Luxury Bamboo Bread Slicer with Knife – 3 Slice Thickness, Foldable Compact Cutting Guide with Crumb Tray, Stainless Steel Bread Knife for Homemade Bread, Cake, Bagels 5.5” Wide x 5” Tall

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Bamboo Bread SlicerBamboo Bread SlicerBamboo Bread SlicerBamboo Bread SlicerBamboo Bread Slicer

Features & Specifications

  • SLICING GUIDE FOR CUTTING EVENLY: This bamboo bread slicer is the secret to getting even (as well as easier) slices. To make it maximully useful, a long and sharp knife comes along (with cool magnets to hold it in place), the guides have 3 sizes of thick or thinness, and the bottom is non-slip rubber.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SLICING: A loaf of homemade bread, bagels, cakes or any goodies that is up to 5.5” wide and 5” inches tall will fit into this bread slicer guide.
  • FOLDABLE + COMPACT: Our bread cutter & bagel slicer looks beautiful enough to sit on the counter, but it’s also able to fold flat to fit in the cabinet. We’ve thrown a lovely flour sack bag with this bread slicer to keep it neat when in storage too.
  • CATCHES CRUMBS: The wooden bread slicer comes with a crumb catching tray underneath to outsmarts the usual mess. This crumb tray can then turn into your serving tray and it also allows you to save and freeze breadcrumbs
  • STURDY, QUALITY, ORGANIC BAMBOO: We constructed this cutting guide bread with 100% environmentally conscious bamboo. It is very solid and stable compared to plastic cutting boards and doesn’t break easily, even with lots of chopping.
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds

Pros & Cons


If you make bread in pans, it's perfect. If you use a bread maker, first address the loaf height. I was a pro baker for several years until my skin developed gluten sensitivity due to constant exposure to raw dough. While I still love making bread and donuts (thank the cosmic overlords that said sensitivity has not reached my GI tract) I have to keep hands off the raw product as much as possible. This is one reason why I have a bread machine. If you are baking your bread in a typical loaf pan, no loaf modifications are needed. I recommend, if it is a typical white or whole wheat loaf, to wait until it's at least room temperature before slicing. You may find your bread crumbles or otherwise deforms if you're using the slicer guide while the bread is even a little warm. Overall, this is a very straightforward device, and is easy to break out, clean, and fold down again. The included knife is of decent quality for the price, it's sharp and makes a clean cut. I think it could be an inch longer to avoid it coming out of the guide, so I have been using my own longer bread knife that is functionally identical. So here are a few tips if you are baking in a breadmaker: The height of the cutting slats is about 1/2 the horizontal length of a breadmaker loaf. If you like carving off a thick slab of hot bread from time to time, I would recommend going freehand. I recommend cutting said type of loaf in half before slicing -- not long ways like a hot dog, but parallel with the shortest side. Second tip is to wait until the loaf is completely cool. If you like your bread best when it's warm, either go freehand while it's still fresh, or warm it back up in a toaster oven afterward. I like to chill mine in the fridge before slicing for cleanest cuts. Use the right knife! The knife that comes with is the right type, and is designed to cut the bread in a sawing motion with near zero downward pressure. And last tip when cutting is to gently rest the knife against one side of the kerf in the bamboo slots for maximum uniformity; this works best when resting it on the inside side (closest to your body). The slots are about 3.5x wider than the thickness of the included blade. Afterthought: According to the gospel of 7-year-olds, there are few things in life as wonderful as a scratch-made grilled cheese sandwich with pepperoni. Happy breading everyone :)

Just what the home bread baker needs. Very nice gadget for those of us who bake bread at home. Comes very well packaged in its own storage bag and the knife is sharp and well-balanced and the magnet keeps it secure. Will fit nearly all hands. It's designed to allow you to cut 4 or 5 slices of three different thicknesses at a time -- there is a little "fence" that you insert to stop at the right thickness (I marked the top edge of the side pieces to easily ID each group of guides). Instructions clearly state "DO NOT SOAK IN WATER," and there really should be no reason to ever do that as far as I can tell. The cutting section sits inside the crumb tray which will contain any debris from slicing any breads. It's much wider than a standard loaf pan, and should easily fit an elongated rustic loaf of sourdough bread, but it won't fit an entire boule larger than about 6" or so. Treated as it should be and this item will last a long time.

