MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives

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MOSFiATA Kitchen KnivesMOSFiATA Kitchen KnivesMOSFiATA Kitchen KnivesMOSFiATA Kitchen Knives

MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives

MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives

MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives

Ergonomic Wood Handle

The chef knife handle is ergonomically designed, suits all hand sizes. Minimizes wrist tension while providing a secure, comfortable grip. Even after prolonged use, your palm and wrist will not fatigue.

Ultra Sharp Blade

The chef knife blade was hand polished and forged by blacksmiths with decades of experience, ensuring extraordinary performance and edge retention. The Rockwell hardness: 56 ± 2 HRC.

Triple Reinforced Rivets

The chef knife handle is a full tang design, the triple rivets attach the handle firmly onto the blade, preventing the knife from breaking down or dropping, ensuring reliability and durability.

MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives

Why Choose The MOSFiATA 8 inch Chef Knife?

MOSFiATA is a professional kitchen knife brand, we place an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, aesthetics, and detail, our goal is to provide you with high-quality kitchen knives.

Each knife requires a 42 step process, taking more than 50 hours to complete, and uses a combination of traditional craftsmanship and aerospace-grade CNC machine cutting tech to produce a gently concave German steel blade that keeps the spine sturdy while stripping out excess weight, right down to the 15-degree hand-finished edge.

Get this all-purpose chef knife, This professional chef knife can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of slicing, dicing, and mincing by cutting fruit, vegetables, and meat.

Professional 8 inch Chef Knife

The most important thing about a chef knife (aka a Cook Knife or French Knife) is that it feels comfortable when you hold it.

Blade sizes range from 6 to 14 inches — although most people find an 8-inch blade is both versatile and manageable.

Any shorter and you can’t cover as much ground; Any longer and you may find it unwieldy.

For most home cooks, an 8-inch blade is just about right. 8 inches is easy to control and long enough for mincing a whole bunch of parsley at once or even slicing a turkey breast. Using the ‘right’ knife when cooking allows you to be faster in the kitchen.

MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives
MOSFiATA Chef Knife MOSFiATA Santoku Knife MOSFiATA Utility Knife MOSFiATA Paring Knife MOSFiATA Nakiri Knife MOSFiATA Bread Knife
Material 5Cr15Mov High Carbon Stainless Steel 5Cr15Mov High Carbon Stainless Steel 5Cr15Mov High Carbon Stainless Steel 5Cr15Mov High Carbon Stainless Steel 5Cr15Mov High Carbon Stainless Steel 5Cr15Mov High Carbon Stainless Steel
Size 8 inch 7 inch 5 inch 3.5 inch 7 inch 8 inch
HRC 56+ 56+ 56+ 56+ 56+ 56+
Wood Handle
Gift Packaging

Features & Specifications

  • 【Professional Chef Knife】This 8 inch chef knives can be used for your daily kitchen tasks of chopping, which provides best performance for cutting meat, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables, breads and so on. It is suitable for home and professional use.
  • 【Super Sharp Blade】We focus on Sharpness.15°sharpened edge of this sharp knife was hand polished and forged by blacksmiths with decades of experience, owning extraordinary performance and edge retention. Cutting precisely and effortlessly at any holding angle.
  • 【Premium Steel】MOSFiATA chefs knife featuring special forged premium 5Cr15Mov high carbon stainless steel,which has the highest mechanical performance and the best cutting performance. This kitchen knife is easy to clean. Hand-washing is better.
  • 【Ergonomic Handle】One piece full-tang blade and the ABS triple-riveted handle make sure chef's knives have superior stability and longevity,creating the perfect grip, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • 【Gifts & Guarantee】The cooking knife comes in a high-quality black gift box, it is very suitable as a gift to parents and friends on kinds of festivals. In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty,if you have any problems, our service team 24 hours online to help you.
  • Dimensions: 14.96 x 3.43 x 1.26 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces

Pros & Cons


Better than expected! I was over trying to keep the cheap knives at work usably sharp, so I decided to try to find ny own decent work knife that wouldn't break the bank. This was only twenty bucks over Black Friday, so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did! Seems well made, with a good heft, and so-so balance. The wood handle is comfortable and attractive. Blade is razor sharp right out of the box. This knife will have a tough life, and time will tell as to it's durability. After just a few days with it, I'm happy to call it a keeper...five stars!

