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BIKE REPAIR STANDbike repair stand

Need a bike mounting kit to make tire change, chain oil, gear adjustment or wheel disassembly as easy as possible? Such a bike repair rack should also be attractive, lightweight, foldable and easy to carry and bring real added value? This CXWXC product meets all your needs.

Just leave the tasks difficult to use: in the future, you will no longer need to pick up your bike on the floor or repair the shower curtain rod in the bathroom (there are the best ideas). With this CXWXC professional repair rack, you can lift your bike to a comfortable height to reach all places easily.

If you need this stand on the go, just press the quick release bracket, fold the tripod and store it in your car – it’s that easy.

Wide range of functions: this mounting bracket can support Dutch bikes or mountain bikes. The soft plastic clamp fits a bicycle frame or seatpost 25-50mm diameter and can rotate 360°. You can also adjust the height of the stable aluminum tripod between 102 and 161 cm.

Product details:

Color: Champagne

Material: Aluminum alloy, TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) Clamp

Max. Static load: 60 pounds

Size: 13 lbs.


1 x Bicycle Repair Holder

1 x Magnetic Tool Tray

1 x user manual (German, English, French, Spanish, Ital

Features & Specifications

  • 360 DEGREE ROTATABLE CLAMP & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BODY- Clamp with lever can hold your bike super steady, adjustable height make sure your waist comfortable during work
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM ALLOY BARREL – Lighter, no corrosion, easy carry, easy storage, intensity of aluminum alloy tested can afford max load 60 pounds bike
  • TOOL TRAY WITH MAGNET- Big tray has customized place for different tools, more space-efficient, also magnet can collect crews and nuts without missing
  • FRONT WHEEL NO SHAKE- Tighten rod included in the package won’t let the front wheel swivel when you are working, the tighten rod is also length adjustable
  • SUPER STEADY TRIANGLE BASE WITH RUBBER FEET- Holds bikes steady, rubber feet antiskid and won’t scratch floor

Pros & Cons


This Replaced a Premium Bike Repair Stand and I Am Happy About That. I use this to tune up and clean my mountain bike. It is easily adjustable, keeps my Yeti secure without scratching, and folds nicely. I'm happy to have "downgraded" from a high-dollar stand to this one as it meets my needs, cost less, and offers more adjustability. Love the top clamp!

Wonderful side job influencer! I purchased this for my young adult son who’s an avid bicyclist. I purchased it so he could work on his own bike instead of taking it to a bike shop and paying out big bucks! He’s also started to use it to work on his friends bikes and he’s thinking of starting his own business. Great motivator and he enjoys what he’s doing!

Awesome bike stand for when you need to do some maintenance. I like this bike stand a lot. It folds up conveniently when not in use. Its got a little tray that's got magnets built into it to keep tools and nuts and screws from getting lost. It holds my bike well. no complaints.

Good Value. There are better stands out there for 5X the price, but this is a good value if you go in with eyes open. It is functional enough for periodic tuning and light maintenance of your bike. Pay attention to what your doing: avoid overtightening clamps, make sure the bike's weight is evenly distributed and check the stand every so oftem. No, it's not perfect, but then, even the high end stands from "brand blue" that I've used have their issues, not to mention being overpriced.

Wonderful. For the price this is an excellent stand. It work’s wonderful for me. Very easy to use and work on my bike with it.

Excellent Stand For The Money. For the price, this stand is excellent. I do minor bike repairs and maintenance and find this stand to be perfect. It is lightweight, but sturdy and fold compactly for easy storage. It has all of the features of the more expensive models for a lower price. The clamps are plastic, but do a good job securing the bike. It is not as stable as I would like, but it does not tip or wobble. As I said, for the price, this is good value and gets the job done.


Could be good if redesigned. It was fairly simple to put together. It has 3 issues for me. Those rubber straps are a joke, I had a fifty pound bike on it and right away I decided to put sand bags on the two stability legs,needs 3 legs,and when you have some weight on it adjusting it is difficult, should be spring loaded pins to hold it in place while you lock it in place with the quick connects. It's ok for light jobs however if you are planning on using it for heavy items you might want to consider looking for a better bike stand.

