All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Hard Anodized Cookware Set, 8-Inch, 10-Inch and 12-Inch, Black

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Makes cooking easier

Simplify how you cook with the HA1 Collection’s three layers of nonstick coating that makes food slide right off without having to constantly stir or use excessive oil.

Safe nonstick coating

HA1 is made with a PTFE nonstick coating that won’t degrade or flake off into your plate.

Compatible with all cooktops

Gas, electric, or induction, the HA1 Collection works with all kinds of cooking surfaces, to give you the ultimate versatility. You can even put it in the oven or broiler (up to 500°F).

Easy to clean

The HA1 Collection is dishwasher-safe, but we recommend you hand wash with mild detergents and non-abrasive pads to preserve the nonstick performance. And because you may just want to hold onto it for a little longer.


This Ultimate Nonstick Fry Pan Set is what every kitchen needs. With 3 essential pan sizes, this set has you covered when it comes to common everyday tasks, whether it be frying an egg in the 8,” cooking salmon in the 10″, or stir frying in the 12”. As part of our HA1 Nonstick collection, these pans are also heavy-gauge and include 3 layers of long-lasting nonstick, plus a warp-resistant induction compatible base. They combine professional performance and durability with quick and easy cleanup

Features & Specifications

  • Set includes: 8-inch, 10-inch with lid, & 12-inch with lid fry pans. A must-have collection of nonstick fry pans for common, everyday cooking tasks.
  • HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE WITH EVERYDAY CONVENIENCE, HA1 Nonstick heavy gauge aluminum and stainless-steel base deliver consistent, delicious cooking. The high-quality nonstick brings a long-lasting and easy release to cook with less fat.
  • DESIGN YOU'LL LOVE with a contoured design for sleek & stylish vessels, a permanently secured grip ensured by the double riveted stainless steel handles, and an easy size identification thanks to capacity markings
  • VERSATILE & EASY CARE - HA1 Nonstick is oven safe up to 500°F and compatible with any stovetop except induction. To preserve the nonstick quality over time, hand wash your cookware with a soap and sponge. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Dimensions: 23.46 x 13.43 x 6.73 inches
  • Weight: 16.09 pounds

Pros & Cons


believe everything you read about the handles. I got these as a gift for myself because I have been wanting to upgrade to All-clad for quite a while. One of those 'You are rocking this adulthood thing and deserve great quality adult tools' situations. These are the only ones that come close to my budget when they were on sale. I thought I might be able to get over the handle issue that so many other reviewers speak of. It is workable for the middle and small pan. I still dislike the handles but the rest of the great qualities of All-clad balances it out. But the large one is really a problem. It hurts my hand (even when the pan is empty) and is dangerous as the shape make it hard to get a solid grip. Complete design fail. I wish I would have saved my money and got a set with different handles. The handles completely diminish the joy of being able to cook with such great quality pans. So if you are like me and think 'Oh they can't be that bad', do your self a favor and just buy the ones with better handles. Or wait until they read enough of these reviews and invest in a design change. All-clad, thanks for listening.....

Best Pans Ever. I now have several pieces of all clad cookware and love all of it! My favorite part is how even the heating is for those of us stuck with electric or glass top heating surfaces. I love how easy they clean up even if you cook something messy most times I can wipe these clean, but they are dishwasher safe if I need to.

Great pans, lid handles get hot. I typically only use All Clad. Bought these to add to my stainless steel set. I took off a star because from experience with the stainless steel set the lid handles stay cool regardless of the heat in the pan. I burnt my hand the first time using this set. If I can I’ll update after some time using. I treated the pans according to directions. Non stick typically don’t last as long as other pans. I’m looking forward to seeing how well they do. Definitely read all the information on the recommended use. Eggs came out perfectly.

Best pans ever. I guess I’ve never had quality pans before because wow these are truly non stick and free of all that nasty Teflon. Couldn’t recommend these to someone more!

Sturdy, with a great nonstick surface. We had a bunch of old nonstick pans that were past their life expectancy and wanted good replacements. We felt these were well-priced and from a reliable company. We have had them for several weeks now and really enjoy using them. They have a great feel, and the nonstick surface is very nice. Fortunately, everyone in our house knows better than to use metal utensils in nonstick pans (no Hexclad in our house), so we haven't challenged the surface durability.

