Gorich Beach Tent, Beach Shade Tent for 3/4-5/6-7/8-10 Person with UPF 50+ UV Protection, Portable Beach Tent Sun Shelter Canopy, Lightweight & Easy Setup Cabana Beach Tent

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beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent beach tents shelterGorich Beach Tent

More details about Gorich Beach Tent for 3 Person

beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent beach tents shelter

beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent beach tents shelter

beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent beach tents shelter

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Its sunproof SILVER COATED Fabric has UPF 50+ UV effect so as to protect you from the harmful UV rays.

Great Ventilation & View

3 mesh windows and 1 wide door provides maximum ventilation and air flow. It also offers 360° view when you are inside the beach tent.

Lightweight & Easy To Carry

Gorich beach tent has a small carrying bag (16.5″L x 3.9″W x 3.9″H) and weighs only 3.5 lbs. It’s lightweight and compact for you to carry or put in your backpack when you go to the beach/park, go hiking/BBQ/go for a picnic.

beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent beach tents shelter

Gorich Beach Tent

beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent sun shelter

Extra Privacy

With 3 curtains and 1 zippered front door, this Gorich beach tent creates a private room for your family or friends when necessary.

Convenient Hanging Hook

A convenient hanging hook enables you to hang a mini fan or a small lamp if you need.

Enhanced Stability

This Gorich beach tent has 2 big sandbags, 4 stake pegs, aiming to make the tent stable during the windy days.

Gorich Beach Tent for 8 People

Gorich Beach Tent Gorich Beach Tent Gorich Beach Tent Gorich Beach Tent beach tent shade beach beach canopy tent for beach beach shades beach tent beach tents shelter gorich tent poles for 3 people
8 Person Tent 6 Person Tent 4 Person Tent 3 Person Tent Pop Up Beach Tent Tent Poles for 3 Person
Open Size L 118″x W 118″x H 71″ L 106.3″x W 106.3″x H 63″ L 102.4″x W 65″x H 59″ L 86.6″x W 59″x H 48″ L 86.6″× W ( 65 + 37.4)” × H 53.2″
Package Size L 16.9″x W 7.9″x H 8.3″ L 16.5″x W 5.9″x H 5.1″ L 16.5″x W 5.5″x H 4.7″ L 16.5″ x W 4″ x H 4″ L26.5″ xW 2″ x H 2″
Weight 11.7 Lbs 6.6 Lbs 4.85 Lbs 3.5 Lbs 3.5 Lbs
Capacity 8-10 Person 6-7 Person 4-5 Person 3-4 Person 3-4 Person
Canopy Fabric 190T Silver Coated Polyester Fabric with UPF 50+ Protection 190T Silver Coated Polyester Fabric with UPF 50+ Protection 190T Silver Coated Polyester Fabric with UPF 50+ Protection 190T Silver Coated Polyester Fabric with UPF 50+ Protection 190T Silver Coated Polyester Fabric with UPF 50+ Protection
Floor Fabric 210D Oxford cloth with PU3000 210D Oxford cloth with PU3000 210D Oxford cloth with PU3000 210D Oxford cloth with PU3000 190T Polyester with PU3000
Frame 11.0mm fiberglass pole 8.5mm fiberglass pole 8.0mm fiberglass pole 8.0mm fiberglass pole 6.0mm fiberglass pole 8.0mm fiberglass pole
Windows 3 Large Mesh Windows 3 Large Mesh Windows 3 Large Mesh Windows 3 Large Mesh Windows 3 Large Mesh Windows
Guylines/Pegs 4/20 4/8 4/8 0/4 4/4