Not what I expected. The stand is good for standard bike frames. But thick frames are hard to mount as are frames with smaller clearance. I needed an extra person to help me mount a bike as the rack falls over easily. Once the bike was on, it was sturdy enough. I did pinch myself pretty badly trying to load a bike myself. I like the tool tray and it is very compact. I missed the return window hoping I’d like it more. I would return it if I could.

Good but with flaws. This bike stand works well enough, but there are some flaws. First off, the joints use this "quick release" style fastener, and you really have to make them very tight or else the stand will sag. Another style of fastener would have been better. The second problem is that the "rubber" band that comes with the wand thingy is not made out of the right material and isn't stretchy enough to work. This stand comes with this wand thingy that is supposed to keep the front wheel from swinging around, but the wand is useless since the rubber part just won't stretch. Instead you just need to throw that part away and use a regular rubber band in it's place.

Key part broke while assembling. I ordered this as a reward for myself after having two back surgeries this year. As soon as I was allowed to lift the weight of the bike stand, I assembled it. Oddly, my clamp arm arrived upside down. I know it is made to rotate 360 degrees, so there is no real upside down, but it is supposed to arrive so you can put your bike on right side up initially. When I tried to use the little lever to loosen the clamp and rotate it into the right side up position, the lever snapped right off!! (See photos) The instructions for using the lever weren't really clear. I'm a 61 year old woman who, as I mentioned, am recovering from my second back surgery in 5 months though, so I don't think I could have done anything to overpower a proper weld. It had to be a faulty part. :-( I'm really disappointed because it appears to be a good quality, sturdy stand otherwise and I was excited to start restoring a couple of bikes. However my stand is pretty much useless with the broken lever. Curious if anyone else has experienced a problem with this part? Side note, I also couldn't tighten the tool tray enough so that it didn't slide around on the metal rest. I was a bit cautious after the lever broke, so didn't want to over tighten. Does it hold in place if you tighten the screws enough? Hoping the manufacturer / distributor will respond quickly with a solution as I only have until Sept 6 to return the stand to Amazon. I'll update my review if I get a new clamp arm or entirely new unit and am able to use the stand.

Awkward Clamping; For Light Work Only. I'm disappointed. 1) The clamping mechanism does not have enough "stroke" in the camlock. The steps are to loosen (turn counterclockwise) the camlock toggle in order to open the clamping jaws enough to accept the seatpost or frame member, then "close" the camlock toggle to tighten the clamp jaws around the seatpost or frame. However, the clamp will be too loose, so you have to undo the toggle and spin clockwise to close the jaws. This must be done while the seatpost or frame is in the clamp because you won't be able to insert the seatpost or frame in the clamp once the toggle is properly set for a secure clamp force. This will be an awkward iterative process until you get enough clamping force to hold the bicycle securely. 2) Once the bicycle is tightly clamped, all the plastic parts still have enough cumulative give/movement so that the bicycle will be too unstable to do any significant wrenching. Most of the movement is in the keyed rail that runs the length of the clamp arm.

Hold off and get a better stand, do not buy for an E-Bike. I got this because I didn't have the money at the time to get a Feedback Sports: Sport Mechanic work stand. This one gets the job done but feels questionable. Have to set it up just beyond level because it sags under the weight of any bike I throw up into it. It falls over when not setup on level ground. The pitch is adjusted by loosening the bolt on the back of the arm and setting it into the appropriate teeth. Yes, teeth. It is not a quick pitch adjust like most other stands. And when under load it feels like they want to give out. The metal feels like a really low grade aluminum and the plastic components feel cheap. The quick release levers feel like will break the plastic clamps. You also have to torque them down so much I feel like I am going to cause damage to the tubing for the main stand. TL;DR: If you need something in a pinch, sure it will work. But get something different if you are using regularly. A few month review 10.22.22: It is still holding up pretty well. Use it regularly for various mountain bikes. Would still prefer a different stand but it works for basic needs. IMPORTANT: It is also clear that people are buying this expecting it to hold an E-Bike. Do not bother, your bike weighs anywhere between 55-65lbs while this is rated for maybe 37. Go look at Parktool for a steel plated mounted one or invest in having your garage floor drilled to accommodate an adequate work stand. Especially, if you're buying a RAD Power or some knock off equivalent. Or buy a different bike because they aren't spec'd appropriately anyways. Speaking from experience as bike shop service advisor.

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