Tablecloth for Folding Table -Fitted Rectangular Table Cloth Plastic Vinyl Backed with Elastic Rim- for Christmas|Parties, Picnic

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Tablecloth for Folding Table -Fitted Rectangular Table ClothTablecloth for Folding Table -Fitted Rectangular Table ClothParties, Picnic Table, waterproof, Tear-resistant, Stain-resistant, Outdoor & IndoorTablecloth for Folding Table -Fitted RectangularPlastic Vinyl Flannel Backed, Elastic Rim- for Christmas, Parties,

Features & Specifications

  • EFFICIENT ELASTIC DESIGN with an inner elastic lining all the way around, so it`ll hang over around the table tightly! No pulling, tugging, tripping or everything being blown over and shifting when people move from the table.
  • PERFECT SIZE: means we have 7 sizes, 3 FT, 4 FT, 5 FT, 6 FT, 7 FT, 8 FT, 9 FT, Please adjust any size of tablecloth, to the size of the table, suitable for surfaces with edges up to 3 inches thick '. There is a larger size
  • PREMIUM QUALITY- EASY CLEANING & WATER RESISTANT, so it`ll be cleaned in an instant! Wipe it as much as you want - the color won`t fade AT ALL! It`s made from the highest quality PEVA - it will hold up to wear and tear. It`s created to last, so use & enjoy the table cloth again & again.
  • CONVENIENT USE means it can be installed & removed easily by one person. NO FUSS! It saves any preparation time! After use, wipe, dry and slide it back off the table and fold it away for the next time.
  • ELEGANT DESIGNS FOR EVERY OCCASION in the garden, out traveling on a picnic table or celebrating- the best choice for your special occasion! These Tablecloths are perfect for both indoor & outdoor entertaining parties. They come in attractive, practical and stylish patterned colors.
  • Dimensions: 432"L x 288"W
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces

Pros & Cons


a bit pricey, but they fit well, and look good. I order 6 6ft table cloths in green, and while a bit pricey per cloth, they were exactly as described, shipped in a timely manner, fit well on my plastic folding tables, and have been holding up to near daily usage in a senior center for the last few weeks so far so good with just a wet rag with a light spraying of 50% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning each day. No harsh chemicals should be used according to the tags in the packages. However the long term durability has yet to be seen.

GAME CHANGER!!!! Ok - so it may be weird that we are so excited about a plastic table cover but this works so well!! It stays out & we had 15 people for a fish fry after a day on the boat. We were super impressed with how these held up & stayed put outside. We will be buying more for sure!

You won’t be disappointed! Bought these for camping trips and I love them! They fit our long table we bring and fits most campground picnic tables but some tables at campgrounds can be a bit longer so these don’t work for those. I think these are the most durable ones I’ve ever bought! So good I bought a couple more. These are hands down my favorite and I love that they are “fitted” to go on the table. They clean up beautifully and I don’t think you will be disappointed at all with these! I’ll buy more in the future.


Not worth the money - fades/holes. We've used this tablecloth 3x, and it's already worn out. The pattern is already wiped off, and it's very thin (or has holes) in areas. Would NOT recommend this product if using more than a few times. Not a long-term durable tablecloth. You're better off getting 13 $1 tablecloths from the Dollar Tree... those will last you longer.

Tablecloth. I sooo wanted to love these. I bought one prior to purchasing these tablecloths and it’s been amazing. I loved that one soo much I bought several. I stored them and used them for a kids craft project. I used easy to clean paint and Elmers glue. I started cleaning the paint of with water and soap and the tablecloth tore so I said to myself maybe just a defective one. I moved on to the next one and the same thing happened. I was soo angry because each one was expensive. Will not buy again

The pattern wipes off! The pattern just starting coming off after about a week. I only used a soapy sink cloth to clean it. It was purchased on Feb 4, 2019. Today's date is March 19, 2019. I forgot to send it back and when I got on Amazon to see about returning it, I see that there is not a return option for this. Do NOT buy this!

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