Trebo Water Bottle 64oz/128oz with Paracord Handle, Half Gallon/Gallon Food-grade Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel Insulated Jug with Straw Spout Handle Lids, Leakproof Keep Cold & Hot

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Water Bottle 32oz 32oz Insulated Water Bottle that Fits in Car Cup Holder 32oz Insulated Water Bottle that Fits in Car Cup Holder Trebo Paracord Handle 32oz Insulated Water Bottle that Fits in Car Cup Holder
32oz Insulated Water Bottle 32oz Insulated Water Bottle 32oz Insulated Water Bottle 32oz Insulated Water Bottle 32oz Insulated Water Bottle
Color Indigo/Black Black Dark Gray Bubble Gum Cotton Candy
Capacity 32oz 32oz 32oz 32oz 32oz
Fits in Car Cup Holder
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Water Bottle 64ozKeep Hot 24 Hours & Cold 48 Hours Water Jug with 3 LidsKeep Hot 24 Hours & Cold 48 Hours Water Jug with 3 LidsTrebo Water Bottle 64 OZTrebo Water Bottle 64 OZ BlackTrebo Water Bottle 64 OZ

Features & Specifications

  • Triple Wall Insulation: Vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel with copper plating maxes its keep-cold to 48 hrs and keep-warm to 24 hrs, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavor in the long run.
  • Leakproof Triple Lids: Each lid comes with a rubber seal ring to ensure 100% leakproof. Sip through the flip-up straw lid, drink like a fish through the spout lid, or refill ice cubes through the wide mouth, you are in good hands with Trebo.
  • Full-function Paracord: Brilliant paracord of matching colors bring out the bottle with a touch of youthful vibe. Compact compass and handy carabiner make the bottle the ideal survival kit for expeditions in the wild.
  • Selected Material: 18/8 food-grade stainless steel is BPA-free and non-toxic. Powder coating offers a steady grip without slipping from sweaty palms. Wide mouth design allows for hassle-free bottle cleaning and ice adding.
  • A Full Pack: Included with 3 lids, 1 survival paracord, 2 straws, 1 straw brush, and 1 carrying pouch, this Trebo insulated bottle is fully accessorized to handle any tricky situations. We offer lifetime warranty, and our friendly customer care are always happy to help.
  • Dimensions: 5"W x 5"H
  • Weight: 2.68 pounds

Pros & Cons


My emotional support water bottle. I am honestly so in love with this bottle. After hours of research on bottles and prices i found this one. It’s been months already and I am drinking more than my recommended intake. It stays cold for over 24 hours. The carrying bag was the selling point for me but it did get heavy on my shoulder but i love the little handle it comes with. The straw and top options are pretty cool. I take this thing everywhere.

Nice looking water bottle. This is a great looking bottle. I ordered the 64oz as a gift she was very happy with it. except! it was advertised with a paricord handle and when opened there was no handle I tried to see about getting the forgotten handle but I would have to return the whole order. This is a great deal with all that comes with the bottle and I'm happy with my purchase. I do wish it would have had the handle like advertised. But if you want a large great looking water bottle this is a great deal.

Great large metal bottle. Had high hopes and this product delivered. Solid construction, great handle, etc The carabineer is great for holding keys at the gym. Only downside is the "insulating" sheath. Just found it to get in the way and always manages to get wet. Also the extra features like the compass and paracord are unnecessary but the carrying handle they provide is great if not awkward to initially attach. Will look to this brand again if only for the value of the bottle itself. Solid construction and more than satisfactory product.

It’s LIGIT. I love the variety of lids it came with cuz I can switch it up depending on what I put in it. The canister is sturdy! I dropped it on concrete floor and accidentally hit it against a wall but there was no dent in it like my other ones. Plus I like the color gradient design of it too. Oh most important my water was kept cool for 10+ hours.

Great value and price. I got this for my fiance because he kept dropping and breaking the previous water jugs that I bought him. He absolutely loves it! It keeps his water cold. He likes that it has the strap and handle options that he can switch up with.

Best bottle I’ve ever owned! Never thought I’d have a bottle I could get so excited over, but here we are lol. I only use this for water… I get to work, fill it up and it lasts me all day. If I don’t drink it all I drink it later on at night and the water is still cold from 12 hours earlier. For The build quality and the amount of accessories you get, this is an amazing deal. If you’re thinking about this, just get it!


Leaky but stays cold for 24 hours. I was so excited to get this larger size bottle to take to work so my ice would last all day and I'd still have room for water. The bottle I used before I had to out so much ice in there wasn't much water. It works, it keeps the water cold. I've only ever used it with ice water. I love the design but u fortunately it leaks around the lid and the pour top lid has a tiny seal that keeps falling out. Thankfully I haven't lost it yet cuz when I do I won't be able to use that lid anymore, the water just leaks out too fast. They did include more than one lid though, the other lid has a straw instead. I don't hate it I just wish it didn't leak. That's a big flaw, so I took off 2 stars for that

Good not great. It keep things cold as long as you put ice in it. I fill it with water and put it in the fridge overnight and still have to add ice. My husband works in construction and dropped it and now it has a big dent in it. Also the zipper on the fabric cover is broken. The Carabener broke on day 2. Not very durable.

Trebo Water Bottle. I ordered this bottle to have a measurement of what I was drinking during the day. I find that it’s too heavy and bulky for that purpose. It’s a nice bottle for keeping your drink cool.

Leaks. Once you add the handle the bottle it leaks. I was very disappointed with the constant leaking but other than that I enjoy the product

Good, but missing the straws. Its a solid bottle and keeps things cold for a long time, but did not come with the straws and straw cleaner as advertised.

Baja calidad. Precio muy caro por la baja calidad del producto. La funda es pésima la calidad. No aísla ni es realmente resistente, a la semana las anillas metálicas estaban oxidadas y la cremallera se rompió por su forma circular forzada. Mal diseño. Luego la botella es de acero inoxidable del más bajo aislamiento que e visto, el agua nunca pude beberla fresca. No sirve para esa cantidad de litros de capacidad. Siento no poder dar una opinión positiva pero el precio y lo que recibes no es la mejor inversión lastimosamente.

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Existing Customer Reviews

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