Suncast 54 Cubic Ft. Vertical Resin Outdoor Storage Shed, Sand, 52” x 32.5” x 71.5″

vertical sheds, outdoor storage, suncast, storage solutions


vertical sheds, outdoor storage, suncast, storage solutions

vertical sheds, outdoor storage, suncast, storage solutions

vertical sheds, outdoor storage, suncast, storage solutions

Low maintenance design is easy to clean & maintain.

Easy assembly with minimal tools.

Pad-lockable for added security (lock not included).

About Suncast:

You take pride in creating a beautiful environment. We take pride in helping you keep it that way.

Discover the storage option that’s right for you. With sheds and deck boxes in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, we’ve got you covered. Add tasteful and functional accessories to complete your space, and you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful—and perfectly organized—environment, inside and out.

Suncast Vertical Sheds

  • Multi-wall panels are engineered for strength and stability.
  • All weather construction provides water resistance and UV protection.
  • Site preparation and foundation construction required. Materials not included.

There’s no shortage of storage opportunities to discover:

Store long-handled tools such as brooms and rakes

Enable easy access to waste storage bins

Organize all your essential gardening gear

(Shelving sold separately)

Easily stow seasonal items and more

Suncast offers the perfect storage solution to compliment any space:

BMS1250 – 22 cu. ft. Vertical Shed

BMS1500 – 20 cu. ft. Vertical Shed

BMS4500 – 52 cu. ft. Vertical Shed

BMS6500 – 98 cu. ft. Vertical Shed

Storage space can be a problem, let this Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Shed be your solution. This Large Vertical Shed is designed to supply generous storage space for outdoor gear, tools, equipment, firewood, sporting goods, and more. It’s fashioned with multi-wall resin and is outfitted with adjoining door handles to attach a padlock (sold separately). Abililty to add shelving (not included). This hut measures 52in by 32.5 inches by 71.5″. Let this Vertical Storage Shed do some of the heavy lifting for you. 54 cubic feet of space, great for storing long handled equipment. Made in the USA.

Features & Specifications

  • OUTDOOR STORAGE SHED: Vertical design for storing long handled tools and garden accessories
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Multi-wall panels are engineered for strength and stability
  • LONG-LASTING FINISH: All-weather construction provides water resistance and UV protection to stay looking new over time
  • LOCKABLE DOORS: Padlock hasp allows doors to lock and protect valuables
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 52” x 32.5” x 71.5" for versatile storage without taking up too much space
  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 52 x 71.5 inches
  • Weight: 102 Pounds

Pros & Cons


A little difficult to assemble, but not a bad product for the money. I purchased two. The second one was definitely easier to assemble than the first. I would highly recommend watching every video available on how to assemble these. For the price, I think they’re a good product. They are not super sturdy nor are they very secure. One can easily break into this with a screwdriver. However, I keep gas cans, rakes, items which do not have a great deal of value. Overall, for the money, it’s not a bad deal.

whatalotofshed. I bought this storage shed to get the extras out of my closets. Did the job and then some. It was easy to build once I bought a $5 soft mallet. I am a senior and built this by myself. Instructions were right on and helped me as I went along. I was able to put all that I hoped in the shed. Really holds a lot.

Nice shed for a small space. I bought this a while ago. This shed is doing a great job for my needs. I was able to assemble this all by myself, although it suggests you have help ( and I'm a woman in my 60's). This unit has lived through one wet California winter & it kept things dry inside. There may be some leaves blown in under the door area, but that should be expected. Good purchase for me.

Good product. I read reviews about difficulties putting this together, we didn't have any issues, but the directions were not clear. It seems sturdy, the doors are a little flimsy and don't really stay closed very well. We had a huge issue with delivery. it was weeks late and I had to call customer service several times and finally received the product weeks later than promised. The only reason I purchased from Amazon was because of free delivery and I don't have a vehicle where I could order and pick it up at Home Depot.....

No problems with assembly or use. Other reviewers complained about the flimsiness of the shed and difficulties with assembly. It wasn't super easy to assemble but I did it myself in about an hour and a half. It sits on a concrete pad next to my garage and is sheltered from prevailing winds. I can see where it might be less sturdy if it wasn't on a good foundation but I've had no problems and don't expect to. Given it's price, I'm quite happy with the purchase.

Great shed! Xare is just the perfect size for my needs. I live in a house that does not have a built-in garage so this was nice for my few yard tools and some other power tools that were sold to dirty and rugged to be stored on my patio this way they were behind closed doors under lock and key and as far as I can tell it’s barely water tight nothing in there has gotten wet just a nice little shed for just a little extra storage!


