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Extracted from wild, sustainably caught fish, our omega-3 fish oil gives you one of the highest concentrations of omega-3s per serving for nutrition that supports your cardio and cognitive health.

Why choose Viva Naturals Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil?

Triple the omega-3s of many leading brands Wondering if you’ll get enough of the good stuff? In just two softgels, Viva Naturals Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil goes beyond what you get from ordinary fish oil to give you 2000 mg of omega-3s, 1400 mg of EPA and 480 mg of DHA. To get the same amount from some others, you’d have to take 4-6 capsules per day! Since it can be tough to get enough omega-3s from foods, our softgels are an easy way to work heart-healthy omega-3’s into your busy life.

Triglyceride delivery for better absorption Our fish oil delivers its omega-3s in triglyceride form. Research has shown that this puts less stress on your digestive system than another form called ethyl esters. That means, they’re easier for your body to absorb. And since omega-3s offer so many great benefits, why not buy them in the most absorbable form you can?

Clean, pure oil — no fish burps or aftertaste Our proprietary super critical CO2 extraction method uses no harsh chemicals or damaging heat. Instead, it uses carbon dioxide to cleanly separate the omega-3s. This starves oxygen-dependent bacteria, and strips away dangerous toxins, PCBs, and heavy metals. So, you get fresh, top-grade oil, because no one’s in the mood to worry about fishy burps or aftertaste.

Independently tested for purity Each batch is IFOS 5-Star certified, meeting the best international standards for ultimate purity and potency. That gives you a higher level of confidence in choosing the finest omega-3 fish oil.

Features & Specifications

  • High Potency Formula - Unlike molecularly distilled fish oil, we use a unique method called supercritical extraction to concentrate the omega-3s in our fish oil, so you get triple the amount per serving than you would with many leading supplements.
  • Supports Your Heart and Brain Health - Science has shown that not only do the omega-3s in fish oil offer cardiovascular support for men and women, but they promote cognitive health as you age. It’s day to day health support that counts.
  • Designed For Better Absorption - We deliver our omegas in triglyceride form. Compared to ethyl ester fish oil, triglycerides have been clinically shown to be easier for your body to absorb, to help you make the most of every omega 3.
  • IFOS 5-star Certified - Mercury concerns? To give you peace of mind, our fish are never farm-raised; they’re wild caught from the highly regulated coastal waters of Peru using sustainable fishing practices. Plus, we use a combination of small fish (like sardines and mackerel), known to have fewer toxins than bigger fish like salmon

Pros & Cons


top recommendation for my patients for quality/price. As a Family and Integrative Medicine physician, I conducted extensive research prior to selecting brands of fish oil to recommend to my patients. Viva Naturals Fish Oil has a high concentration of the most clinically-researched omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA (roughly triple the concentration of ordinary fish oil capsules), in the superior triglyceride form. I reviewed the findings of multiple third-party testing agencies (including ConsumerLab and LabDoor) to confirm the quality and purity of Viva Naturals Fish Oil before coming to this conclusion. Although there are a few other companies making omega-3 supplements with a slightly higher concentration of EPA and DHA, these companies tend to charge considerably more for their products (one comparable brand charges over three times the price of Viva). Therefore, on a cost-benefit analysis, I came to the conclusion that Viva Naturals Fish Oil is the best quality omega-3 supplement currently available for a reasonable price. So, when I advise my patients to start an omega-3 supplement (an extremely common recommendation in my practice!), I have placed Viva Naturals at the top of my list for recommended brands. Personally, I have been taking Viva Naturals Fish Oil for almost a year now, and have been quite pleased thus far (I've ordered it from both Amazon and directly from Viva Naturals).