Very nice ... In the month I've had this, it's nicely sliced a dozen or so 5-inch-wide bread-machine loaves. I like the foldable design in sustainable bamboo, handy crumb catcher, and that it cuts slices as thin as 1/4 inch. It's well made, and the convenient drawstring storage sack is a plus. I added extra vinyl footies on the crumb catcher to stop it from slipping on my granite countertop, and am more careful using the serrated bread knife that, unfortunately, has already marred the bottom slats.

Very nice. This bread slicer guide is very nice. There is a bit of a learning curve. I still can't seem to get even pieces of bread. But I have been slicing bread without one of these for a long time so it's a little awkward for me still. I do love the knife that comes with it and how it magnetically attaches to the side. Also that the slicer comes with it's own little pouch to store it in. That was something I was concerned about was storage and the possibility of it getting broken. But the pouch/case is very helpful with that.

Bigger is better. A good piece of equipment for the kitchen. Stores nicely. For bread made from bread makers, this would be so much better if it had some height to it as some home made bread exceeds the height of this equipment. So, bigger would be better !!

Great tool. Just recently started baking bread. I like the easy setup, easy clean up, and the ease of slicing the loaves of bread into slices, so much easier to do using this. It comes with a nice storage bag to store product in and the knife is fairly good quality. I am pleased with product.


Flimsy cutting board. Updating from 1 star to 3 stars because very good customer service. Very disappointed in my bread slicer. After cutting just one piece of sourdough, the blade started cutting right into the bamboo that the bread was resting on. Also, i make round sourdough loaves and this thing doesn't work at all for anything beyond 4 inch width

Easy to Assemble. Knife needs to be longer and isn't the best bread knife. Like many of us, I took up breadbaking in the pandemic. One thing I struggled with was cutting even slices. Sometimes they were great. Other times the slice started out thin and ended up very thick at the bottom. I'd considered one of these slicing guides before but had read mixed reviews - including complaints about slivers of bamboo coming off when they cut. The Good: Great design. I love that everything is self contained. When not in use, you can fold everything into itself for compact storing. I love that there's a place for the knife as well, magnets holding it in place. Even the bamboo slats seem smooth. I don't foresee splinters. The So-So: The slats. I tried cutting a few slices of varying thicknesses and found I have a reverse problem from when I cut freehand. The slices were almost shaved off at the bottom. I think this will take some getting used to so I can find the best method for pressing the bread against the stopper and then slicing down. So this... it may be a learning curve on my part. The Bad: The Knife. Much as I love that they included one, it's not a good bread knife. Despite being serrated, it's not very sharp. And it's barely long enough to slide between the both guides. When you start to saw through your bread, it inevitably comes free from the far guide. I ended up using my own bread knife which is a few inches longer and stayed where I put it. The Suggestion: You could move the guides closer together so the included knife will reach - but it's still a bad knife. If you're going to include one, make it sharp. You could make the space between the guides adjustable. The room was significantly wider than my loaf which was made in a pretty standard bread pan. You could just forego the knife and either lower the price or include a second stopper - so you can put the loaf between the two to keep it from moving while you're cutting.

Works okay. Knife is too short. This product works OK. It’s kind of fidgety and could use a bit of refining. The knife is too short to be effective. Luckily I have a longer very sharp bread knife that I use. It is better than cutting by hand but just.

Slits are too wide. Since the slots are so wide, you can’t slice the bread to an even thickness. The sides are a little wobbly even with the stabilizer in it. I do like the way the knife magnetizes to the base.

Not as great as it sounds. Concept is good but doesn't make good cuts. Knife not that great. Just really disappointed with it. Waited too long to return it.

Too short for bread maker loaves. I like the design and the magnetic attachment for the knife on the side is convenient and classy. Unfortunately we just can't use it. I have a standard bread maker and the loaf is about an inch higher than the cutting guides, so the guides are not very helpful. Also, it is hard to cut the bread without the rest of the loaf moving. To solve this, they could supply a second wall piece so the loaf is steadied on both sides. Overall I wanted to love it and use it, but it was more work than it was worth so we don't.

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