Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer, Unlimited Range, Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled, Digital Cooking Thermometer with Ultra-Thin Probe for Remote Monitoring of BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Air Fryer, Stove

Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer, Unlimited Range, Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled, Digital Cooking Thermometer with Ultra-Thin Probe for Remote Monitoring of BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Air Fryer, Stove

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We’ve packed advanced sensors inside the world’s thinnest wireless cooking thermometer to ensure your steak (or chicken or fish) turns out tender and juicy. The Smart Thermometer keeps precise track of your food’s internal temperature. An advanced algorithm calculates when to pull food off the heat for guaranteed perfection. Connect your Smart Thermometer to WiFi or Bluetooth® and receive alerts from the Smart Hub and CHEF iQ App when you need to act—whether it’s time to flip, baste, or wrap in foil—with time to spare.
•Waterproof probe
• Pairs with CHEF iQ App
• Accurate sensors within 1˚F
• Air-fryer and deep-fryer safe
• Monitors cooking in real time

Features & Specifications

  • PERFECT COOKING GUARANTEED: Never overcook or undercook your food again with our advanced internal sensors that accurately track cooking progress and send voice and app alerts when your food needs to be flipped, moved, or pulled from the heat.
  • MAXIMUM FLAVOR: The ultra-thin stay in meat thermometer design keeps your food intact and those delicious juices inside where they belong. Sensors accurate to 1˚F ensure your food cooks precisely the way you like.
  • FREEDOM TO ROAM: Unlimited WiFi connectivity range frees you from hovering over the grill, stove, or oven so you can get back to entertaining your guests, prepping other food, or watching the game.
  • COMMAND CENTRAL: The Smart Hub acts as a command center for your cooking, providing voice alerts through the integrated speaker and relaying important information to your phone. It can also safely store up to three wireless meat thermometers.
  • POWERED BY THE CHEF IQ APP: Monitor your cooking from anywhere with the free Chef iQ App. Enjoy hundreds of Guided Cooking recipes, an interactive cooking guide, and real-time cooking notifications.
  • EXPLORE THE CULINARY POSSIBILITIES: Use the smart meat thermometer when cooking in an oven, stove, smoker, grill, air fryer, deep fryer, sous vide, and more!
  • BRING THE RESTAURANT HOME: Serve up restaurant-quality meals with help from our built-in meat thermometer wireless predictive time and temperature technology.
  • GO THE DISTANCE: Charge your meat thermometer to full power in 10 minutes and tackle even the longest cook times with 40 hours of battery life.
  • COOK FOR A CROWD: Add up to two more cooking thermometers for large parties or for cooking to different temperatures (additional thermometers sold separately).
  • Weight: 2.16 pounds

Pros & Cons


Why I chose Chef iQ? The probe. More on that in a moment. What else did I like? The app is comprehensive and easy to use for both beginner and advanced cooks; the connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi allows automatic updating (if needed) for both the firmware and software; and the voice reminder is helpful, especially if I‘m not paying attention to my phone. What about the probe? It’s smaller and thinner than most competitor probes. As a result, I can easily slide it into thick slabs of meat AND thin fillets, etc. The competitor probes are longer and fatter. They do well in big, thick, slabs of meat. But my family likes thin fillets too, like those found with fish and chicken. So when I used a competitor's probe I had to return the product – it did not work well in the thin or short pieces of meat because the sensor was exposed outside the meat. The probe was just too long or too thick for the meat. I also used my Thermopen probe to confirm the temperature on the Chef iQ probe. The two probes matched or were close +/- a couple of degrees. So far I’ve cooked a variety of meats – from thin Brazilian fish fillets to chicken breasts to pork chops – all to family acclaim. So thank you to the Chef iQ team that engineered all the parts to this product, you’ve made me a better cook!