Features & Specifications

  • Super Large Space: Size of 86.6"L x 59"W x 48"H, 30% bigger than other beach tents at similar price, fits 3 person. It provides a comfortable space for family and friends on the beach
  • Easy Set Up & Carry: Setting up fast within minutes. Gorich beach tent is much easier to fold than any kind of beach tents. It could fold down to a travel size of 16.5"H x 3.9"L x 3.9"W, weight 3.5 lbs, with a campact carrying bag that you even won’t notice it on your backpacks, much easy to carry
  • Upgraded & Durable Design: High-quality SILVER COATED Fabric ensure that the coverage area of Anti-UV effects, keeping you and your family away from the damage of the strong sunshine. 8.0mm IMPORTED fiberglass frame is safer, more durable and rust free, which support tent stably stand by itself and keeps shape after long time use
  • Water Repellent & UPF 50+: 4-sided ventilation design with 3 big mesh windows, provide excellent ventilation and cool for you. Floor extends 40 inches for extra activity room. 3 curtain could protect your privacy. And the water-repellent fabric design will provide you with temporary shelter during light rain, so please avoid using it in heavy rain
  • Widely Use: Perfect fit any activities at park, beach, lake, camping, hiking, fishing or weekend trip, sporting events, music festivals or for just relaxing in the back yard or at home
  • Weight: ‎3.86 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Long review as a warning. Ok so I haven't used it yet, we go to the beach tomorrow so I will be updating again. Setup was in my living room to get a jist so when I get to the beach I'm not standing around scratching my head. So.. 1st: The set up was preety simple once you understood what to do. Followed the instructions and turned out great. I set it up by myself and I suggest depending on size you do not unravel the entire rod while feeding it through the pockets just do one at a time or you will struggle. With more than one person setup should be fast and easy. 2nd: So far it is great size wise. I got the one that fits 6-7 with a fam of 5 we are bigger folk so we'll see how that goes. 3rd: Packaging was nice when you got it butbhow in the heck do they expect you to get it back in the same way and to get everything to fit??!!! They need to offer the option of buying a bigger bag and update their packaging bag size. I can tell this bag won't last long. 4th: Will material last long? I do see some stretching at the seams. I would be careful with how taught you make your tent at the beach seems like it could tear. Its plastic and mesh material so we'll see. Otherwise product overall seems great for what it's made for so far. Pictures of the bag after taking the tent apart and rolling back up to place into the bag. Took some close ups of the seam. Also the tent is bigger in person than in picture. If you have regular 12X12 tile squares it took up 6 1/2 tiles Length and Width

Easy to assemble and take down. This tent works excellent. Used it for the first time at a swim meet and it was easy to assemble and take down. It happened to rain that day so it was nice to have, especially with the front zipper. The window covers are held up with hooks so the rain seeped through. I wish they were zipper instead but it's not a big issue. I simply used a small towel to wipe the rain that puddled in the tent. Next time I might just lay some towels where the window is to soak up the rain. It was unexpected but it all worked out fine. I haven't used it for a sunny day yet but I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed. What I love about this tent is that it's not too big or too small. It fits three people nicely and doesn't take up a lot of space. I also really love how easy it is to setup and take down. The tent feels sturdy once anchored to the ground.

Quality good but may not work for beach. Quality is actually very good on this. I purchased the small one for 3 persons mostly for beach. However, it seems more like a tent. I could not put even a low chair inside, you need to sit on floor. Likely better something taller for beach purpose and also without a floor. The nylon floor on this one may tear with a chair on top. However, if you are ok sitting on floor for shade, this is actually pretty nice quality and looks very sturdy. You could use for kids or to keep your cooler and toys clean from sand.

Very lightweight, comfy, pretty easy setup - withstood windy day. We REALLY enjoyed our beach weekend a lot with this tent. It's so light our 21 month old was able to easily carry it in it's bag. We bought the 4 person tent. My 6'8" hubs can fully lie down inside the long end of the tent! First time we used it, it took the hubs maybe 6 mins to setup. Was very lightly windy and was awesome having our stuff inside away from the sand, especially drinks and snacks. Love the option to fully enclose the tent and to have the open or closed windows. Since this has window covers from inside the tent, please don't anticipate that this is rain proof but it would be better than nothing if it did rain! I was able to have privacy when breastfeeding on the beach and appreciated the relief from the sunshine on our second day when it was much hotter, sunnier and wayyyy windier. Took the hubs longer that day to setup but maybe 10 mins or so? Was just hard to fight the wind. Otherwise this is a very easy setup and comes with everything you need! Be careful putting weight on the edges when inside because it does look like it could easily tear if you're not careful how you are leaning on it. Really love this tent!!

