CUSIMAX 1500W Smokeless Grill, Portable Korean BBQ Grill with Lid

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CUSIMAX Smokeless Grill Indoor

An easy way to get the authentic grill flavor right in your own kitchen!

CUSIMAX Electric Grill is ideal for any indoor grilling situation, particularly those in small confined spaces like a city apartment.

The advantages of the indoor grill is lot more than an outdoor grill. CUSIMAX Electric grill can produce food taste like outdoor grilling. So it is surely a better choice for them who loves grilling and don’t have open space.

Indoor grill also saves you money. It reduces your work and provides food in a really short time, that an outdoor grill can not give.

Anything you would grill outside, you can grill indoors! Unlike traditional outdoor charcoal and gas grills, CUSIMAX indoor electric grill have more specific temperature controls. Much like an oven or stovetop, these controls allow you to set a certain heat, which makes cooking a variety of foods easy and efficient.

Although nothing can emulate the feeling of standing outside around a grill, beer in hand enjoying the sunshine with friends and families, this electric grill comes pretty close. There isn’t a better option for cooking burgers and steaks in the winter. Achieving a crusty sear on a stovetop can’t happen without creating a good deal of smoke, and burgers cooked in the oven don’t have the same deep, blackened flavor.

Innovative Heating Design gives you the ideal barbecue results.

Doubel U Heating Tubes

Fast and Even Heating

Clear Smart Temperature Control

Doubel U Heating Tubes

Fast and Even Heating

Clear Smart Temperature Control

Make your BREAKFAST & LUNCH & DINNER tastier!

Portable Korean BBQ Grill

Try the CUSIMAX Smokeless Electric Grill. This easily transportable and store grill can grilled different types of food to perfection. Perfect for steak, chicken, fish and veggies, this electric grill has an extra-large cooking surface that goes from warm to sear. With a non-stick grill plate and drip pan, it’s easy to clean and leaves your kitchen virtually smokeless.

Smokeless grills inevitably release wisps of smoke, but usually not enough to set off your smoke alarm or irritate your guests. CUSIMAX Smokeless grill utilizes a drip pan filled with cool water, so when grease drips off your meat it immediately hits the water and cools off without releasing any smoke, it can reduce smoke production by at least 95%.

Say goodbye to the trouble when cleaning the traditional big grill. Cusimax indoor grill is always EASY.

Detachacle Design

Non-stick Plate

Dishwasher Safe

Detachacle Design

Non-stick Plate

Dishwasher Safe

Great for Party

Features & Specifications

  • [Grill whenever & wherever you want!]-Such a relief! No need to battle with grilling outside in a storm and choking to death on the smoke from your outdoor grill getting trapped in patio umbrella. Cusimax smokeless grill makes your house NO MORE CLOUDY SMOKE. Just Sitting around and grill and eat barbecue at home! This Electric Indoor Grill saves your money going outside for BBQ. Enjoy it in condo, RV, party or patio without trouble.
  • [Heats Fast & Cooks Evenly]-With the Double U heating tubes, this indoor grill griddle provides food the fast and consisitant temperature, sealing in flavor and moisture, then brings you juicy steak. The perforated grill plate can filter out excess oil, also leaves the meat with the grill marks like a charcoal grill does. Your breakfast bacon & eggs, pancakes, comes out perfectly from the griddle plate.
  • [2 in 1 Grill & Griddle with Glass Lid]-Just switch the top grill/grddle palte as you like. Cusimax electric grill griddle provides your the possibilty to finish your whole-day meals on ONE device, saving the trouble to pulling out another device! Cooked bacon without any splatter. The glass lid also keeps the heat well with the thermostat control, and convenient to see your food.
  • [Use & Cleaning & Store is A BREEZE!]-Ultra-clear LED smart display helps you adjusting the temperature from 200℉ to 450℉. The non-stick coating heating plate allows the food to be taken out easily without residue. Multiple detachable parts make the machine have no unreachable clean corners. Dishwasher safe parts: Glass Lid, 2 heating plates, silver heat reflector.
  • [Worry-free buying]-You got the free lifetime customer service & 180-days worry free return policy with the item you brought from cusimax(only available for shop Cusimax Inc.). All our products are stand by our professinoal technical engineers, and we're here to solve your problems.
  • Dimensions: 20.62"D x 13.7"W x 8.25"H
  • Weight: 16.83 pounds

