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TopTopper Mattress TopperTopTopper Mattress TopperTopTopper Mattress TopperTopTopper Mattress Topper

Features & Specifications

  • Extra Thick & Supportive: TopTopper mattress topper is made of overfilled (50% 3D + 50% 7D) virgin fiber, the most advanced virgin fiber fabric filling, to ensure the Comfort and thickness of the mattress topper, provide sufficient support for the body, let you feel full score of energetic every morning you wake up. Compared to the traditional mattress topper, it uses 3D velvet instead of padding to disperse body pressure and prevent sagging.
  • Ultra Fluffy & Super Soft: TopTopper mattress topper with tight woven and cooling fiber Technology padding makes the mattress topper super fluffy with breathable circulation inside, so that the mattress topper to maintain softness and elasticity. The ergonomic angle design fits perfectly on your back, allowing you to have a good night's sleep.
  • Deep Pocket Design & No Deform: 8-21 inch stretch deep pocket can perfectly wrap your mattress topper and can be easily placed on most mattress topper, you can turn over freely on quiet nights without noise or worry about mattress movement. The Egyptian Cotton Technology high-quality materials used in the mattress pads are also durable, and there is no risk of tearing even if it is cleaned frequently, let alone deformation.
  • Cool Feeling & Sleep Well: The cooling microfiber topping material gives you a cool feeling. The 50% virgin cooling microfiber added to the fillings creates the possibility of breathing in the mattress pad, ensuring breathable circulation inside the mattress. The flow of air makes you do not feel uncomfortable or too hot at night. The high-density mattress pad interior material can absorb moisture and dry quickly, actually balancing your body temperature throughout the night.
  • Customer Service & Care Instruction: TopTopper cooling mattress topper are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, do not contain harmful substances, and help decrease the negative outcomes of a person who has sensitive skin. Machine washable, under gentle cycle with chilly water, tumble dry low. Please DO NOT iron, DO NOT dry clean. If you have any inquiries or issues, please feel free to contact us, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Special Note: Our mattresses are vacuum packaged. When the mattress was first removed, due to the lack of air filling, it did not appear thick enough, but after a few days, it was able to return to its normal thickness.
  • Dimensions: 84 x 72 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 11.53 pounds

Pros & Cons


Very comfortable! It makes a big difference! We recently bought a nice memory foam mattress, but it was more on the firm side for me, soft for my husband since he is heavier then me, but a bit too firm for me. I was so disspointed tossing and turning all night, not to mention the perimenopausal hot flashes. Had this topper about week, and I have to share this with others. It is GREAT!!! Wow. I sleep much better. I was worried that it would be to soft for my husband, but I didn't tell him the first night I put it on and he couldn't even tell but it made a world of difference for me! Mattress feels amazing now. Feels like the hotel mattresses. The combination of the foam mattress and the topper Perfect! However, it is not as thick as on the picture, it looks more like 'Others' then 'Ours' haha if you looked at the pictures, so don't get discouraged when you unpackage it... but it really doesn't matter because it is sooo comfortable. If you are looking for that extra softnes and comfort, don't look further, this is amazing, and it really keeps you COOL too, that is a big plus. Just great. So happy I chose this one. The price is great too, and so nicely made too.

FIRM TOPPER. I had to order a new topper because my 6 month old female Cane corso/ German shepherd decided to pee on my bed 1 hour after I had just put new sheets and blankets. I had a foam topper and with my dog peeing on it, just gave me a reason to go ahead and purchase a new one. I needed a new topper anyways. After searching and reading all reviews along with cost, I chose to go with a different topper besides foam. I was hesitant to purchase a down topper as I felt it would just go flat but the reviews gave some justice. I've had the topper for 1 month and even washed it (I recommend going to a wash house and using the 5 load washer to wash this sucker, it's huge, heavy and will blow your washing machine out). It stayed fluffy and it actually provides a soft but firm feeling. So far so good on my part and have been sleeping very well. My dog also has been trained to not pee on it again. hahaha

