CAMPROS CP Tent 8 Person Camping Tents, 2 Room Water Resistant Family Tent with Top Rainfly, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, Easy Set Up, Portable with Carry Bag

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CAMPROS CP Tent 8 Person Camping Tents, 2 Room Water Resistant Family Tent with Top Rainfly, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, Easy Set Up, Portable with Carry Bag


Dimension 14′ x 9′ x 72″(H)
Tent Material 185T Polyester
Fly Material 185T Polyester
Floor Material Durable P.E SHEET
Pole Material Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Pack Size 24.4 x 7.87 x 7.87inch
Pack Weight 18.4IBS
Floor Dimensions 14′ x 9′
Peak Height 72inch
Sleeping Capacity 8 Person
Divider Curtain 1 Divider (2 Room)
Added Features 5 Mesh Windows

CAMPROS CP Tent 8 Person Camping Tents, 2 Room Water Resistant Family Tent with Top Rainfly, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, Easy Set Up, Portable with Carry BagCAMPROS CP Tent 8 Person Camping Tents, 2 Room Water Resistant Family Tent with Top Rainfly, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, Easy Set Up, Portable with Carry Bag


Brand History

CAMPROS is a traditional company, producing outdoor products including different sizes of tents, camping chairs, canopy, etc.

We’re a team of energetic people crazy for outdoor activities. We’re working on offering customers better value products.

Giving people a lower cost to close to nature.


Tent Fabric: Durable 185T Polyester

Tent Poles: 8.5mm Fiberglass pole

Tent Weight: 17.4 lbs

Package dimension: 24.6 x 8.26 x 8.26 inches

Set up dimension: 14 x 9 x 6(H) ft

Accessories: Rainfly, Inside Storage Bag, 14 Fixed Stakes, Carry Bag, 6 Guylines

Features & Specifications

  • Mesh
  • Imported
  • ROOMY INTERIOR: Straight wall design with 72in center height create more space to stand up changing and move.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: High-tech coating material with sealed seams and waterproof strip guarantees water-resistant.
  • EASY SETUP & COLOR COATED POLES: No particular skills needed, 2 people could set up the tent easily in 10 min.
  • GREAT VENTILATION: Mesh tent top and doors offer great views and ventilation.
  • 2 ROOMS: A separated curtain can be used as room divider and projector screen.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Tent body, Rainfly with attached guylines, Tent Poles, Stakes, 1 Room Divider, Carry Bag, Warranty Card.
  • Weight: ‎18.4 Pounds
  • Warranty: ‎1 Year

Pros & Cons


Big tent. Easy set up. My husband set this up in under 10 minutes (without instructions) and we took it down and packed it up in under 5 minutes. By the way, the instructions are sewn into the bag if you can't find them - he found them after. Really well thought out design. The poles are color coded by direction and are foldable. My 6 foot tall husband can stand upright in the tent. We easily fit 4 people and a dog and had plenty of room. This tent is a winner.

Not too hard to setup for newbies. My son who's 11 and I put up the tent by ourselves in our backyard to test it before camping. We are newbies to camping so it took us awhile but we figured it out. The directions could be better. It's a nice tent with alot of room. Make sure your campsite is big enough. The only thing was the tent stakes kept moving around and didn't work well but I just went out and bought new sturdier ones.

Stood up to hail with no leaks! This tent is easy to set up and easy bigger than my old Coleman. I did spray it with waterproofing tent spray before going out for the first time, but the design prevents water from coming in the side windows. I can set this up with my 6 year old and no other help! This tent gets a single-mom thumbs up!

its light and it takes up no room i havent tested it in the rain yet. its roomy and light. the kids are excited to use it for sure!!!!

Plenty of space! It held up in 18 mph winds although I didn't think it would. The stakes that come with the tent are not sufficient and I switched them out and the flexible poles felt like they were going to snap in the high winds, but they didn't, and it stayed standing.

Tent gets the job done and Kris the rain out. Haven’t camped in a long time. This tent was spacious enough to fit my family of 5 full grown people. It was fairly easy to install. I did a test run at home and after installing It once it was very straightforward. It rained for several hours at our camp site, and the tent kept us nice and dry. Would definitely recommend this tent!


Easy to assemble but has one-way entry zipper. Took this camping in Tahoe. There were winds of about 5-10 mph. It held up great! No poles or materials were missing and there was no damages. It’s extremely roomy and you can stand up in the tent. Has windows towards the front and sides of tent, but none at the back. THINGS I DID NOT LIKE: There was only one entryway into the tent. The zipper at the entryway has only one zipper, so what you ended up having to do is zip the zipper from the top and follow it in a square-ish motion to close the tent, but then you’d get stuck on the flaps because on the inside of the entryway door, there’s a protective zipper flap that goes halfway, and where it ends, another zipper flap on the outside entryway starts from middle to the top of the door. The slaps almost intersect each other and causes a lock-up on the zipper. When you needed to enter the tent, you’d then have to start from the bottom and zip it up. It was a complete inconvenience. It didn’t rain when we camped, so I can’t say how it might have been in the rain.

Good but…. This tent is good, easy to put together and light weight and very spacious. We had light rain all night and held pretty good, there were some wet spots in some corners but other that that was ok. Now, the zipper door is a pain, hard to open have to be really careful if you don’t want to break it, the cover doesn’t cover the entrance so that’s a con when rains and not an actual swing door that would be way better.

Not what expected. Not what I expected. Smaller then it looks. I am 5 ft nothing able to stand in the middle fine but anywhere else feel like you have to duck some. If you have a family of 5 would recommend.

Great Tent! Sticky Door. Love this tent- easy to put up, light and so roomy! The downside is that it is such a tight fit the door is extremely difficult to unzip/zip starting at the top right corner facing it. We tried restaking the tent and shifting the fabric around to no avail. Love this tent but a major component is the door and right now I dread opening and closing it so that is why I gave it 3 stars. Will try wax and update the review if that helps.

Leaky Door. The tent is a good size (no way would it hold 8 people). We are 2 adults, a kid and a dog and that was enough but I dont think tents actually ever fit the number they say. The tent is easy to assemble but bc of its shape, if it rains- when you open the door water pours in and soaks the floor. Also, the zipper on the door always gets stuck and is really hard to use.

Tent is OK. Biggest complaint is that the guide lines for staking tent are black so you cannot see them and constantly tripping over the lines no matter the time of day. Instructions are sown into bag for tent and are very small and hard to read. It did rain a lot during first use and stayed dry inside. Door zipper was very hard to open and close

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