ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock

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smart lock front door smart door locks electronic door locks door locks with deadbolts

smart lock front door smart door locks electronic door locks door locks with deadbolts

Oh. So. Strong.

Ultraloq Smart Lock has undergone 250,000 high-strength tests, and its maximum bearing capacity can reach 1600lbf. Certified by ANSI Grade 1. Proven for up to 35 times the strength of standard residential locks along with a 7 times longer lifespan.

Anti-peep Keypad

Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. Even at night with the bright backlight of smart lock keypad.

Share Temporary Access

U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock allows you to grant access to airbnb guests, dog walkers or service people via a code or an Ekey for specific dates or times.

Auto Unlock and Auto Lock

Smart Lock auto unlocks when you arrive at your door with your smartphone in your pocket and auto locks when you leave.

door lock smart lock keyless entry door lock deadbolt lock

door lock smart lock keyless entry door lock deadbolt lock

door lock smart lock keyless entry door lock deadbolt lock

door lock smart lock keyless entry door lock deadbolt lock

Mechanical Key

U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock uses standard Schlage C keyway deadbolt cylinder.

Backup mechanical key for emergency override.

MicroUSB For Backup Power

Powered by four AA Alkaline batteries with up to more than one year of battery life through regular use. Low battery notification via smartphone app. Use an external battery to activate your Smart Lock even when the batteries are dead.

Keep You Secure

IP65 rated dust and weatherproof external Smart Lock built to withstand heat and cold. Dual data encryption using secure 128-bit AES and a Dynamic Key that will keep your data safe.

DIY Installation

U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock fits most standard US doors. The simple installation takes minutes with a screwdriver. No wiring and no drilling.

Door measurements: 1 3/8″ – 1 3/4″ thickness, 2 1/8″ Bore Hole, 1” Edge Hole, 2 3/4” or 2 3/8″ Backset

U-Bolt Pro Pro Wifi BK Wifi smart lock door lever AA Batteries
Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wifi with Door Sensor, Built-in WiFi Ultraloq U-Bolt Wifi with Door Sensor, Built-in WiFi Ultraloq U-Bolt with Bridge ULTRALOQ Handle Special for ULTRALOQ Smart Deadbolt Recommended Batteries with Up to 4 Times of Battery Life
Smartphone Control Remotely via WiFi Extra WiFi Bridge required Built-in WiFi Built-in WiFi WiFi adaptor included
Share Ekey & Code Extra WiFi Bridge required
Anti-peep Code
Fingerprint ID
Auto Unlock
Auto Lock Locks on a preset timer Locks when the door closes Locks when the door closes Locks on a preset timer
Work with Alexa/Google/IFTTT Extra WiFi Bridge required
Door Sensor For Door Left Open Alert
MicroUSB For Emergency Power
Lock Type Deadbolt Deadbolt Deadbolt Deadbolt Latch

Features & Specifications

  • 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock: Touch and Go 360° Fingerprint ID + Anti-peep Keypad + Smartphone + Auto Unlock + Shake to Open + Mechanical Key
  • Control Your Ultraloq Smart Lock via Bluetooth: Lock, unlock, share access and see a Log of who’s entered and exactly when they did using smartphone App. Grant access to your family, guests or service people via a code or an eKey for permanent access, specific dates or periods of time. Ultraloq Bridge WiFi Adaptor is required for remote access (sold separately).
  • Auto Lock and Auto Unlock: Smart Lock automatically locks as you leave and unlocks when you arrive at your door with your smartphone in your pocket. 360° Live Fingerprint ID. Just one touch to unlock your smart lock. No more fumbling around for keys. Stores up to 100 fingerprints. Up to 50 customizable 4-8 digit codes for backup.
  • Certified Highest Security and Durability: ANSI/BHMA A156.36 Commercial Grade 1. Proven for up to 35 times strength of standard residential locks along with a 7 times longer lifespan. IP65 rated dust and weatherproof external Smart Lock built to withstand heat and cold.
  • DIY Installation: Replace your current deadbolt with just a screwdriver. Backed by Ultraloq, world’s leading smart lock brand with more than 1 million happy American users. Plus lifetime mechanical warranty and 18 months electronic warranty.
  • Dimensions: 2.95 x 2.95 x 1.22 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Warranty: 18 months electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty

Pros & Cons


Love this smart lock! Video Player is loading. Current Time 0:00 / Duration 5:25 : Stream Type Remaining Time - 5:25 It's easy to install. We have the non pro unit which is nice but this Pro has a fingerprint reader. I love this for my kids so they don't have or lose a key. There's options if you get their bridge to control it remotely via wifi and your smart phone. I also like how you can provide different levels of access and remove it when you want. I made a video with my oldest son Jesse to help me show how easy it is to install and use.

