GERYON Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Q: Which bags work with this GERYON sealer machine?

A: Choose GERYON Vacuum Sealer Bags& Rolls with better quality and double sided texture for better vacuum & sealing result

Q: What brand of canisters can I use with this vacuum sealer?

A: Choose “GERYON Vacuum Seal Container”

Q: What is the maximum width of bag I can use in this machine?

A: The heating element measures approximately 12 inches. Less than 12 inch wide bag will be fine.

Q: Will this really seal with something wet or liquid in a bag?

A: Really. For moist food, dry or freeze it first for 2 hours. Or place a folded paper towel between the food and seal area. Make sure both sides of the sealer is locked down. For liquid food, use GERYON vacuum seal container.

Q: Why does it not get power and will not turn on?

A: Make sure that you use correct 110-120 voltage. Also watch the informative video and user manual before use.

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Helpful Tips for You When Using Geryon Vacuum Sealer:

  1. Do not overstuff the bag; leave enough empty length in the open end of the bag (at least 2.5 inches) so that the bag can be properly placed in the vacuum chamber.
  2. Do not wet the open end of the bag. Wet bags may not seal properly.
  3. Work with vacuum sealer bags that have texture on one or both sides.
  4. Close and lock the lid till you hear two “snap” sounds.
  5. Dry or freeze the moist food before starting the vacuuming process.
  6. Preheat by sealing several times to ensure better sealing effect.
  7. Read the user manual or watch video carefully before using the machine.

Features & Specifications

  • Food vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags. Multi- layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste. And cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster
  • Two Sealing Modes: Geryon vacuum food sealer is designed with two selectable modes to provide your food with best possible preservation based on your different types of food. You can also reseal bags of rolls, snacks that you only want to seal
  • Separated Design: you can take off the upper lid to clean the sealer machine easily & safely. Compact size and lightweight design are easy to store and move around. Fits up to 12" width Geryon or other brand vacuum sealer bags and rolls
  • Geryon sealer machine designed with fully automatic vacuum sealing operation, soft touch digital buttons, LED indicator lights, electric plug in and the control center placed on the top panel provides a user- friendly experience for its operator
  • Fully Starter Kits: 1x Air suction hose,5 x Heat-seal bags (7.8"*11.8"),1 x roll (7.8"*78"),1xUser Manual, 1 x Vacuum Sealer; Manufacturer's Lifetime Support
  • Dimensions: 2.56 x 5.5 x 14.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Not much bigger than a roll of plastic wrap. I’ll start with the size, because counterspace is always an issue for us. This incredible money saving machine will literally make you take advantage of supermarket sales while easily stowed anywhere if not left on the countertop for ease-of-use. Many years ago we purchased a vacuum sealer, the unit was pricy and the bags were out of this world crazy expensive. Not anymore! This $40 unit handles 11 inch bags and 8 inch bags either rolls or cut bags and does a great job at it. We now take advantage of sales on all meats and anything else we wish to shop for that will either go in the freezer or fridge for extended time. We have a limited freezer space with a side-by-side fridge and found a really neat tip to share: we use old shoeboxes to slide easily in and out of the freezer with vertically stacked meat inside each box, so every shelf has a shoebox full of nicely assessable frozen food Which we prep our self and vacuum within seconds. Then using a sharpie right directly on the bag what’s inside how many or how many Or weight of the meat inside. The shoebox thing really works out wonderful, because stacking these bags in the fridge can be a nuisance and handling the bags all the time can crack the best bags if pulled and shoved around the freezer. Now I am creating meals to take to work by freezing servings of mashed potatoes and veggies and meats on parchment paper in the freezer than inserting them in the bags for final sealing. The only warning I would give is you can’t handle excessively wet food in the vacuum sealer, it will suck the liquids up into the vacuum chamber andThat’s just a mess. So the cure to this, is to freeze things like chili or soups or whatever has a large amount of liquid prior, and then placing in the bag for the final seal. This process is well worth it and again when money is an issue by a family size pack of ground meat separated into 1 pound portions and freeze each bag so that you can just take out what you need each time. Even form burgers, let the bag thaw in cold water in 30 minutes for a great fast meal. Ease-of-use is very simple. Just Place the bag as instructed and off it goes to seal extremely tight almost anything that you could put in there. Expect to double and triple the lifespan of your food with no freezer burn or freezer taste ever again. We use the 50 foot rolls both 8 inch wide and 11 inch wide (50 foot roll together only runs around $17). this allows you to freeze anything whether only a few inches tall or feet tall if you want long as it can fit in the fridge or freezer, you have a lot of choice in length of bag, the pre-cut bags quart size and other just aren’t that flexible for most of our needs and I believe yours too. So the low profile, which is really about the size of two boxes of plastic wrap one behind the other and it does the work of a machine 10 times its size. Oh, that is not an exaggeration either it’s a remarkable slim and compact machine. So glad that I ordered this, when my wife saw on the box that it was A vacuum sealer she told me she wish I hadn’t bought it and one day later she’s coming home with bulk food and stocked the freezer up in a very organized way. I don’t know about other machines this size, but this one is a real winner and if it doesn’t meet your needs, Just send it back. But it surely does meet ours, if this one broke, I would buy The exact same unit, it is that cool to work with. Hope this helps in your decision, it’s one of the best purchases this year and continues to earn it’s keep practically every day. And remember, a vacuum sealer does a lot more than just prep things for the fridge and freezer: anything you need to protect from water or the weather or pack to keep Fresh veggies and fruits of Coors and even a wallet a watch or anything when camping etc. I even placed a series of coins I collect and they stay exactly as I place them: literally I can hang them on the wall for display. It comes with some sample bags included but buy yourself that combo package of eight and 11 inch heavy duty bags for $17 and go to work changing how are you safe and protect food forever.

