Comfee Retro Small Microwave Oven

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Comfee retro 0.7 ApricotComfee retro 0.7 Apricot

Comfee retro 0.7 Apricot

Comfee retro 0.7 RED

Comfee retro 0.7 Apricot


10 cooking power levels

Microwave cooking can now be intuitively customized! Just press the Power Level key and rotate the selector to choose from 10 power levels and up to 95 minutes of cooking time.

Easy Defrost

Simply choose defrost by time or by weight, meat can be evenly and thoroughly defrosted. (Range of weight: 4-54Oz.; Range of time: 0-95 minutes)

Turntable Reset Function

With Innovative position-memory technique the turntable resets after each use. Gone are the days of burning yourself because the turntable was in an awkward postion. Easily remove your food everytime.

Express Cooking Options

To cook for 30 seconds at full power or to increase 30 seconds during cooking, press the START button

retro 0.7 apricotComfee retro 0.7 RED

This COMFEE’ 0.7 cubic feet 700 watts retro style microwave oven is inspired from those good old days, and refined by modern style and practical functions. It features 9 auto menus, easy defrosting function, microwave cooking with 10 power levels and an express cooking button. It is equipped with position memory turntable, energy saving eco mode, a mute button, clock and kitchen timer. The bright LED digital display, easy-to-read control panel and cool-touch rounded buttons further improve the user experience. And the compact size is ideal for apartment kitchens, vacation homes, offices and dorms.

Features & Specifications

  • 【CUTE RETRO DESIGN】 This retro cream design is cute and compact. Its perfect for small kitchen spaces found in apartments or dorms. It would also make a great addition in an office or outdoor garden countertop setting. RV and Tiny Home Friendly.
  • 【EASY TO USE 】 Cook 9 of the most popular microwave foods in the press of one button. Press the desired pre-programmed button and the microwave automatically starts. Easily make popcorn, beverages, vegetables, meat, pizza, potatos, pasta, soup or reheat other foods. Also includes a large LED digital display, ECO mode, easy-to-read control panel and an interior light.
  • 【POSITION MEMORY TURNTABLE FUNCTION 】 The turntable always returns to its starting point after use, which allows you easily to take the mug or dish out of the microwave to protect you from getting hurt.
  • 【NO MORE ANNOYING BEEPS】 No more are the days of waking up your roomates or family members in the middle of the night. With a Sound On/Off function enjoy your snacks in silence.
  • 【CHILD SAFETY LOCK】 Featuring a Child Safety lock, the retro microwave protects your children from microwave oven danger.
  • 【COMPACT SIZE】 With 700 Watts this Small Retro Microwave is powerful but also has a very small footprint to save you space. It can fit on a 10 inch turntable with its compact size. Dimensions : (W x D x H): 17.3 x 14.1 x 10.2; Internal dimensions (W x D x H): 12.04” x 11.95” x 8.11”.
  • 【EASY TO LEARN】 With a simple Logo inspired keypad design this retro countertop microwave is easy to use for all ages.
  • 【ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY】 Includes : Microwave Oven, User Manual , Tips for use, 10 inch turntable. If you have any questions please call us.
  • Dimensions: ‎17.3 x 14.1 x 10.2 inches
  • Weight: ‎24.3 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great little microwave! Time will tell. Just wanting to let people know that this little microwave, made by COMFEE, is quite nifty for the price. I started out my microwave buying experience spending $400 for a top of the line (or so I thought) microwave, but the shipping experience from Amazon (thru Joe's Appliance) was soooo in, microwave came with box mangled (and appliance body bent badly so I refused the shipment and got my money back) that I just decided to get a cheapy. My only problem was it had to have a small footprint to fit on a shelf in my kitchen. Well, the COMFEE brand microwave fit what I needed, and I can still put a full sized dinner plate I to it if need be!! It runs actually pretty quiet, but the door sounds a bit clingy to open and shut (trick is, open while slightly pressing door in and shut door with a light snuggy push instead of slamming it shut). It is small, but looks great and does the trick. I don't microwave much, but still use it about everyday for heating milk for my coffee or reheating leftovers etc. At around $88.99, I splurged and bought the four year Asurion insurance. BTW, Asurion is pretty doggone good to stand behind their word if a product really goes South. So if you need a small little microwave for a small space and you don't try to cook huge meals in it, I have found that so far, it's a really good deal. Much better than the fiasco of trying to get a large high priced appliance to my house, sign for the delivery even though trying to get it delivered when I am actually HOME (I work. You know?) Then dealing with the mangled mess. NOTE: If you see a damaged delivery box you HAVE TO SIGN FOR, do yourself a BIG favor and open the box and check out the product BEFORE you sign for it. Then you can refuse the thing and let the delivery person ship it back. Joes Appliance did get my money back to me a.s.a.p., to be fair.

poor keypad, but otherwise OK. ETA: keyoad is easier to use now... not sure why. My husband likes it, so we're keeping it. ===== It's cute and the perfect size for us, but the keypad is extremely difficult to use. It takes a bit of fiddling to place your finger on anything on the keypad to activate whatever key you're pressing. Also difficult to read some of the labels on the keypad. Maybe it's because we're older ... or something... but we don't like this at all and may try to return it.

Stylish. This microwave is so cute but yet it has more power than my last one. It came packaged very nicely and with a very understandable manual. I just really love the look and hoping it'll last a long time.

Cute microwave. This has got to be the smallest microwave made lol but it’s fine for my needs. Not sure why the maker made it so weird to use. Lots of buttons and you need the instruction book to figure out how to use it. But great color and very cute

Very nice purchase. I love our new retro microwave. My husband may never be able to figure it out though! Lol! Quite easy for me though!! I read the instructions!!

