FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set, Airtight Food Storage Container with Lid 135.2oz,BPA-FREE Plastic Pantry Organization Canisters for Rice Cereal Flour Sugar Dry Food in Kitchen

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Cereal storage setCEREAL STORAGEFreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set, Airtight Food Storage Container with Lid 135.2oz,BPA-FREE Plastic Pantry Organization Canisters for Rice Cereal Flour Sugar Dry Food in Kitchencereal storage FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set, Airtight Food Storage Container with Lid 135.2oz,BPA-FREE Plastic Pantry Organization Canisters for Rice Cereal Flour Sugar Dry Food in Kitchen

cereal storage cereal storage foof storage food storage
Cereal Containers Storage Cereal Containers Storage Airtight Food Storage Kitchen Organization Set
number of packages 2PCS 4PCS 14PCS 24PCS
100% sealed
BPA Free Non-toixc Plastic

Features & Specifications

  • UPGRADE DESIGN - Upgraded models sold in the market 360-degree crystal-clear cereal dispenser containers make it easy to see what's inside
  • HIGH QUALITY & VERSATILE - These food storage containers are made out of high-quality food grade BPA-free plastic. They are transparent so you can always know what is inside and how much is still there. The storage containers with lids are not only ideal for storing cereals but they are also great for storing flour, brown sugar, rice, grains, pasta, snacks, nuts, coffee and even pet food
  • LARGE SQUARE POURING SPOUT - No more waggling your cereal out of the box each morning! Our sleek designed storage container with grips and upgraded large square pouring spout will reduce spillage and allow you to pour precisely the amount wanted with a smooth flow! Pour your cereal with ease!
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN - Anti-drop, bilateral handshake We seal these cereal storage containers with silicon so they’re airtight and odorless! You'll love our comfortable ergonomic grips. Not dishwasher safe, but the package comes with a brush to make cleaning it easier.
  • OUR PROMISE- We know you'll love our flour and sugar containers, so if for whatever reason the product isn't working out or is worth every penny of your investment, we will give back all the cash with no questions asked! You can keep these great products too.
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great organization keeping cereal fresh! Really like the overall style of these. Flip open lid is secure and easy to use. Body of container is comfortable to grip and not awkward to use while pouring cereal. These containers make my pantry look neat and they save me money by keeping cereal fresh.

FreshKeeper Storage Set: Airtight Canisters for Cereal & Dry Food. When it comes to storing food, there is nothing more important than keeping it fresh. That’s why the FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set is an excellent choice for any kitchen. This set includes two airtight canisters that are perfect for keeping cereals, flours, sugars and other dry foods fresh and organized in the pantry or kitchen. Made from BPA-free plastic, these canisters have a capacity of 4L/135.2oz each and feature a convenient lid with snap-lock closure for added security. The FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set is ideal for anyone who wants to maximize their kitchen storage space and make sure their food remains fresh and flavorful. These containers are designed with a tight seal to keep air out, meaning your food won't get stale or lose its aroma. The durable construction ensures that these containers will last several years, allowing you to get full use out of them. In addition to providing superior storage, this set is also an effective way to organize and reduce clutter within the kitchen. With two large containers, you can easily sort your foodstuffs by type and label them accordingly. This allows you to quickly locate the exact dry product you need when you need it. For anyone looking for a reliable, simple and secure way to store and organize dry food, the FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set is a great choice. They provide superior protection against spoilage and ensure that your food remains fresh and delicious until you’re ready to eat it.

Great product. Tight seal and good value. I bought these because I get ants in the summer and am tired of using ziplock bags. A small box of cereal will fill it halfway. A large box of cereal will fill it ¾. Easy open snap lid is secure, but large enough to pour out easily. Wish I had bought this years ago. I definitely recommend this product.

Wonderful organization solution. Love it! Makes organizing convenient. Keeps cereals and treats fresh. I love that they include a foam brush for cleaning it.

10/10. I ordered two of these and they are fabulous. Idk why folks are saying the opening does not stay open while pouring - obviously they haven’t tried pulling the little flap all the way back. You’ll hear it click when you pull the flap back and it stays open so you can pour easily without the flap closing. You will not break it. These containers are sturdy and visually appealing. The plastic is thick and well made. Been using for a few months almost daily with zero issues. 10/10, would buy again.

Lid does not stay open. When ready to pour cereal out, the lid is difficult for my kids and I to open. Takes a lot of strength. And then there is no feature to keep the lid open during pouring, so it flaps shut when you tip it over. You have to hold the lid open the whole time. For kids that's quite the feat. They should redesign slightly to have a way to make that better.


Storage. Love the containers

Makes things much more organized BUT STALE FOOD. Love them!!! Only minor issue is cereal flakes (only fruity pebbles) ends up on the lid. The tiny flakes get through the crack around the pour spout/lid and crumbs and flakes are often left on the outside of the lid. With younger or lazy older kids that can become annoying fast. Update: They do not keep food fresh. Cereal was stale. I have to keep the bag, roll it up and it may stay fresh. Just tried it haven’t eaten any yet. For organizational purposes 5 stars but cleanliness and freshness 0 stars. Overall, I’ll go between with 2.5 stars

Hard to open. Hard to open, frequently the whole lid comes off! Just a little fiddley

Container. This container was big enough to store a whole box of 18 oz cereal. Seal was good snd tight. Downfall is the opening lid to pour is hard to pop open when needed.

Not bad. It’s way cheaper than the other popular brands and it does work pretty well. I’m pretty sure it’s not ‘air tight seal’ because there’s nothing to Remove the air when you close it. I do like it and it holds a lot. It’s a good cereal holder.

Great storage. Stores my cereal great! Only thing that's a little annoying is the cap doesn't stay anchored open and falls shut during pouring. But works!

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How to Choose Your FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set

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Existing Customer Reviews

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