Weston Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

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weston vacuum sealerweston vacuum sealer


The mission of Weston is to fuel a movement of food traditionalists with enduring, well-built products needed for a self-sustaining approach to food. Weston develops, markets, and distributes appliances and accessories under the proprietary Weston brand and private label brands. Products are designed for hunters, gardeners and food enthusiasts who have a passion for farm-to-table and field-to-table foods.

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer with Double Piston Pump

The powerful fan-cooled motor is designed for continuous, repetitive use without overheating.

The durable stainless steel design and is perfect for bulk foods, leftovers, or safeguarding valuable items from moisture. You can seal a whole chicken or 2 racks of ribs. The double-piston pump creates strong 5mm wide seals at the push of a button. The pump draws up to 28″ HG vacuum strength during the sealing process. Use the manual option for more control when sealing soft or delicate items. The 10 amp fuse is easy to access and the cord completely detaches to reduce countertop clutter.

  • Extra-long 16″ and 5mm wide seal bar fit a variety of bags
  • Simple one-touch operation makes it easy to seal anything
  • Transparent lid makes it easy to align bags and monitor the stages of sealing
  • Powerful, durable motor is fan-cooled for repetitive use, 935 Watts
  • Creates strong, wide seals


vacuum sealer

Preserve venison and other game meats, beef, pork, poultry, fish, and produce longer than traditional methods with the Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer.



vacuum sealer

vacuum sealer for sous vide

Extra-long, extra wide seal bar

The extra-long seal bar means you can use a variety of vacuum sealer bags or customize your bag size, up to 16″ (38 cm) across. The wide 5mm heat bar creates strong, wide seals. Seal a whole chicken or 2 racks of ribs.

Powerful, durable motor is fan-cooled for repetitive use

935 Watts of power provides all the sealing and heating power you need for fast easy, sealing. The fan-cooled motor is designed specifically for continuous, repetitive use without overheating. This machine is both versatile and dependable.

Fuse is easy to access and cord detaches

This vacuum sealer has convenient features like a 10 amp fuse that’s easy to access and a 6′ detachable power cord.

Simple one-touch operation

Preserves foods with the touch of a button, or use the manual option for more control when sealing soft or delicate foods. Powerful double-piston pump seal bar finishes the job fast, sealing bags with strong, airtight seals that are 5mm wide. The pump draws up to 28″ HG vacuum strength when sealing.

Pint Quart Quart 2 Gallon Variety Pack
100 Pint Bags 100 Quart Bags 32 Stand-Up Quart Bags 100 Gallon Bags 50 Bag Variety Pack
Size 6″ x 10″ 8″ x 12″ 8″ x 12″ 11″ x 16″ 25 Pints, 15 Quarts, 10 Gallons
Count 100 100 32 100 50

The stainless steel pro-2300 has everything you need in a vacuum sealer speed: With a powerful double piston pump and seal bar to finish the job in half the time. Flexibility: The extra-long, 15″ seal bar means you can seal a variety of vacuum sealer bag sizes up to 15″ wide. Power: With 935 watts of power, this is one of the most powerful chamber sealers on the market. It even seals through moisture dependability: an extra wide, 5mm seal bar creates a solid, dependable seal every time. Durability: The fan cooled motor is designed specifically for continuous, repetitive use without overheating. Led lights monitor the stages of the sealing process. There are two seal modes depending on the type of sealing you are doing. The automatic mode has a simple one-touch operation, while the manual seal mode allows you to control the amount of vacuum pressure when sealing soft foods or delicate objects. The transparent acrylic lid makes it easy to align the bag perfectly for sealing. The power cord is detachable, and fits within a convenient storage compartment.