Very sleek simple design! I love how flat and smooth it is on all sides. Nice bright white, clean and simple. My one difficulty has to do with my poor eyesight, but I hope to soon know which are the buttons I need to press to, say, heat up my many cups of coffee without switching to stronger glasses. All in all, I'm very pleased with it!


Way over engineered as are most appliances. Buyers remorse. Should have read the one star reviews .. have had a fire event in my house and don’t need another, Every item made today has some level of bad reviews. Brand names mean nothing. My ancient Emerson is back in its old place .. nothing today is made to last any reasonable time. Holding my breath on my 13 year old Kenmore Fridge ..when Kenmore used to mean something. Purchased this smaller size to fit a space now occupied by an early 80’s basic Emerson microwave which still works but may die down the road. People who think digital is more efficient and easier to use have not had the joys of a mechanical device, My old Emerson has three steps. A mechanical toggle switching between cook and defrost, A mechanical dial for the timer which requires only ONE motion unlike digital which often requires multiple stabbing to get where you want to go. And a on/off switch you just push which after over three decades does stick a bit. Still turns off when the door is opened to check done ness but engages when shutting the door instead of just pushing start again. This new item has a long list of power levels going up in 10% increments with absolutely no correlation to any function requiring such precise numbers, .. older microwaves often had Low, Medium or High settings which is infinitely easier. But precise wattage ala a regular oven ? Really? The “easy” presets for more commonly used foods or beverages belies the fact that they require very specific volume or weight for each setting listed. That means you must take time to PREP to make sure your amount matches the settings. More wasted time. I have a lot of mugs and many are hand crafted stoneware they vary a bit with exactly how much liquid they hold. So I have to vet them all and designate which I can use on a preset? The instructions wisely say to monitor the device when in use so why have to fuss with presets? Just nuke it and test for doneness. As you would with any oven ..if it needs more time then do that. People are so enamored of digital …I used a two slice toaster once with a touch pad. Earrings on a pig Instead of a one motion mechanical dial to set toasting level. You had to stab at the touch pad ..even more annoying when you out the next two slices in you had to Re Set the toasting level because the device has no memory you can lock in. So a lot more effort to get what should be a simple result. My microwave needs are pretty basic and I guess I will eventually figure out what I won’t use on this new one… but, for now, I am in no hurry to do so.

Cute microwave but interior paint peeled after 18 months. I like this microwave. It doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, it’s cute, and it’s red which matches my other appliances, but unfortunately, the roof of the interior has started to peel and bubble and I’m nervous it’s a safety hazard, so it’s going in the trash soon. I admit I could have cleaned it more and I’m reading online that food not wiped up can splatter and create hot spots resulting in peeled and bubbling paint but I can’t say for sure that’s what caused it. I also have noticed these last few weeks that condensation builds up on the inside of the microwave door and a cloud of humidity wafts out every time I open it when it’s done cooking and I’m reading online that this can be due to poor ventilation or a faulty fan, which I’m seeing now is an issue in other low-star reviews for this product, and looking online, condensation can also cause peeling and bubbling paint over time, so as a person who isn’t an expert, I am obviously searching for reasons for the peeling and bubbling interior paint. I do this because I’ve never owned a microwave that has paint that has bubbled or peeled in its interior. And I’ve owned at least 4 microwaves before this. My only solution is to discard this one, and buy a different brand of microwave next time. It’s too bad because it’s very attractive in my kitchen.

Not great. I purchased several of these microwaves for my short term rental properties. Several guests complained that they are not easy to use. I agree.

Doesn’t work well at all. It heats the bowl but not what’s inside the bowl. Very odd. The bowl/dish comes out burning hot but the food in it remains cold. It’s also very hard to use. There is no 15 sec button, or way to have short, quick warm ups. Smallest time allowed is 30 seconds. Sometimes, when I open he door, the glass dish is spinning, like it never shut off. Very disappointed!

Cute but that's about it. Blew up today. I should have looked at the pictures better and seen that there weren't easy one touch buttons. The instructions to program it were difficult, especially as after every power outage, I'd have to go through each step again, not just resetting of the clock...resetting everything. It was so frustrating (yes, we live in the country, and lose power a lot, we do have a generator that kicks on, but it takes 20 seconds and the microwave has reset by then). Anyway, so frustrating that we literally only used the 30 second button. We'd just hit it however many times we needed for however long we were cooking. Not great, but it worked. For a while. I've had this just shy of 19 months today. Yesterday is sparked and I searched for what could have made it spark...I was heating up a glass bowl (to place over cold butter) for 45 seconds (well, 60, because I can't choose 45 as mentioned above) and about 15 seconds into it, the inside looked like the 4th of July. I stopped the machine, pulled out the bowl - which was STEAMING hot (after 15 seconds!!!) and put the butter back in the microwave on a small Corel plate (microwave and dishwasher proof) and again, 15 seconds later, the machine was popping and sputtering. Butter was totally melted (cold butter just out of fridge, melted in about 9 seconds. I tried again today with a paper plate and a pizza, and it was under 10 seconds that it started popping like it was going to explode. It is now unplugged and in the trash.

Just a tad too small but convenient. Very cute little microwave but a regular bag of popcorn once the bag starts to expand cannot continue to spin on the turntable as the bag edges get stuck on the side walls of the microwave. Even some disposable plates are too big to spin. Other than that it's a great little microwave for a dorm room or family/entertainment/rec room/game room/man cave/etc... as a main or kitchen microwave opt for a bigger size.

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Existing Customer Reviews

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