Pros & Cons


Pretty solid for kbbq. Something to note, I bought this specifically for kbbq and have only used it twice. -Meats tried: sliced brisket, sliced rib-eye, pork jowl, kalbi -Fed 6 adults, 1 teen, and 3 kids for this session I thought it was very easy to intuitive to use and set up. The only real 'building' you have is to screw in the handle for the lid (which I don't really plan on using much). Size: I would put this at a medium-leaning large size. It was tough to keep up with the demand for meat for everyone all at once (because I was feeding 10 people), but it did a good job. It did take a little longer to find my grove as I started with the grill plate vs the griddle, but things started to move quickly once I did. For reference, I fit an entire pack of Trader Joe's Kalbi at once on the griddle. If I remember correctly, the grill plate did have a bit more cooking area. Grill experience: Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. The smell is definitely still there, but it definitely did not get smokey at all. The hot spots on the griddle were more toward the middle. The further parts did not heat up as well but didn't end up being that big a deal for me. Only wish: My only minor gripe was that there was no fat drain for the griddle. You could scoop it over the edge, and would fall out into the draining parts. However, it did wipe up pretty easily with a paper towel and made the rest of the clean-up pretty easy. Clean-up: Top-level is the grill/griddle, then a 'funnel' level both below/to the side of the grill/griddle, (the heating element), then it would go to the catch at the bottom pan. At a minimum, you will need to clean the grill/griddle + funnel part every time. The funnel is the 'sides' of the griddle. The grilling element, for me, didn't get dirty at all but it could be different cooking something fatty on the grill plate. Conclusion: If I could start over, I would buy this again, maybe two of them. For a smaller party or family use, I think 1 of these would be perfect in size. The smokeless aspect definitely works, and it isn't too bad to clean up. Most of the other options for smokeless grills that I saw did not come with a griddle. For KBBQ, I would only want to use the griddle vs. a grill plate. The grill plate would be useful for like steaks.

I wish I've found this grill sooner - Grill is perfect for those traveling or in a dorm room. The media could not be loaded. Before I start off my review, let me first tell you what made me come across this product and why this grill is such a lifesaver. Story: Ever since an apartment eviction, the long lasting pandemic, then my mom and I getting kicked out of her ex-neighbor friend’s house, I’ve been living for in a cave for a long time. What I mean by that is I forgot what it feels like to live in a real home again. Because everyday I’ve been ordering DoorDash food deliveries or having to buy microwavable meals. And even now, we’ve been staying at a hotel for a year now since last April. I can't even remember a time I had fresh home-cooked meals since our apartment eviction. All I know now is this hotel room has no kitchen, only has a small dorm sized fridge, and serves no free breakfast. So it was even worse now since there was nowhere nor no one who can cook foods for us. That’s when I started realizing I needed to do something because I’m out here wasting $430 a week at some rubbish hotel, while also spending DoorDash orders left to right that costs me on average $20 - $40 with $20 per day Uber trips to work since we have no car. Review: At first, I had thought of and considered the George Foreman or Hamilton Beach grill. But then, I’ve realized those would’ve smoked up the hotel’s fire alarm. I needed something that was more compact & portable, lightweight, and easy to use. Enter: The Cusimax indoor electric smokeless portable grill. I wish I had found this sooner... but my search is over! I had to get a loan to buy this but it was worth it to save money. Here's more reasons why… Pros: 1. This product is easy to use and clean. It literally gives you a guide with all the components that can come off assembled and disassembled. In minutes, I was able to start cooking like a chef with this thing. And for the smokeless feature, all you need to do is add water to the bucket underneath and turn the fan on. 2. It comes with it’s own grill plate, spatula, and top glass lid. 3. The grill is also very portable and takes up less space. It features a very fancy LED, showing the current temperature so you don’t have to wait and guess on pre-heat. On top of that, you can use its touchscreen to quickly turn up or down the temperature control button. Cons: 1.The only complaints I have currently is why hadn’t I found this product sooner? 2. Although, there is one else add-on from Cusimax store I’d recommend that didn’t come already bundled with this and that’s the griddle plate. You'd have to get that seperate if you plan on also cooking breakfast or other foods that rely on frying oil so it don't splatter down the holes of the main grill plate. Other recommendations & conclusion: And speaking of frying, another product that goes hand to hand with this is an air fryer. I brought the Dreo air fryer which lets me make french fries without the need of oil and is also portable like this grill. Combine both of these products and you’ve got yourself a mini cookware kitchen! Already was I able to multi-task with them both to make me burgers / chicken and fries with ease. Saves so much time and hassle with less resource too.