Excellent Oil. It seems like every where you turn these days someone is making Fish Oil. Slap a fancy label on it and call it Alaskan Iced Fish Poop Oil and people will buy it. Don't be those people! When your doctor tells you that Fish Oil is highly beneficial, they're correct. It's one of the best over-the-counter supplements that actually work and not subject to a bunch of hype. Fish oil is FDA approved to lower triglycerides levels, but it is also used for many other conditions. Along with a multivitamin, Fish Oil is highly beneficial on a daily basis. When choosing you want the best that you can afford. Even the lower rated brands at Wally World will provide some benefits, but you'll need many doses to get the same benefits from Viva or other highly rated oils. is an excellent resource for researching any vitamin or supplement. The FDA does not regulate the multi-billion dollar supplement market. Due diligence is important when choosing a supplement. Also consult your doctor or nurse. Viva fish oil isn't at the top of Labdoor's test, only second. But it's readily available. While it may seem expensive, when you break it down it's only 39-40 cents a day. Not bad for fish oil with such high levels of EPA and DHA. You would have to take almost 3 daily doses of Nature's Made oil to equal 1 daily dose of Viva. When choosing an oil, pay close attention to the EPA and DHA amounts. These are the keys ingredients. The oil should be made from high quality fish oil and nothing else. For this review I uploaded the fact label (yellow) from the very popular Nature's Made oil. Compare the levels side-by-side and you'll be quite surprised by the differences. Total Omega-3: 2000mg vs 720mg EPA: 1400mg vs 360mg DHA: 480mg vs 240mg I've only been taking oil for 3 months after my sweet tooth got me trouble with high triglyceride levels. My doctor strongly suggested fish oil and strict sweet reduction. The fish oil part was easy. Man how I miss my sweets! I never met a doughnut I didn't like. As a practicing RN for 20 years, I always caution my patients with regards to any supplement. The majority of supplement claims are pure hogwash and not regulated. All that money spent on unnecessary supplements comes out in your urine and flushed down the toilet. Many supplements can interact with your current prescription medications. Always, and I mean always, check with your doctor or nurse BEFORE you add any supplement. Also make sure that they have a current and complete list of all your medications, prescribed or not. Viva fish oil is one of the best out there and won't break the bank.

Why this is the best omega-3 supplement. There's significant evidence showing omega-3 improves heart & brain health. Omega-3s are “essential” fatty acids because the body can't produce them on their own and so we must rely on food & supplements. There are 3 types: ALA, DHA, EPA. Plant-based foods provide ALA, while seafood sources provide DHA & EPA. The positive health benefits of omega-3 are linked mostly with DHA and EPA. The American Heart Association recommends you get 1g of DHA+EPA per day. Hence the need for a fish oil supplement. Note that fish oil comes in 2 forms: triglyceride (natural state) and ethyl ester (processed version). You want the triglyceride form as it is metabolized and absorbed more efficiently and completely than ethyl ester oils. It also is more resistant to oxidation than ethyl ester oils. This Viva Labs product meets all criteria: It is in the highest concentration I've seen among all fish oil supplements, giving you almost 1g of DHA+EPA per one pill. It is also in the beneficial triglyceride form. It has the highest quality ranking on And if all this wasn't enough, it has a price-per-gram that is one of the lowest I found. Recommend!

