Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces


Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

Eight sushi shapes, whatever you want!

Size of various tools:

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

How to Use the Molds:

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

Go Design Your Own Cuisine!

Get ready to thrill your taste buds with sushi, the amazing Japanese cuisine that has hooked the world, designed for beginners; this kit lets you satisfy your cravings for sushi while also letting you experiment with new food preparation techniques in the kitchen. All the tools you need to easily create your own Japanese-style sushi at home!

Four Classic Sushi Shapes

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

Heart shape

Triangle shape

Round shape

Square shape

Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces

sushi making sushi making kit Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces Sushi Making Kit 10 Pieces
Sushi Making Kit Sushi Making Kit New Upgrade Sushi Making Kit Dumpling Maker Egg rings
Material Food grade plastic Food grade plastic Food grade plastic Stainless steel Stainless steel
Use function Making sushi in various shapes Making sushi in various shapes Making sushi in various shapes Ravioli Stamp Maker, Dumplings Maker, biscuits etc. Fry round eggs to make hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.
Number of sets 10 PACK 10 PACK 14 PACK 6 PACK 2 PACK
Color Off-White Red Off-White Silver Black+Orange

Features & Specifications

  • ♥PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: The HT&WC sushi maker is made with superior quality, highly durable food-grade materials, which are easy to clean and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.
  • ♥EASY TO USE & PRACTICAL: Say goodbye to failed experiences, wasted ingredients and countless frustrations with this easy to use DIY sushi making kit for beginners, which provides professional, chef-like results every time!
  • ♥IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS: Order this sushi mold set for yourself or as a thoughtful housewarming present for a sushi lover, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Impress your loved ones or dinner guests with home-made rive-rolls, sushi, gimbap in the shape of hearts, squares, triangles or rounds!
  • ♥EASY TO CLEAN: all components are designed to prevent sticking, BPA free, dishwasher safe for cleaning effortlessly
  • ♥Sushi In addition to the great flavors, sushi can also introduce a lot of varying nutrition in your body! Since it is made mainly of specially cooked rice, you can get the essential carbohydrate and a negligible amount of fat from it. Another regular ingredient - nori seaweed - is full of iodine.
  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds

Pros & Cons


Inexpensive Kit for making your first sushi! Made my first two large sushi rolls on Friday, using this kit. Delicious. Used recipes I found online. Tools include ways to make several different shapes and two sizes. Instructional brochure was horrible, nice photos, but mislabeled tools, and repeated instructions incorrectly, random errors, very confusing. Would have liked one roller sheet, even plastic, with the kit (not absolutely necessary, but allows you to do inverse rolls- rice outside the seaweed). Overall, a very good investment, but throw away the instructions - more frustration than help. And also buy a single rolling sheet (bambook or plastic) if you want to make sushi with rice on the outside. PS MAKE SURE to use real sushi rice, which is hard to find in grocery stores, or you will be sorry. Highly recommend "Sushi Cookbook for Beginners", available on Amazon.

Amazing product,. I love making sushi with my family and I used different tools to make sushi but it always ended up super messy. I saw this sushi making kit on Amazon and bought it without a doubt because I’ve seen the video of how to use this . When the product delivered to my door I used it right away and I was so amazed because it’s easy to use and my sushi came out so perfect!My family and I was so amazed with this product, it gives me a wonderful feeling because I can now serve my sushi clean and perfect,I highly recommended this product!

Great quality, great family times. My niece is my favorite person in the whole world. She just turned 12. We love to go out for sushi together, but anytime we have tried to make it at home, it's been a disaster. So for Christmas, I surprised her with this sushi making kit, for her twelfth birthday we are going to our local Asian market for ingredients and we are going to have the best sushi night together, thanks to this excellent product!


Not for me. I really didn’t care for these sushi molds. I didn’t find them relatively easy to use. The shapes also we’re not what I expected. The square large shape is just really too large. I have a sushi mat and a sushi tube which works much better than these molds.I would have to give these mulch a D in grade.

More crap in my kitchen. The video made me think I would easily become a super sushi chef with my kids. It’s a lot of plastic pieces and not interchangeable. Takes up space where a good old bamboo mat works better and is easier to use.

Not as easy as it would seem. Still pretty time consuming and the sushi doesn’t automatically turn out great. Proportions are important. Seems like a lot of added steps and pieces and clean up when I could just roll the sushi by hand and have the same result

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