Dr. Whitaker’s Berberine GlucoGOLD+, Supplement with Berberine, Concentrated Cinnamon, and Banaba Leaf Extract (90 Tablets)

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WHAT is Berberine?

Berberine is a natural plant alkaloid found in goldenseal, barberry, goldthread, and Oregon grape. This well-tolerated extract works at the cellular level to deliver support, even after eating a meal or sugary treat.

HOW does it work?

In vitro evidence suggests berberine works by helping to enhance AMPK-activated protein kinase, which controls the synthesis and uptake of glucose transporters that move glucose from your bloodstream into your cells.

WHY should you take it?

Berberine GlucoGOLD+ includes the workhorse botanical Berberine plus three complementary ingredients: Crominex 3+, a special form of chromium, concentrated cinnamon extract, and powerful banaba leaf extract, for enhanced glucose control. After diet and exercise, it’s just the extra boost you need.

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1,500 mg BerberPure Berberine

The 1,500 mg dosage in Berberine GlucoGOLD+ matches the full researched dosage shown to support normal responses with each meal, among other benefits. We recommend 500 mg of berberine 3X a day with meals as the best way to deliver maximum results.

48 mg Banaba Leaf Extract

The banaba is a tropical plant found in many Asian countries. It has been traditionally used for many years. Modern day clinical researchbacks up its effectiveness. Based on this promising research, we recently added this ingredient to Berberine GlucoGOLD+.

400 mcg Crominex 3+ Chromium

The clinically validated dosage of Crominex 3+ Chromium provides support for a traditional inflammatory response via normal CRP—your body’s key inflammatory marker.

200 mg Concentrated Cinnamon Extract

Renowned for its ancient remedies and antioxidant benefits, cinnamon has traditionally been used to support digestive and cardiovascular wellness, as well as other areas in traditional Chinese herbal traditions. Cinnamon has also been traditionally used to support glycemic control and metabolism. Berberine GlucoGOLD+ includes a special, highly concentrated 10:1 cinnamon extract.

Bottle of Berberine GlucoGOLD+ Bottle of Clinical Grade Berberine Bottle of Vision Essentials ULTRA Bottle of Complete Neurovascular Support Carton of Forward Gold Daily Regimen
Berberine GlucoGOLD+ Clinical Grade Berberine Vision Essentials ULTRA Complete Neurovascular Support Forward Gold Daily Regimen
Servings 90 90 30 60 60
Serving Size 3 (per day) 3 (per day) 1 1 2 (per day)
Features Four important botanicals include 1,500 mg BerberPure Berberine, 400 mcg Crominex 3+, 48 mg Banaba leaf extract, and 200 mg highly concentrated cinnamon extract Matches the researched dosage shown to maintain wellness One-of-a-kind formula that delivers comprehensive vision and overall health support with just one vegetarian capsule per day Supports nerve wellness and circulation from your fingers to your toes Support for vibrant wellbeing, brain and bone wellness, and physical balanc
Unique qualities The easy-swallow clear-coat tablets in Berberine GlucoGOLD+ are free of unnecessary colorants, reflecting the natural color of the ingredients Unlike many formulas, our Clinical Grade Berberine is doctor formulated and quality assured with our Triple-Testing Philosophy Macular and retinal wellness, eyestrain, blue light protection, intraocular pressure, dry eyes, mood support, and much more Supporting nerves and blood vessels, enhancing peripheral circulation, reducing formation of AGEs, for better nerve function and circulation, plus provides antioxidant support for the neurovascular system Comprehensive wellness for adults 65+, supporting normal cardiovascular systems, optimal brain and cognitive function, and muscle strength and stability

Features & Specifications

  • THREE POWERHOUSE BOTANICALS: 1,500 mg BerberPure Berberine, 400 mcg Crominex 3+ and 48 mg Banaba leaf extract. Plus, a highly concentrated cinnamon extract
  • THE EASY-SWALLOW CLEAR-COAT TABLETS IN BERBERINE GLUCOGOLD+ ARE FREE OF unnecessary colorants, reflecting the natural color of the ingredients.
  • DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, and the Whitaker Nutrition research team. Distributed by Healthy Directions, known for its stringent quality control measures and Triple Testing Philosophy that have led to a top-notch safety record for more than 25 years

Pros & Cons


They work! I've been using another brand to keep my sugar in check, but I believe my body is building up an immunity to it. So, as an alternative, I said let me try these, and they work wonders. I would average that each pill (for me) lowers my blood sugar by about 10 points which is excellent. They also work fast; I would say it takes a few hours for your blood sugar to stabilize or remain within the normal range. Cons: They have no coating, so they taste nasty. It only lasts about a second, but it's still 'cringe' for me when I take these. They're also expensive, but outside of that, yay!

Effective. Seems it helps with blood sugar.

Taste. I like this item and it helps me with keeping my blood sugar levels on track

Berberine Gluco Gold. This product helps me to keep my blood sugar consistent on an even level.

best A1C ever. so happy Dr recommended this, A1C is so good now

Amazing! I have been struggling with my blood glucose since I had cancer treatments. My levels have been as high as 600. With insulin and metformin I was still at 180-300. After 8 days of taking Glucogold my numbers improved dramatically. I am on week 3 and when I woke up this morning I was 103!!! This product does what it says it does. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Highly recommend.


A bit caustic. Uncoated and expensive! Cannot physically tell the difference or benefit yet but I've taken berberine before so i know it works. not happy with the outrageous price for uncoated pills. Unreasonable. My own personal lesson- don't order late at night. Do your research.

Read everything!!! Am on insulin and was not told that need to talk to you doctor first. Can’t return, so loss money. Read everything!

Excellent sugar pills. Works good, really bought my sugar down shipping was less than desirable 2 week shipping time

Didn't work for me. I tried these for 30 days I seen no difference with my diabetes so to I wasted my money

Didn’t work. Didn’t lower my numbers stayed the same, won’t buy again

AIC Health Benifits. Have seen no change in A1C and have loss no weight.

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Customer Reviews

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