BNX N95 Mask NIOSH Certified MADE IN USA Respirator Face Mask (Approval TC-84A-9315 / Model H95W) White (10,20,50-pack)

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20-Pack BNX N95 Respirator Mask (Headband) (Model H95), Black 10-Pack BNX N95 Respirator Mask (Headband) (Model F95B), Black 20-Pack BNX N95 Respirator Mask (Headband) (Model H95W), White 10-Pack BNX N95 Respirator Mask (Headband) (Model H95), Black 20-Pack BNX KN95 Face Mask (Earloop) (Model E95), Black 10-Pack BNX N95 Respirator Mask (Headband) (Model F95W), White
Quantity 20-Pack 10-Pack 20-Pack 10-Pack 20-Pack 10-Pack
Color Black Black White Black Black White
Material Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Non-Woven Polypropylene Meltblown Meltblown Non-Woven
Style Vertical Fold Tri-Fold Cup/Fish Style Vertical Fold Vertical Fold Vertical Fold Tri-Fold Cup/Fish Style
Size Medium/Large Small/Medium Medium/Large Medium/Large Regular Small/Medium
Strap Attachment Type Headband Headband Headband Headband Earloop Headband
Aerosol Type Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles Non-Oil Based Particles

Features & Specifications

  • 20-pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirator Mask - (NIOSH Approval Number: TC-84A-9315) - N95 mask certified for protection against 95% of non-oil based particles 0.3microns or larger. Size Medium/Large. Elastic bands go over the head, not over the ears.
  • MADE IN USA – Manufactured by BNX Converting LLC in Houston TX, a NIOSH/CDC Approved and FDA Registered (Registration # 3017489417) manufacturer of N95 mask respirators.
  • Superior Protection & Breathability - BNX’s 5-layer filtration technology provides maximum protection, comfort and breathability. The active filter layer of these N95 masks is composed of ultra-high grade electrostatically charged meltblown polypropylene. Extremely breathable up to 50%+ more breathable than NIOSH minimum requirement.
  • Latex Free Enhanced Comfort and Secure Fit - Features latex free and amazingly soft and durable headband straps as well as an adjustable metal nose piece to ensure a tight yet comfortable seal. Please follow all recommended fitting instructions and guidelines to ensure proper fit and protective seal. Flat fold design allows for convenient storage prior to use. Improved 3D design provides room for your mouth to move when you speak and greater compatibility with and reduced fog on eyewear.
  • BNX Quality Promise & Applications - BNX is committed to delivering the highest quality American made safety products using the latest automated manufacturing processes and technology and the strictest quality standards. Our N95 respirator masks are ideal for use by Healthcare and Frontline workers as well in crowded or contaminated areas such as: Commercial Buildings, Construction, Food Processing & Safety, Retail, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Education, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and more.

Pros & Cons


Excellent Made in USA Mask. I'm still a little bit angry at myself for not going to the hardware store in 2019 and buying an N95 mask that was made in the USA. In the early months of the pandemic, it would have made life a lot easier, since there were some occasions when I had to go into a business. I generally agree with my anti-mask friends that cloth masks don't do a lot of good. Where I depart from them is in my belief that on some occasions, you should wear a mask that actually does protect you. From my point of view, this pandemic ended the day my vaccine immunity officially kicked in. There are some occasions when I do wear a mask. I've noticed that many of my fellow shoppers don't look like they're in the best of health, so even if they're not contagious with COVID, they very well could be contagious with something, and I'd just as soon not catch their cold or flu. I've avoided these nuisance illnesses for the last year, and thanks to my BNX masks, I can continue doing so. More importantly, when the next pandemic rolls around (or even if I just need to do a home improvement project in a dusty environment), I want to be prepared with a mask that actually works, rather than trying to cobble something together at home. I now have three different styles of N95 masks, all from BNX. They are all excellent, and I'm glad I have all three. If I had to pick just one, it would probably be this one, but I also have their blue "duckbill" style N95 mask, and also their white KN95 mask that looks very similar to this one, but with ear loops. All three of them have their place. Overall, this mask seems to work the best. It has a good seal, and it's relatively comfortable to wear. If I had a job where I had to work inside for 8 hours during the next pandemic, this is probably the one I would use. The blue "duckbill" mask is also very good with a good seal. It's a little bit harder to put on, and it probably wouldn't be quite as comfortable for wearing all day. However, the duckbill mask seems to be a better fit for smaller faces. My kids can't get a good seal with the white mask, but the blue mask fits their smaller faces better. So if you have kids, I would stock up on the blue BNX masks in addition to (or maybe instead of) this model. FInally, BNX also makes a KN95 mask. This is a bit strange, since the mask (like the other models) is made in the USA. But even though it is made in the USA, it has the Chinese KN95 seal of approval, rather than the American NIOSH N95 certification. The KN95 mask is almost identical to this one, with one exception--it uses ear loops rather than going around the head. I'm guessing that the seal is not quite as good this way, and for that reason, it didn't get N95 approval. All N95 masks I've seen have headbands rather than ear loops. In my case, however, it seems to give a good seal. The advantage of the KN95 mask is that it's a lot easier to put on. The other ones require you to put the band around your head, and it takes a while to get it right. The KN95, with its ear loops, slips on easily in one second. Therefore, it's handy if you need to run into the store for just a minute, and you can quickly put it on and take it off. There are two disadvantages, however. First, it probably doesn't give as good a seal, which is probably why it doesn't have the N95 certification. But if you have to wear it a long time, it seems to me that the straps constantly tugging on your ears would get uncomfortable. It's handy to have some of the KN95 masks on hand, just because they are so easy to put on. But if you need to wear a mask all day, then I would get the N95 mask. I guess I would get the white one (the one this review is about) for a larger head, and the blue "duckbill" mask for a smaller head. If you are stocking up for a family, then I would get some of both. All of these are "disposable" masks. During the COVID emergency, healthcare workers were allowed to re-use them by carefully taking them off and storing them in a paper bag. That's exactly what we did. You can find guidance from CDC and other sources on exactly how to reuse them. Overall, all of BNX's products are excellent. I trust them because they have the NIOSH N95 certification, and more importantly, because they are made in the USA by a reputable company. Before ordering, I researched the company, and they are, indeed, a real bricks-and-mortar company in Houston, Texas.