Great Quality and Durable. I bought these due to brand name and quality they provide. The non-stick is amazing and super easy to clean. The handles do not get hot either when cooking on the stove which many other frying pans do and that is unsafe as it can cause serious burns. These are high quality, and you can even wash in the dishwasher which is a huge plus! Super easy to clean grease off and food does not burn to the pan. I would definitely recommend and will buy more All-Clad products due to their stellar products!


The pans are great, but.... First, these pans seem like a great investment - especially when I got them on the pre-Black Friday sale. They are heavy aluminum with a super-slick non-stick coating. Just a few drops of oil make eggs and fried cheese slip right out. Heat distribution is excellent, even to the edges of the biggest 12" pan. Clean up is a breeze. I can't really critique the durability - I've only had them a few weeks. My issue with the pans, and thus the 3-star review, is the handles are both uncomfortable and tricky to manage. At the end of the handle, they are nice and wide, with an open "U" shape to them. It gives you a decent grip and control over the pan. But the closer you get to the pan, it loses its U-shape and becomes very round. I have small hands, so I "choke up" on the handles to get better control over the pans. That narrow, round shape gives no purchase; the pan can rotate in the palm. It's not so noticable with the smallest pan, but with the medium and large pan it's almost gotten away from me. Remember the slipperyness? As the food shifts in the pan, quickly and easily, it's bordering on dangerous. Knowing what I know now, although they are a quality product that will probably last many years, I would not purchase these pans simply because of the handles.

Handles are uncomfortable. Bought this fry pan set while they were on sale for an amazing price. I already have a few All-Clad HA1 fry pans and they have been the best fry pans ever, so I was super excited to add to the collection. They arrived quickly in typical Amazon fashion, I opened the box, picked one up and was shocked by the painful handle design. Why did they change the handle? They are seriously, extremely uncomfortable to handle, even for my large calloused working man hands. So disappointing. Why change something that doesn't need to be changed? I wonder if anyone at All-Clad even held these before finalizing the design? Oh well, 2 stars removed just for the handles. Other than the fact that I hate picking them up, they're great to cook on! No stick, even heat, easy clean-up.

The pans are warped. I have lots of All Clad purchased over the last 20 years. They are great. I wanted skillets with a glass lid and non-stick surface. I thought these would be great. I cooked eggs and the pan was great for that. When making sauces I noticed the biggest pan was higher in the middle. Then I noticed the same thing in the 10 inch and finally noticed a bit of the same feature in the small one. A small amount of sauce would pool around the circumference. Small amounts of liquid would be deeper on the sides. Is this a flaw, is it supposed to be this way? Is it this way on other sets of this series? This is not acceptable as it is. Perhaps it comes from a steel plate attached to the bottom of the pans (aluminum). I plan to get a replacement or return it.

Handles Are Terrible. The 10 inch pan was convex upon arrival, noticed that when placed oil in pan. First time use of 12 inch pan, the handle would actually hurt your hand to hold it with food in it. Not sure why they designed it that way. If I hadn't cooked in one, I would definitely return the entire package.

BURN MY HAND. I have always wanted this cookware. I do believe that it is a great product for the home cook who is fairly experienced. I am. I have decent cookware and know how to use them. This pan does have a great cook surface and nonstick. Does transfer heat well. Plenty of space in pan for large amounts of food. But this pan is dangerous, it gets absolutely burning hot on every edge; all handles and the lid makes a crackle sound even just on stove top use. If you do not keep the rubber handle covers on the metal handles you WILL BURN YOUR HANDS I burned my hand. There are no options to keep handles covered in oven and if you are not used to hot handlesc in oven you will make the mistake and burn yourself. I bought the accessories to cover handles and still they get very hot. I am going to reach out

Great pans, handles are very uncomfortable. Great pans but their handles are very uncomfortable. I bought these for my elderly mother in law. She and I both find the handles too narrow and the curve in the handles make them uncomfortable and to hold.

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