far. After about 90 miles my girlfriend got one too and we commute to and from work 5 days a week, on top of that we go for little night time adventures as well as weekend. Furthest Iv gone with one trip was 15.55 miles and it very much needed a charge by that point. My girlfriend is much lighter (95lb) and seems to have more distance at her disposal. I’m about 155lb and as an American carry so you can tally up another 7 pounds. Only today 11/10/20 did I get a flat in the back from a nail on the road, having a lot of trouble patching the hole. Otherwise besides the normal things to expect from air filled tires, the scooter is a great investment if you intend to commute no more than 6-7 miles both ways. Unless you can charge it at your destination. 12 miles is about 3.5 hours of charging any more and your looking at the full 4. Some squeaking from the folding part in the front while riding, definitely break squeak in my case, and the light isn’t as bright as other scooters at a little higher price Iv seen. All in all, I’d recommend this scooter so far. I’ll update this after another 187 miles. PS. Riding into wind over 7mph WILL effect your mileage. Regenerative break ONLY when necessary or you’ll waste energy getting back up to speed. Travel between 10-10.7 mph for best distance and comfort. 11/15/20 UPDATE: Gotrax XR Ultra, scooter is now completely dead by 12.5 miles and hits 1 bar by 8.5. This has happened 3 times now and I have to walk to avoid completely draining the battery and creating damage to it. Very concerned now as this is my current transportation to and from work. PS. Gotrax will only email for support during covid. 12/3/20 UPDATE: I still ride occasionally but have made the jump to a more appropriate and better scooter. If you want comfort, good rang, and much better warranty scooters check out ESG (electric scooter guide) for prices and better options. Last update, probably selling Gotrax XR Ultra and forgetting the name ;)

Not Completely Sold on This. I bought this scooter to get me to the Metro for work. It was relatively easy to assemble. After that I'm not thrilled with this purchase. The foot base is very slim. My feet don't fit comfortably or safely on the foot plate - they are sort of awkwardly cock-eyed. The acceleration and deceleration is VERY choppy. When you do either, the scooter jerks, and becomes difficult to control for a moment. There is no cushioning or shock absorption action when going over bumps, cracks, or curbs. I would expect this would be in the tires, but they don't give any. Again, the scooter becomes difficult to control. I don't feel safe on this scooter, and usually end up just taking my car. I wouldn't recommend this as a purchase for anything other than closed to car traffic, flat areas.

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