Water Filter Faucet, Kicimpro Drinking Water Faucet Fits Most Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration System for Kitchen Bar Sink in Non-Air Gap SUS304 Stainless Steel Modern Brushed Nickel Lead-Free

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Food-grade Hose

All water pipes are made of food-grade PEX materials that ensure the water is clean and odor-free. We care more about your water healthy than you might think, you can use Kicimpro faucets for kitchen sinks at ease.

Deck plate or adapters need to be purchased separately.


1/2 Female Adapters ASIN B09HC3CYW1

1/2 Male Adapters ASIN B09J81B9KW

kitchen faucet with sprayer


The rv faucet is made of SUS304, corrosion and wear resistance for long service life. Our stainless steel material has been tested against corrosion, the color on the surface does not changed after testing.

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The upgraded version of the wight ball for stainless steel kitchen faucet is fixed with screws, which is more reliable and durable, and it can be retracted precisely and quickly, avoiding the sprayer head hanging.

rv faucet


The hose for pull down kitchen faucet is made of non-toxic and quality PEX material. The thickened woven materials make you away from noise and you can enjoy the faucet when using. The low db of brushed nickel kitchen faucet will not affect the rest of family.

kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer

Drinking water faucet Black kitchen faucet Gold kitchen faucet glass rinser for kitchen sink kitchen faucets Deck plate
Drinking Water Faucet Matte Black Faucet Matte Gold Faucet Sink Glass Rinser Commercial Kitchen Faucet Brushed Nickel Deck Plate
Finish Brushed Nickel Matte Black Matte Gold Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel
Size Height 10.3″ Height 15.2″ Height 15.2″ Width 4.76” Height 16.9″ Length 10.35“
Easy Installation

Features & Specifications

  • WHY TO CHOOSE:Kicimpro kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer will let you break the concept of “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”, you will get a high quality kitchen faucet with attractive price and enjoy the excellent after-sale service we provide. Under the premise of quality assurance, we minimize the profit and offer you the most favorable price.
  • WHO WE CARE: We put your family health first, all materials for kicimpro kitchen faucet with sprayer are qualified or food-grade. SUS 304 main body constructed and precision ceramic cartridge keep you away from the trouble of rust and leakage.
  • WHAT WE HAVE: 23 INCH EXTENFED pull out design cover the whole sink, making the effective cleaning with larger area. Three water functional ways for rv kitchen faucet(spray/stream/ pause), meet your multiple tasks. Sprayer head is retracted smoothly and precisely under the weight control design.
  • WHEN YOU FINISH: It only takes you less than 15 minutes for kitchen sink faucets installation as it is one-handed operation. Installation is a breeze, as easy as twisting a bottle cap, perfect fit for someone who loves DIY, no plumber needed and you will save more than $80 for the easy installation.
  • HOW TO GUARANTEE: Each of our faucet has passed more than 5 times testings before shipment, such as water test, leak-proof test, packaging inspection and so on, to ensure you will receive the perfect faucet. LIFETIME SUPPORT and FREE REPLACMENT for any faucet for kitchen sink problems, a team with over 8 years of product knowledge and experience provides you with 24 hours after-sale service.
  • Weight: ‎4.22 pounds

Pros & Cons


WOW! fast install. Item Reviewed: Kicimpro Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Brushed Nickel, High Arc Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Water Lines, Commercial Modern rv Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets, Grifos De Cocina Less than five-minute install! No adaptors to mess with. Just dropped the pre-installed lineset attached to the faucet assembly through the hole, slid the washers and "nut" over the lines from underneath, threaded that on until snug (easy to hand tighten.) The hot and cold water lines hook up directly to the compression fittings on the shutoff valves under the sink via a pre-installed fitting on the end of each long line (I have a good eight-inch loop on my install); all without having to lay down under the sink to see what I was doing-all done, easily, by feel. The weight for the hose retraction, requiring only a Philips screwdriver, was easy as well. It took me longer to type this review than install the faucet! OH yeah... the faucet looks and works great to boot. Highly recommended product. At forty bucks with next day delivery, it would be hard to beat.

Luke cool filtered water at the flip of a handle. As someone who seriously is not very handy, I was able to do this myself in an afternoon after reading the instructions and figuring out how to connect it to a filter I also installed at the same time. It may have taken a trip or two to the hardware store and a few swear words and soaking wet instances, but it's easier to install than anticipated. I had to order the ring that the faucet is sitting on as my sink is stupid thin and flimsy so every time I tried to tighten the nut holding it in place it would slide away and leave part of the hole exposed. It provides me with filtered tap water on demand and that's all I could ever ask of it to do. It does not give me cold water or hot water, just average temperature water. So far no rusting or issues as of 1-6-23 and I installed it back in December.

