HBTower 3 Step Ladder, Folding Step Stool with Wide Anti-Slip Pedal, Sturdy Steel Ladder, Convenient Handgrip, Lightweight 500lbs Portable Steel Step Stool





Foam Grip Handrails

With convenient and comfy handrails, make the step ladder safe to climb and carry. When stepping on the top pedal, the top handgrip will keep you stable.

Safety Buckle Design

An exclusive buckle design, which perfectly uses gravity to create a force holding the ladder sturdy and stable. Lock the safety buckle in place before climbing.

Horseshoe Rubber Feet

Non-slip rubber feet prevents floor from scratches, and horseshoe design ensures the step stool in full contact with the ground.



Professional Ladder Brand

HBTower is a well-known ladder manufacturer, committed to providing safe and reliable ladders. We use the best material to do our best in every detail.

Equipped with a professional design team, HBTower is always able to lead trend of the ladder industry. Satisfaction of every customer is our ultimate goal!

  • Professional and dedicated
  • Quality and reputation
  • Focus on innovation and creation
  • Extensive cooperation

4 Step Ladder with Handrails

Wide Step & 330 lbs Capacity

HBTower 4 step ladder with handrails is suitable for most people especially for the elderly.

It can be used on many occasions: home, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, office, garage, outdoor, books pavilion, etc.

  • 330 lbs capacity
  • Steel frame structure
  • Light weight and portable
  • Attachable tool bag
  • Easy to assemble
  • No extra tool needed


Features & Specifications

  • 【Security & Stability】 Exquisite steel frame is constructed with reliability and strength. With comfy and convenient handrails, make the step ladder stable to climb. Metal safe buckle automatically locks in place when you use it. The back cross brace reinforces support, which will give you a sturdy and safe climbing experience!
  • 【Size & Weight】 Open: 21" x 33" x 64.2", folded: 68.5" x 21" x 8.7", net weight: 19.1 pounds, capacity: 330 pounds. Top standing platform: 14.2" wide x 10.5" deep, boosts you 37” from the ground. The other three pedals measure 14.2" wide x 8.3" deep. Please refer to the instruction manual, no extra tool is needed, and easy assembly within 20 minutes!
  • 【Material & Structure】 High-grade steel step stool, sturdy pedals with anti-slip texture. Sponge covered handrails give you a soft feel and better friction. Exclusively designed rubber feet can fully touch the ground to stay firmly and prevent scratches on the floor. Besides, we have also equipped a tool bag in which you can store paintbrushes, tape measure, screwdriver and hammer while working.
  • 【Occasion】 The portable ladder with handrails can be used at home, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, office, garage, outdoor, books pavilion, etc. It’s suitable for most people, especially for the elderly. (Note: make sure placing on a flat ground; keep away from children)
  • 【No-risk Purchase】 If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we provide 24-hour service to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.
  • Dimensions: 10.5"W x 14.2"H
  • Weight: 19.1 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Works great but shifts too easily. I have about 20 ladders in my shop. All either too short, too heavy, too rickety to let me work at an 8 to 10 foot height. I just put up pegboard for tools that I don't use all the time but want to be able to see them when I need them. This looked perfect. I read the reviews so I knew there were some issues. Sure enough mine does as well but still happy with it. First the Sex-Bolts are not the best choice for a ladder. The reviewers that show them broken makes sense. The instructions show the top ones being put in backwards. There is a solid shoulder on the one side with a screw on the other. The shoulder side should be put where the pivot load will be, not the other way around. What they should have is shoulder bolts with cap nuts. Then that whole issue would be fixed. Second, the molding of the plastic accessory shelf is smooshed shut. They are clearly running the Polypropylene too hot and not letting it cool for about 5 more seconds in the mold before ejecting it. I worked the plastics industry for 40 years. I understand that 5 seconds over thousands and thousand of shots can translate to a lot of money but not as much as bad press. Third, I was up on the ladder and it 'shifted' to the point I almost fell off. I thought it was my mistake. Maybe I didn't have it as squared as I thought. However, it is on flat concrete and it did it's 'shifting' every time I got on it. I don't like that at all and it is the only reason for loosing a star in this review. Bottom line for me is that it gets me to the height I need. It is lightweight. It folds and hangs up, out of the way. That is what I was looking for so I am happy.