I absolutely love this topper!! I did a lot of research before I purchased this mattress pad/topper. The reviews on it were superb and I am here to tell you that those reviews are absolutely true! I really didn’t think it would live up to the expectations I had, boy was I wrong! I let the topper sit for a day after I unpacked it, it is super compacted in the shipping box. Then I washed it in my top loader average size washer, used warm water on a delicate cycle. Then I ran it through the dryer, average size. You have to check on it every 10 minutes or so to make sure it drying evenly. Otherwise it can sit too long in one spot where the heat is coming in. I didn’t want it to get damaged. I used the low heat, cotton setting. Then I put it on the bed, I have a queen size mattress and it fit perfectly!! The sides and elastic are well made, fit nicely and stay it place. Man was I happy when I got into bed that night, and every night since! It is super plush, like sleeping on a feather mattress. It’s not too soft, it’s a perfect combination of soft and plush. It doesn’t leave indentations, meaning when you get out of it, it fluffs back up. Even when I roll over at night and reposition, I don’t feel an indentation. Every time I wash my sheets, once a week, I rotate the mattress topper 160 degrees. I will wash it every couple months. It’s so comfortable! I look forward to getting into bed every night! I am so happy with this product! I was thinking I might have to buy two and stack them, if this one wasn’t soft enough. So happy to find that there was no need for that. Highly, highly recommend this mattress topper. I’m surprised it’s so inexpensive, I would’ve paid double for it. The quality of the material and the sewing is top notch! I only have a good things to say about this product.

Softness. This topper feels like clouds. My mattress does not feel that great and with this topper i can’t feel that i have a crappy mattress. I wanted to sleep on a full 30 days before i wrote my review I’m still trying to figure out if it makes me sweat but also i am a little hot natured but yes if you are looking for comfortability buy buy buy

Decent topper does make top mattress more soft. Good deal without spending for the 150 and up Mattress topper . My wife likes it . she sleep better our bed is extra firm so this helps a bit still a bit harder than wanted but more able to sleep on our side without hurting shoulders ect . We also have a memory foam 2 inch under this topper on the main mattress . Those teo together helps a lot with a extra firm. Now if was put on a more mattress maybe really good.

Sleep well. This topper has changed The way I feel when I wake up every morning. I am able to sleep at night. The new mattress was to hard and I was not going to buy another. I purchased a 3" foam pad and sent it back. My Top topper is working just fine, thank you for the good night sleep.


Super comfy- NOT cooling. After first opening, because the topper is vacuum packed, it was super wrinkled and lumpy. The instruction sheet said to tumble dry on low heat for a few minutes to fluff it up so I did just that. Worked beautifully. Put the topper on my bed and had high hopes of a good nights sleep. Unfortunately… the main reason I chose this topper specifically was because it claims to be cooling and breathable. This was not the case. In all fairness, I am a hot sleeper (again, why I chose this “cooling” topper) but within an hour of falling asleep I woke up sweating like crazy. NOT “cool”. This topper is definitely comfortable, so if you don’t sleep hot I’d say go for it… but if you are looking for something cooling I’d say keep searching because this is not that. I will be returning.

It's OK, But Not Lofty. This is supposed to have a greater than 3" loft. As directed, I let it sit untouched for 24 hrs, then let the dryer fluff it for 5 min. But neither process had much effect on the "puffiness". It's soft; but it flattens right down as soon as you lay on it. And I mean, flat. I put it with a 4" foam topper and it did seem to provide a little extra cushion. By itself, on the bed mattress, no support. The cover topper felt like lying on a puffy duvet-- no real padding. So, if you use it with a firm foam topper, it's OK, but not great. If used as your only topper, not good.

Comfy but HOT. This is something that is best used during cold weather months. It will keep you very warm. I found myself sweating. After one night I had to take it off and store it away. It was very comfortable and the pockets are stretchy so it’s good for beds that are higher.

Don't waste your money if you are looking for loftiness. 100% polyester. Not cooling like it says, or lofty like the photo shows. The paperwork with it even says it may cause you to get hot and to use a fan. It would make a nice mattress cover, but that's about all. Don't expect much in the way of extra comfort or back aligning.

Not worth it. This product is not what it should be or the article that it's showing in the site. I was so mad about it because it showed it was thick and fluffy but nope it was not wat I was expecting at all not even half of it was fluffy or had any filling. So disappointing I was hoping not to go back and purchase another in awhile.

More like adding another fitted sheet? The picture that makes this thing appear to be 5” thick is inaccurate, to put it kindly. Do not waste your money on this. It’s flat as a pancake and will provide zero comfort on the mattress.

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