Overall good - with one issue. I have purchased more than one batch of these black NIOSH approved n95s. Overall they are quite good- except for one flaw. First - the good. Attractive, breathable, comfortable. The not so good:- on a few of the masks the bottom strap which goes around one’s neck had come apart from the right side of the mask. I have no hair and a normal sized head, so I’m not overstretching to get it to it’s destination. One just must be mindful of this weak spot. I am very careful when I put on/off the mask and in most cases this takes care of the issue. There was one batch that had three do this as soon as I attempted to put them on. However, my newest batch has been performing admirably. I, OVERALL am happy with these masks and continue to purchase them. Finding true NIOSH approved BLACK masks is a rare find as most are white. The issue that I had been having has not occurred with the latest batch. Perhaps this issue has been addressed . I have awarded the product 4 stars. If the issue I mentioned had not occurred more than once it would have received 5. The issue occurred in three masks for myself, snd one on a friend I gave a few to. He also is happy with the ones that performed well and is also mindful when putting on/ off Thank you

A mask that lists a size and is correct! Throughout COVID I have purchased many masks and this is my new favorite. Some of the problems I have had with masks in the past are the fogging of glasses and straps that are way too tight. One thing I loved was that this listing included the size of the mask which I took to also mean the straps. I got the M/L size and it fits great. I had some previously that didn't list a size and I couldn't physically get it on my head. I also love the metal over the nose. It takes a few tries to get it just right, but when I do I can wear it without fogging up my glasses. The only drawback is the first one I put on, did have an elastic strap breakaway from the mask after just a few minutes even though it was not tight on my face. I tried two others and they did not break after an hour each, so it seemed to be just a single bad mask.

Quality masks made in the USA. Having used plenty of masks over the past couple years, testing these masks provided a lot of positive results. I really like the black color, that has always been my preference for a while now. It blends in well and doesn't show dirt and other colors. The masks are very sturdy and high quality feeling.The strap design of these are two horizontal over the head straps. This I feel like is the only downside to these masks. I prefer the around the ear mask straps as it makes it alot easier for me to put on and remove. Especially since I wear glasses and I have to put the strap over the top of my head and over my glasses at the same time. Once the mask is on it fits great and I am able to create an adequate seal by pressing down on the nose bridge wire. I like that these masks are not too hard to breathe while wearing and I had no problem wearing them for over an hour at a time. For the price of these masks you definitely get value and quantity, as long as the over the head strap design works with you.

Good Seal, Comfortable and Great Adjustment for Those That Wear Glasses. This review is for the BNX N95 Respirator Mask Model #H95B. This is a good performing temporary mask for indoors where you may need extra protection. The nose wire is of good quality and prevents fogging of glasses. I found the quality of the mask to be great, it seals well. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the band connections are its weakest spot. If you follow the COMPANIES INSTRUCTIONS on putting on the mask you should be able to avoid any broken elastic bands (I only broke one because I stretched the band over my glasses rather than taking off my glasses first, before putting on the mask). You need to be gentle with the elastic bands and not stretch them too far. The elastic bands on these masks are of better quality than other N95 masks that are stapled with a rubber band. Good quality, comfortable and good adjustment for those that wear glasses. Unfortunately we have to suffer through this pandemic and wear masks for a little while longer; I found this product to be worth the cost. I am pleased that this mask is made in the USA. Trust is in short supply world-wide and this is a product that has earned it.