WOW!! Even better than I expected. I bought this to be able to monitor food cooking on my BBQ. Little did I know that the app basically is a computer that tracks cooking and has recipes and does much more. You enter all the necessary info and the app calculates everything for you and talks to you with a speaker built into the case, so it’s virtually impossible to screw up. For example, I BBQ’d some pork chops last night. You setup a cool on the app- choose what you’re cooking- poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables, plant based. So I chose meat. Then you’re promoted as to whether your meat is beef, pork, lamb, or veal. I chose pork. Then I’m asked the type of pork- chops, roast, belly, ribs, burger, sausage or sausage burger. I selected chops. Then I’m prompted as to whether they’re loin chops, rib chops or shoulder chops. I choose rib chops and I’m asked their thickness from 0.5-2 inches. I select 1”, then I’m asked the cooking method- grill, stovetop, oven, smoker or air fryer. I chose grill. Then it asks how you want them done- medium (145) medium well (150) or we’ll done (160). After entering that the app tells me to remove from heat at 155 to reach 160 target temp. Tells me the total estimated cook time will be 40 mins, which is 15 mins preheat, 20 mins cook time and 5 min resting time. I then insert the probe into the meat and put it on the grill. The app shows an arc on the screen with actual internal temp and bbq temp. And it has a marker where you should flip the meat and alerts you when it’s time to remove from heat. It also gives you an alert that it will soon be time to flip the meat and when it’s close to being done. So you get both visual and audio cues. When you’ve removed it from heat it automatically goes into a stopwatch timer for the resting period. It makes your cooking bulletproof. WAY BETTER than I expected. I love this thing!!. Bought an additional probe so that I can separately monitor two different items for cooking to different doneness, or for cooking two different meats at the same time. My only complaint is minor. There is no on/off for the probes. They charge automatically when in the case. But only one can charge at a time. You can store 3 Probes in the case at a time, but only one charges. So if you plan to use more than one probe and haven’t used it in awhile, allow 10-15 minutes to charge up the probe that hasn’t been charging. But other than that, the Chef IQ thermometer is AWESOME. You enter those parameters individually for each probe in advance when you setup a cook. And the app remembers what and when you’ve cooked something, so you can just use a ‘repeat’ previous cook if you’ve had great results that you want to replicate in the future.

After reviewing all options, I went with the Chef iQ. Coming from a Weber iGrill that had some wired probes that died over time I decided I was going to go wireless. I watched YouTube review videos, read through other products' amazon reviews, read through Reddit and came to a few conclusions that ultimately pointed me towards the Chef iQ wireless thermometer. In my quest I looked at Meater+/Meater Block, TempSpike, MeatStick, and Yummly. At first I was pretty confident that the Meater option would be what I'd buy. The Amazon reviews are glowing, and so are the social media reviews (mostly). Once I got on Reddit there was a recurring theme where the product works great for 30 days and then after that- the accuracy drifts by as much as 10 degrees. In addition, it relies upon AA batteries for Meater+ which is a negative for me, but the block does have a usb option. So, I started to look at the TempSpike which was all usb-rechargeable but didn't offer up WiFi, and the usb charging port was micro-usb. Since I'm mostly on usb-c these days, I really wanted to keep it in the right direction. The TempSpike however did have really accurate readings unlike Meater. Since MeatStick and Yummly kind of fall in the same category when you compare them in size, I started my focus on Chef iQ. Here is what I like, it's a lot smaller than the competition- which means it's more suitable for thinner cuts like fish. It is also waterproof and dishwasher safe (though I will always hand-wash them), none of the competitors have this. The manufacture claims it's deep fryer safe too, which is kind of cool if I ever have the need. The app is super intuitive, and for someone who has cooked for nearly 30 years, it's kind of overkill but would allow almost anyone to get excellent results. One gripe I have on the app is that it doesn't have the ability to show the graph view that appears at the end of the cook, during the cook; I liked that feature on my Weber iGrill. The thermometer works with 3 probes, or at least stores 3. I haven't been able to find Probe #3 in stock- but I desire to purchase one. I'm not sure if you can add probes beyond 3? I wouldn't use >3 often, but it would be nice if it does. Since owning it, I've only had the chance to use it twice and both times I was extremely impressed. If anything should change I'll come back and update/edit this review.

My cooking has improved tremendously with this tool! I've been trying new recipes lately, and was having good but mixed success since the protein size could vary from the recipe, and it is inevitably hard to know when to pull it off of the heat. This has taken all that guess-work away. I can't believe how much better chicken, fish, and meat taste when prepared at the correct heat for exactly the right amount of time. This is genius! Certainly upped my cooking game. If cooking food inside foil tent, let the black part of thermometer stick out from the foil, or your app won't be able to connect with it. However, it works well within the stove otherwise. Highly recommend!

No More Wires. After only a couple of years, my original meat thermometer began to malfunction (measuring inaccurate temperatures). The thermometer was one where the temperature probes had wire leads that would plug into the digital, wifi reader. Instead of purchasing a similar replacement, I looked into the completely wireless options. After much research, I decided on the Chef iQ meat thermometer. I also purchased a secondary temperature probe. Although minor, the only issue I have with this product is the it isn’t a “insert the thermometer into the meat and you’re set” kind of thermometer. There is a bit of a learning curve with the app. What I do like is the accuracy of the temperature readings. Not only do you get the temperature of the meat you’re grilling and/or smoking, you also get the ambient temperature of your grill. I was pleasantly surprised that the ambient temperature of my smoker was on par to what it was set at. The app includes preset temperature options for the preferred cook of different types of meats. You can also manually select the “done” temperature as well. The temperature probe hub also has a speaker attached. This seems more like a gimmick than a necessity. The hub is also where you will charge the probes. As with any electronics, who knows how long it will last? Because of this, I did purchase the 4 year warranty. Just a little peace of mind and not much money. Although not the cheapest option out there, I believe this will be a much better than a wired option. I think the many additional options on this product is worth the price.

