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Features & Specifications

  • [Rental Hosts & Homeowners] Sifely smart door lock is a great solution for airbnb short-term rental hosts, rental property management, and self-housing resident. Generate passcode remotely and share it to your visitors.
  • [Multiple Ways To Unlock] Advanced 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock: Fingerprint + Code + Fob + Smartphone + Key.
  • [Easy Installation] Easy to install in minutes with just a phillips screwdriver. No extra drills needed. No locksmith needed. Door handle is reversible for both left and right handed doors. Due to lock size, it may interfere with screen doors.
  • [Remote Control] If paired with Sifely WiFi Gateway (Optional Add-on, Sold Separately), you can lock/unlock your smart door lock anywhere anytime, set up codes remotely and check real-time access logs.
  • [Satisfaction Guaranteed] App/Software is free to use forever. No hidden charges or long-term costs. 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year product warranty and a lifetime customer support following the date of purchase.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 1.12 inches
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Warranty: One Year Product Warranty

Pros & Cons


Great Digital lock with handle. I have purchased several Schlage deadbolt locks but they constantly failed and I had to keep buying new ones. This Sifely Smart lock set looks great, very cool disappearing numbers, the finger print aspect is simple to set up and I even programmed my mother's print. It has 5 ways to open the lock, via the app from my phone ( I tap the button and its unlocks), with a code input on the lock, with a small fob, with my finger print, or with the key, I can also send a signal from my phone to open it at any time which is amazingly convenient if I just want to let someone in from wherever I am. I can also send a temporary or permanent code to someone to be able to open it. I am buying one for my vacation rental property to make it convenient for guest to unlock while they are there and I can program it to change codes when they leave. This, in my view, is a revolution in convenience. No more keys and no more changing the code on the lock itself - I change it via the app or I set a timed code. Oh, and the install and app set up was very easy. Once I got the app and took 2-3 minuets to familiarize myself, I had it working. Now I'm just exploring all the options. Even the battery replacement is easy. On my Shlage locks it was a pain to replace the battery because it was intermixed with wires and the locking mechanism. On the Shifely, the batteries go in a separate compartment with no wires that took about 30 seconds to use. I will order more for sure.

Divorce Security. I bought this after divorce for peace of mind because I wanted to stop my ex from access to the house after it became my residence per the divorce/separation decree. Thru the program I can give entry access to the kids when they were with me ,temporarily restrict their access when they are with the ex, and then re-allow it when they are with me. Prior to changing the locks The ex would just pop up and come in the house before the court ruled it was my primary residence. Now he doesn’t have the code and I’ve asked the kids not to provide him with theirs or stop by unannounced while with him so that I feel safe. I got the a gateway so I can control it all from my phone while I’m away from home and incase I forget to change a setting while I’m not at home. Customer service is good. They've answered questions with 20 minutes to 24 hours

Better than big box store coded locks. Customer service is excellent. Very good product, easy installation and functions, fingerprint, fob, code setup. Lacking an easy passage mode, can be done, but could be easier. Three valid entries in succession within so many seconds, unlocks door for 15 minutes or even an hour. Other than that shortcoming we love it and better than just coded locks from big box stores and about same price. Don’t forget you need their hub for Alexa to work. Update: Does have passage mode in settings. Can lock the lock using keypad, bonus. Customer service is fast in responding and had an issue fixed right away, was always professional and glad to help. Highly recommend!!


Bad product and service. Most of the reviews I write are positive. But I cannot give this product or the customer service a positive review. The installation process was not well documented and the screws did not mate well with their respective parts. Programming the lock was unsuccessful several times. Once I got it programmed and left for vacation, the remote unlock would not work so I had to give a contractor the code which is not what I wanted to do the whole purpose of purchasing this lock was to prevent from giving people codes. I was supposed to be able to unlock and lock while away. Once I came home from vacation, my code did not work. So needless to say I uninstalled this lock and reinstall the old lock. Customer service refused to give me a return. So at this point I spent a lot of money on a product that doesn't work. I do not recommend this product nor do I recommend their customer service.

Handy Lock. I have a home office with lots of loaner equipment from work and of course private data. I wanted to be able to lock the office door when family with young children came over, and just for some peace of mind. I really liked the idea of a smart lock where I wouldn’t have to carry a key on me. Pros - Multiple ways to unlock the door (finger print, key, ID tag, keypad, app) - Attractive appearance Cons - No instructions in the box - had to go online to watch a video. I may be old school but I want written instructions with diagrams included - it automatically locks unless you use their passway feature (I may be misremembering the name, writing this review while tired) - I hope this was just a bug/fluke but when my door was locked, I couldn’t open it from the inside. That would be a huge safety concern and I would’ve removed the lock if using it on an exit of the house or bedroom. Thankfully it shouldn’t be much of an issue for my use of the room and I do have an egress window in case of emergency. - the strike plate (I may be using the wrong term) that goes on the door sticks out from the door quite a bit and looks awkward. I had to keep the corresponding strike plate (the one that goes on the doorframe) off in order to be able to use this lock. There’s definite cons to this lock BUT for my purpose it will work fine. I think it would be great for sheds or detached garages in many climates (check the temperature range in which it functions). Works well enough for a home office or storage closet. Would not recommend for a bedroom or home exterior door.

Cold Weather=No Go. The media could not be loaded. Edit: it is now not working at all if it’s below 35*. I’ve had to walk around to my back door to get into my house which is very frustrating. I’m also noticing now that it isn’t always locking even though it says it’s locked. Will be contacting customer service and seeing what they recommend. Until then I’m changing my review to a 1 star. I’ve had this product for a while now and for the most part I really loved it it’s really nice to not have to take my keys places and it’s really easy to get in the house and it’s easy to let other people in the house without having to change the locks or make a spare key. However… I am finding now in the winter time that if it is below 45° it usually cost me more than one try to unlock the door if it’s below 32 it can take me so far up to eight times for it to unlock multiple times had to go in through my back door because of this issue which is why I gave it three stars as it makes things very difficult. To the point where I am thinking about changing it out for another lock. It’s a bit frustrating given the price I didn’t expect to have issues at least within the first year. I will share a video later when I get home if it allows me to edit.

How to Buy The Best Sifely Smart Lock?

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