Roomy. Well made, roomy enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. Difficult to assemble because the poles are very long. I also had difficulty stretching the tent enough get the poles into the slots. I ended up needing help. I took it down myself and had difficulty extracting the poles. Having 2 people would be helpful. I'm pleased with the size of the tent, the windows that can be closed, and the doorway that zips up for complete privacy. Easy to fold up and to get back into the bag. Lightweight and fits in suitcase easily. I hope it gets easier to put up and take down once it gets stretched out.

This tent was EVERYTHING! Easy to assemble. The first time it took a minute but the second time it was up in less than 5 min. Very cool and roomy. We purchased the 6-8 person and we literally stretched out and took naps on the beach. Very compact and easy to carry. Challenge refolding but that was perfectly OK. This tent can even fit in your luggage. Must have for the beach!


GREAT…but. Love this tent - easy to put up, take down - even in the wind - just put some weight on it to keep it flat while you work. Sand bag weight design is perfect for the beach. All of this is great but it couldn’t withstand the HH beach wind. Zipper didn’t hold up - some teeth are missing. Seams are stretched to the max - doubtful it will be more than a one use tent. Am going to try to work with customer support for a replacement because we do love this tent, it just didn’t take the wind as well as we hoped and we only used it twice.

Not great for the beach. Although this is a nice tent, it’s not great for the beach. It’s difficult to put up with any remote wind. Once it’s up, the windows need to stay unzipped to have any air, but then sand easily flies through the netting and fills the floor. The front of the tent does have a zip up panel but when wanting to keep it down, again, it’s difficult to keep it down in any kind of wind. It would be helpful if there were stake loops on it to keep it flat on the ground. Finally, it is impossible to fold up and get back into the portable bag. Even tried to do it at home and could not make it happen. So, now, it’s too awkward and bulky to even want to take it to the beach. I do not think it should be advertised whatsoever as a beach tent. Maybe a tent for the woods. Definitely not for the beach!

Cute but hard to set up. I like this little tent for the beach. It provides some shade my daughter and I and our two dogs fit easily. But there was a breeze and it was hard to set up. Lucky for me a nice man helped me out or I couldn’t have done it. I am not the most clever about these things so it might be easier for someone else. The price is good and I got it quickly.

Must have perfect weather conditions to work. Purchased this to take to the beach to shield my infant from the sun and wind. I purchased the larger size 6-7 ppl. My teens and I are used to camping so setting up a tent is not a new concept for us. However, the first day we had 5 of us attempting to set up on the beach and in 30 minutes got one rod thru a sleeve and then gave up. The thing is so huge it’s basically one gigantic sail. And while it arrives neat and compact - it was never meant to go back in that bag. Thankfully I had a mesh laundry bag that we shoved it in. The second time we set it up in the parking lot so we at least weren’t dealing with sand and that did go better. That day there was minimal wind and the sun wasn’t super hot so the tent “operated” just fine (but we also didn’t really need it for the same reason.) The third set up attempt was on the beach with lots of wind. We did manage to get it set up with only 3 people but had to weigh the entire external perimeter with piles of sand and shove all our stuff along the internal perimeter so the blasted thing didn’t blow away and it was still not maintaining its shape; bending and bowing with the wind. With all the stuff in the tent you could comfortably fit two adults (meant for 6). Had to keep the windows closed due to the wind and intensity of the sun - but also made it hot and stuffy. Had to turn on a little portable fan for my infant. When we went to disassemble the seams started ripping. Final thoughts: if weather conditions doesn't require use of proper shade and wind protection, this will work just fine. If you expect it to shield you from wind and sun - you may as well save yourself the effort and trash it now. It was a complete waste of money, time, energy and peace!

No pegs!!!! We wanted to test the tent before using it and we liked it, BUT WE RECIEVED NO PEGS IN OUR ORDER!

Great for long days at baseball. I wanted to give this tent 5 stars but, the latch on the window already broke:( It is easy to assemble once you have set it up the first time.

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