Features & Specifications

  • Powerful, pro-performance; Heavy duty construction and 935 watts of power make this vacuum sealer powerful
  • Quick and easy; Just press start; Double piston pump seal bar finishes the job fast; It’s the perfect tool for preserving your prized catch or preparing your garden vegetables for freezing
  • Seals through moisture; Extra wide, 5 millimeters seal bar creates a solid, dependable seal every time; Seal wild game, fish and more
  • Manual seal mode; Allows control over the amount of vacuum pressure for soft delicate foods
  • Fits a variety of bag sizes; Extra-long 15 inches (38 centimeters) seal bar means you can seal up to 15 inches across; Compatible with food saver and Ziploc bags
  • Designed for continuous use; Fan cooled motor designed specifically for continuous, repetitive use without overheating
  • Food saver and Ziploc are the registered trademarks of Sunbeam products and S.C. Johnson and son respectively; Use of the marks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the mark owners
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 23 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 22 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Still working great - update! We're looking at bulk Milk (Land-O-Lakes, Dry Whole Milk, makes 47 gallons), and lots of Rice, in 4 varieties, all which we buy in BULK. Breaking these down to 3-4 serving sizes, add the oxygen absorber & desiccant packet, and they get stored in clear storage buckets in the basement. We've had this thing a number of years - it easily beats everything else in speed, making a good seal, this unit is FAST, like you'd expect from a production unit! This unit is a time saver, a huge time saver, delivering a high quality evacuation & seal 99% of the time. Pros: Speed of vacuum is outstanding. Nice WIDE seal you can visually inspect for quality, wider than the actual bags we use. The bags from Weston are first quality, with a checked patter on one side, the air gets sucked out of the bags *fast*. Easy to clean & robust! Not the flimsy kind of thing. The thick, clear, hinged cover - wonderful to finally SEE if you're messing things up. We have done HUNDREDS of bags in 4 sizes, with far fewer "failures" than our "seal-a-meal" units... This is a high quality unit, we haven't had to replace a single part (we do clean it well, before & after use), I suspect, given the quality of Weston - this is the last vacuum sealer unit we'll ever buy. Lastly, it is QUIET compared to the seal-a-meal units. It is worth the higher price, with food prices soaring, we look for deals, and repackage in 3-4 serving sizes. After 3 years of sitting in the freezer - meats have ZERO evidence of Freezer burn - still tastes as good as the day we vacuum packed it... something I cannot say for the cheaper units. The cover, IMO, makes the difference in sealing, stiff & heavy duty, gives you a solid, even seal. Cons: Yeah, it's big & bulky, heavy - not the kind of unit you'll keep on your counter. I wish we could use it more often, but pulling it out of the box, setting it up (clearing counter space... plugging it in... OK, we're getting OLD and a bit lazy, not as strong). One thing about the weight ... where you put it on the counter or table, it's not gonna STAY, which is actually a PLUS, it's not gonna need suction cups to stay put, so the rubber feet & weight keep it from sliding around as you open and close and seal. I wish it had a little "ramp" for the front, sloping or level would work, because we like to get the seal as close to the food as possible, and cut off the excess bag, a sloping ramp would be ideal. Tips: USE A LITTLE PRESSURE - rest your hand on the handle!!! We vacuum pack "meals" which saves us LOTS of time cooking - "heat and serve" works for us! We use Weston 1qt. 1/2gal & 1gal., size bags. The 1/2 gallon size get the most use for SOUPS ... yes, like Chili, Baked Potato Soup, Broccoli & Cheese, lots of liquid type soups. The secret is a little downward pressure, with your left hand on the black handle, WATCH the bag evacuate, hit the seal button with your right hand, as soon as you see the liquid coming towards the edge of the unit (all the air looks like it's gone). It's gonna happen FAST, so be ready. What works GREAT for soups, is to create a 3/4-1" thick bag of soup, which thaws quickly when run under hot water, and maximizes storage in your freezer (freeze the bags FLAT). For the best packaging, to get it nice and FLAT, we put a couple of books under the front of the unit, so the bag is Level to the cover, then we just slide a hand over the bag to "pre-squeeze" some of the air out. The bag lies flat, and we hit the switch. First time trying to do a bag of soup - I hit the seal button, when I saw it sucking Chili into the unit (Aieeeee! It's making a mess!), and much to our surprise, it still worked perfectly! The cleanup was quick (damp rag), and back in business. We routinely buy in BULK, even with most of the 8 kids moved out, we continue to look for bulk deals, and repackage for 3-4 serving use (3 of us, occasionally a guest). We have used this for Powders, Solids & Liquids successfully. Occasionally, we get a bag that leaks. For things that do not need refrigeration, Rice, Noodles, we 'give it a day' to see if they leaked (sharp, pointed foods puncture bags). Buy Bags, you're not saving anything buying rolls. We wound up with at least half a dozen rolls... you know the routine, cut the size you want, seal one end, to make it a 'bag', and feel good about yourself, because you think you saved $.02 making your own custom size bags - too much work! Wife & I like to "get the job done" and get back to the farm work. On our farm, we've been putting food by, over 18 years, both wifey and I grew up with parents who canned - that is *work* and *dedication* to spend a whole weekend in front of 2 big canners, steaming away. We also dry foods, with 2 dehydrators - and then vacuum pack. The amount of TIME we've saved with this Weston Pro-2300 probably amounts of WEEKS of canning, by comparison. ---- (original review) We've been vacuum sealing meats and vegetables for decades with a Seal-o-meal unit. It was OK, other than we'd have to seal at least 2x to get a leak proof seal, sometimes we didn't realize the seal was no good until it had been in the freezer awhile. Pretty much hit and miss. Recently we bought a Weston meat grinder, with an awesome sausage stuffing spiral - makes GREAT hot dogs, sausages, everything! Decided to replace the old Seal-oops-meal with this Weston Pro-2300. I got what we wanted, it's currently being used for packaging pulled and chopped pork, here's what the kids say. a. It is FAST. 10-15 seconds from hitting the start button, it's completely DONE. b. The WIDE seal has been flawless. One time sealing, and it's DONE. The sealing strip on the bag is almost 1/4" wide.... that ain't gonna leak! c. Stainless Steel looks good, like a professional appliance, it's easy to keep clean. d. Quiet, yes, it doesn't sound like it's struggling to pull a vacuum, we're talking a fast, quiet vacuum pump - it took a little practice, after squeezing and massaging bags to get as much air out as possible (seal-o-meal), this thing quickly and quietly pulls it out, sometimes in less than 5 seconds. e. The clear TOP to the vacuum chamber is a really nice PLUS. It's very thick, and being clear you can see if liquids are being sucked into this overflow tray. It's also nice to see "how much bag" is actually inserted into the unit. f. Heavy duty and rubber feet that stays PUT as you fumble around with bags. The seal-o-meal would slip and slide all over the place, while we were trying to get the darn edge of the bag inserted and the cover down. g. here's a Pro and Con... It'll do a big, wide bag like nothing else. It'll take up counter space - yep, we're using it 2x a week for the pork processing, veggies... we still can't find a good place to store it, it's both good & bad, heavy duty, commercial unit, and big. If you're considering this unit, or another brand - consider that clear top, fast vacuum pump & wide seal on the bags. This isn't a kitchen appliance "toy". Would I buy it again? Well... my daughter is getting married (finally), gonna buy a house and put in a garden. We struggled with the seal-o-meal for 3 decades, and it was over $285, probably 10x that in rolls of bags. What a waste. One of these, with the smallest and medium size bags will be less expensive. Oh, get the pre-made bags, in bulk, you won't regret it - it'll do the roll bags too, just more work and costs more.

