BUZIO Water Bottle with Straw lid, Spout Lid, Hand Lid and Carrying Pouch, 32oz 40oz 64oz Stainless Steel Water Flask Jug, Cold for 48 Hrs Hot for 24 Hrs Double Vacuum Thermo Canteen Mug, BPA-Free

40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles

128oz bottle kids water bottle 40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles 40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles 40 oz water bottle with straw lid stainless steel insulated water bottles
128 oz Water Bottle(multi-color ) 14oz Kids Insulated Water Bottle 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle 64oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle
Mouth Diameter 86 mm (3.4″) 55 mm (2.16″) 55 mm (2.16″) 55 mm (2.16″) 55 mm (2.16″)
Width(bottom diameter) 159 mm (6.28″) 70 mm (2.75″) 70 mm(2.75″) 90 mm (3.54″) 125 mm (4.92″)
Bottle Height (w/o cap) 283 mm (11.1″) 143mm (5.63″) 264 mm (10.39″) 264 mm (10.39″) 250 mm (9.84″)
Weight 390 g (13.75oz) 200 g (7.05 oz) 475 g (16.76 oz) 470 g (16.58 oz) 865 g (30.52 oz)
Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
Keep cold 48 hours/Keep hot 24 hours

NEW ARRIVALS-Motivational Water Bottle

128oz bottle

Thoughtful Time Marker & Inspirational Quote

  • BUZIO 1 gallon water bottle with unique motivational texts and time markers makes sure you drink enough to stay fit and healthy from 7:00 Am to 9:00 PM.
  • Monitor daily water intake through the see-through bottle and measurement scale and be sure of your fitness goal
  • Ice cube and fruit filling is made super easy, also speeds up water refill
  • Detachable straw for spill-proof sipping without lifting the bottle up
  • Take the bottle anywhere you go with the built-in handle or sturdy strap

Features & Specifications

  • Fully equipped: Unlike other water bottles on the market, BUZIO water flask comes with flip-up straw lid, easy-twist spout lid and portable handle lid to meet your needs in different scenarios. The carrying pouch enables you to carry it around easily while two straws and 1 brush ensure easy cleaning and exchange.
  • Vacuum Insulated: Featuring double wall 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, BUZIO TempArmour water bottle keeps the liquids icy for up to 48 hours or piping hot for up to 24 hours.
  • 3 Caps Pack, 100% Leak-Proof: BUZIO water bottle comes with 3 caps: the portable hand lid is perfect for camping, the easy-twist spout lid is suitable for beach, hiking while the straw lid is great for cycling and gym. Every cap features a thickened 360°sealing ring for 100% leak-proof no matter how you shake it.
  • Food-Grade Material: Made of non-toxic BPA-free plastics & durable food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, BUZIO water bottle is puncture resistant, hard to oxidize and able to prevent flavor transferring. While the BUZIO powder-coating technology and wide mouth (2.16 inches) ensure easy gripping, cleaning and ice filling.
  • Super Deal Combo: Buy 1 water bottle, get 7 accessories, worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service. BUZIO water bottle with delicate gift box works as a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • Dimensions: ‎3.54"W x 10.39"H
  • Weight: ‎3.52 ounces

Pros & Cons


BUZIO...making hydration cool again. When it comes to consuming water, I'm a massive failure. Now, as I crawling into my late thirties and my body's check engine light keeps coming on, I know I need to hydrate. I'd wager my kidneys likely resemble freeze dried apricots and my innards could use a little more than than chicken nuggets, coffee, beer, and whiskey if I expect to make it to the murder hornet apocalypse that the media assures me will be happening. Lord knows I've tried....my face cringing, and my gag reflex activating as I hammer a two finger pour of h20 like an eight year old taking a pull from the bottle of their first single malt whiskey. I couldn't drink water, so I needed a solution....and this bottle was it. Like a freshly single real estate-agent in her mid- twenties, purchasing a new pair of lululemon leggings on the off chance spending the extra money will convince her to hop on that pelaton collecting dust in the garage, and shave off the last fifteen pounds of that baby weight....it worked. This bottle is the vehicle that will hydrate my soul. Vibrant colors, durable to the core, and packed with accessories, this was legit one of the best purchases I've made. The lid seals tight with no leaks, and the three lid options will cater to your drinking style (Did not know I had a drinking style). I purchased the 40oz version and yes, all of those accessories come with the thing (all accessories will be located inside the bottle when you open it) All these years and apparently it took a straw-lid for me to actually drink water (apparently i'm a two-year old). Upon purchasing this product, I looked at the size, color, price and apparent quality and thought it was too good to be true. When the thing arrived, I was baffled and am still baffled at the quality of this purchase. Final perks....the name sounds cool, and there's a spiffy little lion on the logo that makes me giddy.