Love this product worth to buy. This grill has good heat , best grill, Easy to clean. Worth to buy

Every home should have one. I love it have had it for a few days cooks really good hamburgers will hold up to 2 full racks of baby back ribs. Love traditional grilling but this is almost the same with less the trouble especially when it’s raining and cold outside

Great Grill for Steaks and flat foods, but for foods not flat... This grill is great for steaks, very tender and juicy! Meats and foods that are flat like breads, eggs etc. this grill is great as well...but when it comes to foods/meats that are not so flat like chicken wings, legs, bone-in chicken breast this grill misses the mark big time. It cooks the chicken, but not that great and the grill lines look dried out on the chicken. I think the lack of fire may be the reason why, since on a regular fire grill the fire can reach those places where this smokeless grill can't. I mainly cook steaks and eggs on it on the flat top only since it is usually one piece to clean afterwards...I get too lazy to clean the grill and other parts since juices drip through the grill vents/holes. The grill is very simple to use, super easy to clean and very to assemble. The grill doesn't take long to preheat to desired temperature and cook time is quick. There is no smoke when cooking and not much smell either. And Grill is quick to cool down after using...about 10 minutes and you can touch the surface with bare hand. My only con is I wish it grilled chicken (wings, bone-in breast and legs) better. Over all it is great grill.

Smokeless grill perfect for indoor use. Seriously the best smokeless grill I’ve ever purchased. Easy to clean everything. I just wish it had more wide range of temp control.


Not the best. I have had this for a few months. At first it was amazing. It truly eliminated smoke. There are very few instructions. There were no instructions for the handle. I winged it and it works ok. However it loosens frequently. It took me 2 months of wrestling with the silver pan part to realize there are tiny arrows that show you what direction to put it down so that all of the pieces will fit together. After 4-5 uses the plastic cover to the fan came off. I haven’t been able to get it back on. My husband and son tried also with no success.I realized that after a month there was grease and gunk all over the insides of the blue plastic. When I wiped it off blue also came off. Also after using it 4-5 times the silver tray became permanently discolored. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get it clean with no luck. 2 months ago the fan quit working. Now my kitchen fills with smoke every time I use it. Last month I noticed that the grill part is becoming discolored too. Last but not least the temperature settings go by 50’s. I like to cook at 425 degrees. I only have the option to cook at 400 or 450 degrees. It takes a long time to cook at 400 degrees, but 450 degrees burns my food.

Didn’t last long‼️‼️. Bought it a year ago and use it about 15 times in one year. Worked great till last time I used it. The smokeless part stopped working and my house filled up with smoke‼️‼️ seems like for the price it should last a lot longer‼️‼️‼️

Cooking takes a while. I’m a bit disappointed with the product even though you can set it to 450 I think it feels weak and takes a while to cook!

Check the product to make sure you get everything its suppose to have. Mine did not come with the handle for the lid. Like really. How it was packaged i dont see why the handle it not all ready in stall..

Comes apart easily. At this point I’d buy another product as the glass lid comes apart every time it’s used!!! The top handle is screwed on and just with touching it, it becomes weak and unscrewed… it’s made horrible… after each use the machine must be washed with soap and water or it stinks and smells up the house… because of this I rarely use it.. carefully look into another product that is made better!!!!

It's quiet and easy to set up and use. It's true it really is smokeless! I'm also really impressed on how quiet the fan is. The only smoke I noticed (I've used 3 times) is when you turn whatever you're cooking over. Then a small puff of smoke quickly disappears. My dislike was no recipe book comes with the product. In following up the company says it is developing one. Not knowing how long to cook or how high to to set the temperature control bothered me for a couple of weeks. I bought 2 in door grilling cook books and between them I figured it out. It really wasn't rocket science but sure would be nice to have a little more detailed explanation come with the product. I've only cooked steak and pork chops but each time they have come out perfectly done to our satisfaction. Although their are several parts to clean it is a very easy task.

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Existing Customer Reviews

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