Home Hero Kitchen Knife Set, Steak Knife Set & Kitchen Utility Knives – Ultra-Sharp High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives with Ergonomic Handles (17 Pc Set, Silver)

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The Ultimate Kitchen Knife Set

On the hunt for the ultimate kitchen knife set? Look no further! Home Hero comes to your rescue with a top chef quality knife set that’s a cut above the rest. This set includes 13 professional chef knives, kitchen scissors, a vegetable peeler, a premium knife sharpener and a modern knife stand. Make meal prepping a breeze with the right tools to do the job. Take your cooking game to the next level with this absolute kitchen must-have!

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Cut Like A Pro

Tired of making do with one or two kitchen knives? Home Hero’s knife set has 13 different knives that come in different shaped blades and sizes! Transform and elevate your culinary creations at home with the right kitchen tools by your side. Home Hero’s knife set has everything a home chef needs: chop up vegetables, meat, or fish with this 17-piece knife set. Treat yourself with premium quality kitchen essentials that will always make the perfect cut.

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Premium Sharpener

At Home Hero, we think about the durability and maintenance of our products. Our knives come to you extra sharp and we want you to be able to keep them that way. Keep your knives good as new for years to come with this premium quality 2-stage knife sharpener!

Superior Steel Quality

Home Hero’s premium quality steel will effortlessly cut through anything you need: fish, meat, fruits, veggies and more. Made with 100% food-safe and rust-proof material, this knife set will be with you for years.

Extra Accessories Included

Our set comes with extras that will quickly become your new essentials. Need to cut some fresh basil for your Italian dinner? Need some fresh lemon rind? Need to sharpen your knife before chopping your fajita veggies? Our set includes kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a 2-stage knife sharpener to assist you.

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Achieve Chef Level Greatness At Home

Home Hero is here to help you make any dish you’ve ever dreamed of, no matter how difficult. With our carefully crafted stainless steel knife set, you can become the chef you always wanted to be. This set of extra sharp knives will turn every amateur into a pro in no time!

Serious About Cooking

Home Hero is Where Innovation Meets Tradition

As much as we all love innovation, we love to look back at the things we know best, don’t we? That’s why our designers at Home Hero crafted a modern Kitchen Knife Set using something we all know – stainless steel. Our premium stainless steel knives are carefully coated with a non-stick paint that make them perfect for any cutting, chopping or slicing without worrying about a thing.

Features & Specifications

  • All-in-one complete set - Our set of kitchen chef knives are ideal for all your chopping needs. This 17 pcs kitchen gadgets set includes 13 professional chef knives, kitchen scissors, bonus peeler, a premium quality 2-stage knife sharpener and a modern knife stand. A true cutlery organizer, it makes for unique home decor gifts, chef gifts for men, gifts for women & gifts for couples who have everything.
  • Professional quality at its best – the best materials to update your cooking! this stainless-steel knife set gives you superior blades coated with nonstick paint plus ergonomic pp handles. Sharp, sturdy & practical. No rust, stains or pitting here!
  • A multi-purpose kitchen décor must – a perfect mix of design & practicality, featuring knives for all purposes: carving knife, utility knife, cheese knife, pizza knife, chef knife, bread knife, paring knife, steak knives. Excellent precision cutting!
  • One of a kind stainless steel knife set - Home Hero brings together a unique mix of quality sharpness, great value, durability & professional crafted accuracy. Now anyone, newbie cook or master chef can enjoy cooking much faster, easier, cleaner.
  • Customer service - Please, if you have any questions or issues regarding the Home Hero knife set please do not hesitate to send the seller a message through Amazon we will respond within 24 hours.
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 4.8 x 11.6 inches
  • Weight: 5.72 pounds

Pros & Cons


Amended - impressive customer service! I originally wrote a "disappointed" review. It was not intended to be hurtful - just share my experience. Because I had already sent part of the item to the Goodwill, I didn't think I was able/eligible to reach out to their customer service. However, I was so surprised to receive correspondence from their customer service that was not only positive and professional, but went above and beyond. So impressed with their customer service. I wont go into details in this public forum, but I will say, their impressive customer service makes them a company worth giving a second chance! Thank you for your integrity! For transparency - original review: I was excited to try these knives because they popped up in my social media feed as highly rated. I read through the reviews and was hopeful. Out of the box they seemed iffy - lightweight - but for the "bargain" price I decided to take the chance. After only a couple trips through the dishwasher - following the instruction's detergent recommendations - the finish on the blades is pocky and the plastic on the handles looks murky. These are definitely a bargain set of knives at best, and will probably not hold up for the long haul. If I hadn't already sent the bulky countertop holder to the Goodwill I would try to get my money back. Good reminder that quick stellar reviews on items right out of the box do not always reflect a quality product.

Good BUT.. I definitely will start with-I'm happy with this purchase. At a price point of $45 the setup of the block is stunning.. However... The knives (mainly the smaller ones) don't fit exactly even in the slots. So they do wiggle and move. The knife blades themselves seem to be well made which is a plus, but the handles do seem like they're made from a cheaper material. All of the knives are light which is great, but the handles just seem like if you were to accidentally drop them the plastic could potentially bust.