Very Easy To Install. This took less than 10 minutes to install! I wish that the old one came out as quick, but that’s a different tale! One reviewer said that he had to buy adapters to install it, but this wasn’t my case My issue was that the lines are backwards! One has blue stripes and the other red, so you’d think that the red would be hot and vice versa. Nope An easy fix, but read these reviews before installing this faucet Only time will tell if it will last

Easily adapted (if you know in advance). Getting the old faucet out after it had rusted was a chore. Installing this one was a breeze... with a lull in the middle. That's only because the old fitting and the connector on this faucet were not the same size. I'm sure a plumber would have recognized that at a glance, but... I'm not a plumber. So just when I thought I was done, I had to make a quick trip to the hardware store to buy an adapter. The instructions do warn about the possibility that the connector might be a different size, so don't think, "Hey, it's a standard fitting. What could go wrong?" Old standard fittings and new standard fittings are not the same, well... standard. So, if you're not sure, pick up a ⅜" to ½" adapter... just in case. You can always return it. Or you can be a plumber and have it in your truck. Once the adapter was in place and the connection was made, life was good. The faucet is a wonderful addition for a sink that didn't have a sprayer and a great value for any sink, sprayer or not.

Good product, good price. Outstanding customer support. Works perfectly in an RV. Be aware that you might need a couple of supply line adapters (readily available at Home Depot, Lowes, whatever). Also, hot and cold positions are reversed compared to standard U.S. plumbing fixtures (with the control facing you, hot is on the right, cold on the left). If you find that annoying, just switch the supply lines.

It Works! We were worried we’d have to spend a bunch of money on a plumber when our last faucet hose broke and was leaking. After several unsuccessful trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot to find the appropriate screw adapter, we decided to try this off Amazon… definitely worth it! $40 repair and it was incredibly easy. We’re first time home buyers so we’re learning as we go. This faucet came with 5 easy steps to install and took us 20 minutes tops. Highly recommend!


Leaks from the Handle. I have only had this installed a few months. Was working okay but now will non stop leak from the handle, even with the water turn off (as in faucet handle shut off, not from supply line). I have come home with a very large puddle of water at the base. At first I wasn't sure where ti was coming from. Looks great, nice features but doesn't last apparently.

Evaluate. Can't not review as it was a gift

No way of cleaning faucet sprayer. Cold water does not work. Reduced water flow. Cold water trickles out. Bad water pressure.

Decent- get what you pay for. It was easy to install and looks good on the sink but after about a month the switch that switches from spray stream to direct stream seems to be loose so that when it’s on the spray mode the direct stream also comes through. Not sure if there’s a warranty because I’ve only had for a few months.

The weight hangs up under sink, doesn't hold in retracted position well. I get it..it's a dirt cheap faucet, relatively speaking. It works well as a faucet, switching between spray modes is easy, and while it doesn't look top of the line, it also doesn't look like it came from the clearance bin at Harbor Freight either. So I'm happy overall there. But the big problem is the football shaped weight that gets clamped on to the sprayer hose underneath the sink in order to pull down the hose as you retract the sprayer head - I can hear it bouncing off the back wall of the cabinet, and it constantly gets hung up on the plumbing for the water filter under the sink, so I have to fiddle with it to get the head to fully retract. Then, even when I get the weight to clear, the head still fits pretty loosely in the faucet neck. It would probably be OK for someone that doesn't have anything else under their sink. I literally cut the old faucet out with a saw, so I was kind of stuck at that point. It's not really annoying enough to return it, and deal with being without a kitchen faucet until another one shows up, but I'd be unlikely to buy it again for use in a kitchen, and will likely move it to the garage sink in the near future.

Water flow from zero to 100. Purchased for a kitchen remodel. We've worked with this installed product for two months. Pro: Sleek look and the pull down sprayer is a great feature for our large, single-basin sink. Con: The handle to turn on water isn't as agile as we'd like. The volume of water that comes out is quick unless you're focused on slowly pushing the handle (which takes time & concentration). For this reason, I would purchase a different product if given another chance. It's not every dish you need a strong flow of water, especially if splashing occurs or the dish is small.

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