Acumobility Back Roller, Back Stretcher & Back Cracker for Back Pain – Patented Premium Foam Roller 11″ Height 7″ Width – The Ultimate Yoga Wheel, Spine Cracker & Back Roller Wheel for Back Cracking

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Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller vs Competitor 10″ Wheel+

Acumobility – 11″ Back Roller Competitor 10″ Wheel+
4.6 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
7″ Width 5″ Width
Chiropractor Designed Standard Design
Deep Massage Bumps Flat Surface
Non-Toxic EVA Foam EVA Foam
Holds up to 1000lbs Holds up to 500lbs
Patented Unpatented

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Give your body true relief

Acumobility boasts fitness products designed by chiropractors–a first-of-its-kind in the market! At 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this back roller serves as a multipurpose product that targets your body aches in all areas of body and supports your posture. With its four rows of bumps pattern and a gap in the center, it will target the muscles on both sides of your spine addressing your back tension and flexibility. Help your body rediscover how great it can feel!


Address your back pains and postural problems

It’s easy to want to improve your posture, but how? Most aspects of our lives are what have brought us where we are today in terms of back pain. Things like studying and desk jobs have us sitting in front of a computer for hours, and leaning over our phones causes innumerable problems on our necks and shoulders.

This chiropractor designed back roller can help you relax after a stressful day at work. It will stretch your back, target knots and help you feel limber and refreshed. You can also easily incorporate this back roller into your daily exercise routine or stretching routine. Boost anything from workouts to yoga stretches and enjoy necessary back cracks along the way!


Perfect for beginners and pros alike

Are you used to stretches or are you simply trying out a new thing? It doesn’t matter. The Acumobility back wheel roller is the ideal workout and stretching tool for beginners and pros alike. It will help enhance your chest and leg workouts, as well as abs, glutes, triceps, thighs, and more, and it’s as easy to use as it gets. We recommend beginners start out placing a towel over it to get used to it, but it’s really up to you! Using the roller as part of your fitness routine may help increase mobility and flexibility, working every part of your body. And it’s really easy to use and travel-friendly too!

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Acumobility – Designed by Chiropractors

Our day to day life isn’t set to improve our posture. Sitting in a chair for nine hours, stress, running around, intense gym practices–all these things can have a negative effect on how you stand, how you move, the pressure on your spine, back pains, and more. That’s why our team of high-level chiropractors set out to design specialized equipment that will help you improve your body’s results through effective, highly localized tools.

Release knots, stretch your muscles, and give your body the strength it needs to keep up with your day to day with our high impact, low maintenance tools. Our chiropractor designed tools are here to help you reimagine a life where postural issues and back tension is a thing of the past. Feeling good has never been easier!

Features & Specifications

  • The Only Chiropractor Designed Back Roller - No other back roller can improve your posture or possibly help you live better with back pains than Acumobility Foam Roller! The only back cracker made by a chiropractor, this yoga wheel works well on all areas of the back - from the neck down to the lower back. With its patented bump pattern and a gap in the center, you won’t feel any pressure on your spine. A therapeutic and truly effective back cracker that can release knots and trigger points.
  • Premium Quality Back Massager for Every Body Type - Made of high-quality EVA foam and plastic inner core, our patented back roller is bigger - and better - than any other roller. At 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide, it can hold as much as 1000 pounds. Whatever your body weight, this is the perfect back roller and stretching equipment for you!
  • Great for Chest and Leg Workouts - If you want a back massager that you can use to work out your entire body, this is the back wheel roller for you. The only one with four rows of bumps that target the muscles on both sides of the spine. More than just a back massager, it is also ideal for other body exercises. You can also work out your abs, chest, glutes, triceps, hips, thighs, and more!
  • The Perfect Gift for Fitness Enthusiasts - Everything you ever wanted in a yoga wheel, you can find in this ultimate back roller wheel! It is best for thoracic extension, allowing you to achieve good posture and may even help you avoid back pains. Using the roller as part of your fitness routine can help increase mobility and flexibility, working every part of your body. It's easy to use and travel-friendly too! A great gift for beginners and fitness lovers.
  • We've Got Your Back - Acumobility boasts fitness products designed by chiropractors - a first-of-its-kind in the market! We make no bones about spine health, so our customers get only premium quality fitness products. If, within 30 days you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we would be happy to refund your money. For the full 30-day money-back guarantee guidelines, you can visit our website or reach out to our customer service.

Pros & Cons


This wheel made me find Jesus. Okay, I have never reviewed an Amazon product a day in my life, but have a seat kids, because you’re in for a ride. I have 2 compressed discs in my upper back from a work accident 6 years ago. I live in agony, I can’t sit in certain positions because it’ll spasm, and I even ended up in the ER a couple years ago because it spasmed so bad it went into my rib cage and I could hardly breathe. I sleep with a heating pad. Everyday is pain. So after watching way too many back popping videos on YouTube, I went on Amazon to go looking. I found foam rollers and chirp wheels, but then I came across this beast. I yelled “take my money!” and slapped the buy now button. It arrived today. I got on the ground and tried it. It popped my soul into place and I found Jesus. I can smell letters and taste numbers. I think I heard Jimmy Hendrix singing to me. The knobs dug into my back muscles like a deep tissue massage from The Rock and cracked my spine from neck to asscrack. Did I mention I found Jesus? The pain in my back disappeared. Is this what it’s like to live pain free? Or am I dead?

