HIHEGD 2 Tier Storage Organizer with Dividers, Clear Under Sink Pull Out Cabinet Organizer for Bathroom Kitchen Pantry Medicine Storage

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HIHEGD bathroom organizer

Crafted of four stainless steel supports tubes and durable plastic, HIHEGD under sink organizer and storage can be used in any under-sink area—kitchen, bathroom, utility, or otherwise. This clean-looking acrylic organizer set works well side-by-side or stacked, whatever your space allows. If you ever feel like expanding the height, you could combined more trays with the supports tubes together to build a multi-tier bathroom organizer or pantry organizer. (It need to order more sets as your needs)

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Quick Access:

The bathroom storage organizer features 2 slide out drawer with built in handle. Just pull the drawers out, you could pick and place things easily without knocking over other items. The transparent design makes items more visible, stop stressing about stuffs lost in deep and low cabinet or under sink.

Removable Dividers:

You can completely remove or swap out the 12 dividers included as needed. The dividers could create 4 compartments for each tier of the under sink organizer, provide plenty of space to store, organize and separate small items or loose items like brushes, cotton balls, and bar soaps.

[Anti-slip Rubber Feet Pads]:

The bottom of the 2 tier pull out cabinet organizer has four anti-slip rubber pads to keep it in place, so it won’t slip around or cause any scratches to your surfaces.

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Ideal for pantry organization and storage, kitchen organization and storage, bathroom organization and storage, cabinet organizers and storage.

It can blend in any corner well, make the most of storage space in a kitchen, bathroom, pantry, living room or garage. Also great for using as kitchen storage organizer, cabinet organizer, pantry organizer and countertop, even bathroom organizer and medicine cabinet organizer.

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Features & Specifications

  • [Upgraded Version]: The pull out cabinet organizer is made of durable high-hardness ABS plastic and securely linked by four thickened stainless steel support tubes to ensure a stable structure also achieve water-proof and rust-proof. The see-through sides design helps to find your stuff with a glance. The bottom is equipped with four anti-slip feet pads to increase stability, make it non-slip and stable when pull out the organizer bin.
  • [Pull-out Drawer & Built-in Handles]: The under sink organizer has two layers of convenience for visualization storage space. With 2 slide out drawers and built-in handles design, the multi-use organizer provide the convenient way to pick and place more items in limited space, maximize vertical storage space of your bathroom / kitchen cabinet or under sink. It can create a tidy, clutter-free space for pantry, countertop, kitchen, cabinet.
  • [Removable Dividers & Stackable Trays]: This 2-tier bathroom organizer set comes with 12 removable dividers, allows you to create max 4 compartments for each tier for sorting items easily, keeping them upright and easy to find. These trays are stackable that can be combined to taller multi-tier cabinet organizer as your needs. With crystal clear look, they can be integrated well into various household styles perfectly, great for using as bathroom counter organizer, vanity makeup organizer.
  • [Widely Used]: These under sink storage organizers are versatile enough to be used as a bathroom organizer for toiletries or skincare, medicine cabinet organizer, snack organizer, pantry organizer for food, drink or small items and more, also desk office organizer and kitchen spice organizer. Mix & match HIHEGD organizer to create a custom kitchen or pantry organization and storage system that's best for you.
  • [Excellent Addition to Home Organization and Storage]: Created with the consumer in mind, HIHEGD has the perfect solution for various of bathroom or pantry organization and storage needs. All the items are packed in a sturdy colorful box makes it be a great idea for housewarming, Christmas gift. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern, we will offer you solution in 12hours.
  • Dimensions: ‎11.7"D x 7"W x 10.6"H
  • Weight: ‎5.63 pounds

Pros & Cons


Life changing for organization. Was on the fence about buying but so glad I did. I use it to hold my hair accessories and all of my categorized makeup bags. The sliding mechanism makes it easy to grab what you need and use underutilized space underneath the bathroom cabinet (vertical and the back of cabinet). The dividers are really great for grouping items. Easy to assemble. My one qualm would be that the little grippy feet come out a little too easily but it doesn’t interfere with overall product. That’s my one feedback to supplier Highly recommend.

Functional and pretty. These are great! They are easy to assemble, are a good size, not too big or too small, and nice to look at. The trays come with dividers so you can make the space you need. I also like that the trays lift easily out for access, and then slide easily right back in. Very happy with these.

Sturdy. Like the sturdiness of these drawers, large enough to handle blow dryer and hot comb. Easy pull out. Highly recommend, although not for children as the drawers do not have safety stop on them.

Alot of storage. The only issue is I bought 4-5 2 piece sets and the feet on a 2 of the sets don’t fit, they are too big, so they don’t stay in. Those obviously move around more than the ones with the little rubber feet ones.

Fácil de armar. Muy práctico y liviano. Fácil de armar y de limpiar

Practical and Versatile. We bought this unit to organize under the sink storage in our bathroom. There was minimal assembly. Clear plastic make it easy to see what is stored there. The size and looks of the units expands the possibilities of where to put them.


Feet don't fit. They work well, though they are a bit smaller than expected. 3 stars because the rubber non-slip feet do NOT fit, and if they aren't installed, the shelf slides much too easily. I had to use toilet paper while installing the feet to get them to stay connected to the frame. I still wish they were a bit larger, because most of what I needed to organize is too tall to fit in the bottom tray, but they did help me to organize and get stuff off my countertop, so that's a plus.

Ok But not worth the price. Supper easy to assemble but if you knock into it it's gonna fall apart. Study plastic for the price- but I anticipate it cracking in a few years. Not for heavy items like stacking candles. I used under my bathroom sink. Good enough, but way to expensive for what it is- oh well- inflation i guess. Could go to Daiso and get something similar for 1/2 the price. It's good enough for what I need right now. So just meh.

Frustrating. This item has a nice solid plastic but was MUCH smaller than I anticipated. The most frustrating thing about this is the assembly. Its easy to assemble, but the metal poles that you insert do not stay (slots too big, poles smaller) and the rubber stops that you put underneath also do not stay. That means, once you assemble it and move it in any way, the little rubber grips pop out. Because the metal poles don't stay in, you have to grab from the bottom to move it, but then the rubber grips fall off again. See where I am going with this? It's not bad for a small space organizer but I won't purchase again. It's the little things.

They’re okay. I really like these but actually wish they were a little longer and taller to be able to put taller item in the bottom shelf. Also wish they were easier to slide out once they’re full. Other than that they do a decent job of getting things off the shelf and save space.

Missing parts. Was only able to make 1 tier. Missing parts for the second tier. Feels cheap nonetheless

Dividers are too small. Helpful storage bin but the dividers don’t fit, they’re too small so they don’t stand alone. There’s also no grooves for the dividers so not sure why/how this was listed as an attribute

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