Excellent Purchase!/ one flaw! Great Water bottle, excellent variety of screw on lids for your preference. the bottle keeps liquids very cold for super long time, and if you use it for coffee or soups they will stay hot enough to enjoy into the next day was impressed. along with the padded cover for the bottle. I thing i was bummed was about was that in the description at the time the padded holder for the bottle was suppose to have a small pocket to put the straws. but mine did not and since the description on some have changed... but was not angry or upset. Awesome buy and defiantly worth the money i use everyday

keeps ice frozen. It actually surprised me that after 2 entire days I filled it with just ICE (as a back up) and I have a 32 oz which does not keep the ice frozen as long. I drink a lot of filtered water or coconut water, I like it COLD! Well it’s still frozen and I have to say, I got it on a lightening deal, even better, it came with 3 caps, which added to the surprises because my other water bottle cap broke and the caps were the same size with the new one! I do not remember who the maker is, I’ve had it so long but it doesn’t keep the ice from melting as long as the new one. It is well worth the price, for what you get with it.

WOW! I've been using a Camelbak bottle for a while, but lately it's started leaking and to get it tight enough so it won't makes it very difficult for me to open. I couldn't find a replacement lid for the style I have so I started looking for a replacement bottle. I looked at many but wanted something similar to the Camelbak. I just didn't want to spend $$$$$$$$$. That's when I found this one. I was not familiar with the brand but I went with it based on the positive reviews. I have to admit I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Same basic size as my old leaky bottle, but with 3 different lids, a carrying case and strap, brush, and two straws! For way less than the other one. I've been using it for almost a week now and I am very happy. The only thing I would change would be to add a few more color choices (I got blue), but that's it. Great bottle!

love this item. started a return for this water bottle because I thought the 2 straws and brush were missing from my order....MY MISTAKE....customer error.....they were in the box in bubble wrap....should have SEEN them.....ordered the 64 oz. previously, keeps water cold for days....loved it...am sure I will love this one too.... CANCELLED RETURN

Stay cold for more than 24 hrs. Got this for about $22 which includes 3 caps, a fitted bottle holder, shoulder straps, 2 straws , and a straw brush. I haven’t been able to test this is severe hot weather like california . So the hot car temp on a sunny day is not tested. However, at room temperature (around 70-75°f) when filled all the way up with ice . The water stay cold for days. For example, I fill it up on Monday, and there is still ice in it onThursday. I have however left it in the car over the weekend. On one day it was 80°f and the other around 70-75°F. Left it on a Friday and on Monday there were still ice. I did it again during the week, but this time left it on the floor of the back seat where the heater blows at it. And the water does stay cold for 2 days. I got this initially cause I had an oversize square pocket for a cup holder and I thought this would fit. Unfortunately it was .2 inches too wide. Over all I highly recommend this as it does stay cold for a really lo g time. I haven’t tested the hot water use to see if will stay hot for 24 hrs. But I am impress how this manage to stay cold for so ping compare to other brand. I will have to get a 32oz version of other brand to test it against this. What you should know, the chug lid and other lids on this are the same size as the takeya (24oz thermo flask) sold at Costco. So if the chug lid is a must and you already have a Costco thermo flask that has the chug lid, you can get this bottle for around $17 that includes only 2 lids and not as much accessories.


It's 57 oz not 64 oz. This is what they gave me. The color isn't equal , it has more pink than the blue. It is spray painted. I wanted to like this product but it has strong chemical/plastic smell from the lids. I tried to soak it with vinegar and water for hours and the chemical smell is still there. I'm pregnant and I don't think it's safe for me to drink in this bottle. FYI: It doesn't hold 64 oz of water. Our fridge is accurate in measuring oz, cups or liter of water. This bottle only holds 57 oz exactly. The straws are short but can still drink from it when it's full of water. I don't think this is worth $30.

If looks can deceive this is it (SKIP THIS COMPANY!). Deceptive product in both looks and on what it can do. It's been less than two months since I got this and the logo has already begun fading on me. I haven't even cleaned the outside, I just do the insides once in a while with hot water! The company claims that icy water lasts for upto 48 hours and hot water 24 hours seems completely made up personally to me. I put hot water in and it stays hot for just a few short hours and then becomes warm. Same with cold water! Full disclosure: Prior to writing this review, I tried to reach out to customer service and draw their attention to the issue. Their solution was to offer me a replacement to which I agreed. They promised it would be delivered by the 26th of April. Still nothing, and i've tried to contact them several times since then they haven't responded once. So I gave them a chance to replace their faulty product but I guess they weren't interested. Oh well!

Lids stink and make water taste bad/chemically. The lids stink and I’ve tried cleaning it with everything I can think of and it won’t stay gone. A couple of times the smell/taste went away immediately after cleaning but after only a few minutes it was back. It’s really strong so not something you can just ignore or push through hoping it will get better. I threw the box away bc I was sure I’d be able to get the smell out. I also emailed customer service on the buzio site and nobody ever responded. I guess I’m just out $25. I should have stuck with Bubba they work really well and are about $10 cheaper too. This company sucks.

