Black Stainless Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer WEWE, Single Handle Commercial Modern RV Laundry Stainless Steel Sink Faucet

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black stainless kitchen faucet with pull down sprayerkitchen faucet black stainless steel


WEWE is committed to continuously researching and improving our kitchen pull down faucet based on customer’s feedback. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality products and the best service.

WEWE is determined to make every family feel the happiness of the perfect integration of design and excellent quality. We strive to keep creating the innovative ways for people to build a better kitchen & bath experience that’s beyond the ordinary.

WEWE Black Stainless Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

A great upgrade in your kitchen

WEWE Brushed Gold Kitchen Faucet with pull down sprayer advances technology with top-quality materials, best-in-industry components, consistent investment with quality as belief, all to ensure your enjoyment and total satisfaction.

1/2 male (ASIN: B09D2TW9D1) and 1/2 female (ASIN: B08VRPYWLM) adapters are available on our Amazon store. Kindly reach out to us first if you are from outside of US.

  • Finish: Black Stainless
  • Spout Swivel: 360 Degree
  • Valve Type: Ceramic Cartridge
  • Water Feature: Mix Hot and Cold
  • Type: Faucets for Kitchen Sinks
  • Mounting: Deck Mounted/1 or 3 Hole
  • Max Deck Thickness: 1.57″( w/ escutcheon); 1.96( w/o escutcheon)

kitchen faucet with sprayer

kitchen sink faucet with sprayer

kitchen faucet black stainless

Perfect Glide Docking

Reaching all around the sink with an easy-retract hose,the weight snaps on speedily and fluently. Completely snaps hose and stainless steel kitchen faucet head together for a leak-free connection. It is much more durable and it is easily use.

Specifically Designed Feature

The kitchen faucet black stainless makes no noise when pulling down the hose, which can be provided you the ultimately comfortable surroundings with your family. Giving the reassurance that everyday the kitchen tasks will be more easier.

Easy Installation

It can either be as a camper kitchen faucet or farmhouse kitchen faucet installed in a 1 or 3 hole kitchen deck. The kitchen faucet is delivered with a deck plate. This will save you an expensive plumber.

faucet for kitchen sinkfaucet for kitchen sinkkitchen faucet black stainless

Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Faucet for Kitchen Sink Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Faucet for Kitchen Sink Faucet for Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink Faucet Chrome Kitchen Faucet Gray Kitchen Faucet Faucet for Kitchen Sink Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Black Kitchen Faucet
Finish Brushed Nickel Polished Chrome Matte Gray Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel Matte Black
Flow Mode Stream/Spray/Pause Stream/Spray/Pause Stream/Spray Stream/Spray Stream/Spray/Sweep Stream/Spray/Sweep
Height 15.7″ 15.7″ 15.7″ 15.7″ 16.9″ 16.9″
360° Spout Swivel
Includes Deck Plate
Neoperl Aerator

Features & Specifications

  • Incredibly wow-factor - With a 24” hose, the black stainless kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer can be comfortably adjusted for different applications. Making this faucet for kitchen sink unique in market and the very best helper to perform functioning.
  • Utterly convenient - The high-arc, gooseneck design swivels 360 degrees, swiftly and high-efficient. In this way the kitchen faucet black stainless steel is that easy to change from one kitchen sink to another.
  • 3 setting modes - Pause/Flow/Spray. The flow in this single handle kitchen faucet with strong force can fast wash each sink corners, spray-on style using continuous flow to flush greasy plate easily, and a pause button to help complete a full range of tasks.
  • Perfect water flow - The softer aerated stream with pull down kitchen faucet with sprayer is perfect for every family with splash-free water flow. The advance design ensures gentle water flow the optimal use and the water standard without mineral and lead to get secure water softly.
  • Sleek design - Unique new look for the kitchen sink faucet with sprayer makes it a great design affordable with elaborate features created to suit lifestyles as well as budgets. Spout reach 8.5", spout height 8.5", overall height 15.7" fits most sink.
  • Dimensions: ‎10 x 8.5 x 15.7 inches
  • Weight: ‎4.64 pounds

Pros & Cons


Super easy install with good flow and finish. Recommended. I replaced an older model that looked much like the brushed nickel version of this faucet. At the big box store we paid over $200 so this was a great deal. This had a few improvements in design and made installation even easier that the similar one I replaced. The old one had aluminum & brass 'pipes and nuts' that were used to secure under the sink. This has a heavy rubber washer, a steel washer and a PVC molded piece that made it easy to secure without tools and wont degrade or corrode over time. The hoses quickly went onto my existing USA threaded angle stops and the hose weight was bigger than others making the pull out faucet spray attachment better at returning to the 'home' position. We got the black one which is a nice matte finish and my wife thinks it will clean up better without as many hard water marks over time.