Does one thing and does it extremely well…vacuum seal…It’s built like a tank. I don’t generally do reviews. But when I find a product as good as this, I thought I must. As I said it does one thing and it does it well; and that is no-frills vacuum sealing. After operating this for a while I found that I made one mistake. I was pressing down too hard on the vacuum lid when it started sealing. The lid is quite heavy and I found that it does a perfect seal if I do not even press on the lid. I would like to see a vacuum bag roll holder on the back and a cutting bar, but to make up for it I bought an inexpensive product (A-HEYIDA kitchen rolls cutting dispenser) that solved the problem. I was thinking of trading it for a different vacuum sealer with roll holder and cutting bar but I liked it so much that I decided to keep it and I am really glad I did. So if you want a no-frills powerful vacuum sealer that won’t let you down this is the one to buy. I went through three high-end foodsavers in less than a year and a half. They just don’t hold up. I don’t expect to ever replace this and if it fails it is easily fixable as it is made up of all bolted together parts and they are readily available. Mine even came with an extra set of oval vacuum chamber seals and heat tape. I was thinking of deducting one star for the lack of the roll holder and cutting bar but this just does the job so well plus it does not advertise that it comes with the one, that I decided not to. LEM makes a roll holder cutting bar assembly, but they are back ordered until September. I might give that a try when it becomes available. I think it could be easily integrated into this unit. So bottom line with your eyes open about what this will provide and what it does not, I would highly recommend purchasing it.

