Zahler ParaGuard, Advanced Digestive Supplement, Intestinal Support for Humans, Contains Wormwood, Certified Koshe

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Benefits Of ParaGuard

  • ParaGuard- Zahler’s ParaGuard contains a unique blend of herbs that optimizes digesive flora and supports healthy intestinal Microorganism balance. 
  • Micro Flora- Keep a healthy balance of intestinal Micro Flora with Zahler ParaGuard, A powerful formula designed for children and adults
  • Herbs- Consists of herbs that have traditionally been used to support and restore vitality to digestion and microbial balance

Signs of Imbalance

  • Signs of Imbalance- The most common signs of reduced vitality and imbalance are Diarrhea or constipation, gas, bloating, nausea and fatigue
  • Restore your Balance- Restore your balance, with ingredients that provide maximum strenght to support digestion and a healthy microbial balance
  • Provides Support- With Zahler’s ParaGuard you’ll provide you body with intensive supporty thereby promoting internal harmony

Why Zahler ParaGuard?

Optimal Formula

Zahler’s ParaGuard is in liquid format making it easy for adults and children to take. Just add this powerful liquid to your favorite drink, be sure to take the recommended dose and enjoy the ultimate benefits ParaGuard has to offer. 

Highest Quality Ingredients

ParaGuard contains a powerful and unique proprietary blend of ingredients such as wormwood, pumpkin seed, garlic bulb and more which have traditionally been used to suppot and restore healthy intestinal balance. 

Rooted In Purity

All Zahler products are sourced directly fron nature containing only pure, unadulterated ingredients. Manufactured and bottled in a state-of-art GM certififed facility. Zahler’s paraGuard, meets the highest nutraceutical standards. 

Features & Specifications

  • ABOUT: Zahler's ParaGuard is an advanced intestinal flora support
  • SIGNS OF IMBALANCE: The most common signs of reduced vitality and imbalance are diarrhea or constipation, gas, bloating, nausea and fatigue
  • INGREDIENTS: Contains a unique blend of herbs including Wormwood, Pumpkin Seed, Garlic Bulb and more
  • BENEFITS: Zahler's ParaGuard optimizes digestive flora and supports healthy intestinal microorganism balance
  • MADE IN USA: Manufactured and bottled in a state of art GMP certified facility

Pros & Cons


It's the taste. I tried coffee and tea as a mixer. Orange juice might be better but I don't do juice. What works best for me is in a shot of rum. I can drink just about any noxious fluid but this stuff just turns me off and if alcohol based rum can get me to get this stuff down, so be it. Aside from tghat, it's a great product and I intend on keeping taking it.