Extremely sharp. Looks nice. I don't know if our old steak knifes were very dull or these are extremely sharp. We are extremely happy with them. Super sharp, easy to hold. They look real nice. They don't come in any wood block or case. We placed them in our current butcher block knife hokder. I would recommend these for sure. A great idea for a gift too.

yes i recommend. I got this since summer is just around the corner and we like to bbq alot my old steak knives just gave all the could give this are super cute easy to hold very sharp . i have washed them in the dishwasher and my hand the color is not coming off at all. i recommend the purchase

These look good but know the size. I had to return them. These look like great knives. Problem for me is they are too wide to fit in my butcher block knife holder. I have no other good place to store these. It's too bad because I got a great deal on them. For your purposes, know that these knives are 7/8" wide at their widest or base of the blade at the handle. My block slots are 13/16" wide, but the way these knives are packaged, you have to destroy the packaging to even take one out and try the fit. Returning them unopened.

Very Attractive. I was so tired of steak knifes that barely sliced through a sandwich, so I bought these. They look so good, but now I have to find other cutlery that looks as good. I did use one the first day I received them and I was more than satisfied.


Long term review. Note: This review is after owning the knives for 2 1/2 years. We use these many times per week (2 person household) rotating their use and always washed in the dishwasher. Nice looking set of steak knives at a low price. Sharpness was average. Some of my older steak knives with more teeth cut better than these. Finish wears over time with 2 of the 8 showing scratching and rust. Bottom line: They look very nice, cutting performance average not great and not recommended for heavy use if you want them to be around for the long haul. These are very low priced knives so don't expect miracles!

Coating wears off, dull after a year, not enough pearing knives. I’ve had this set for a year now and I think it is the proper amount of time to give a fair review. It’s a nice looking set. I have them on a magnetic strip on my wall and together they look aesthetically pleasing. When I first got them, they were super sharp. I cut myself quite a few times using them. Before I mention what I dislike about them, I think it’s important to have a disclaimer on how and for what I use these for. I use the two pearing knives multiple times a day. I use them to cut fruits and veggies. My kids eat a lot of fruits and veggies so these two knives are the most used ones from the set. We don’t eat steak every day, so the steak knives are rarely used. I used to use the cheese knife almost every day, but I found that the holes get in the way of a clean cut from the cheese so I stopped using it. I found a steak knife works fine to cut cheese. The large chef knife I use to cut some hard veggies, mince garlic, herbs, and sometimes meat. I use that one on a daily basis as well. Pizza knife is useless. The traditional pizza cutter works a lot better. I use the bread knife every once in a while. Now on to the issues I’ve had so far. 1. Getting the black colored knives is a bad idea. The black coating wears off and sometimes sticks to the food. I’m positive that’s not safe. I now learned that colored knives aren’t the best option because this is the second time I’ve had colored knives instead of stainless steel and the coating wears off. And I can see it get onto some of the fruits and veggies. Kind of scary tbh. 2. Unnecessary number of steak knives. As a mother that cuts up fruits and veggies multiple times a day, I’m so bothered by the number of steak knives in this set vs pearing knives. I find myself having to wash the pearing knives multiple times a day to make sure I have them for the next time I cut up fruit. And if they end up in the dishwasher I can’t cut anything up until they are done. Very very very annoying! We rarely eat steak and if we do we only use two knives. It would be a lot better to have 6 pearing knives and 3 steak knives!! This is just nonsensical to me. 3. Sharpness fades away. After owning these for a year, I can say that they are quite dull. I’ve sharpened them multiple times but they go back to being dull soon after. Kind of a bummer. 4. Missing a tomato knife. Eventually because the knives became dull, I’m having a hard Time cutting tomatoes. I have to continue to sharpen them to make it easy but it’s still very inconvenient. It would be ideal to make one of the knives specifically for tomatoes. I bought this red tomato knife for $7 from target 7 years ago and I’ve used it and it continues to be the best knife I’ve ever owned. After 7 years, it cuts tomatoes up like a pro - never needed to sharpen it because of the way it it made. I put it away after buying this set because the knife has a red coating and that started to wear off. But I brought it back out after these knives stopped working like they used to when I first got them.

It's not difficult. I was excited to get this knife set it finally gets to my house I break open the box and sure enough the scissors are just some plastic white scissors it doesn't even have the marble look like it shows in the picture and the scrub brush is this ugly green that's not portrayed in the picture other than that it looks great I haven't really got to try them yet. I guess I just needed the ride to review as fast as possible because that annoys me so yeah just be careful you might not get everything you think you're going to get or the colors you really wanted. After trying the knives, they are very cheaply made, flimsy handles are plastic and feel like the knife blade and handle are ready to break in a matter of time, i used a steak knife 1 time and the tip has scratch marks on it. going to return this asap

Clear holder. For the money good buy. I liked the sleekly look clear,clean not bulky. Trouble is hard to see slots for knives and they must go in a certain way and spot. No just hit a slot and be done. Good young eyes help. Knifes work well love the pairing ones two sizes

Rust. after first time in dishwasher, it got some runt points.

Started rusting. Liked the product but notice the blades are starting to rust

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