Excellent results with this machine over the last 8 years. I bought this machine in 2014 and since then have used it to vacuum seal several thousand pounds of fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, etc. I use it for food storage, and the meats that I seal with it easily last for 2+ years in the deep freeze. I also use it for sealing foods to cook in the sous vide. I make my own sausage and bacon and seal and freeze them. I buy meats in bulk quantities and seal them in smaller serving sizes. I seal and freeze my bbq ribs and pulled pork. Wet items like stews, soups, boiled peanuts, broths, etc I will freeze before sealing in plastic containers, then remove from the containers and vacuum seal. About 2 years ago I replaced the heating element and have twice replaced the teflon strip....both very simple operations. I've not had a single problem with this machine. I have owned two cheaper machines in the past and that's exactly what they are...cheaper, both in price and quality. I have found the Avid Armor vacuum bags to work very well.

Great Vacuum Sealer, bags not the best. I had so much fun with the vacuum sealer. I was sealing up everything. Only issues I had were with the bags from the same brand. I had chicken wings and a few chicken breast’s with bones, a few lobster tails, and since all of those items had some rough/poky edges, they kept popping the bags. Also, I realized the sealing element only heats up to a certain temp, it wasn’t hot enough to reseal chip bags (lays, Doritos, etc). I tried pushing down and it still didn’t seal. Once you read the manual and get the hang of the process, it’s super easy and user friendly!

Will keep going. I ordered this cause my old foods saver crapped out.runcome meat thru this and it keeps going without missing a beat.will add a long term review later.if you look at the pic with the bag.the weston will seal a thicker seal then the foodsaver

I love my Weston vacuum sealer!! Love this! !t vacs great, wide seals great and you can adjust it to a variety of bag thicknesses. You can adjust to manual for fragile foods. GREAT!


I would not buy it a second time. However I'm not totally unhappy with it. First off, its big, and its heavy. It seems like a solid machine. IF you need to seal jumbo 2.5 gallon bags for long term food storage or large sous vide meals then this machine is on a short list of vacuum sealers. My first impressions were: 1. If I couldnt find pre cut bags to exactly fit what I needed to seal, this machine would require me pulling out my old foodsaver bag cutter or I'd need to buy something seperate to cut bags. 2. 30% of the time I have to continue holding the vacuum sealer closed for 30 to 40 seconds or it wont suck a reasonable amount of air out. In short my 1st impressions were underwhelmed. If I could have traded this machine for a foodsaver that had a wider sealing strip I would have done it in a heartbeat. Still it does fit extra large bags and thats what I wanted so there wasnt much buyers regret..... Until I had a problem. About 30 bags into my vacuum sealer ownership, the sealer stopped auto sealing the bags. Basically you stick a bag in the sealing section, close the sealer and hit start. Once all the air is sucked out, it seals the bag automatically, goes into cool down mode and releases any residual suction. You wait a minute or 2 for the seal strip to cool down and begin again. It stopped doing this after about 30 bags. It just kept sucking and sucking and sucking. I waited 1 minute the first time, then I hit manual seal and tried another bag. I waited 3 minutes that time before I hit manual seal. I tried one last time and had it suck air for 5 full minutes before I gave up and hit manual seal. All 3 of those bags were leak free. So basically after 30 bags my crazy overpriced vacuum sealers stopped doing 1 of the 3 things its supposed to do (being autosealing). I contacted the company. You are unable to do so via phone. I emailed them 3 times, with 5 days between each email. I stopped attempting to get ahold of them a month ago. They never responded. At this point I'm certain they never will. My vacuum sealer still works. I can put extra large precut bags in it. The machine will suck the air out, and when I think all the air has been removed I can hit a button and it will seal the bag. It still does those things, but it only took 30 bags for it to begin breaking down. I do not have high hopes for its longevity and I have zero confidence in the company that created it. It only gets 3 stars, its an OK product. But your better off with a foodsaver if you dont need to seal giant bags.

