BNX 20-Pack KN95 Face Mask, Disposable Particulate KN95 Mask Made in USA, Protection Against Dust, Pollen and Haze (20 Pack) (Earloop) (Model: E95) White

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20-Pack BNX KN95 Protective Face Mask (Earloop), Model E95 White 10-Pack BNX N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask (Headband), Model H95 White 10-Pack BNX N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask (Headband), Model F95B, Black 10-Pack BNX N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask (Headband), Model H95 Black 10-Pack BNX N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask (Headband), Model F95 White 20-Pack BNX KN95 Protective Face Mask (Earloop), Model E95 Black
Quantity 20-Pack 10-Pack 10-Pack 10-Pack 10-Pack 20-Pack
Color White White Black Black White Black
Material Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Meltblown Non-Woven Meltblown Non-Woven
Style Vertical Fold Vertical Fold Tri-Fold Cup/Fish Style Vertical Fold Tri-Fold Cup/Fish Style Vertical Fold
Size Regular Medium/Large Small/Medium Medium/Large Small/Medium Regular
Strap Attachment Type Earloop Headband Headband Headband Headband Earloop
Aerosol Type Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles

Features & Specifications

  • MADE IN USA* – Manufactured by BNX Converting LLC in Houston TX, an Approved and Registered (Registration # 3017489417) manufacturer. *Manufactured in the USA from globally sourced components.
  • [Superior Protection & Breathability] BNX’s filtration technology provides maximum protection, comfort and breathability. The active filter layer is composed of ultra-high grade electrostatically charged meltblown polypropylene (top shelf highest grade material available in terms in breathability and protection). Extremely breathable up to 50%+ more breathable than leading competitors.
  • [Latex Free Ultimate Comfort and Fit] Features latex free and amazingly soft and durable ear-loop bands as well as an adjustable metal nose piece to ensure a tight yet comfortable seal. Please follow all recommended fitting instructions and guidelines to ensure proper fit and protective seal. Flat fold design allows for convenient storage prior to use. Improved 3D design provides room for your mouth to move when you speak and reduced fog on glasses.
  • [BNX Quality Promise & Applications] BNX is committed to delivering the highest quality American made safety products using the latest automated manufacturing processes and technology and the strictest quality standards. Our KN95 face masks are ideal for use in crowded or contaminated areas such as: Commercial Buildings, Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, Retail, General Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and more.

Pros & Cons


Comfortable effective and breathable. Mask This is a reliable substitute for hard-to-get medical-grade N95 masks. If you are searching for a face covering that will meet health department standards and reduce the chances of exposure to a coronavirus or other contaminants, you found it. The material is thick enough that I’m not worried about it ripping. It has a heavy enough cloth element to stop the filter composition from getting soft while I breathe. It has a wire in the top section to allow a tighter clamp around my nose, creating a safer seal. The ear loops are both comfortable and tight enough to make the mask secure. This is a damn good mask, especially for the price so good to see a company not price-gouging masks right now.

Good value for the price and very comfortable. Received a package of these masks for free as an unpaid tester. I am a mask snob who usually wears a tight fitting N95 Honeywell mask as I think Honeywell's Sperian Saf-T-Fit line contains some of the very best masks a consumer can find---when lucky enough to find them. (Honeywell also offers a mediocre, inferior, line that they should be embarrassed to put their name on). Anyway, these BNX mask are a very good mask for the money. Comfortable though obviously nowhere near as airtight a seal as a good N95 mask but, hey, it's not an N95. This is a comfortable, good, solid KN95 mask. PS While these BNX are a a good USA made product, don't get overly influenced by the Made in USA aspect: Honeywell's best masks I've ever owned are not USA made while some of the Honeywell USA-made masks I would never ever make the mistake of buying a second time.