BUY THIS FAUCET!! After I purchased and installed this I went to one of the big box stores and every option even close to this in design and function were over $200.00. To top it off the installation is as easy as everyone said. Took me less than 10 minutes. The weight does work without a magnet to hold the pull out faucet. The water pressure is very strong. It's a beautiful faucet with great spray function, water off button on the control knob, and so easy to install. You have nothing to lose - buy it and see. You will be very pleased. I can't speak to durability as I installed about 2 weeks ago but based on the heaviness of this and the brass components I find no difference between this and my old brand name faucet which I could not get to tighten after it came loose and spent $31 on one of those faucet wrenches. this new faucet doesn't even need one of those wrenches or ANY wrench at all! Whoever designed this was a genius and it's about time putting a faucet in is this easy and functional. Hope I can find this design for installation in bathroom faucets. Buy this faucet. You will not be sorry.

A very good faucet. I just installed this faucet. I have to admit now I am female, over 70 years old, but have installed faucets and disposals for many years. It was easier when I was younger, due to age, but I am so happy that this was such an easy install. The only hard part was getting out the old one and being in the small cabinet under the sink. The faucet is fine with a couple of small exceptions compared to my old Standard one. I have great water pressure and this one also has. But the sprayer head is smaller and the force of the spray is less and a smaller diameter. It's still good for the purposes. The other is more of a negative for me. When I am using the sprayer and turn the water off it comes back on when I turn the water back on. I'm not used to that because the old one would revert to normal flow at that time. I guess it's because the control clicks to the position instead of having to be held as I use it. The handle is tight and I'm getting used to the reverse hot cold position. I'm not going back under there to check but I don't recall any indication of which hose should be connected to the hot and cold. But it did work out, maybe I was lucky. Since I don't have a lot of strength in my hands I did have to use kind of an offset pliers to make sure the faucet connection was well tightened. It's a very good faucet and I'll get used to the differences.

This faucet is better than my Hansgrohe at a fraction of the cost. My 8 years old Hansgrohe kitchen faucet was in need of replacement because the cold water side was losing flow and pressure. I tried to clean out the spout's screen, did not make a different. I removed the cartridge (which looked brand new) and flushed the lines - did not make a different. I checked the water supply pressure - 65 psi, plenty of pressure. So the problem must be with the clogging of the faucet's water line internally - nothing I could do but to replace the entire unit. I spent a whole month researching for a new faucet ranging from $150 to $500. I had gone through their features and online reviews until my brain was on fire. I could not find anything that I could pull the trigger on. My main thing was to find something that is easy to install/uninstall, a removable Aerator so I could clean the debris every once in a while, in Brushed nickel finished and with plenty of water pressure. Not too much to ask I thought, but to my surprise, 80% of the faucets out there came with non-removable aerator! And then there are the reviews with horror stories after stories about leaks and poor Customer service. Just when I was about to give up, I received a email from Amazon recommending this Wewe faucet. At first I was skeptical because it was so inexpensive. But what the heck, looking at one more won't hurt. To my surprise, I found that it had all the features I wanted and it had 85% (over 25,000) 5 Stars reviews and a few I read praised about their excellent Customer Service. At the price it offered, I could not find a reason to turn this down. I figured I have very little to lose - maybe the cost of a Hansgrohe cartridge replacement :) So I pull the triggered in less than 15 minutes. Well, am I glad I made the decision to buy. Used it for about 10 days so far and it worked beautifully. Pros: - Lightweight (1/3 or the weight of the Hansgrohe) but feel solid - does not feel cheap at all - Took only 15 minutes to install - just tighten the nut (with build-in handle) by hand, the two water lines to the water supply and the weight block, that's it. - The weight block is heavy enough that the pull down spout would return to position by itself. - The spout pull down feels light and smooth - easy to swivel to reach all corners of the sink. - Powerful water flow and pressure. At least 3 times more than my Hansgrohe even when it was new. I don't have to open the faucet all the way any longer. Just half way in between is more than I need. - Removable aerator - but it did not come with a key. It uses M18.5 size key which can be purchased separately. - The most I like - Unlike most faucets, the handle of the temperature control points up to the sky for Hot water and points towards the user for cold water, this one points to 45 degrees on either side. This is great because it gave me the option to install the unit with the temperature control facing me rather than on the right side only. So I get Cold water when moving the handle to the right and left for hot water - like normal bathroom faucets. Cons: - For installation with Temperature control Handle on the right side of the unit (like most installations do) - the direction of the handle is opposite from most faucets in the market - meaning you get Hot water when you pull the handle towards the sink and Cold water towards the back. Swapping the cold & hot lines when connecting to the water supply will be needed to make it works like the others. I don't have this problem because I install the unit with the handle facing me so it works out perfectly as the Cold side is on the right and Hot on the left. - There is no magnet to hold onto the Spout. This should not be a problem as the weight block is heavy enough to keep the spout from slipping down from the housing. - Nit Picking - The spout does not always seated at the same spot when returned to the housing because there is no build-in "slot" for the spout to insert into like some faucets do. But this is more like an annoyance than anything else. In my case, the spout may be off just a couple degrees left or right, no big deal. All in all, I am extremely happy with this purchase. I don't know if the faucet will last, but to me the cost justify the gamble. Since it is so easy to remove it, I don't mind to replace it if something happens a year or two down the road.