Does some things well....but. I received this product about 1 month ago. I vac seal a lot of items on a regular basis. I have been using my old food saver (I probably vac sealed over 1K bags) but it was starting to get quirky on me. Time to upgrade. After reading MANY reviews on the new line of Foodsavers I chose to look elsewhere. I found this semi-commercial model and it had great reviews. For better or worse, here are my thoughts(from someone who has been vac sealing for nearly 20 years) regarding this Weston vac sealer. First the good: 1. It is big and heavy - I like that. It implies quality. 2. It is made in Taiwan, NOT CHINA. Again, a plus. 3. It seems, so far, to be of high quality. 4. It sucks - and I mean that in a good way. This thing could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. 5. The sealing strip is quite large - not that little thread of a seal from my Foodsaver. 6. It can utilize bags up to 15" wide. 7. It is much quieter than my Foodsaver. 8. Much less wasted bag material when sealing than the Foodsaver. 9. Bags are a little cheaper than Foodsavers Now the bad: 1. Hard to store, especially if your kitchen is already crowded. 2. No built in bag cutter like my Foodsaver. I know, you'll say 'what's his problem? No big deal." Yes, big deal. There are no edge hash marks on Weston bags to guide cutting with scissors (and you NEED a straight cut) and the bags WILL NOT be cut by a guillotine style paper cutter - trust me. 3. This unit WILL NOT vac seal Foodsaver bags. Haven't tried generics yet. 4. The biggest problem I have seen so far is in the bags themselves. Yes, they are cheaper than Foodsaver bags, but I have already seen a 25% to 30% failure rate. Made meatballs a few night ago. Froze them, bagged them up and vac sealed them. They suctioned out great. 3 days later I was making spaghetti and found that out of the 4 bags I sealed, 2 had failed. I have no idea why but it is of great concern to me. We do not go to the time and trouble of vac sealing our food only to find out 6 months down the road that the rib eyes you WERE going to cook are freezer burned. I have had Foodsaver bags fail on me in the past, but quite honestly, only about 5% of the time, if that. OVERALL: I would recommend this item for it's superb suction power and quality of workmanship. However, know that it come with built in limitations.

Works well... until it didn't! Date of Purchase: January 10, 2019 Date of Death: August 29, 2021 I've had this vacuum sealer for about two and a half years. And it seemed to work well... until it didn't! When I first got it, the first thing I noticed was how heavy and clunky it was! It was much bigger than the previous food saver that I was replacing. Too big to just leave out on the counter now like I used to do, so I had to do some rearranging to make it fit in a cabinet. Then there was the struggle to get it in and out of the cabinet every time I needed to use the machine - which made my food prep even more of a chore! The second thing I noticed was that it takes half a second for the power to come on after I turn the switch on. And sometimes I turn the switch on but it doesn't fully engage, making me think the machine is dead. Then I toggle the switch off/on and it works. The third thing I didn't like was how much pressure was needed to close the lid for the seal. This wasn't a huge issue, until my carpal tunnel started getting really bad. And after tiring my hands with lots of chopping and slicing, pressing that lid down would get harder and harder. For some it may seem easy. But for weak hands/wrists, not so much. But I got past all of that and the machine was great. Worked like a champ when I used it, which for the most part, was about every 2-3 months - a little more this year since I've been gardening and freezing some of the vegetables. I would say this machine was under light to medium use. Not heavy use by any means. Now here we are, a little over two and a half years later, and it won't vacuum air. At all. The motor runs, but there's no suction. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. This didn't just happen in the middle of a run. My last batch was done a few weeks ago, and it worked just fine. I put the machine away as usual, then got it back out today to package up some zucchini slices that I'd flash frozen and just retrieved from the freezer. I had already separated them into bags and was ready to vacuum seal them but no dice! Or rather, no suction! Ha. For the price, this machine definitely should have lasted much longer than this!

