Daybetter Led Strip Lights

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led lights for bedroom

Led Strip Lights 100FT for Whole Home Decoration

bluetooth led strip lights 100 feet

Please note: the smart remote control allowing you turn the lights on or off, dim or bright, set lights to daylight white, soothing green, dancing rainbow, or any pattern you like using only your voice.

led lights 50ft

led lights 50ft

led lights 50ft

Decorative lights for holidays, events, parties, shows, exhibitions.

Applicable also for the decoration of TV back light, computer.

Lighting for bedroom, kitchen, cabinet. hotels, clubs, bars, malls.

led lights 50ft

led lights 50ft

led lights for bedroom 50ft

Features & Specifications

  • Smart app control, ir remote control: The 100 feet led strip lights support both app apollo lighting and 24 keys ir remote for control, which allow you change the led lights color and modes are conveniently for bedroom, ceiling, kitchen, living room, bar and party decoration
  • Easy installation: The led strip lights 100 feet, 2 rolls of 50 feet, ultra long is enough to reach around your entire bedroom and light up the whole home for party, wedding indoor
  • Music sync: Led lights strip color changing sync to music by smart phone with App, make your party up to the high peak, light up your life and makes life more colorful and wonderful
  • Smart timing settings: With timer function, the rgb led strip lights allow you to pre set time to turn on off led lights and change color at certain times, just enjoy it in a smart way
  • Led lights features: Our 5050 rgb led chips (540 leds) allows the led lights to be very colorful and durable; The remote can dim the led light strip and offer different colors and modes by remote

Pros & Cons


So far, so good. I installed these lights in my daughters room a few days ago. For the price I paid for them they are fine. My daughter likes them alot. I only bought these lights after watching many review videos on You Tube about LED strip lights, the technology, the variations in quality, the pros and cons, and installation. I chose this specific light set because it is a single 50' strip. Other brands, and even other models by this same brand require attaching multiple strips to make 50 feet. I did not want to deal with additional connections or the visual clutter of multiple cords associated with multiple strips. The installation was fairly easy. I found it helpful to cut off the peeled backing paper every two to three feet. If I let it go longer than that long it added weight pulling on the installed part of the strip and it also got tangled with the remaining portion of the light strip. The adhesion seems very strong. A couple of times I had to peel it back a bit to straighten it out, and the tape actually pulled some paint off the wall. That being said, I followed the installation instructions and wiped the wall down with a mild cleaner prior to installing. Any amount of dust on the wall would weaken the adhesion of the tape. Being a less expensive brand, the lights are spaced two inches apart and some of the colors (purple and orange particularly) are weak. The brightness of the lights is fine for my daughters room because she wants dimmer ambient color light. They are capable of getting much brighter than she needs. From the reviews I watched, the number of lights, quality of the color and brightness is much better on the much more expensive brands. The only complaint that I have is that the remote control that came with these lights is very flimsy. I have used other gadgets with LEd lights that had a similar if not the exact same remote, and those remotes did not last long. The upside of this is that there is a phone App that will control these lights if the remote fails. My daughter has not installed the App because she is not interested in the added features so I cannot speak to the quality of the App. We will see how these lights perform over time, and I will update this review if necessary.

Endless possibilities. I purchased the 100 foot kit. It was enough to run throughout my niece's playhouse. I cleaned off the painted wood with a terry cloth and rubbing alcohol. I was impressed with how sticky the 3M stuck onto the surface. I hope it stays on for a few years. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. READ ONLY IF YOU PLAN ON CUTTING THE LED STRIPS TO MAKE CUSTOM PATTERNS: Aside from this, I also bought some "T" connectors that didn't work. Make sure to look at the items you buy. RGB (Red/Green/Blue) is how the wires align on the kit. Those "T" connectors I bought were off, meaning they were not in the RGB sequence. They were RBG (Red/Blue/Green). I tried rewiring them with the wire I purchased by flipping the blue and green. That did not work. It could've been my fault or faulty hardware. On another note, make sure to buy a hook/pick from Amazon or a hardware store. You can lift the small pins from the connectors so you can slip the strip in very easily and then push the pins down to secure them, along with the plastic tab (sorry I don't have pics). I plan on applying silicone to any exposed connectors, since the kit says it is water proof. On top of that I also used heat shrink tubing to make custom connections.

Perfect for a teenagers room. My teenage son was able to put these lights up on his own. The adhesive strip seems pretty strong. I don't know how long the adhesive will last. But for day 1, it feels pretty strong. The colors a great. Doesn't do pink very well. My son is really excited about this.


Waste of money. Video Player is loading. Current Time 0:00 / Duration 0:19 : Stream Type Remaining Time - 0:19 This product isn’t worth your time or money. Within two weeks it began giving me issues. The color blue flat out dosent work. As seen in the video once pressed the lights shut out. Other hues of blue turn red and when jumping colors the lights go out when they’re supposed to be blue. Purple hues are a sickly yellow and white is at the same color. Total waste of money. 0/10 would love to get my money back. Don’t waste your time with these lights

WORST ITEM I HAVE EVER PURCHASED. This is the worst item I have EVER purchased, the lights are so dim you can barely see them in pitch black. A WASTE of my money!! Took me two hours to install them and they are dimmer then Christmas lights. I’m getting my money back. Negative stars for this one. IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND MONEY DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!

Did not work and cannot get ahold of owner. I received this product for my 13 year old and we were so excited got it unboxed and it didn’t work. I thought okay that is fine prolly the battery in the remote so I ran to dollar store got a New battery and still did not work . I then went to Walmart in hopes the battery from dollar store was just bad as well. Unfortunately the battery from Walmart also did not work! I contacted Amazon and they set me up to message the seller saying the seller would contact me with information 48 hours and Amazon it self would do a follow up Thursday at 8 pm to see if they contacted me! I have not heard from the seller or Amazon. However, amazing customer service did try to make me feel dumb on the call by saying I prolly don’t have it plugged in which irritated me because I had already went through everything I had done including unplugging and plugging it back in!

How to Buy The Best Daybetter Led Strip Lights?

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