Mere Mortals don’t deserve this. I am not a review writer. I don’t care to help in that way and there are people more equipped. But I feel compelled. I’ve had pain for months, all through my shoulder, neck and mid/high back. Mainly from hunching over an iPhone and slouching at a computer desk most days. Nothing could open my chest up the way I wanted, I couldn’t crack my back for relief because everything was too tight and sore and stuck, the only thing that helped temporarily was cupping to increase blood flow. I smashed buy on this at 1 am while unable to sleep from shoulder, can’t remember the last time I bought any single item over $40. I WOULD BUY IT 17 MORE TIMES. I lay around on it all day. I cry from the relief it brings my back. My spine crackles all up and down it with joy untold. I tell it my dreams. It is my hero. Do yourself a favor if you are constantly digging a tennis ball into your back. Upgrade it.

Where has this been all my life? I'm a nurse, so yeah, my back hurts. I have knots and kinks that I'm always trying to stretch and message away... I came here to look at reviews for a similar product that I saw on Facebook and was disappointed. After some browsing I saw this product, and the bumps looked like just exactly what I needed. Let me tell you, I could not be happier with this product! Those bumps find every knot and kink in my back. I use it on my yoga mat (my son tried it on the bare floor and it kind of rolled out from under him). A few rolls and my back goes, "pop! pop! pop!" and I feel like a new person. Finally! Relief!


The good and the bad.. I was hoping this would pop my back as I rolled. It definently doesnt do that, but is a brutal way to relax your muscles. If you can handle the pain of rolling on it for a few minutes, It will work out alot of muscle tension, so it does give relief in that way..ya gotta be a tough minded desperate person to use this,but most of us are in that situation before we order this product. I'm sure I will use it for years, but it's not my favorite thing to having muscle pain though, after you get through the pain of using it, lol

Not for everyone. Ouch. This thing hurts. I really wanted to love this. Both me and my husband have back pain and are always looking to find relief. I saw this and read reviews and thought it much be what we were looking for. Unfortunately, we've only used a few times. We line it up, carefully lay on it and relax and feel nothing but more pain (both of us). It did pop my back a little once, but it was still painful to use, at all. Neither of us will use it, now. I will likely switch to a smooth yoga one or find one that's a bit softer. Clearly, it works for some people. I'd recommend trying it and returning it in a timely fashion, if it's painful or ineffective. I'm usually good about returning what dosn't work for me, but I was pretty busy when I ordered this and totally forgot.

It didn't help and actually made the issue worse. I would not recommend to anyone you like. I'd read the other reviews to use a towel or some such, but that didn't help at all. This looks like it'll roll along your spine and line everything up, but it doesn't stay in the lanes at all and I just kept rolling off of it. I wish I would have returned it sooner before the window expired, but I was trying to give it a chance. At least now I'm hoping to prevent someone else from wasting a lot of cash on this. It's sturdy - it has that going for it. I could stand on the thing without it bending. That's about all it's good for to me at this point. The item turned out to be overpriced junk rather than anything with any therapeutic value at all. I'm really disappointed.

How to Buy The Best Acumobility Back Roller?

Do you feel stressed figuring out how to buy a good product of Acumobility Back Roller? So many things to consider? Don't know how to choose? Still doubt if it fits or not? We know that all, and we've done what you should have done for a research of the product Acumobility Back Roller from which you can learn how to get the best Acumobility Back Roller.

Before taking deep into the details, let us start with some questions as follows that everyone should have before a purchase of Acumobility Back Roller.

  • Is it worth buying the Acumobility Back Roller?
  • What benefits does the product Acumobility Back Roller offer?
  • What to think about when buying the product Acumobility Back Roller?
  • What makes the Acumobility Back Roller to be the best?
  • Where can you get information as this on the product Acumobility Back Roller?
  • Why and how do you need the Acumobility Back Roller?

You may have many more questions than the above in regards to the Acumobility Back Roller. To help you make a choice that meets your needs and satisfies you most, just read as more info and reviews as possible, no matter good or bad.

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Based on real customer reviews and satisfactions, we use an optimized algorithm to put together objective data into a list of pros and cons as well as product features and specifications as such a good guide for you to follow that you can buy the best Acumobility Back Roller.

What Major Factors We Depend On To Create A Buying Guide

  • Brand. For the product of Acumobility Back Roller, each brand you know or you don't know has its own visibility and reputation, some brands may provide a certain unique technology or selling point to compete with others.
  • Features. What functions can the product of Acumobility Back Roller offer?
  • Specifications. How is the product of like? e.g. size, weight, etc.
  • Color. What color is the product of Acumobility Back Roller? Do you like it?
  • Quality. How good is the product of Acumobility Back Roller? Is it worth the money?
  • Reliability. How durable is the product of Acumobility Back Roller? Does it last long or does it work for a long time for you? Does it come with a warranty?
  • Customer Ratings. How is the average rating for the product of Acumobility Back Roller?
  • Customer Reviews. What real life customers say to the product of Acumobility Back Roller, no matter it is good or bad?


Overall, this is a very good product that earns many praises and is relatively highly rated by real life customers.

We highly recommend the Acumobility Back Roller to you.

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