Not for the weak. Paraguard diary Day one. 4/14/2022 Took my first soft gel at 9am after explaining this process with the work fam. (They are 50/50 intrigued/disgusted) I waited for waves of abdominal cramps and possibly the faint screaming of worms living in my gut that were immediately within the soft gels path of parasite destruction. Nothing. Silence. No poop. No pain. Took the second soft gel @1300… waited for parasitic screaming… nausea… anything. Nothing. (Re-read bottle… I’m doing it correctly 3 soft gels daily x 10days) Took the third and final soft gel of “day one” @2000. Some squeaky farts here and there (not far from my normal baseline in the land of flatus)… however when listening for the sound of worms fighting for their lives… I hear Nothing. Going to sleep soon… sort of regret not sneaking home an adult pull up… the thought of waking up in a pile of fecal covered worms after an over trusted sleeping fart sort of scares me more than donning an adult brief… I’m brave… kids are with their dad… James is working overnight and the dogs quite literally like to sniff each other’s chocolate starfishes daily… the risk of embarrassment is low at this point. Maybe I’ll sleep on James’ side of the bed just incase? Goodnight Day two. 4/15/2022 Woke up clean and dry. Went to the bathroom to pee and have zero urge to explode worm carcasses into the water of our “Oprah toilets” (they are extra fancy and are push button flushers… smaller button for pee, both for deuce… which is obviously hella cool) a win for me and the dogs… time to go take day twos first soft gel… 0700. Small nugget poop just now, followed by Irish coffee… I’m sad… my gi tract is aware that I am emotional … I’m nervous… Today is Sandies funeral. I wonder how I get myself doing things like “deworming” when I have real life ish to do… like speaking at my moms best friends funeral. Oh well, I’ve not had anything other than farts since last night… I hear my moms friends voice “drive it like ya stole it Jack!” 2nd soft gel down the hatch with a vodka drink I made for this funeral… I wonder if my gut worms are actually just too intoxicated to react to paraguard? Are they drunk and slow? Not noticing they are getting weaker and death is upon them? Drunk little worm bastards aren’t the only dead thing in this funeral parlor… sort of feeling some movement… oh for the love of all things sacred… please don’t shart drunk worms at Sandie’s funeral… honestly, she’s dead… she won’t know. If she was alive she would laugh her ass off. I am going to miss that broad. I probably shouldn’t have accepted this invitation to speak today. Suddenly sharp cramps ebb and flow throughout my lower abdomen. Goosebumps on my arms. Beads of sweat across my upper lip. I’ve gotta take the browns to the super bowl! I stand… small side steps to the door and I’m outside! Now, where is the closest toilet? Wawa!!! As I make my way to the caca shangri-la… my stupid car goes into limp mode (a-friggen-gain). This is what I get for owning the same make as Hitler! I’m experiencing an extreme case of the backdoor trots and am reduced to 10 mph as punishment for all of the evil things that where done to the Jews. I make a promise to myself at this very moment that if I can get to the toilet without soiling myself I will sell this car. I finally turn into the wawa…. Park all cattywampus and make a sprint to the porcelain god! I made it just in time to expel the fluffiest turds ever. (A woman in the next stall gasped) I made it, I’m safe. I hesitate to inspect the demon feces yet I take a glance, orangish in color and fluffy, like a corpse floating in the Delaware for a few days fluffy. I return to the hitlermobile and drive to the dealership… sell said nazi wheels and the courtesy shuttle delivers me to my uncles business. Irish twin to my mother, my uncle Jim. He has a whip, I turn the key, it’s mine. Goodbye Florence, hello Large Marge (Miss Trunchbull) . I drive home and rejoice. My new whip has fabric seats, time to plan ahead for the next 8 days of deworming. Third and final soft gel for “day two” I’m hesitant yet dedicated to the cause. Kill the parasites, drop some lbs. let’s do this! Day three (4/16/2022) Soft gel [email protected]… nothing. Soft gel [email protected]… nothing. Soft gel [email protected]… nothing. Day four (4/17/2022) Woke up to a noise, a few weeks back someone tried to open our sunroom door in the middle of the night and ran off, since then… I’ve been a bit jumpy when I hear things, however as I sit up to get a better position to listen for a potential intruder… I smell it, well, well, well… turns out I merely farted myself awake. It’s Easter, he has risen and so has my air biscuit. I fart again and woke doggo Sherman… Another trouser cough and I decide to exit the bed and head downstairs before I wake everyone up with my rear acoustics. As I make my decent down each step it’s like someone behind me has a duck call. Each. And. Every. Step. I stop. The “duck” following me stops… now I’m silly, I start to giggle and with that the O-ring oboe sounds… I silently mouth “I’m sorry” to all of the humans sleeping upstairs and beef walk to the kitchen. Peace be with you all mommas got the windy poops. I get to the kitchen and take soft gel one of the day. Drink coffee, and hope for the best. As I’m getting ready for work I feel some movement. Sit down on the thunder mug and release a small nugget pooh… this is unlike me… can mountains of dead worm carcasses constipate? Soft gel two… nothing. I go to work. Coworker who talked me into this paraguard adventure asked if I had seen worms… sadly no… she said to wait for day 7/8… guess Wednesday and Thursday are gonna be lit! Finally home after stopping for some soup from wawa, Easter feast of champions. Soft gel three. Weird clay like shat… time to give these worms some vodka… it’s only right before they die. Day five (4/18/2022) Soft gel one… nothing Took both soft gel two and three before bed because the day got away from me. Please don’t let me defecate in my bed. Day six (4/19/22) All three soft gels Had a large bowel movement and turned to look at it… I understand now that I can go for the rest of my life without actually knowing it there were worms in me… if there were and I can’t see them, so be it! I’m not examining my feces. Final answer. Day seven (4/20/22) Soft gel one… chased by coffee. I obviously fear nothing. Soft gel two… rumble in the lower region… to the bathroom! Evacuation of the large intestine was a success. I look at the fudge dragon… no obvious worms as I visualize this bowl of possible worm corpses the automatic flusher takes them away to the ocean… I suddenly get the urge to sit back down. I do. It’s “rocket poop” (incredibly gasious poop shooting out of your butt at high speeds, because of all the build up of gas pressure behind the poop) How are there more Barbarians at the rear gate? I sit again, make like Snoop and 'Drop it like it's hot. Gel three of the day… I’ve crapped 5 times today. Day eight (4/21/2022) Soft gel one… chased by coffee… I choose violence today… as if I can possibly deploy another USS Brownfish? Soft gel two… the smell that is coming from me is pure death. It’s like I have old man farts. Soft gel three… hot boxed myself on the drive home tonight. Deworming is not my favorite. Day nine (4/22/2022) Soft gel one… consumed with coffee because I’m an absolute glutton for punishment. I feel Movement as I’m triaging a patient at bedside… oh my, the hair on my arms is standing up and my upper lip is beaded with sweat… must make it to the Oval Office immediately before I release flyarrhea into my scrubs. I make it in time to give these dead worm soldiers a dishonorable discharge straight into the chodbin. It’s unstoppable and forcefully exiting me… I have no control. Why do I make these bad choices in life? This is not the time to go down this rabbit hole of emotion… I have to regain some sort of sphincter control. I can wallow in my misery of poor decision making later. Oh my goodness, I left baby wipes in here earlier. Maybe my choices aren’t too poor. I am not a hearty enough specimen for this type of gi cleansing. I am officially waiving the white flag!!! I surrender. If there are any worms left in my gut they deserve to live in my body forever. I have given the remainder of my paraguard murder pills to a coworker. I am passing the baton.