Nice sharp blade, comfortable. Sharp handle rivits. This just came today, and I had to try it out. My wife had overbought bell peppers as I'd said I'd like stuffed peppers, and we had a dozen to process. The knife did a fine job of turning them into pepper cups and finely chopped top pieces. It came in a nice presentation case, which I did not expect and do not need, with a small protective plastic tip piece and a sleve to keep the knife in when not being used. The handle is comfortable, and it has the full tang construction. I am not familiar with the Pacawood used in the handle, but I understand it's an artificial wood product used in many other knives. It appears to have no finish. We shall see of that affects the longevity of the handle. Only one thing bothered me about the knife - the three rivits in the handle were all proud of the handle wood. On both sides. The edges of the rivets are sharp. Not enough to be dangerous, just enough to be annoying. I would much rather have had the rivets flush and plain packaging. I would think with an obvious flaw like this the knife does not really deserve a presentation case. I hope the Mosfiata company will address this issue soon. Otherwise it seems to be quite a good product.

Well balanced and super sharp.. This knife was a great addition to my cutlery collection. I am over time replacing all my knives with MOSFiATA. I'm 60-year-old male who over the last few years has taken up cooking. When dicing onions, carrots, celery, garlic etc... I love how this knife acts when I use a rocking motion. I have Saboteur knives' that are over 50 years old and when I wanted to replace them the cost was too much. So, I tried these and found for the cost, that these are the best knives on the market. Be very careful when washing though. I have cut myself a couple of times. l.O.L. Wash the knives slowly.


Not impressed. I got the chef knife and liked it so much that I bought this 7 inch Santoku knife planning to replace my old Henckels since I prefered the MOSFiATA chef knife to the Henckels but I was disappointed and ended up returning it and bought another chef knife. It is sharp but nothing to write home about it and did not feel as balanced. I am not a chef so take it for what it is.

Beautiful knife -finish might be an issue. The knife showed up quickly, the price is not unfair (with coupon discount). It is visually beautiful, a nice weight to it (full tang), VERY sharp, the sheath is a nice extra. The finish was unacceptable for me, I ordered two knives, a pairing and a utility. Both knives had sharp edges from the tang (barely) protruding from the handle along the back and front, as if not quite aligned correctly with the wood. I don't know that it was sharp enough to cut me, but it was sharp enough to be uncomfortable to grip. I was able to fix it with a de-burring bit from my dremel, the other option would have been to send it back. I am glad I was able to keep the knives, but I would not recommend them with the current issue in the handle.

Poorly Finished, Did not fit Sheath. Returned. The one I received was very poorly finished, lacked final polish to blend out all the obvious grind marks all over the not smooth blade and the blade would not fit fully into the sheath by a good 3/4" The blade being much too thick at the spine to fit into it even under pressure. The blade appeared to be ground after drop forging from a homogenous single piece of steel, lacking final polish or etching no pattern at all was evident, merely grind marks diagonally on the blade sides. The box was nice but one doesn't cut anything with the box and the blade in sheath wouldn't fit into the slot in the box. So we sent it back and will buy from someone else. It looked very nice on the Amazon pages.

How to Buy The Best MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives?

Do you feel stressed figuring out how to buy a good product of MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives? So many things to consider? Don't know how to choose? Still doubt if it fits or not? We know that all, and we've done what you should have done for a research of the product MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives from which you can learn how to get the best MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives.

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  • Features. What functions can the product of MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives offer?
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Overall, this is a very good product that earns many praises and is relatively highly rated by real life customers.

We highly recommend the MOSFiATA Kitchen Knives to you.

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