Soft, Comfortable Fit. I've tried a lot of disposable masks over the last year and this one is now my favorite. The material is very soft but feels strong. Nice construction with the elastic ear loops and metal nose piece making them easy to get on and off while still providing a tight seal. The duckbill shape prevents muffled speech and makes for better breathability. I found them comfortable to wear, and even my husband who has a pretty large head said that he had no complaints (he has found that several of the disposable masks we've tried were pretty constricting after a few minutes). I plan to keep a bag of these in the car as my go-to disposable mask because they feel safe and are comfortable.

My new favorite mask! Compact with great nose piece for glasses! I have lung issues and wear glasses, so finding a quality respirator that would keep me safe AND fit around my glasses is hard. These do that and are easy enough to breathe in for a few minutes or for hours at a time, so this mask is definitely my new favorite! I love that it's foldable so I can have a few in ziplock bags inside my purse. The earloops are soft and so much more comfortable than any others I've tried. The nose piece is sturdy but not uncomfortable, and when I breathe it does not fog up my glasses! (If you know, you know!) I bought several kinds to try at the same time, but this one is definitely my favorite! Fits me and my 6' tall guy friends equally well. I don't always do reviews, but I had to for these because they are so good and well worth the cost. :-)

Happy customer. These masks have exceeded my expectations. I am a retired RN and very aware that it is a challenge to find a genuine good quality mask and be confident with the safety of your choice untried, sight unseen. I have literally researched available online KN95 masks for several months and decided with omicron, it was time to make a decision. I’ve read a lot of reviews, trying to read between the lines and glean the most useful info from the reviews. There were no masks, that I had no questions about, bc at the end of the day, you’re still at the mercy and integrity of the company, such as Amazon that is shipping to you, that they too have done their research and their online descriptions are accurate. After all that, I chose the BNX KN95 masks and I am glad and satisfied that I did. They are comfortable, but more importantly, after reading reviews and studying the description and video of the factory where they are manufactured, as well as a demonstration of the materials and construction of the masks, I felt as confident as possible that these masks would be a safe option and a good value. I am happy with my choice. They also fit well, considering you don’t have a choice of sizes. Anyone that understands N95 and KN95, knows that, technically a “fit test” should really be performed and each wearer should be issued the size that the fit test determines, so for a generic fit, these are as a good fit as could be expected without that test. Of course, authentic N95 masks are the gold standard (which I believe BNX also makes),if you are looking for something actually approved by the CDC, but understand N95’s have straps that go behind your entire head, not just your ears and that just wasn’t practical enough for me. Even though, my husband has a larger head/face than I do, he is very happy with these masks too. The ear straps are comfortable and gently stretch. The mask itself is not tight, but the materials used, mold well to the shape of your face without gaps. We wear glasses and so far, we’ve had no fogging. The metal nose strip is sturdy and easily adjusted without being rigidly uncomfortable or flimsy. Some reviews take issue with masks that are not individually wrapped. These are not. I am personally ok with that. I feel it is most important that a high quality safe mask needs to fit well, be well constructed and be made with appropriate materials than to be individually wrapped. These are packaged together and that pkg is sealed. The video of the factory shows a clean, well organized facility, so I’m good with that. Once I receive them, it is my responsibility to store them in an appropriate, clean location and take care of them. Everyday life is not a sterile procedure, so I’m ok with each mask not meeting the standard of medical level sterile packaging.

Very comfortable and simple to use. Really enjoyed using these. Thought the straps were comfy and didn't hurt at all while wearing it all day. Comfort: Fits really well on my face and no itchiness or discomfort of any sort. I also noticed my glasses don't fog up nearly as much as other brands though it still did a little. Overall very easy and comfortable to use. Durability: Mask is very durable and easily folded due to how it's made. Because of that, it's easy to store it when not in use and just as easy to bring back out for use. No need to worry about tearing or the straps breaking either since those are on really well. Look: The masks look like many of the other KN95 masks with some text on it too. I personally didn't mind the text but I understand that might put off some users of the mask if they don't want letters on the mask. Glasses: Most masks fog up my glasses but surprisingly this one didn't as much. I did find it snagging on my glasses a little behind the ear but I think that was just me putting it on incorrectly. Regardless I didn't even notice until I decided to take them off. Overall very great for the use and I will continue using these into the future.