Scared …. Now I don’t doubt this works, I have tried it and it makes you feel better but I always cut it short because I’m scared to have worms coming out of my south area. So don’t be like me and take one for the team, I myself used my husband as guinea pig and had him try it for longer… needless to say I’m terrified of sticking with it since it works so good.

Thank you, qsimone_ (tiktok). I bought this product because I follow qsimone_ and I loved the results it gave her. The drops took forever to count out so I only did that the first day, now I take 2 sips twice a day. When you swallow It has strong burning sensation which I like. If you are sensitive to taste perhaps mix it with applesauce. I love the results so far which is day 4 for me. Oh 10 days is too long so I'm just doing 5 days every other month.

Helpful after living overseas. I used ParaGuard on a visit home after living in Uganda for over a year, and it seems to have greatly helped restore more normal digestive function. I plan to use it again the next time I return to the States.

Regulates. My husband and I had concerns about potential parasites, couldn't have gas without poo involved, I took these for almost 10 days but had to stop cause my monthly came and I NEVER have pain like other women do. The pain eased the day after stopping however, I have been regulated ever sense and poo has not accompanied any gas, and the gas thing is back to normal meaning, it doesn't happen as much at all and if it does, it doesn't smell like something died. As for my husband, we think he may have an underlying condition, wish me luck getting him to go see the Doc.


50/50 so far on this. I saw this on tiktok and normally I don’t hop on social trends or products but I figured I’d give it a try after reading at least 100 reviews and making sure I wasn’t allergic to any of the ingredients. For the past few years I’ve had problems with bowel movements and although I haven’t done any true elimination diets, my body seems to have trouble processing many types of foods, especially dairy, vegetables and anything acidic. I’ve tried cutting back on diary, sugar and sometimes bread. I eat meat occasionally, mostly buy vegetarian protein. I have tried at least 4 brands of probiotics and took a food sensitivity test (not doctor-recommended, may have been pseudoscience but oh well). I attribute most of my GI issues to work-related stress or inherited IBD. I don’t think this product should be advertised as a dewormer. I wanted to try it as more of an herbal cleanse, hoping for detox effects and reduced bloating. I still take vitamins and a joint supplement, and have been trying this product for about a week so far. I have noticed very few effects. I mix the dose with a little water and a squeeze of Mio (berry pomegranate helps with the flavor). The liquid itself is how people describe: clove, mint, earthy. Kind of like drinking potpourri but minus perfume. I think I will try another week or so and see if anything else happens. I also may have had trouble discerning any positive effect yet because when I started Paraguard I was also PMSing. I have worked in vet med for over 6 years and while I don’t think this is a true dewormer, I understand that some supplements may have deworming-like effects. For example there are some plant-based pesticides and herbicides that contain natural ingredients and not chemicals. I may update or add another review in a few weeks but so far I am on the fence about this product. If it doesn’t end up doing much for me than I’m only out 30$. I was hoping for more benefits, but I may have to try more elimination diets or just go back to the doctor. Last time I had blood work I tested negative for celiac’s and showed no inflammatory markers that would prompt them to test for autoimmune diseases. Good luck to everyone else. May be back to square one for me.

Well. So this stuff kicks my sugar cravings like instantly, but had to stop taking after like a week cause it gave me the WORST indigestion of my life like literally every single day. Which stinks but it did work well although never saw any parasites

Will keep taking, taste is awful IMO. This product came highly recommended but the taste is awful, in my opinion. I tried taking it in a shot glass diluted in water but it gave me indigestion. I take it in some herbal tea and that helps with indigestion but I just can't get over the taste. I have pretty severe GERD so taking it with oj or grape juice, as some have suggested, isn't an option. I'll keep taking it and stop whining about the taste because I'm hoping I'll have positive results. : )

Okay I Guess. Pill is easy to swallow. It does have a funky smell when you open the bottle, and the pill itself, enough though its a gel capsule does taste a little weird. Ingredients seem all natural. As we did not actually "poop" out worms, (that's a good think I think?) we didn't really see any changes at all. So I'm not sure if it did what it is supposed to do or not, but we didn't see any harmful side effects.

Was influenced by TikTok, not sure it was worth it. Ordered because of TikTok. The flavor was AWFUL and I didn't notice any changes. Probably because it's a fad that doesn't work. If you're buying this because TikTok told you you'd poop out worms, it's not worth it.

Guess I don’t have worms? Taste horrible. Didn’t notice anything after 2.5wks. Guess I’m clean

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