FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline/Decline Benchs, Regular/Roman Chair

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FLYBIRD, which is design and produce fitness equipment for 20 years. Especially in WEIGHT BENCH, our designers develop bench with advice of professional fitness coach, let our user get more effective.

This is a high-cost effective fashion adjustable bench we designed. Sinple design with unique triangle structure, made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel, 600 LBS WEIGHT CAPACITY, it give you a incalculable safety fitness experience, no worry for stability. Suitable for full-body workout equipment for home use.

high cost-effective benchhigh stability30s out of the boxadjustable bench

139 FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline/Decline Benchs, Regular/Roman Chair 149 FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline/Decline Benchs, Regular/Roman Chair FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline/Decline Benchs, Regular/Roman Chair 25LBS
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench 02 FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench 03 FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench 01 FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench 04 FLYBIRD Flat Bench FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell
Back/Seat Positions 6 Back Positions& 4 Seat Positions 6 Back Positions& 4 Seat Positions 7 Back Positions& 3 Seat Positions 8 Back Positions& 3 Seat Positions Flat Adjustable dumbbell
Max Weight Capacity 600LBS 650LBS 800LBS 880LBS 1000LBS /
Net Weight 21.3 POUNDS 20.94 POUNDS 28.4 POUNDS 29.8 POUNDS 17.2 POUNDS 25 POUNDS
Assembly & Storage No assembly required& Easy to fold No assembly required& Easy to fold No assembly required& Easy to fold No assembly required& Easy to fold No assembly required& Easy to fold No assembly required
Backrest 29.1″ long 29.1″ long 30.1″ long 30.1″ long 45.3″ long /
Padding 1.8″ Thick 2″ Thick 2″ Thick 2″ Thick 2.5″ Thick /
User Height Up to 5.9′ Up to 5.9′ Up to 6.2′ Up to 6.2′ Unlimited Unlimited
Product 159.79 164.99 179.99 199.99 129.99 119.99

Features & Specifications

  • 【FLYBIRD】Design and produce fitness equipment for 20 years. Especially in WEIGHT BENCH, our designers develop with advice of professional fitness coach, pass all the test before shipping.
  • 【2022 High Quality Bench】Made of commercial thickness steel, past thousands of weight test to ensure safety for workout everytime, Not the mendacious bench.
  • Fashion Adjustable Bench; Fashion Design With Triangle Structure, Made Of Heavy-Duty Commercial Quality Steel, 600 Pounds Weight Capacity Give You A Safe Fitness Experience, No Worry For Stability
  • Fast Adjustment With Simple Methods; Designed With 6 Back Positions And 4 Seat Positions For Full Body Workout, You Just Pull Support Bar, Adjust To The Place Which Fit Yourself And All Is Done
  • High Cost-Effective Bench; Used 9.7 In Width Backrest, And The Pad Is Filled With Soft Foam And Made Of High Quality Leather, Fit For Up To 5.9 In; A Good Choice For Primary Or Middle Fitness Fanatic
  • Save 80% Space; Flybird Foldable Bench, Easy To Carry And No Assembly Needed, Folded Size: 31.5 In 12.6 In 11.8 In; You Can Put It In The Corner, Closet Or Under The Bed When You Finish Workout
  • No Worry Buying; For Flybird The Measurement And Capacity Is Actual Result, We Have Sold Over 1000000 Sets Bench With High Quality, Order Today And Get 1 Year Cover On Frame, 30 Days Cover On Pads
  • Weight: ‎10 Kilograms
  • Warranty: ‎1 YEAR

Pros & Cons


Elegant design, very sturdy. I selected this bench based on the rating from a well known testing website associated with a major newspaper. We'll see how it holds up given it just came today, but first use suggests it's excellent, especially for the cost. I only knocked off a notch on stability as I thought I should be comparing it to the benches I used before covid at the gym. For home use, it's definitely a five. I'm a bit shy of 5'8" these days (old people shrink), so I have zero problem with the length of the bench for my head. If you're not a squirt like I am, you might get to spend more bux. The welds are very good. the hinges look to be strong, and the stops and pin holes are well machined. The cover (they say it's leather) is very nicely finished; the padding is nicely done. I do have to tease them about the translation of the sales pitch on Amazon - Way back I used to fix Japanese motorcycles for a living, and trying to understand the manuals was an exercise in both frustration and great humor. You'd think these folks would have employed at least one person with an English degree to do a bit of editing. That said, I'm really glad I didn't get a mendacious exercise bench :-) . Get past the translation. It's a great home bench for a great price.