Well designed food vacuum. I just unpacked registered and tied out this food sealer. I have used the Food Saver brand for years but it finally gave out. I found this new unit to have many superior features. To create a bag from a roll you must first cut and seal what will become the bag's bottom before I can seal food in the bag. My old unit required a full bag vacuum before it would seal the bag. With my old unit as I neared the end of a roll it would not seal at all as it could not sense a complete vacuum had been completed. This failing always caused the loss of several feet of a roll! The new unit will seal without running the vacuum at all making it a snap to seal the bottom of a new bag for use! Great feature! Second the old unit had the slot to insert your bag that was so high off the counter that often sealing a new bag would produce wrinkles preventing an effective seal. So I would have to throw the bag away and start over, lifting the bag to the level of the sealing slot to try getting a good seal without wrinkles causing loss of vacuum in the bag. I can't wait to begin using this much more efficient food sealer!

1 month old, basic but does a good job. Had the sealer for 1 month and used it several times to seal ground beef, hamburger patties, and cooked ground beef. The unit is fairly basic in terms of you have to cut your own rolls with scissors, no storage on the unit for a roll of freezer bag materials but for the price I can live with that. This is my first vacuum sealer but overall it’s been a solid unit no issues. I’m happy with the purchase.

Vacuum Sealer. VERY Pleased! The reviews were right, this sealer is faster than my FoodSaver and light weight, easy to use. I do a lot of canning and a good amount of vacuum sealing in jars as well as food saver bags. This is the perfect combination of price and efficiency! Highly recommend to others.

Great Little Machine. This is a great little machine. The suction is amazing! I have sealed fruits, meats, and vegetables for freezing with much success. It is easy to use and quieter than the more expensive brand name sealer I had in the past. I recommended it to my mother and my friend and now they both have one and they love it as well. I have one little cat but buy large bags of dry food. I use the sealer to store the food in smaller bags and her food stays as fresh as a brand new bag for months! Highly recommend! I have also had the most amazing customer service from this company! They respond quickly and the small issue I had was immediately resolved!

Updated Review - Previous review was a 1 star. Previous Review: I’ve used this about three times and it does not vacuum and seal after a few bags! Worst product ever! Not to mention, I just tried to return it and the “window for return has closed,” this is after 39 days! Move on to something better! I paid $40 for a pathetic product that I’m stuck with! Going to give to goodwill. Updated Review: Upon my leaving a less than happy review, the company reached out to me and offered to send me a new machine free of charge. I agreed to try out the new machine. They also sent me an email with tips and tricks for a more successful outcome. When the machine arrived, I had some items that I was ready to vacuum seal and decided to give the new machine a try. I also employed the tips previously provided in the email from the company. All went well. I now recommend this product and I also recommend to follow the instructions to the "t," otherwise, you'll have a headache like I did.


