Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert – Quilted Fluffy Comforters, All Season Down Alternative Bedding Comforter with Corner Tabs

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Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert - Quilted Fluffy Comforters, All Season Down Alternative Bedding Comforter with Corner Tabs duvet cover Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert - Quilted Fluffy Comforters, All Season Down Alternative Bedding Comforter with Corner Tabs comforter cotton duvet cover Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert - Quilted Fluffy Comforters, All Season Down Alternative Bedding Comforter with Corner Tabs
All Season Duvet Insert Prewashed Duvet Cover Set Pillows Queen Size Set of 2 Goose Down Comforter Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Embossed Bed Sheets
Size Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King/Twin XL Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King Queen, King, Standard Queen/King/Cal King Queen, King Queen,King,Full+
Feature Box Stitching Design, 8 Durable Tab Soft, Lightweight, Breathable Soft,Firm,Fluffy,Breathable Even Warmth, Comfortable, Soft Soft, Wrinkle-Free, Breathable Ultra Soft,Sturdiness
Material 100% Microfiber Premium Prewashed Microfiber Microfiber 20% Goose Down & 80% Goose Feather 100% Washed Cotton Microfiber
Product Care Instructions Machine wash cold separately. Do not bleach or iron. Use the large front-loading washer and dryer. Machine Wash, Do not bleach Machine washable in cold water Machine wash cold separately. Do not bleach or iron. Use the large front-loading washer and dryer. Machine Wash, Do not bleach,Tumble Dry Low Machine Wash, Do not bleach
Pieces 1 3 2 1 3 3-4
Available Color 7 Colors 25 Colors White White 6 Colors 3 Colors

Features & Specifications

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Featuring classic box-stitching, Bedsure Down Alternative Comforter stays evenly distributed over you, creating the most relaxing sleep without any fill bunching.
  • Premium Filling: Stuffed with 300 GSM whole piece 100% polyester microfiber, this down alternative comforter keeps from clumping to provide you the luxurious softness and warmth.
  • Classic Style: This down comforter is suitable for all-season use and creates an inviting vibe to your dorm. The uniform tile-like stitching is versatile and suggests a feeling of stability.
  • Versatile: Bedsure Down Alternative Comforter can be used just as a comforter or as a duvet insert to match your favorite duvet cover to change your bedding style.
  • Easy to Care: This comforter is machine washable. Simply wash on a gentle cycle separately with cold water. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not bleach.
  • Dimensions: 92"L x 68"W
  • Weight: 4.95 pounds

Pros & Cons


Fluff in dryer before use. It arrived in a vacuum sealed bag. Gave it a good shake out and let it sit over night and it was still a bit flat and a tad scratchy. Threw it in the dryer twice (20minutes, took out to flip around and back in for another 10minutes) and it took most of the wrinkles out, scratchy feel is gone & and fluffed up nicely! It’s lighter than our winter goose feather comforter (obviously) but after fluffing it up I look forwarding to actually using it. It’s a nice black, not a dark grey which is great. We have a Cali king and that’s the size I ordered. It fits nicely longways, wish it was a tad longer on the width sides but it works for us since our bed is in the corner.

Good quality but SO HOT for the weight! This is a lighter weight insert ( I bought it to use with a Bedsure duvet cover). It is soft and the filling seems well distributed. It seems to fit the cover well. I tend to be cold but I've been waking up so hot since we started using this insert! We've been using a duvet for 10 years that is much heavier and just switched to this one and I feel like there is a big difference. I would consider switching to a lighter insert for the summer. It's been in the 40's at night/60s-70s during the day so I think it's just a very warm insert for all-season. Overall good quality.

Just as expected. Love that a lighter weight option is available and that no animals were involved (synthetic). I get very warm when sleeping, so would like an even thinner one, but this is just as advertised. I’ve tried synthetic pillows from a high end store (cough, Nordy’s) a few years ago, which got lumpy and lost a lot of the fluffy volume over time. In addition to saving our feathered friends, the fact that it’s totally machine washable is fantastic. Re. washing, I’ve only had it 4-5 months and haven’t had a need to wash it, but expecting it will do just fine.

Perfect. This insert is very soft material and so fluffy it's like wrapping yourself in a marshmallow.It didn't make me hot although I do also have cooling sheets because I also have a super thick cloud like pillow mattress topper(Linsy Living down alternative.Has a thick bottom layer and removable thinner top layer). Between the mattreds topper and this duvet I feel like I'm literally sleeping in a buttery soft cloud. The 2nd pic is the full size duvet with a full size duvet cover on so you can see how well it fills out.

Sturdy and warm. We bought this to replace our comforter because our washing machine won't wash a king size comforter. We got the matching cover which will go in our washer. The cover is soft and the duvet is warmer than our comforter. I'd say it's a good purchase

Excellent budget buy. This is a really nice down alt. duvet insert ! Definitely a cold weather duvet, esp if you get hot easy. It'll be great this winter! Extra duvet tabs which is great, it's thick and well made.


wouldn’t recommend for people who get really hot. It says it is an all season duvet but it is not. You get really hot in it and the reason I got it was because I get hot all the time and wanted something breathable and cool. This is not it. If you hot like me then do not purchase it. Even during the winter it’s hot with this duvet. Mind you, I put it in a duvet cover. I do not like it as much so I might just give ir away because it was a lot of money.

Not a true king size. I bought the king size for my king size bed I ordered. My bed finally came and I put it on my bed and it barely hangs over, if at all. It's definitely not a king size

Thinner than most inserts. I was slightly disappointed when my Duvet insert came. Much flatter and thinner than I thought. It does have some weight to it. It is ok if you are having quests stay , but I wouldn’t have it on my bed .

Okay for price. You get what you pay for lol! It’s pretty thin so it didn’t really fill my duvet cover. It’s also kinda heavy so it kept falling to the bottom of my duvet cover. I ended up taking it out and won’t be using it as it just was too frustrating. If you plan to use it alone it would prob be okay.

Good value but not super comfortable. Pro: no feathers everywhere, not expensive Con: kind of gives a sticky feeling, not breathable or fluffy

Gets hot during summer with AC on. My granddaughter likes the softness but it makes her hot so will on be for bed dressing. She and I both got 1 each and we both got hot during the night. Thats sad i was under impression was for any season. Seller is great

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Existing Customer Reviews

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