Great for back and ab extension exercises! Not for bench Pres off your taller than 5’e. Good bench. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Ideal for abs or back exercise. It is ideal for bench press if you’re short since it has places for your feet to push against. However, if you’re taller than 5’3, don’t expect to use this for bench Pres.

Nice piece of equipment for a home gym! This product works well for its intended purpose. I love that it came already assembled. Just put the pins in and you’re good to go. Doesn’t feel as sturdy as the benches at the gym but for the price and quality I feel it’s worth it.

Great value! I did not know what to expect purchasing this bench. Lifting weights most of my adult life, got rid of most of my free weights due to injuries, pain etc. I decided to use dumb bells. I needed a bench that is easy to use and move around. This bench exceeded expectations. Good quality.

Nice for a home gym. If you are looking for a nice addition for a home gym this is it. I am a former gym owner and was both a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder having always used commercial equipment that was at least double the price. I am now in my late 60's and train at home so my training needs are much different. You get what you pay for and this is perfectly adequate for non-commercial use.

Good bench. Good product for the price. No complaints at all on the product. Could maybe be slightly longer. I'm only 5'11 and my shoulders hang slightly off when doing bench.


Short and poor design. The size may be right for that 40 lb dog and definitely short for a person 5’7”. It is nothing looks like the big one in the product photo. The photo show the length of the back support is 29’1”. It is only 28’ by my measurements. The gap between the back and seat is 3’ wide and the butt typically wedges in the gap when use it. The leg support rods are useless. The package say it is dumbbell bench, not the name used in the product sale page. The product has larger numbers of good reviews I am wondering if most of the reviewer are short persons or a wrong product is sent to me.,Go figure.

It will do, but an avid gym goer will probably be disappointed. I bought this after the gyms closed for COVID, I needed something to use at home besides the coffee table - totally not cool to sweat on the coffee table LOL. I based my purchase decision on the many high star reviews, and while I did keep it, if you are a avid gym goer that uses the weights and benches while you are there, you may be disappointed with this bench. Pros: Built very well, sturdy metal and joints - should last a long time, and I feel could probably hold quite a bit of weight. Bench material, very nice, stitched well and is pretty comfortable. Light weight and compact - probably my main reason for buying - folds and unfolds very easily. I like the curves at the area where your arms would be, it allows for extra range of motion. Both sections of the seat are adjustable to various heights. Price point very good. Cons: The pads for your legs do nothing for you, it is at such an odd angle that it is not comfortable at all. I have tried all of the holes available to put it in as well as face up vs face down. It is just not possible to lock you legs into it and do anything, which leads me to the decline position discussion; Decline is an important angle in your exercises too, it does decline but it is weird, your legs cannot physically lock into the pads, maybe it's me but I highly doubt it, average size person 5'6" - but that's not even the half of it, fine, don't use the pads, just hang your legs over the end of the bench. Both are such an awkward positions, I feel like it is really straining my lower back and making it arch off the bench - without any weights or exercise, just laying there is not comfortable - let alone trying to get back up - not happening, you need to roll off to the side to get off. Now the biggest reason for low stars - poor stability - the base is very narrow - of course a compromise for the compact/lightweight features but definitely not safe. If you sit on the "head" end of it the other end WILL come off the floor I'm only 125, so a bigger person is going to have issues. If you are lying flat on it and roll to one side too far, it will attempt to tip with you. Definitely not advisable for step-ups, it WILL tip. Putting you weight against it - say tricep dips or tricep presses, it will attempt to tip. If you have it in an incline position and you want to be on it sideways for say lateral raises - be very careful, it is unstable and tries to tip to one side or the other. Summary: I do like it but it is a little disappointing because of its stability limits. If I didn't have such a small area I would maybe mount it to some boards for a bigger stable base. It's a tough choice, do you want to give up usefulness for convenience and price? I get it, I did it, I'll keep it, but I wanted to warn everyone of the downsides.

Size. I like to say one comment. If u r taller than 5’7’, It’s too small for you.

Great short person bench. Great bench for someone that’s short. I’m 6’1” and certain positions don’t work for me.

Arrived damaged. Disappointed - the bench arrived damaged. I wasn't able to build it as the pieces did not fit properly into each other. Poor quality check. had to return.

Expected more. Weight bench was easy to assemble with one person. Not as easy to adjust as I would like in a weight bench. The bench is short and when the head is extended to fit (I’m 5’4”) it leaves an uncomfortable gap. Wish it had an incline option. Ultimately, used once and decided it wasn’t all I needed or wanted in a weight bench, so I opted to return and find something more suiting to the needs of the family home gym.

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