Absolutely NO customer service. Purchased this in 2012. Used VERY sparingly. You used to be able to contact them for help & parts which I have done in the past. Already replaced and paid for the vacuum pump & valve. Now it fails to evacuate the bag & will not shut off, I need to hit manual seal. I have replaced the seals & they are good. I now need help. The "800" number is a farce. Tells you to go to their website & fill out a form for help. I have done this 4 times in the past week & absolutely NO response. No available phone# on the web. When it worked, it worked very well. It has, however, not worked very well very often. The Better Business website has nothing good to say about them. I have a half cow coming next week & it looks like I will be purchasing another vacuum sealer quickly. Just NOT a Weston. And just to rub salt in the wound, this "wonderful" companies customer service still will not reply to me, but they DID use the info on my request form to start sending me emails trying to sell me their products. Unreal !!

Strong sealer but VERY problematic!!! UPDATE: DO NOT BUY WESTON PRODUCTS AS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABYSSMAL AND THEIR PRODUCTS DO NOT LAST!!!! They do not respond. When they were taking calls they tried to blame me, the user. When I finally did convince them to do a warranty repair I spent money shipping my 1100 in only TO get it back partially repaired while also saying they did certain repairs that were never done. Today they do not take calls because of Covid but also do not respond to their e-mail customer service. I have sent in 2 requests in the last 3 weeks with the ONLY response being they got my inquiry they will get back to me in 3 days. Today I tried submitting my 3rd request only to be bounced off the site when I attempted to “submit” the inquiry with no e-mail verification. MY PREVIOUS POST: When the 1100 works it is good, BUT, it is very quirky, you will have issues!!! I could accept this if there was customer service available but Westons is hands down the worst customer support experience I’ve ever had. Avoid any and all Weston products if customer support matters to you. When the Pro 1100 works it is great, BUT; mine has been problem ridden since day 1. As of this review I've had mine for 2 years and use it infrequently. The good - easy to use, strong vacuum, accessory port, bag roll holder, solid construction. The bad - problematic....had to return it for warranty repair as it would not attain full vacuum after 6 months. I had to pay for shipping which was costly. The bag sealer, after sealing, does not always release vacuum so the bag gets stuck. I have to cycle on and of or other gyrations to get it to release. This started after warranty expired. As of this week the accessory port stopped working as it had a hairline crack letting air thru. I called Weston who stated they do not provide replacement parts for that even though the port design is subject to wear and failure...shocking given one of the selling points was it being repairable. I ended up buying aquarium air tubing and now have a tube coming out of it to act as the accesory port. Works, but looks tacky. If Weston carried the accessory port I'd be OK with paying for the part and doing the repair. The fact that they do not makes it more sensible to buy a cheaper $99 Foodsaver and simply replace it if it goes bad. Net, net...great sealer when it works but it is problematic. I definately would not buy it again. Also, Weston was not the least bit helpful when I called regarding the accesory port. They offered no suggestions, solutions, empathy, and was not the least bit interested in feedback.

Don’t be an idiot like me and buy this. This is my second purchase of this piece of junk. The first lasted three years and I was very happy with it until the heating bar melted at the connector and vacuum pump failed at the same time. I ordered a kit with seals and heating bar tape and connector, etc to try to fix it. NOPE The second I bought this past June 2021, used it twice sparingly, and the vacuum pump appears to be broken. So maybe the 10th seal performed with this second machine and it’s now a piece of trash or a very big, heavy, shiny paperweight. I want to smash them both into 1” pieces of useless “sealer” and send them back so that maybe they can make one out of the pieces that is worth something. I recommend NOT buying this junk. I recommend, if you want to be robbed of $400 that you don’t buy it. Trust me. My real problem is that there isn’t a reliable vacuum sealer made, and we need one! This Weston pro 2300 and it’s previously purchased twin are going in the trash Wednesday. Some may say “return it for repair “. I’m not stupid. Do you want to pay for shipping on a 35lb item and still get junk back from Weston? Oh Yes, read fine print and see that if you Don’t send a copy of your receipt back to them within 30 DAYS the warranty is void. (I guess 100 or so extra days gives you too much time to forge the receipt. Nah, I’m pretty sure that rule is in effect because chances are that it won’t work after 30 days. Read the reviews carefully. You will see the trend. I’m out about a thousand dollars on Weston machines and I’ll never spend another dime on them.

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