Upped my cooking game. This thermometer seems pretty accurate — I tested it against another thermometer I have. It's impressive how it can work through an oven or a grill and that it connects over wifi so I know what the temp is where ever I am. I've definitely improved my steak cooking now that I know exactly when the temp hits rare. The app is pretty good though it feels a bit sluggish. I wish there was a battery indicator on the device itself. It would be nice to know if it needs to be charged just looking at it rather than having to check the app.


Only ok. Did not receive warranty and probe is constantly on. First of all the things I like... The unlimited range. The ability to use 3 probes and purchase separate probes. The small and slim profile. The packaging is insanely plush and nice. Now the things I don't like... Notifications did not appear on my phone or to the hub when the phone was idle. There are no upper and lower ambient temp alarms that I've found. You have to have your location turned on to use this app... WHY!!!??? The hub is NOT magnetic and will NOT stick to the fridge or metal. The app has ZERO rotisserie recipes... The main thing I got this for. The cook history graph only appears at the end of the cook and can not be monitored during the cook. Here are my initial thoughts... If this were not the ONLY solution for true unlimited range and multiprobe true wireless I'm not sure that I would keep it. To not have an ambient high / low temp alarm setting is to me just an oversight. The main things you need to monitor on a charcoal cook is the meat temp and the ambient temp and without those alarms you can't really do an overnight low and slow cook confidently. Also, one of the main reasons I got this was for my rotisserie cooks where wires are prohibitive and there is ZERO rotisserie recipes or guidance for using the probe in a rotisserie... WTF??? But the BIGGEST problem to me is to not get notifications when my phone is idle... Now I have an older Droid and I did have my phone on 5 GHz so there may be an issue populating the data across the mesh when the phone is idle... IDK. I will post an update if I find this to be the case and I will be sure to put my phone on my 2.4 GHz system next cook to test this. Final thought... This is the best of the, IMHO, crappy true wireless thermometers out there. It's the thinnest probe and the only one I found that has true unlimited range out of the box. Having said that, I would only recommend this if... like me... you have the need for the range, the wireless capabilities, and are aware of the down sides and have workarounds. It's a long way from perfect, but ahead of the crappy pack, IMHO. I'm still not sure if I'm keeping this one yet. I have to do a couple of more cooks to see. One more addition... I added a 3 year Assurion warranty and it never shipped. When I tried to contact Chef IQ I couldn't get through. I'm thinking that the probes will not last long since they are not going into standby but stay on all the time. One more thing that I'm not liking about this product and company.

Wonderfully packaged with lots of bells and whistles but.. I looked forward to using this high tech, state of the art wireless thermometer by Chef IQ. It came in a huge package and offered all the features I was looking for. It is both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that worked flawlessly in my experience. The thermometer is rated IP67, dual temperature sensors and has a fancy base with voice announcement features with space for 2 additional probes. The android app comes with recipe guides helping you along and flexible enough to use your own special cooking style if you chose to do so. The main app screen is busy with junk that does not add value but others may find it useful... not. In my first use, I ran a parallel type setup with 3 probes. Even though everything about this Chef IQ thermometer is slick, I needed to make sure that the temperatures that it was spitting out was valid. In the beginning, all 3 thermometers were within 2° F of each other. Ambient temperature was off by 30-35° F compare with a separate oven thermometer on rack. As the temperature rose on my roast, there was a growing gap when approaching 100 deg F where the Chef IQ reported 4-5° F value lower than my other probes. At 120°F, this probe reported 8 to 10° F lower that the other probes with the app recommending additional cooking time. I decide to go with the other probes temperature reports and pull out my roast. Using a Thermopen thermometer (NIST calibrated 11/2022), the actual temperature was off on my other probes by 5° F and the Chef IQ was off by as much as 15° F. If I were to follow the Chef IQ app blindly, the roast would be well overcooked. Everything about this Chef IQ temperature screams quality but without reporting accurate temperatures, it has no value in my kitchen. I am not a professional chef so I need all the help I can get. If by chance, this probe was defective then the company lacks the quality controls needed to provide the end consumer a quality product. I thought I was the only one to suffer the grossly inaccurate temperature readings but alas I am not. You can take your chances with all the flashing bling bling lights with promises of glory but remember that the Amazon return window is only 30 days. This Chef IQ Smart Temperature Probe is a piece of junk. Not recommended. Update - Silly me. I really wanted this probe to work so i ordered a replacement unit. Same accuracy issues, however, this time, the temperatures were reported on the high side. I filed a support ticket but the Chef IQ customer support ended up being a waste of time. They failed to provide any solutions. They actually disappeared and never responded after asking all kinds of questions. I'm now 100% convinced this product is flawed. 2 out of 2 is a failure rate of 100%. You may want to check your own thermometers with a simple ice water bath. Your internal probe should be around 32°F. Or a boiling water test where your temps should report close to 212°F depending on altitude. Update 2 - Jan 2023 Geez... I must be a glutton for punishment. Over half a dozen emails encompassing well over a week with the Chef IQ customer service group, a few different reps, they are unable to resolve this issue and will refer it to another tech. Despite informing them of the simple ice water testing where 2 other probes reporting 32° F and the Chef IQ reporting 39° F, they are questioning the validity of the test... Huh? They did inform me that the ambient temperature reporting is working normally when reporting the 35° F difference compare to the separate oven temperature gauge... What? The Chef IQ customer service group is really bad and I hope nobody else will ever have to experience this type of support. Final advice... Please check the accuracy of your probes if you decide to buy this product. Good luck!