I knew it wasn't going to be "shed/house" material in terms of sturdiness but i kind of expected it to be more sturdy. My husband and I put it together and ... I don't really do many reviews but I thought I would do this one. The size is exactly what I expected. I knew it wasn't going to be "shed/house" material in terms of sturdiness but i kind of expected it to be more sturdy. My husband and I put it together and when we went to carry it to move it, the doors fell off. The hinges on the doors seem to be pressure based to secure them on. The roof is held on by a metal rod type deal that goes into a small plastic groove and a screw that is too small to even reach the plastic. In terms of the door, it drags on the ground when opening and closing. I think If the bottom would be a little thicker, it would be good.Assembly was kind of difficult at some points and I'm pretty good with following directions and problem solving. Overall, I am glad it is only for my sons plastic outside toys and all of the toys fit. I'd say if you want something temporary, this would be an option.

Missing screws/Directions Improvements. I was a Rubbermaid rep in my former life, so I have assembled A LOT of plastic sheds in my days. This one was more cumbersome than I expected. First, the kit was missing 4 screws for the door handles, but luckily I had similar screws on hand. One of plastic connection points was not drilled correctly, so I had to get out my drill to make the hole big enough to get the connector parts assembled for the roof install. The instructions are very confusing in parts and could use a run through from a product manager to improve the drawings so you know exactly what you are looking at. First confusing part was the bolts through the door and where that hole is located, second was the roof connector pieces and how they assemble and third was the support bar for the roof. It took a lot of squinting at the drawing to see how the bar appropriately attached. Overall, seems sturdy once assembled, but wouldn't leave in a high wind or heavy snow area. Mine is sitting under my carport, so it serves its purpose.

No shelves available for this model. Easy to assemble nice cabinet, do not expect shelves. Spoke with the manufacturer, they said they never did manufacture shelves for that model. Don’t be fooled into buying other shelves for this they don’t even almost fit. Make your own wood shelves if you want them

Instructions Are Inaccurate. My grandson and I put this shed together. It was the most frustrating experience I've ever had assembling anything, and I'm used to assembling things furniture and sheds included. I'm mechanically minded and can translate illustrations well. However, some of the illustrations were confusing and the directions inaccurate. We had to improvise on several occasions. And BTW "sliding" is not an accurate description of the force needed to connect some of the joint assemblies. I would expect these sorts of inadequacies from a product made in China - things get lost in translation. But, I've actually had Chinese made items with better instructions than this, and this shed is made in the USA. I expected precise and accurate language, which was lacking. (Yay! public schooling!?) For instance, there is a difference between bolts and screws! Bolts were supposed to secure the hinges to the shed, but the holes didn't line up well enough to insert them properly, so we had to result to using screws, which, in the end, left us 4 short. Fortunately, I happened to have several of my own that were comparable to those provided. Also, the illustrations online indicated that a shelf came with it, although that wasn't in the description. But, again, why wasn't there any paperwork included that at least gave the option to order accessories? Big marketing mistake, I'd say. In the end, I'm happy with the shed itself and it arrived quickly and in time to assemble before a big family gathering at my house. However, it definitely takes two people to assemble and a mind that is both creative and mechanical to get it together. Perhaps a DVD video instruction would have been easier than relying on the inaccurate and inadequate language skills of whoever wrote those instructions. Also, those who engineered this shed should have to put it together along with those who run the machining processes. This should be done before offering it to the public. It shouldn't be up to us to work out the bugs.

Box Arrived seemingly intact but panels VERY Damaged inside. This product arrived very quickly and the box was seemingly undamaged and intact Buuut... with the exception on the roof and floor panels, EVERY PANEL IS DAMAGED and once handle is vertically cracked. I’ve tried to contact the seller a couple times but haven’t heard back. Buyer beware!

Decent Shed , Roof not so much ! Shed arrived earlier than expected. Went together fairly easy. Roof section was warped/bowed right out of the box! The rear of the roof is not sitting flat on the rear panel. Going to figure out a way to pull down the edges. There is a good half inch or so sticking up on the corners. I am disappointed with roof part of the shed. Suncast needs to consider reinforcing the roof section with metal. It is not that difficult to include in the mold process , or perhaps an after market improvement. I See additional warping almost certain due to the flimsy design of the roof panel and the temperatures it will have to endure.

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