Front panel stopped working after 3 days.- issue resolved thanks to the excellent customer support. Worked wonderfully at the beginning but the front panel stopped working after 3 days. It seems to be some lock down function was triggered by a failed entry via fingerprint (even I used the correct finger at unlock) . The device stated beeping and the key pad stopped working. I found no way to stop the beeping until I unplugged the bridge and re-plug. Yet, the front panel still isn’t functioning. The lock can still unlock/lock via phone and does auto lock after 30s. I searched user manual and on internet, didn’t find any information about how to fix. I had to reset the device to factory setting, but still no luck. Situation gets even worse! as after resetting the lock, the phone app no longer provides fingerprint setup option for user, and the beeping comes back! This time I have to take out the battery in order to mute it. I have asked the customer support, will update if any solution comes back. —————- update 11/09/2019 Issue is resolved after contacting U-Tec customer support , I found the phone number from their homepage and called, it connected to a knowledgeable representative , she listens to me and diagnosed the issue as broken wire that connects the front panel to the back panel. She sent me the device to replace and I am now a happy customer again. This product is so far the best valued smart lock (with the same smart functionality) at the lower cost than the others. Tip #1: when install the lock, you have to treat the wire as delicate parts, do not fold it nor push it too hard Tip #2: when set up the app control, update the firmware first, the “connecting....” issue would go away after that. If it does persist, restart the app and try again.

Plz don’t support garbage products like this one. I am changing my rating because they got a software upgrade and now it’s working a lot Better. I would recommend it. Hey everyone! I had to leave this review. I am a software engineer and one of my hobbies is mechanical engineering. So this product took me 10 mins to install, supper easy plus I got the tools. Then it took me 3 hours!!! To set it up half way in the software. Their software is by FAR the most garbage software I have ever touched for a company with that size. If they spend 10% of their marketing budget on software enhancement it would be a lot better than a software written by a 10 year old. Not even kidding I have seen kids do way better software than U-Lock app. Alexa integration - rating 0/10 - Alexa detected the product but lock and unlock doesn’t happen Gio licking - rating 10/10 - worked like a charm Fingerprint - rating 0/10 - Every time I turn on feature so I scan my finger it logs out user then the lock gets in connection fail state and it keeps beeping then it unlocks the door and you CAN NOT lock the door again!!! What a lovely feature for all burglars Remote control from anywhere - it never worked Me wasting my time to write about this review that extensively that should be a good indication for you to not buy this item. This is my 1 week review of it. And I am gonna find a different product that actually have an app and a lock that works!!


It's trash. Well here I am. Haven't had it for 24hrs and I hate it. I've already put my keyed deadbolt back on and submitted my return of this pos. It just doesn't work like it claims. The geofence feature 100% does not work. The biometrics work 1 out of 6 times, usually causing a lockout from failed attempts. Bluetooth does nothing, I don't understand what it's for. The bridge is worthless it rarely connects to the app, when it does, it takes several minutes to access the lock from the app. The only thing that works is the keypad. I didn't try the key because I've already dropped it off for my return. I hated this thing for the 20hrs I owned it. I installed access control, electric door strikes and mag locks for almost a decade. Don't buy this.

HARD PASS, this is a toy and NOT a lock you can rely on. I am extremely handy, like master's in engineering handy and it's what I do for a job. I worked for a locksmith for a summer in high school, so I know locks, keys, installs, etc. I have all the tools I would ever need to instal most anything in a house, and almost as many automotive tools as well. This is not the first smart lock I have installed. I have experience with other brands, and I like Schlage the best. This unit falls way short of a real lock I would trust my home security too. I could start with how much plastic they use, but that is not the biggest issue. First, I have to say I got everything working, the lock, the app, everything works as intended. However, the biggest flaw I see is that the motor the opens and closes the bolt is so weak, in order to allow it to travel, you have to almost not tighten the 2 bolts that hold the lock to the door. Any amount of torque and the bolt will not turn. This lock might be good inside a house for a sibling trying to keep someone out of their room, but for a front door lock, it is just not good enough, too weak. If a burglar sees one of these locks, he will most certainly know your house is essentially unlocked. When you open the key panel, the wires are even exposed, so someone could easily short the wires and open the lock with a screwdriver. As deadbolts go, it was not hard to install, I already had a non-smart deadbolt already installed, so mine was easy to set up. I had to widen the hole slightly for the bolt, and I widened it more once I saw how easy the motor would snag and have no power to push the bolt shut. I must have assembled, and re-assembled this lock at least 50 times already, I keep trying to adjust it to no avail. The electric motor is just too weak. I am going to try and use caulking to hold the outside lock in place since I cannot use any force from the bolts. I really wanted this lock to work, so very badly. But,. a poor design will not be overcome by my determination. I feel this will ultimately be returned, and I will have to spend double to get a Schlage version that actually works. I do not endorse Schlage, I just know their smart locks work and are better thought out. This model seems like a toy, and that is why it is cheaper in price, the price-to-quality ratio explains that 100%. Go make a version 2 Ultraloq, I will try your next model and perhaps you will improve the design. :(

Needs frequent reboot. I really wanted to like this lock. Pretty easy to install. Pretty easy to set up users and codes. Getting the wireless working was a bit slower. I liked the looks and feature set. After a week the lock shut down. No lights, no connection. The bolt was locked so had i been outside i would have been locked out. I took it apart and reinstalled it. It worked, except that wireless had to be set up again. Then it happened again a week later. I removed one of the batteries, waiting a minute, and push it back it. In essence, i rebooted it. And it worked, again except for wireless. It's happened twice more. The batteries check good, but i've replaced them. I've had to reboot it 4 times in less than 4 weeks. I've exchanged emails with Product Support, but without success. I'd be glad to try the next version when it comes out.

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