Expected a sturdier machine. My Food Saver of 10 years finally gave out so I bought this machine. This machine is very lightweight BUT so lightweight it flipped over a few times when I was just lifting the lid! The manual says to wait at least 45 seconds in between vacuum sealing . Worked really good but after 3-4 bags, it did not vacuum the air completely . Had to keep opening the unit, re-position and try it again . Still didn’t work . The last bag I tried didn’t seal well and produced icing on meat in my freezer . It’s a good machine if you’re going to seal 1-2 bags but it puckers out quick and doesn’t give a consistent job if you’re trying to vacuum seal many bags at one time . For bigger projects, I should have invested in another FoodSaver. Also it comes with vacuum hoses but no container to use it with ..

Amost 18 months of use and.... O.K., I've had this for a while now and so far I've only tried to kill it once. I do need to spackle that spot on the wall. Much to its credit, it is pretty tough considering it's just plastic. For some reason it was constantly starting by itself. Oddly enough, a sharp smack like we used to do in the old days to the TV and radio set it right. And now it gets one radio channel. In use, it's a bit light and tends to want to roll on it's back when the lid is up. That's aggravating. And it slides fairly easily on a smooth counter top. Not sure how many counters aren't smooth, so that's another point off. The most annoying thing about it is you can not do consecutive seals. You must wait 40 seconds in between each seal. So if you were doing 10-1 pound bags of sausage, the wait time alone is about 13 minutes. Of course that's if you're using rolls of bags and not already cut and sealed (on one end) bags. It really slows down production and exposes the meat to more time in the open. The good points? Welllll, it's light. Which is also a disadvantage. It's compact. It''s...well, it doesn't talk back, so that's good. Oh!! And it's cheap. Although you can spend twice as much and not get any improvement. Maybe even 1 1/2 times as much. So in's cheap and doesn't talk back. Oh, and it vacuum seals stuff. Ever so sloooooooowwwwwwwwllllllyyyyy.

Hot spot and too late to return. I have liked this vacuum sealer a lot, but two months in it has developed a hot spot on the heating element, which burns holes into the plastic I’m sealing. I can’t return it now, so I’m pretty bummed! :(

Sucks because it doesn’t suck. The whole point to a vacuum sealer is that it sucks. The one I received did not suck well so I returned it. I’ve used several similar vacuum sealers before so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. I’ve changed my review to 3 stars as customer service did pro actively reach out to resolve the issue so they get points for that. Looks like others have had good luck with theirs so they may need to work on their production quality and consistency.

We’ll, that didn’t last long. I probably used this a dozen times or less (bought it in Jan of ‘21) and it doesn’t work all the time now. You can still seal one thing and that’s it for either hours or days. Apparently it has to rest a lot. Of course it’s August of 22 now so maybe these sealers aren’t made to last all that long. It worked great there for awhile. Maybe I’ll look for another one - maybe a different brand to see how long the next one lasts.

The pump for containers is too weak or not working... I bought it a few months ago and never used it. But recently decided to try out the pump for vacuuming the Geryon containers. I have about (8) containers and was using my different vacuum sealer by Oliso to vacuum out the air. I thought maybe Geryon would work faster and better because after using Oliso for over 1.5 years, it started to take longer to vacuum the air out of the containers. WOW, the Geryon pump was a total disappointment! The fitting (air nozzle) is too loose when inserted into the machine air inlet; it feels undersized or not the correct size. The air tube and nozzle are the original Geryon that came with the machine and containers; how can it be? The nozzle doesn't stay in the machine's outlet; it's too small. The pump is like a joke. It doesn't create any decent suction and sucks out almost no air. After the pump stops automatically after vacuuming out the air, I can easily lift the lid with no force. There is no vacuum inside the container. I never tried the machine with the bags, and I bought it originally for the bags, but I'm always using containers. I would not recommend it for use with containers.

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