Love this faucet!! We purchased this to replace a twice repaired, leaking Blanco faucet. The WeWe faucet is incredibly reasonable in price (about a third the cost of a Blanco), easy to install and looks great. The pull down is smooth, the water pressure is excellent. Did I say how reasonably it’s priced? It looks and feels solid and I hope we get years of use. I did read one complaint about having to move the lever forward for hot and back for cold. Actually, if you had the lever housing facing you, hot would be to the left and cold to the right. That’s standard positioning. Anyway, it takes little or no effort to get used to. This is a great faucet and I highly recommend this product.

Great faucet for the money. We live in a rural setting with well water. Was searching for a faucet you can take apart to clean the screen from debris. Even with a water softner you will have debris from well water. Took us some time and came across this company. Reviews were good, so I enailed them to see if all their faucets could be cleaned. They can. Winner. Only took my husband 30 min to install. Easy, simple. Looks great. Works wonderfully. The faucet does not come with the screen removal tool and the one we have for our bathroom faucets us too large. They are graciuosly sending ne one. So far communication has been amazing. Very happy with purchase. Would recommend. Lot less money than my original faucet and can clean this one. Happy, happy, happy.


Low quality. The "stop flow botton" on the spray tip gets jammed often and pops out. Fell down the sink once and had to fight to get it back... only had this sink about 6 weeks. I think you can save for a better quality sink fosset and not pay twice in my opinion.

Doesn’t have all parts. I really love this faucet and the price was great but it doesn’t include all the hardware. When you open the box there’s a sticker inside that says you “may” need this part and here’s the part number on Amazon. That certainly doesn’t help when you have someone coming to install it and you assume all is here. Not happy.

It is ok but. It looks ok for the price the only weird thing is to turn the hot water is towards the front and cold water towards the wall when it should be the opposite, kind annoying but will get used to it I guess

Nice looking, underperforms in a few ways. Super easy install, but was never able to hook it up to the undersink carbon filter I already had because of the size of the connections. This faucet looks much more expensive than it was, and for past 10 months has remained clean and easy to use. Good pressure, but the angle of the neck & head often causes it to splash out of the sink. It also had a leak that constantly leaves a puddle just under the handle at the base and drips into the sink. My biggest issue however, is that the handle control is too stiff - meaning it's either full on, or nearly off - there's no in between.

The handle broke, but their customer service is on point. The handle broke in three months which is too bad. We like this faucet otherwise. Edit: After I submitted a review about the broken handle, the seller reached out and sent a replacement handle. So, their customer service is on point.

Installs easily, but No magnet in the sprayer. My fault for not noticing that there was no faucet maget installed easy enough.

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