Homeika Pet Grooming Kit & Dog Hair Vacuum 99% Pet Hair Suction, Pet Vacuum Groomer with 8 Pet Grooming Tools, 6 Nozzles, Storage Bag, 1.5L Dust Cup, Nail Grinder/Paw Trimmer for Dogs Cats, Pink

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Homeika All-in-one Dog Grooming Kit & Pet Hair Vacuum: Provide you everything you need to DIY your pets’ hair!

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Ideal Gift for Your Friends, Family Member or Partner with Pets

  • Homeika H017 all-in-one pet grooming tool kit is user-friendly and timer saver. It provides 8 different grooming tools usages and 6 different size guide combs for multiple scenarios.
  • The dog clipper vacuum can suction 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in. Keep your home and furniture from messy pet hair.

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Homeika Dogs Grooming Kit & Vacuum

What’s in the box?
  • Vacuum Device & 5FT Hose
  • Grooming Brush & Deshedding Brush
  • Long Head Nozzle & Cleaning Brush
  • Electric Clipper & Pet Paw Trimmer
  • Nail Grinder & 6 Size Guide Combs
  • Sponge Fliter & User Manual
  • Large Size Storage Bad (Upgraded)
Warm Tips
  • Don’t use the machine on pets with wet coat
  • Empty dustbin after each use


  • Input: 120V
  • Power: 300W
  • Hose Length: 5FT
  • Wire Length: 8.7FT
  • Net Weight: 6.68 LB
  • Decibel: 50-75dB
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 1.5L
  • Suction Power: 4KPa-7KPa-10KPa

electric clipper for trimming hairy dogs

detachable clipper

detacheable hose

larger capacity dust cup

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Features & Specifications

  • 【Vacuum Suction 99% Pet Hair】Homeika pet grooming kit with super quiet vacuum function can collects 99% of pet fur while trimming, grooming and deshedding. Keep your home and furniture away from messy pet hair.
  • 【Professional Pet Salon at Home】Our dog hair vacuum comes with 8 proven tools: grooming brush and de-shedding brush help to promote a sleek and healthier hair; electric hair clipper with 6 guard combs to do the haircut; paw trimmer helps to delicate areas; nail grinder to polish nails. Nozzle head and cleaning brush can be used for collecting hair on sofa, gap, carpet and floor.
  • 【6 Comfortable Guard Combs】The adjustable electric clipper with 6 guidance combs provided (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/ 18mm/ 23mm) is applicable for shaving pet hair of different lengths. Upgrade stainless steel blade is safe enough for you to style your pet's hair at home. Detachable blades and guide combs are easy to change and clean.
  • 【Low Noise Design】Our pet vacuum groomer's lowest noise is below 50 dB, and it has 3 adjustable suction levels to choose. The electric wireless clipper, paw trimmer and nail grinder can be used without hose. We recommend using the clipper alone first or using a low suction to help your little pet feel at ease.
  • 【1.5L Max Dust Cup& Storage Bag】The professional dog grooming tools is equipped with a 1.5L dust cup. The 30% larger capacity lets you clean the dust cup less often while trimming for greater efficiency. Empty the dust cup without hand touch. Storage bag is included for easy storage. Simple operation makes every deshedding more enjoyable.
  • 【Time and Mo-ney Saver】The dog grooming vacuum for shedding comes with everything you need to give your pooch a DIY salon day. You can DIY your pup’s haircuts instead of making monthly trips to the dog groomers.Best gift for your friends/family member/partner with pets.
  • ‍【After-sales Service】Homeika offers a 12-month warranty and life-time technical support for every pet grooming kit&vacuum. If you have any questions or concerns while using, please feel free to contact us via message or via email. Homeika customer service centre will reply within 24hrs.