Best step ladder I own. My home has high ceilings and cabinets and my wife and I both have trouble reaching things sometimes and hate taking ladders all over the house. We have 5 different step ladders that we have acquired over 15 plus years of needing them from time to time. of all 5 that we own, this is my favorite. I wear a size 12 wide shoe and therefor prefer a wider step. This ladder is very light, has 3 steps and a cushioned handle to hold, and nice wide steps for climbing. I just used this one for the first time today hanging some curtains and was very pleased. So pleased that I had to stop my project and write this review. I highly recommend this step ladder for any household or shop where you need one.

Perfect for in the house needs. This is perfect for me to use in the house. Much safer than what I've used for years (an aluminum 3ft step ladder). Very sturdy and not too heavy or awkward to move. I'm 70yo, 4ft9in, 100lbs, live alone. Folding is a bit stiff but it's a new product, so expected. Takes up less floor space when folded than the one I've used before. Good tread on wide steps. Especially like the safety handhold. The description of the ladder was spot on. Very pleased and highly recommend.

Sturdier than most, well worth the cost. I have some health issues that make it a chancey thing for me to climb even a step stool, so I looked for a while that was extra strong and would stay put. The one I had before was pretty good, but I wanted something even more strongly built. This is just what I was looking for. It will hold someone far heavier than me and it is very sturdily built. It doesn't wobble around, either. Well worth the money.

Great indoor ladder. I needed a three step ladder to get to the top of my cabinets and to replace light bulbs throughout the house. I came across this one during Prime Days. With the heavy discount, I decided to take the plunge and grab this one. I’m so happy that I did. This ladder is not heavy but it feels very sturdy. I love the fact that it has extra wide steps which may me feel more stable when standing on the top step. This is s great little ladder for indoor.

A great "in between" ladder. This ladder is the perfect "in between" ladder for around the house work. This ladder fills the space between a small one or two step stool and a more full sized ladder. This will give you enough reach to change high hanging light bulbs, grab things from the back of top cabinets in your kitchen, rearrange high hanging shelves in the garage, clear out lower hanging gutters outside, and just about anything else where you need about 7 to 10 feet of reach. This ladder has wide and very sturdy steps, so having to turn at slight angles when working doesn't impact the stability of your footing like narrow steps do. This is a huge help when hanging or moving heavier items, and the feet of the ladder are also sturdy and feel like they wouldn't slip unless you deliberately put all of your weight into trying to slide the ladder sideways. Like any ladder, the safety falls into the hands of the user but this one feels like you would have to be doing something really careless to have it slip out from under you. I know that you aren't supposed to really use the top step of a ladder in most cases if you can avoid it, but I tried it on my own just to see if it still felt stable and it felt completely fine to stand on if absolutely needed. The only minor complaint that I have is that the top step has a small "HBTower" nameplate that can easily come off. Mine arrived with a corner of the plate already loose, so I just stripped it off by hand. It is a removable plastic plate and if it comes loose, the corners could pop up and potentially trip you if you didn't know the corners were sticking up. Pretty easy fix, but it feels like this should have been laser printing onto the handle or sides instead of putting a branding plate on the top step. Overall, great step ladder. Folds easily, sturdy and wide steps, good stability and extends your reach a good 2 feet past a regular step stool without needing to break out a full sized ladder. Highly recommended for any homeowner.