These are weird. It says that these are certified N95s and I checked it - and it appears to be so. I was happy because they're black, which matches what I wear. They're comfortable - which gave me pause because I work for a hospital and I have been told over and over how uncomfortable N95 masks are. I have seen the indentations and the marks they cause. These do not seal. They are not super tight. I only felt respiration going out by the nose. But, they didn't fog my glasses, so that I was nice. I like them, but I can't give them a 5 star rating without that seal.


Maybe I'm Just... Spoiled. First off, while these are certified by NIOSH to be N95 respirators, these seem to be blurring the line on what should be considered as an "N95" respirator and a "KN95" respirator. To have nearly the same layers as the GB2626-2019 standard but have the main difference being "it has to have headband straps" really sets the bar so low in terms of NIOSH-certified respirator masks that filter at least 95% of non-oily particulates at 2.5 microns or less. Secondly, amazing comfort from the straps and even the face part of it, but the non-woven layer that goes on your face is still rather abrasive. It's not as terrible as other (then KN95) respirators from this same company (AccuMed) where their white ones are oddly scratchier than their black counterparts, but I still get at least a mild allergic reaction to it, as evidently shown on my nose turning red with what seems to be slight swelling at the end where the mask sits--this also makes my nose run, like a good number of respirators do. Third, despite its comfort, it still uses the shitty clamshell design, which counterintuitively bends the metal band that sits at the nasal bridge far too sharply. This makes it so damn easy for air leaks to occur under your eyes and along your nasal bridge when exhaling. According to CDC guidelines, you have to test with your hands around the edges of the mask and breathe in and out sharply to test the airtightness of the mask. Well, this mask and others like it fail very hard at it once I let it go, even if I pretty much don't have any facial hair on it. I wear glasses, so I can absolutely see the air leak happening. Also, the clamshell design makes it harder to actually talk and make other facial expressions, which is a major drawback. (My face is slender enough that this shouldn't be an issue, but it is.) Fourth, cost-per-mask is an utter RIPOFF ($2.30/mask - $2.50/mask). 3M's respirators are still in high demand and the cost per respirator is still relatively low, and they managed to make it so there is a foam pad for your nose, which is designed to not only let less air out completely unfiltered, but also to prevent (of course) very fine particles from getting in your mask without filtration, which viruses can also get in with or without respiratory droplets. (Viruses heavily depend on respiratory droplets and the path to least resistance in order to get in our respiratory systems, but viruses can still survive for a shorter period of time without any respiratory droplets.) I'm genuinely convinced that companies such as AccuMed and other KN95/N95 sellers and distributors are and *have been* purposefully cashing in on the pandemic and exploiting their consumers for it, which I find to be extremely amoral and unjust in every aspect. Fifth and last, on top of other aforementioned positives in this review, breathability is not actually that half bad. Like most other respirators, they eventually develop a level of air resistance as there is more moisture buildup. BUT! I do also want to mention that this mask, like every other clamshell mask, will make you constantly readjust it every time you move your head anywhere NEAR the directions other than straight ahead: (the perceived) filtration performance is usually worse when looking lower than straight, and possibly almost close to the extreme positions (left up and right, other than just downward) enables the mask to be shifted some. I'm led to believe that this issue exists in a great number of KN95 and N95 respirators on the market, right now. Overall: I would look elsewhere for N95 or even KN95 respirators. There are better options out there, and I do not recommend most people get an otherwise subpar mask for an unreasonably higher asking price.

Disappointed. Unfortunately I saw some of the reviews after. Even though the N95 shows ear loops, they actually come with head bands - which is not only inconvenient, but results in the mask feeling crushingly tight against my face. (2 stars off) Of course, masks are non returnable (I understand, but now they go in the donate bin), so these are in effect worthless (1 star off). If you are in the market for a well made N95 mask with head straps and you have a medium to small face/head, these may work for you.

Bottom strap often breaks. The bottom strap on these, the one that goes down on your neck, often breaks when you pull it on over your head. Only has happened to me with these black masks - and it happens frequently - and never with the white ones for some reason.

Straps break!!!! Loved the feel of this mask. It fits great, is comfortable, but unfortunately the straps break very easily. at airport, going through TSA, taking mask off for ID check and when I put it back on strap broke. I managed to knot it through the hole (probably completely ineffective by doing this, but it fit so well I wore it rather than blue surgical mask. On return flight strap broke again as soon as I put it on. Had an extra one and that brpke too. Had to wear blue mask . Interesting that straps on the blue masks have never broken. Will try sewing a few stitches across straps for the remaining masks. Otherwise, the best mask I've worn for comfort, lightness, fit.

Very tight on head, but not face. I have a really thin face & head. These masks are very tight around my head & not sure I’d be comfortable wearing it for long. It does not create a seal on sides of mask. I won’t use these unless emergency & would wear with surgical mask underneath. I’m a nurse, so am aware of properly fitting respirators.

One of the Bands Broke. I have cheap face masks that lasted longer than this did. Because the bands go around the head (recommended) instead of the ears, it is a bit of a pain to put on and take off, especially wearing glasses. I was on the train to work and went to put it on and one of the bands broke.

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