Pros & Cons


I’m just pretty darned tickled with this thing! : Oh my gosh, just get this, already! : My dog has always gone to a groomer, but since their prices keep going up I decided it was time to give home grooming a shot. And let me tell you: after trying to give my little guy a haircut with regular clippers/scissors on MULTIPLE occasions (which takes forever, is a huge mess and is usually only partially successful), this little guy makes ALL the difference — grooming at home is now an option! The suction is strong, but it’s also fairly loud. I would say perhaps only a little quieter than a regular vaccum and loud enough you have to shout over it for anyone to hear you; however, this doesn’t seem to bother my dog much. To introduce him to it, I turned it on low suction and then let him sniff the nozzle. After a moment, I increased the suction to medium, and then high, allowing him to sniff after each change. Then I attached the deshedding tool (AMAZING, by the way), turned the suction on high, and again, let him sniff at it. I then started to LIGHTLY brush him, stopping frequently to let him sniff the attachment and eventually I was able to brush him with a normal amount of pressure applied to the brush, on high suction, without ANY problem. He literally fell asleep later on, as I was still brushing him. Grooming him (e.g., actually trimming his hair) was a little trickier, as he’s had some bad experiences in the past and I wasn’t very efficient at it, since it was the first time I’d done it. He was surprisingly patient and calm; I rewarded him with little, tiny treats every so often and he actually let me use the clippers for over an hour before he started getting antsy (it probably didn’t help that I was trimming his stomach and paws, the two places he hates having trimmed, regardless of who’s doing it). The cannister actually holds quite a bit and is easy to clean — just push the little lever and it empties into the trash. Overall, I was VERY pleasantly surprised how well this vacuum/tool worked and how well my dog tolerates it — he frequently falls asleep whenever I’m brushing him with the deshedding tool or the slicker brush. He’s already tolerating the clippers pretty well and I think he’ll tolerate them even more in the future as I get better/more efficient with using them. … 1) The hose could be longer. It certainly gets the job done, but it would be nice to have a little more length to work with 2) The clippers require a separate charge (they don’t run off the vacuum’s power), so don’t forget to charge them ahead of time! The charge does last a while, though, I’d say at least 2 hours of continuous trimming of long, thick and even matted hair 3) A smaller deshedding tool would be a really nice attachment to have, for smaller dogs — maybe one that’s similar in size to the smaller clipper attachment that’s included 4) A retractable cord and a way to store the hose would be AMAZING features to have for storing this - wrapping the cord around the machine doesn’t work very well as it comes loose pretty easily and there’s no where to place the hose, when not in use. 5) A larger cannister

Florida Husky? This is a must! I was debating on buying a pet vacuum and i am so happy i finally did!! I have 2 huskies and live in SW Florida. Summer is upon us and I spend 30 minutes (each) EVERYDAY brushing my dogs, outside. If im lucky and there is shade and a breeze its not the worst time in the world, but when its sunny, humid, and not wind, i finish covered in hair, sweaty, frustrated and essentially, i know I will be back at it the next day. I brush them daily to manage the hair inside the house. I take great pride in people not even knowing we have dogs because i clean thoroughly, but that doesnt always make it a pleasant experience for me! This vacuum- first of all came realy nicely packaged!! Had way more features/tools then i realized, and worked so well!! I was able to brush both my dogs about 30 min each in my cool air conditioned house, my dogs got to lay on the cool tile, didnt have any collars or leashes on and i just got to brush them with little to no mess. I used the regular brush, that you push to remove the hair from the bristles, I will try the furminator next but their hair may not need it. I love that it came with the nail file and paw shaver. I never do either because we walk them often but its really nice it came with them. Plus all the trimming tools. I dont have to cut their hair but again, nice that it came with the tools. And all in a bag to store it. I enjoyed how quite the vacuum was and the hose was longer then i expected which was nice. My one dog who gets jittery with our house vacuum had no issue with this pet vac and being able to put the motor part behind me helped. And i love that it has rubber on the base so its not like the vac would move all over the place as im brushing. Ill have to post a video next time of how well it works.