Big pills containing sufficient EPA/DHA. My doctor had strongly recommended me to look for Cod Liver oil supplement that had pills containing combined quantities of EPA and DHA of over 700 mg (taken twice daily). After searching walgreens and CVS I was finally able to find these on Amazon. These pills are big in size and may be difficult for some people to take. But I have had to after-taste in my mouth or uncomfortable burps with these. WHAT YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF BEFORE BUYING THESE PILLS 1. Be warned that these pills are big. With a length of 2.5 cm (almost 1 inch) I can always feel the pill going down my throat. Though I have never choked or spit them out, I would definitely not buy these for kids or if you have a history of things getting stuck in your throat. 2. The serving size is two pills, that means that in order to get the advertised values of 1400 mg EPA and 480 mg DHA, one would have to take these pills twice. It is not a big deal for me, but others might be deterred from this considering the size of pills. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THESE PILLS These pills have an ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA.) I never had an after-taste or burps with foul taste with these pills. Also, these are 180 capsules would be sufficient for 6 months for me. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH EPA AND DHA The main reason cod liver oil is recommended is for the omega-3 fatty acids. The most abundant of these fats are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid.) EPA and DHA are building blocks for cell membrane, helps in brain and retina functions. These are required for new cell production in the body. DHA also plays an important role in fetal development and is recommended for expecting mothers to help in the baby's brain development. TOXINS IN THE COD LIVER OIL Because of the increase in pollution in oceans, cod-liver oil can contain toxins such as mercury. In order to be FDA approved and sold in the market, all of the cod-liver oil supplements need to be below the toxic level. For instance, Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED) sets the safe limit for mercury to 100 PPB (parts per billion) and in an independent test, the levels of mercury in these capsules were found to be less than the detectable limit, which is 10 PPB. WHAT ABOUT OTHER SOURCES OF OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS Other sources of omega-3 fatty acids are also there such as flax-seeds or chia-seeds. These contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) instead of EPA and DHA. However, ALA being a precursor to DHA and EPA can be converted to EPA and DHA by the body. But this conversion is not efficient and around 1 percent of ALA gets converted to EPA and DHA by the body.

Purest Fish Oil. For four years, fish oil has been a chosen nutritional supplement for my son who lives with traumatic brain injury. Public school teachers convinced me that he needed a dose of Concerta, and his pediatrician did not hesitate to write him a prescription. At the time, I was quite illiterate of his need for so much more than a pharmaceutical drug. Since Concerta had been proven to aid TBI and stroke victims with the recovery process, I chose to let my son use Concerta daily. However, since traumatic brain injury is so much more of a diagnosis than ADD/ADHD, his dose for his weight was topped-out in one year. Within that year, I had assumed much research regarding nutritional supplements for traumatic brain injury. I had watched extensive television interviews posted on You Tube, learning that fish oil was the first choice to use in recovery from TBI. Of course, Concerta was not strong enough to aid my son's recovery, so he tapered off the drug in about three months which was also the time that we began administering fish oil. Within two weeks of administering fish oil, we noticed positive changes in behavior, cognition, and attention. Whenever behavioral struggles begin with my son, I prompt myself to research more. Recently, behavioral challenges happened yet again, so I changed his fish oil from a brand distributed by Wal-Mart to Viva Naturals. As a mother, I feel more confident that I am making a better choice for my son's optimal brain health because the capsules are so clearly seen through. Parents of children living with brain injury often never find the necessary support, advice, or direction they need to care for their children. To those parents, I will conclude with posting my son's daily supplements: Viva Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement (one in the morning, one at night, 2,200 mg daily dose); one New Chapter Perfect Energy multi-vitamin with herbs in the morning; one New Chapter Perfect Calm multi-vitamin with herbs at night; one probiotic pearl, Hyperbiotics Pro-15, in the morning; CoQ10 30 mg in the morning and at night; and Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg in the morning and at night. For many parents, these supplements may seem like a lot for a 12 year old to take. However, fish oil eliminated the use of Concerta. My son no longer uses the hearing aid he needed for nine years, because CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid cured him of his sensorineural hearing loss of his right ear within nine months, after being profoundly deaf for nine years, yet these antioxidants also improved his attention, behavior, and cognition. In just one week of use, Hyperbiotics Pro-15 regulated his severe constipation from Lupron (used for precocious puberty from TBI), spina bifida occulta, and IBS. Within one week of using New Chapter's multi-vitamins with herbs, my son maintains his attention, follows directions, obeys willfully without needing redirection, exhibits rational thinking and controlled behavior, sleeps throughout the night without difficulty getting to sleep or waking up too late, and smiles throughout the day, every day.

No more joint pain. I started taking a fish oil supplement for a clinical trial on eye dryness. What I noticed to my surprise was my joints did not hurt anymore. My knees hurt so bad going down the stairs I had to grimace. 4000 milligrams of fish oil stopped the pain. I recommend it highly.