Leaked out of the box, other issues. I purchased this insulated water bottle to replace my favorite 1.5L vacuum-insulated one which I lost several months ago. Had high hopes for this one, which arrived in time for a trip to a clothing-optional resort. I decided to clean the bottle by adding water with a few drops of dishwashing soap, closing the lid and shaking vigorously. After a few shakes, I turned the bottle upside down and noticed water around the neck. Tried a different lid, same problem. I could slow the leak by screwing the lid on really tight, but it'd be impossible to use conveniently. To me, the problem seems to be the thin, white PLASTIC O-ring in the cap which should compress against the stainless steel edge of the bottle. My previous bottle used a large, flat, rubber O-ring which never leaked. This lid looked slightly crooked when screwed on properly; a compressible rubber O-ring would've compensated for a manufacturing tolerance problem like that. I'll try to add a video. The other problem was the chemical smell (I assume manufacturing oil) in the bottle AFTER the washing attempt. I'm usually nervous about Chinese-manufactured products and possible contaminants like lead; stainless steel I can wash and feel relatively comfortable about its safety. To have enough manufacturing by-products in the bottle to survive my soapy wash suggests the manufacturer didn't splurge on a thorough post-manufacturing washing step. The neoprene sleeve seems decently well-built, but it was a pain to slide off the bottle. The sleeve is a single piece with a narrow neck and no zipper, so you have to stretch the neck to slide it down the wide body of the bottle. Same problem getting it back on; the sleeve neck folded under itself and was difficult to straighten out. I could probably live with the sleeve and chemical problems, maybe purchase my own rubber O-rings for the leaking problem, but nah...will return it after my trip.

I really thought I’d love this. I really thought I’d love this, which is why I bought 2…the 64 ounce (for home) and the 40 ounce (for travel). It has a lot of positives about it, but for me, the negatives outweigh them. Here’s my breakdown: Pros: 1. Stainless steel 2. Various sizes to choose from 3. Leakproof 4. Sleeve & removable carry strap 5. Straw lid (they provide 3 different types of lids for you to choose from but I specifically wanted a straw lid) Cons: 1. The flip-up straw lid stops in a vertical position as opposed to at a more conveniently accessible angle like most other flip-up straw lids. So you have to either bend your head over more or tip the bottle up higher than usual to get access to it. (Looking back at the pictures on Amazon, NONE of them show the flip-up lid in its fully open position. Makes you wonder if that was on purpose.) 2. While I was pleasantly surprised to receive extra straws, I now know why they’re included. The straws are not durable in the least. Two weeks in, the straw in the 40oz bottle cracked, making it impossible to get proper suction. So I flipped it around and hoped that was a one off thing. Two weeks later, the other side cracked. The straw in the 64oz bottle lasted a little longer. It was 3 wks before it first cracked. After flipping it over, the other side cracked about a week & a half later. What a disappointment. Yes, I have 2 spare straws that came with only the 40oz bottle (didn’t notice until it was too late that I got ripped off not having gotten the extra straws with the 64oz bottle), but clearly the straws are not going to last and, as far as I can tell, the company does not sell spare straws on their website. So now I have to use one of the other caps which I don’t care for, having to tip a heavy water bottle up (in particular the 64oz one) in order to drink out of it. 3. The sleeve is very hard to get on & off. This could be considered either a plus or a minus, but I put it in the minus category because it’s just a pain in the you know what to remove & put back on when you need to wash the bottles. If they redesigned the flip-up straw lid to land at an angle instead of vertically, and make more durable, long-lasting straws (better still, a permanently attached straw), I would reconsider this purchase because it does have a lot of good qualities. Until then, I’ll continue my search for the “perfect” water bottle for me. Hope this review was helpful.

Best for the gym and not hot weather. Okay this is my second bottle from this company as I needed a backup while waiting for a new lid for the first one. I dont know what ppl are talking about with this holding ice for days. It absolutely does not. I'm in ATL, use mine for work and I work outside. Right now it's a hot as heck ATL summer and ice water is extremely important. During an 8hr shift, I have to keep adding ice every 2hrs, which is crazy to me. If there's ice left in it from work, it all melted that evening and the next morning the water's warm. Either it's not as insulated as they say or it can't handle ATL summer. Now the other bottle of theirs I own is literally this same one, but wider instead of taller. You can find it in this sellers listings. The half gallon (not gallon) that comes with 2 cups. Now THAT holds ice!! Literally holds ice for 3 days! It never sweats, even in this disrespectful heat and I can rely on it to really keep my water extra cold for days. I dont know why this half gallon does not do the same, but it works as a sturdy bottle and the multiple lids are neat. That's why I still gave it 3 stars. This one seems best for the gym or some casual outing where it doesn't matter if the ice melts. But it's not great for any long term outing and serious time in the heat. I swear, do yourself a favor and get their other half gallon jug that comes with 2 cups, if you're looking for something that really holds ice for a long time.

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