Grooming is Love. Are you tired of constantly struggling to groom your furry friends? Look no further than the Homeika Dog Grooming Kit! This all-in-one kit has everything you need to ensure your pets are looking and feeling their best. With a powerful 1.5L dog hair vacuum suction that is specifically designed to remove 99% of pet hair, you'll never have to worry about pesky hair getting all over your home. Additionally, the kit comes complete with 8 pet grooming tools, including a nail grinder, paw trimmer, and brush for shedding dogs cats. These tools enable you to groom your pets thoroughly and safely, without causing any discomfort or harm. We were amazed at just how easy and efficient this kit was to use. Not only did it make grooming our pets a breeze, but the quiet pet vacuum groomer ensured that our pets remained calm and relaxed during the process. Plus, the six nozzles and storage bag made storing and transporting the kit a breeze. Overall, we cannot recommend the Homeika Dog Grooming Kit enough. It is truly a game-changer when it comes to grooming your pets, and we are so grateful to have it in our toolkit. If you're in the market for a high-quality, all-in-one pet grooming kit, be sure to check this one out - you won't be disappointed!

A great buy! I recently purchased the Pet Grooming Kit, I am extremely impressed! This product has exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to any pet owner. Firstly, the price is unbeatable. For such a high-quality product, the cost is a steal. I was hesitant at first, thinking that the low price might mean low quality, but I was proven wrong. The kit comes with everything you need to groom your pet, including a slicker brush, a pin brush, a comb, and even nail clippers. The brushes are durable and gentle on my pet's fur, and the comb effectively removes any tangles or knots. The nail clippers are sharp and precise, making it easy to trim my pet's nails without hurting him. I also appreciate that the brushes are easy to clean, which is important for maintaining good hygiene for my pet. The kit even comes with a convenient carrying case, making it easy to store and travel with. Overall, I give the Pet Grooming Kit a 5-star rating. It is the best product for the price, and has made grooming my pet a breeze. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend it to any pet owner.

Quite and great product - Love it. I have a Pomsky and a mix bread with Husky type hair, So i ordered this as I am tired of hair being embedded in everything. Upon opening this I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was packaged. Each piece was locked in place and wrapped in plastic for protection. I didn't realize it came with a bag for all the accessories but I was very glad and the way the parts are held in seems nice. My favorite tool is the Dog Grooming Brush as it removed so much hair, and it did it fast. My 2nd favorite would be the clippers as it's nice to have the hair disappear as I am cutting. I don't particularly care for the cleaning brush as the hair is hard to get out of the bristles. Very easy to use and I am happy with it.

Great for double coated dogs. I’ve never been so impressed with anything in my whole life. I have a very sassy Siberian Husky who HATES being brushed and yells and complains the entire time and runs away at every opportunity. I just tried this, and she was a bit apprehensive but with some coaxing with treats I was able to get in about 45 minutes without too much of a fuss. I filled the bin 3x and could have definitely kept going but didn’t want to stress her too much. I can’t believe I waited so long to get this, and endured so many fights with her! She looks better already and we can definitely incorporate this into our weekly routine and have her and our house looking much better in no time! Don’t hesitate, buy this!


Not for the Anxious Dog. I bought this based on other reviews that said it’s quiet enough to not scare anxious dogs, but I’m not sure how that’s possible. It sounds just like a vacuum and our two huskies are NOT having it lol

Worked ok. Was ok but filled so fast that I had to keep stopping to empty. Wasn't worth the time for me. Might be good for a smaller dog.

Grooming Vaccuum. Louder than expected and I can't find the mute button. All the attachments don't work as easy as they show in the video. But I'm a first time groomer and still learning. So I'll put her coat on if she looks funny, luckily it's cold outside.

The parts don't snap together very well. They parts don't attach properly very lose and falls apart easily

I wanted to love this. I don’t think this is for dogs with long thick hair. Mine is a Rottweiler Alaskan malamute mix and the brushes just don’t go through her hair.

Pretty sucky suction. I’m giving it two stars because it does come with a lot of accessories, but the suction is non-existent. Waist of money.

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