Stay away Rip Off? I wrote BNX asking if the mask was FDA approved. They replied that the FDA does not approve masks. This is a lie. The CDC has a page with all its N95 approved masks. The FDA has a page with all its NK95 approved masks Also, in BNX's own catalog it says it has just applied to the FDA for approval of its N95 masks. But, the FDA does not approve N95 masks, the CDC does. The FDA only approves NK95 masks. The CDC only approves N95 masks. So BNX submitted its N95 masks to the wrong federal agency. (FDA). Of course, the FDA will not approve BNXs N95s because that is not what it does. Without FDA approval, this is no better than all Chinese NK95 ripoffs. There are plenty of Chinese made NK95s that are FDA approved, like Powercom. The only difference is that this mask is made in the US by a company that lies. When I get my mask I'm going to junk it. Why even try it on since I would not wear a mask without FDA approval. By the way, the much cheaper Powercom NK95 is the ONLY NK95 Amazon sells which is both FDA and NIOSH approved. According to NIOSH, it is very close to an N95 mask. And it's a damn lot cheaper.

Quality and US made but unclear about NIOSH/CDC certification. Just what you would expect from an KN95 mask. Fits tightly around the face. The ear-loops are a bit tight at first but I generally overstretch them to release tension on the ears. Quality feels good. The print of the mask type and specs is a bit faded and I don't see any NIOSH or CDC seals on the mask itself. Looking at the BNX Converting website does mention NIOSH & CDC approvals but when searching on the CDC website I only see the A96, A96-2 and the H95W (white) and H95B (black). I don't see the KN95 or E95 model sold here. On the plus side its Made in US which is very rare for KN95 masks. I think they need to supply more information about their certifications.

Do Not Buy! Bad Smell In Mask. The mask has a bad smell inside and caused a bad allergic reaction. I use KN95 for my massage practice and though I would try this brand. Big mistake! Sadly, I missed the return deadline and have lost $50 bucks on a product I cannot use.

Do your research. There is a huge difference between N95 and KN95. The “K” indicates the masks are made in China. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the US agency that regulates and issues the approval of medical supplies. This particular mask is made in China and not in Houston as the description states. There is also no mention of NIOSH approval on this item. This seller does have a NIOSH approved N95 mask available, same appearing packaging but at twice the price. There may be other masks out there that have a different letter preceding the “K”. Those letters indicate the country or region of origin. You can find those on the NIOSH web site. Class dismissed.

Poor protection. Poor design. No matter how the nose strip is manipulated, exhaled air blows directly into eyes. If air gets out that easily, unfiltered air also gets in that easily.

A good quality mask for a good price; a little uncomfortable on the nose bridge. Pros - Great price - High quality - Ear loops didn't hurt (I have tried a lot of masks across several brands and nearly all of them that I have tried with ear loops hurt my ears. These did not which was great. Neutral - They have ear loops. You may love this or you may hate this. I will say that ear loop masks are the way to go if you don't want your hair pushed down by over the head loops. Tip - If you have a mask with ear loops and it is too loose, try twisting the ear loops once before you put them on your ears. Cons For me the nose bridge part of the mask was somewhat uncomfortable. I don't know if this was why, but I found that most other masks that I have tried which were comfortable on my nose bridge were higher up on my nose. I got used to it, but it wouldn't be a mask that I would pick first out of the bag. Alternative - I also tried AccuMed's (same company) N95 white masks with the head loops to compare them. Those were amazing masks in pretty much any way for about the same price. With those I had absolutely no discomfort and yet it still had a nice firm feeling. I may try and add a picture of the mask tomorrow.

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