Very sturdy but low quality. I was looking for a 3 step ladder that had a capacity over 300 lbs. I came across this one and saw that the updated version could even support 500 lbs. At the price, and the excellent reviews this seemed like a no brainer. Here are my pros and cons. Pros: 1. Rock steady - I took over 300 lbs with me and stood on the top step, then wiggled around and there was zero sway or twist in the ladder. The feet are excellent (unlike many other ladders I saw) and when this thing is planted, it does not move. 2. Folds Well - In the manufacturer photos, it seems like it does not fold absolutely flat. The legs are on the outside (unlike most ladders) and almost seemed like the extra bulk of it (which I assumed was for the capacity that it could hold and thus understandable) would not allow it to close completely. I was very happily surprised to see that indeed it closes flat so that it has a very slim profile. Easy to fold and close with the handle in the top step. But not "too" easy like it just flies open or closed. I prefer the little bit of resistance. If you are carrying it around, it will not open up on you or close up. Cons: 1. Very Poor Craftsmanship - In the first picture, you can see that the safety sticker has paint all over it and is not even fully attached. The sticker is partially sitting on the pin that attaches the legs together. That is sure to rip off soon. There is paint not only on the sticker but the plastic cap where the legs are attached, and sporadically other places. In the second picture, you can see where there must have been some large divots in the steel tubes where they touched up the paint. Obviously they had zero care for what they got paint on and the paint is already starting to chip there. At first, I thought it was a backed enamel paint but clearly it is not. The welds are sloppy as well. It is this lack of care and craftsmanship that makes me feel insecure about whether this will hold up, especially at the capacity that they claim. There is of course no certification and it is not listed on the ladder itself unfortunately. Seems like it would be a good thing to know? 2. HASSLE FREE WARRANTY - It says on here that "You can get 2 years warranty, 100% money back guarantee, and 24-hours friendly customer service. Any problem please contact us without hesitation." Great, where do I call or email? It is not listed anywhere here and no where on the "manual". No number, email, website or anything. There isn't ever a name of a company anywhere on the manual! So good luck with that I guess? Bottom line: I will keep the ladder. Too much of a hassle to sent it back and it does the main thing I want it to do, be rock steady with a lot of weight on it. Hopefully it will last but I guess you get what you pay for. I personally would never take it to the supposed max 500 lbs, not even close. A couple of side notes that are neither pro or con: 1) Capacity - There was a lot of confusion in the questions about whether this ladder has a 330 or 500 lbs capacity and no wonder since the description is a mess. Amazon apparently does not care. Anyway, as I understand it, the previous model was only 330 lbs. As stated in the description the "2020 UPGRADE ... Maximum Load: 500 pounds." As can be seen from the picture I posted of the manual, it clearly states 500 lbs. So I am assuming it is the same listing as before, but if you buy one now, you get the upgraded one like I did. 2) Metal Safe Buckle - There is a picture shown with a statement that reads, "...automatically locked in place when you use the step ladder. " This is completely untrue and totally misleading. The metal buckle shown is simply a mechanism to open and close the ladder. It does not "lock" or do anything related to safety. When fully opened, the metal slightly pushes against the plastic of the step (you can see the stress mark on the plastic already). After some use it will be worn down. So to be clear, this ladder DOES NOT LOCK into place. I personally do not care if it does so this is something I do not care about. As I stated above, there is enough friction in the in the mechanics so that the ladder does not open and close with some help. So if you need one that "locks" (and not sure why you would care that much) then don't get this one.

It'll work. It was easy to put together, minus one aggravation. One side of the tool tray hole was slightly bent downward. I had just slid the left side bolt in and before screwing that side in I wanted to line up and thread in right side bolt in. I couldn't see the bend because I was looking down it. So after about a minute of trying to get it through, moving the tray, seeing the bolt, moving the tray back to where it should come through.. I finally moved to the other side where I visually see the tray part angled downward. Example : | tray / | | I had to use one of the allen wrenches to help align it to thread the bolt through. There's also a chipped piece of the powder coat that came like that. It was wrapped in plastic so not sure where that happened, the box and everything is in good condition so who knows. I'll probably clean it and wrap a piece of tape around it to keep moisture and rust out. 3 stars, it'll work.

Not as sturdy. Was a little disappointed with this ladder. Well it does fold up easily, it seems not quite as sturdy as it should be. The foot steps move a little when you’re standing on them, and they don’t seem very wide. Not sure that I will use this for any big projects but I am sure it will be fine for a little things.

Strong but disappointed. Very strong but handle makes it very hard to sit if you need to because of the way it is shortened

Missing tool holder. The ladder is alright enough. I wouldn't call it the most sturdy thing in the world, but it'll do. I am mostly disappointed that the tool holder that was supposed to come with the ladder is missing. One of the reasons I purchased this ladder was specifically for the tool holder because it would have been extremely handy. Amazon is only giving me the options to return the full ladder, which really isn't worth the time and effort just for the missing tool holder. I wish I could have at least gotten a partial refund for it being missing, but I guess I'll just have to suck it up and pay extra money to find and buy one instead.

Nice stepladder. This is a nice stepladder BUT the assembly instructions are a little shoddy. The tool bag can not be attached 'AFTER' the ladder is assembled.

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