Doesn’t exactly deliver. Going to keep this short. I started writing a novel and deleted it all. Good parts: The internal temp on the probe is very accurate to what my thermapen says when I temp it. Charges quick and besides a few kinks with the connectivity the system works well from a tech standpoint The bads: Tracking ambient temp with just the one probe doesn’t work at all. At least on my setup. I’m smoking on a big rotisserie smoker and I’m usually sticking the probe into one of the briskets. I don’t know the science of it, but either the probe moving through the air effect the ambient temp(unlikely?) or the ambient temp sensor being so close to the brisket when you insert it is effecting the reading. My guess is the latter. Since the ambient reading gets more accurate the hotter the brisket gets. It starts out about 30 degrees below the actually ambient temp and doesn’t read right until the end of the cook. So probably still have to get a second probe to track ambient alone. App doesn’t time stamp when you start your cook or when it hits milestones. Just tracks total time. Kind of a minor thing but I’d like the info. All in all an okay attempt. Not as good as I was expecting.

Decent, but needs work. Ice Test: Failed - variance 2.5 Boil Test: Failed - variance 3 75 degrees: Failed - variance 1.5 Tested against 2x manual, 1 instant read and 1 infrared. All of which have been calibrated. The biggest issue with this probe is there is no way to calibrate! This is actually a super simple fix as the probe is completely run by the app. If there is a way to accomplish this, I am not sure, I will be contacting the company. Another issue I have is it takes WAY too long to calibrate total cooking time. I'm one of tests I literally waited over 15 min. Range is pretty much non-existent for Bluetooth. For WiFi, it worked just fine. I would say Bluetooth range is roughly 20 feet but if you pass by and metal door frames or screens, you instantly lose connection. Unfortunately another failure of the app is that is it not smart enough to attempt to reconnect. The informing passthrough on WiFi is way too slow, even with a top notch network and priorities given. With that said, as long as you know its limitations and you do a few tests before cooking, it's still a useful tool that does makes things a bit easier. I find it just better on longer cooks like roasts or smoking meats then shorter cooks such as grilling proteins. I am hopeful though that this will be fixed in a future update.

Temperature doesn’t coincide with other thermometers. I wanted to love this thing but it seems the temperature reading is off when compared to an instant read thermometer. I over cooked beef short ribs because I trusted the probe.

I really wanted to like this. I got this specifically to roast a prime rib but due to a delivery snafu ended up buying a Webber iGrill2 to start the roast. About 30 minutes into the cook this showed up so after a quick set up I dropped this prob into the other side of the roast to compare the two. First the set up was simple and all the reviews calling it complicated must be tech ignorant. Second the packaging and device design really do remind you of an Apple product. On to the cook- there was a 20-30 degree difference between the probes and this one register done about 2 hours early. When it said it was ready I pulled the whole roast and measured with my trusted insta thermometer. The iGrill was dead on with the insta. The Chef IQ was off by 10-15 degrees. The Chef IQ was in a slightly smaller side of the roast but I think the real problem is the length of the probe. It probably works great in a steak but not so much for a 10# prime rib. While I really like the wireless function the Webber app is a little (and I mean little) bit easier to use and will meet my needs better. Additionally the Webber came with two probes and additional probes are significantly cheaper. I really wanted to like this but it is not for me.

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