100% regret. I felt encouraged by the amount of testing and the number of reviews, but I have the worst fish burps with this product. I do not have a lipid digestion problem, it's just releasing the omega-3 in the stomach instead of the intestines where it should be. They also advertise testing with IFOS, however, when I looked up the lot it was not tested by them but by a different 3rd party. The other 3rd party testing did not include heavy metal testing in the report! This is a major problem. Men: I also later learned that daily "mega" doses of omega-3 (greater than 1000mg) has a strong correlation to increasing the chance of prostate cancer. Just give it a google search, you'll find the studies pretty fast. If you are at risk or have a family history of prostate cancer, I highly suggest you talk to your doctor before taking this.

Rancid. This specific fish oil gave me a gross body odor. I researched it, and found out that it's rancid. It is not expired but it is definitely rancid. I posted a pic of what a good vs bad fish oil should look like . The one on the left is the viva brand which is rancid and the one on the right is a different brand

Cannot take, caused depression, anxiety, insomnia. We'd been taking Nutrigold for a few years now (and just got a recall on that today!) and it's been working fine. I felt better taking it, slightly 'better' mentally, and really helped for my dry eyes as well, as advised by my eye dr. But I thought I would try something else as it was a bit cheaper. However, after 2 days, I was noticeably going down hill. I seemed to be getting a bit depressed, uptight, less able to handle stress. I am sensitive to some things, so I told my husband he'd have to finish the bottle. (BTW we each take only ONE tablet, not 2, per day of fish oil). After a week, I noticed he seemed to be short tempered, unable to handle very much disagreement (just every day stuff, nothing severe), and just seemed not himself, stressed and anxious. I found a case report online which documented bad side effects from fish oil. This mirrored what my husband was experiencing - insomnia, ruminating and anxiety about work in the night (more than usual), short tempered, just not himself at all. Then he said, remember when I didn't take them on Thursday, how much better I was and happier when I got home? YES! I still had my other bottle of Nutrigold and compared. It seems that this bottle has a 3:1 EPA to DHA, and the Nutrigold Double Strength has 2:1 EPA to DHA. I think the case report was 6:1 IIRC. Nevertheless, it is apparent we cannot tolerate the 3:1. Just wanted to give a heads up out there in case you have the same issues and wonder why.

Could be better. This review is the first one I have written for a supplement. Honestly, I take some supplements with the advice of my doctor and often I can't tell if it's doing anything. I started taking Omega 3s for dry eyes. Then later another doctor doubled my dosage to help with another condition. I started taking Nordic Naturals and could definitely feel a difference with my dry eyes. Plus my skin was less dry. But then I ran out and saw these and that they were cheaper and a slightly higher dose so I thought I would try it. I just finished the last capsule today and can honestly say that these are not as good as Nordic Naturals. My eyes felt drier while I was taking these and my skin is also drier. They are better than if I didn't take any Omega 3s at all but I can definitely tell the difference between the two brands. So for the sake of my health, I think I will stick with the Nordic Naturals from now on unless I find a study that shows me another one that may be better at a good value.

Rancid - Quality Concerns. I was very excited to try this product due to the high EPA/DHA ratio, great reviews, and IFOS certification. However, after opening the bottle I noticed a very pungent rotten fish odor. I cut open one of the capsules to double check, and the oil itself tasted very fishy. “Not only is rancid fish oil less effective, it may also make you sick. A Norwegian study published in 2010 found that 95 percent of 113 over-the-counter fish oil supplements contained a high proportion of rancid oil and did not meet quality standards.“ Do your research - I sure don’t trust this product.

Used to be good, not so much any. We have been taking these for a couple years. Haven’t really noticed any difference in our cholesterol or health but I understand the studies for how fish oil can provide many health benefits and this brand was recommended on Lab Door. However something must have changed in the manufacturing process lately. The last two bottles we received smelled awful. Very strong fish odor like there were broken capsules and fish oil spilled over everything. In one bottle, all of the capsules were stuck together and also had an awful fish odor. We tried one and it was so overwhelming with fish flavor, we had to spit it out. Both bottles were returned and we cancelled our subscribe and save on these and will find another brand.

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